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3D Scanners are no doubt among the modern technology adopted by many industries. The growth of the scanner industry is highly noticeable. According to a report, the global 3D scanning market is expected to grow to $14.2 billion (approx.) dollars by 2020. And the hardware parts take up the largest share of the 3D scanning market.

The technology with the current trends is not ending there. With the advancement of science and scanning technology trends, people can start scanning themselves with their phones (3D scanner for iPhone, 3D scanner for android).

The 3D scanners market is a diverse space with a wide range of products that come at all shapes, sizes, capabilities, and prices. Although such choices, are great things in themselves, can confuse the consumer while looking for the best suitable product depending on the consumer’s needs. We are here to help you understand and guide you through the process of buying the best 3D scanners available.

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What Are 3D Scanners?

3D Scanners analyze a real-world environment or an object to gather data of its shape and possibly its appearance, which is required to be used to create 3D models digitally. The scanners are based on many different technologies. They have their own advantages, costs, limitations. Other than that, this scanners technology includes augmented reality, robotic mapping, motion capture, industrial design, reverse engineering and prototyping, orthotics and prosthetics, quality control/inspection, and the digitization of cultural artifacts, etc.

Are 3D Scanners Right For You?

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With the help of these scanners, you have a more complete view of different parts so that you can make more smart decisions. Sometimes it is more efficient to take measuring tools to the parts instead of in other ways around. Easy to use in the case of scanners and software.
A particular 3D scanner kit may be suitable for architectural needs. However, it may still prove unfit for prototyping. In this case, you can have benefited from the versatility of a handheld 3D scanners or affordable stationery scanners. Choosing the right 3D scanner is no easy task. There are many factors to consider before purchasing a device. We will discuss this later in this article.

Types of 3D Scanner Technology and How Do They Work?

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There are four types of scanners technology. The following points will help you understand how they work-


3D Laser Scanning

The most accurate technology use in industrial 3D scanners is 3D Laser Scanning or triangulation which is similar to structured light and photogrammetry scanners. 3D laser scanning uses the same principle of geometry to find a point’s location. With a laser beam cast on the scanned object, a camera is able to record where the beam and the object intersect. Knowing both the angles of the laser beam and camera makes it possible to know the laser dot location hitting the object. 3D laser scanners accuracy is exceptional which ranges in mere micrometers.

The only limitation of 3D laser scanning is that they are capable of a range in just a few meters and the technology is generally not found in portable or handheld 3D scanners devices.


Time of Flight

Time of Flight, shortly known as TOF cheap 3D scanners measure how long it takes for a laser or infrared beam to be reflected back to the scanner, with the main part in the cheap 3D scanners being the speed of light. Though the scanners feature sensors with high accuracy, these scanners precision is low which ranges in centimeters. This is mainly due to various factors such as temperature and humidity affecting the speed of light. So the technology is mainly used to measure large items like buildings.

Similar to other 3D scanning technologies, this technology also requires multiple scans to be conducted to form a complete mesh. Most of the devices use Time of Flight, are available in portable or handheld 3D scanners.



Photogrammetry (stemming from photography,) is a useful technology in various fields. The technology takes several images, taken at different positions, and triangulates points in these images to figure out the location of them in a 3D space. For example, land surveyors use this technology when making maps. When dealing with inaccessible places like mountains, the surveyors can use photogrammetry to do the measurements. This photogrammetry is used by many modern technologies, the major determiner in precision relies on the caliber of the images. If images are not good quality, there will be holes in the mesh. The more images you can have, the more accurate your scan will be.


Structured Light Scanning (SLS 3D scanner)

Structured Light Scanning is created by casting geometric patterns on an object while taking images with a camera. During this process, the camera logs the deviation of the image. Based on this pattern displacement, all existing points locations are able to be determined. Several scans must be conducted in different positions and the mesh must be assembled until it is 100% complete. Computer programs combine automatically all the scans to produce this complete mesh. The results by the structured light 3D scanner are highly precise and the technology is available in stationary scanners and portable or handheld 3D scanners.

