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Looking For A 3D Printer That Is Versatile And Has The Capability To Make Gold Jewelry? This Article Tells You About The Best 3D Printers For Jewelry, Best Budget 3D Printer For Jewelry, 3D Printer For Gold Jewelry, 3D Printing Jewelry Molds, Traditional Jewelry Design, And So On.

You’ve probably heard of 3D printing before, but you might not know that 3D printers have been around for decades. Nowadays, the technology is not just affordable and accessible; it’s also a staple in both high-end and low-end consumer electronics.

Here’s a list of the best 3D printers for jewelry making. If you are a person who is into DIY and have been wanting to start crafting but still don’t know how to do it, then this list of the best 3D printers for jewelry can be the answer to your prayers.

If you are one of those people who love wearing jewelry and would like to make them from scratch, then these printers can be an ideal solution for you.

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3D Printer Reviews

What Are The 3D Printer For Gold Jewelry?

A 3D Printers For Jewelry is a machine that can create three-dimensional objects by printing layer upon layer of material. It’s an essential tool for the jewelry industry because it allows you to make your own designs and even customize them.

A compatible printer will allow you to work with different types of materials, which means more options for creativity and design flexibility. We have reviewed some of the best printers below.


Phrozen Mini 4K TV Resin 3D Printer

Matrix LED UV Light Tech

Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K LCD 3D Printer

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as of 22/05/2024 09:07
  • 3D printing suckers are empowered to print out extremely detailed models and small tabletops with the loftiest perfection position.
  • Sonic Mini 4K is also the ideal choice for jewelry makers to produce intricate jewelry pieces. Sonic Mini 4K gives a boost to all the generators out there.
  • Sonic Mini 4K has a 6.1″ Snap TV screen, which allows the 3D printer to print up to 4 times faster than traditional 3D printers.
  • Rapid prototyping greatly improves publishing effectiveness and increases effectiveness by publishing out each subcaste in only two seconds. In addition, each Phrozen 3D printer TV is guaranteed to have 2000 working hours while a free 3-month bond is also offered.
  • Sonic Mini 4K is also compact & featherlight, easy to store, and fits in a variety of different settings for both particular and professional uses.
  • Sonic Mini 4K is compatible with the maturity of 3D printing resin on the request.
  • Phrozen is a Taiwan- grounded incipiency that develops professional and consumer-friendly TV 3D printers. Our charge is to strive towards enhancing mortal creativity and productivity by creating groundbreaking, innovative 3D printing results.
  • Phrozen printers are now extensively espoused by creative makers, jewelry manufacturers, atomic potterers, artificial masterminds, and dentists for a professional and particular use.
  • Prints up to 4 times faster than traditional 3D printers, taking only two seconds to print one subcaste.
  • Using a minimalist design, the Sonic Mini 4K comes with great capability at just a bit of the cost, making 3D printing more accessible for everyone.
  • Compact & featherlight, easy to store, and fits in different settings for both particular or professional uses.
  • Bed leveling difficulties.

Elegoo Mars 2 Mono MSLA 3D Printer

Photocuring TV Resin 3D Printer

ELEGOO Mono MSLA 3D Printer

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as of 22/05/2024 09:07
  • Mars 2 comes with a 6.08-inch snap TV of 2K HD resolution and only takes 2 seconds per subcaste exposure to cure resin, which could significantly enhance your printing effectiveness. Mono TV has a much longer lifetime and stable performance during long-term printing, therefore, saving your cost.
  • Brand new light source structure provides further indeed UV light emigration and working together with 2K mono TV, the printing details and perfection are greatly bettered and the 3D published models are fascinating.
  • CNC machined aluminum body makes Mars 2 a veritably redoubtable machine. Recently-designed figure plate has a much stronger adherence during printing and enables harmonious printing success.
  • Photopolymer resin is essential to MSLA resin 3D printers, and ELEGOO has been working hard to give high-quality resin that works excellently with utmost TV 3D Printers.
  • ELEGOO Mars 2 MSLA 3D Printer is ELEGOO 6.08 inch TV 3D Printer that uses a snap TV and COB UV light source.
  • It comes with a 6.08- inch Snap TV that has 2K HD resolution. It’s four times longer in a lifetime and two times briskly in publishing speed than the regular RGB TV 3D printers, which means advanced printing effectiveness, more stable performance, and lower conservation.
  • The print bed can easily break if not taken care of properly.

Anycubic Resin 3D Printer

Upgraded UV TV 3D Printer

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 4K Resin 3D Printer

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as of 22/05/2024 09:07
  • Photon Mono 4K Resin 3D Printer is upgraded to a 6.23″ Snap TV screen, 29 larger than Anycubic Photon’s 5.5″ screen.
  • Anycubic Photon Mono 4K has a large printing size of 132 mm x 80 mm x 165 mm/5.19″x3.14″x6.49″, which leaves sufficient publishing space and freedom for you to make any shapes of 3d models.
  • The transparent top cover enables you to cover the printing process while keeping 99.95 the UV light blocking rate, safe & easy for newcomers.
  • The 4K Snap TV Screen has an HD resolution of 3840 x 2400, 35um XY pixels, and 7 light transmittance, which means you can publish all your models in an advanced perfection position.
  • Anycubic Photon Mono 4K Resin 3D Printer’s maximum printing speed can reach 50mm/ h, it only takes 2.5 hrs to print a 12 cm/4.7 in the model, 2.5 X briskly than regular resin printers.
  • Photon Mono 4K is compatible with the utmost 3d printing resin on the request, you can get the stylish printing effect with 3D Printing Curing Resins.
  • Anycubic Photon Mono 4K can publish up to6.5″x5.2″x3.1″ at a time, analogous confines to a mini rugby ball.
  • With 3840×2400 HD resolution, the mono screen’s pixels exceeds 9.2 million, which is 122 advanced than Anycubic Photon.
  • Using an HD mono screen with a 4001 discrepancy rate, 100 advanced than Anycubic Photon.
  • Not so durable can break easily if not taken care of.

Nova 3D Printer

Large Resin TV 3D Printer

NOVA3D Whale 2 LCD 3D Printer

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as of 22/05/2024 09:07
  • With 4K HD resolution, 3840 * 2400 pixels greatly ameliorate the model face result.
  • Dual Z-Axis direct companion and sword-ball bearing slide block.
  • Endless leveling design, air filtration system, resin Handbasket handle, Wi-Fi printing, 8 GB erected-in data fragment, which makes printing easier.
  • Whale2 is our first consumer-grade large printing size TV resin 3d printer with a figure volume of7.5 x4.7 x9.8 inches (192 * 120 * 250 mm), you can publish multiple tasks at the same time, and you can also publish larger size models.
  • This machine is equipped with a matrix light source machine with 40 beacon globules to give invariant grandiloquent light and a 4K mono display has an HD resolution of 3840 * 2400, 508 PPI, meaning the XY axis resolution is 50μm or 0.05 mm and the Z-axis Precision is 0.01 mm.
  • The body of the whole machine is formed by bending the earth, the main factors are CNC aluminum processing, the face is anodized, and the appearance is more textured.
  • The Z-axis module adopts binary direct attendants (2 direct attendants) and ball sliders, which makes the entire printing process stable and the model size more accurate.
  • The face of the printing platform is sandblasted to realize the uneven face of the platform so that the adhesion of the platform is stronger, and the model isn’t easy to fall off during printing.
  • NOVA3D leveling-free technology will fully break the leveling troubles. It’s leveled at the plant, and the machine can be published out after entering it.
  • It can be connected with an exhaust addict so that the cloudy gas in the printer can be directly discharged outside, and you can publish anywhere without fussing about the odor.
  • The resin handbasket feet design and the handle design are accessible for druggies to install and take the handbasket, and help the release film from being defiled and rubbed.
  • It has a slow splash screen.
  • Little tapered at the edge of the L CD screen.

Voxelab Proxima 3D Printer

Resin Printer With Full Grayscale Anti Aliasing

VOXELAB Proxima Monochrome LCD 3D Printer

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as of 22/05/2024 09:07
  • Z-axis uses a direct rail structure, which can achieve steadier stir and greatly enhanced moving delicacy to reduce the subcaste lines on the 3D published model, making the face smoother and the details more exquisite.
  • Equipped with 6 elevations 2K HD TV snap screen at 2560 * 1620 resolution and 50µm pixel size.
  • UV LED light source that has invariant light emigration, icing superior printing results, a more accurate printing size.
  • Proxima comes with an entire entirely preassembled machine and 1 unit of tool tackle.
  • One of professional 3D printing outfit and accouterments R&D and manufacturing enterprises concentrate on the design, exploration, product of 3D printers and 3D printing-related products.
  • Reduce Model Grains.
  • Linear rails ensure Z-axis moves steadily, excluding season final prints, producing out smooth face and delicate texture.
  • Compatible with utmost 405nm wavelength resins including Standard Rapid/ ABS-Like/ Water Washable Resin and so on.
  • No cons found.

Comgrow Halot One Resin 3D Printer

Fast Printing MSLA 3D Printer

Comgrow Creality Halot One Resin 3D Printer

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as of 22/05/2024 09:07
  • Halot one uses a new generation optic system, which adopts the light principle of reflection refraction.
  • Compared with the directional matrix light source, the integral light source makes the light intensity distribution of the whole screen livery and each dimension of the model with harmonious delicacy.
  • The advantages of high perfection, high achromatism, and 80 uniformity, impeccably solve all kinds of imperfect printings, similar as uneven light curing and overexposure.
  • Tone- developed new generation mainboard boasts the main control chip equipped with the ARMcortex-M4 processor to embrace a strong computing capability and data processing capability, realize leapfrog upgrade, and greatly reduce the power consumption.
  • Creality CL-60 MSLA 3D Printer is equipped with a 6-inch snap TV of 2K HD 2560×1620 resolution, only taking 1-4s/ subcaste exposure to cure resin, which could significantly increase your printing effectiveness and save your time.
  • One Tv resin 3d printer is erected in binary cooling systems for quick heat dispersion.
  • Actuated carbon air filtration can effectively reduce odor emigration and offer you a stimulating printing experience.
  • The precise Z-axis control system adopts the combination of direct companion and T- shaped screw, the profile is widened and thickened, with micron-position delicacy and stable operation.
  • The specially designed binary heat dispersion system of the reality resin 3D printer can intelligently control and smell the heat source, also snappily dematerialize the heat.
  • No cons found.

3D Printing Jewelry Molds Making Process

How Do 3D Printers Make Jewelry?

3D Printing Jewelry Molds Making Process
3D Printing Jewelry Molds Making Process

The process of making jewelry with 3D printers is very simple that even a non-technical person can do it. Three materials are mixed together and then placed on the build plate. The resin is heated up to its melting point, poured in thin layers, and afterward, it cools down again.

Once all the metal pieces are attached to the polymer beads or rods, this machine will heat them up once more from below to fuse them completely together into one piece of metal jewelry. It takes some time before you’ll get your complete piece but after that, you’re ready for taking off all the by-product residue.

Differences Between The Best 3D Printer Or Jewelry Design And Traditional Jewelry Design

Traditional Jewelry Design

Jewelers design and create unique jewelry by means of traditional techniques. These include working with stones, metals, plastics, etc. However, each time there are mistakes that can be quite costly to get right.

Moreover, designs need to go through the rigorous setting procedures that require plenty of skill on part of a jeweler before getting back into production after making some tweaks here and there.

3D Printing Jewelry Services

Nowadays 3D printing has taken the market by storm, introducing a new era for both customers as well as jewelers themselves who are forever the pioneers of a new change in technology.

3D printing is an advanced mode of manufacturing that has been implemented to create products specially made for the jewelry industry as this process in itself offers numerous advantages over traditional methods like sculpting, forging, and carving.

Among these advantages includes power efficiency saving energy, improving available working space on quantity production, and also reducing cost with regards benefit ratio so it brings considerable savings according to end-users who are able thus to enjoy quality at low prices.

Benefits Of 3D Printing For Jewellers And Customers

Benefits Of 3D Printing For Jewellers And Customers
Benefits Of 3D Printing For Jewellers And Customers
  • 3D printing is a disruptive technology that has largely altered the way products are made. Similarly, it has also changed the workflows of manufacturing some other materials. For example, 3D printers have revolutionized today’s gold investment casting industries by adding great value online.
  • By using this new technology for creating different designs and content pieces for Jewelry that either cannot be printed or is not feasible with traditional techniques, you can think about allocating more time towards educating yourself in 3D design software like 123Designs or use Online-3d-printing services available at Shapeways with premium quality replicas (obsidian, plexiglass) for an affordable price. This can also offer both lower profit margins as well as cost in the long term (as compared to the traditional manufacturing process).
  • With advances being made by technology every day, it is likely that this may change one’s, business model. 3D printing opens up a substantial number of approaches and opportunities for jewelers who have the expertise necessary to capitalize on them. 3D printing providing online design services to clients is one of the biggest advantages. Below are some other ways in which 3D printers benefit jewelry designers and jewelers.

Buying Guidelines On 3D Printer For Jewelry Business


A large-scale printing would be possible if it has a high speed. It works faster than any other conventional jewelry production method. So before buying check the speed of the printer without compromising the quality of the printer output for the best output.


A proper high resolution 3D printer creates jewelry with proper details and designs. If anybody wants their designs to be converted from a particular software as they are, one should find a high-resolution printer. We have reviewed all the high-resolution jewelry above.


A printer allows working with different types of materials. For jewelry production, the more the options the more it is better. With various ranges of material compatibility, one can produce unique designs that allow expanding creativity.

Build Volume:

The dimension of the printer matters a lot. The build plate is shaped as a square or rectangle. If you are a beginner, a small piece will be suitable. When dealing with the jewelry-making business, one needs to look for a device with a larger build volume.


The above 3D Printers are the best options for those who want to step ahead in their demands. The brands and designs make sure that you get a better result at an affordable price. We strongly suggest you check the features and specifications of 3D Printers before going for one. If you want more information on how printers work, how they can be used in different fields, or if you are a newbie then we advise that you must read this article.

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