Advantages of 3D Scanners

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Knowing the advantages of scanners will help you determine the importance of this technology-

  • An accurate prototype requires multiple attempts. With the process of industrial 3D scanners, this process can be expedited. Industrial 3D scanners may reduce the number of necessary prototype cycles during the design and production process. These scanners measure cross-sections and identify areas where an object is warped. It also saves all of the data collected from the scan.
  • 3D scanners have the ability to compare the as-designed model to the as-built model of a product. It ensures that the original vision came to fruition as expected is an important factor of success. More than quality control, comparing the design with the manufactured product ensures that the manufactured product fits as required (for example, in an automobile). 3D scanners are an efficient and precise way of manufacturing products that work as needed.
  • Professional 3D scanners save time when changing to an existing design. While the thickness of a ring or automotive part must be changed, professional 3D scanners work faster than hand-drawn calculations. Professional 3D scanners can fit into every design of existing products and provide precise dimensions of space where a new part needs to be fitted.
  • The accuracy and reliability level of a given measurement determines how many times the given process is repetitive. Through the use of precise 3D measurement technology, quality teams can ensure that their inspections are repetitive every time and produce accurate results.
  • Cheap scanners made it possible to produce accurate reproductions for the part that was redesigned even before computer-aided design (CAD) software became available. Just scan the old part and use reverse engineering software to create the CAD model. The scanner can be used to compare the newly created prototype with the old part scan for checking accuracy.

Tips for Using 3D Scanners

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Some important tips to help using the 3D scanner for beginners-

Lighting Quality

The lighting quality is a very important factor during the 3D scanning process. Too little light leads to shadows and poor images if your industrial 3D scanners use the photogrammetry method. Too bright lighting leads to excessive noise for software that processes laser data for light-based scanning. Thus, it is not advisable to be on the extreme ends of the light spectrum. 3D scanning by using natural light as much as possible is recommended.

Avoid Your Shadow

You can either place the object on the rotating platform for scanning or you can walk around the object and capture all the angles. No matter which option you choose, make sure your shadow is not falling on the object being scanned.

Avoid transparent and reflective surfaces

Transparent surfaces create problems especially if the light-based cheap 3D scanners are being used. A transparent surface will allow the camera to capture what is visible behind the glass or transparent surface, as the photogrammetry method involves capturing the image of an object. The object’s surface can then be misinterpreted by software. It’s a good idea to ask someone to remove the glasses if the person is wearing glasses.

Light scanners are also affected by reflective surfaces. Transparent and reflective surfaces do not reflect lasers like regular surfaces. The angles of light and deflections that need to be captured by the industrial 3D scanners are simply not recorded because the light does not return. It is recommended to use the 3D contact scanning method for transparent and reflective surfaces.

With laser scanning use a wave-like motion

Using handheld 3D scanners or portable laser scanners help to move the scanner in a wave-like up-and-down motion. By moving it up and down, you vary the spectrum of light and the subsequent reflection. This allows capturing a wider spectrum of reflection that gives you better quality data with higher levels of detail. To get the best results you need to move the scanner slowly.

Buyer’s Guide To 3D Scanners

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  • Use and Application:

First of all, you must determine whether you need 3D scanners for personal or professional use. For personal use, you need these scanners that depend on the frequency of your use. When looking for 3D scanners for professional use, consider the size of the scanners and the field of ​​your specialization.

  • Object Distance and Dimension:

Good quality scanners scan the object depending on its distance and dimensions. Consider choosing a scanner of a suitable shape and size that matches the object you want to scan.

  • Speed:

Powerful 3D scanners also require more time for scanning big objects when compared to smaller objects. For example, scanning human beings require time. If you need to scan large objects, you need to buy high-speed 3D scanners to enjoy high resolution and maximum work efficiency.

  • Resolution:

3D scanners vary in resolution depending on their quality and model. Therefore, if you want to achieve high-quality resolution for your scanned object, you need software that is highly effective.

  • Software:

Software for 3D scanners is a very important feature that contributes to the quality and speed of the scanners’ performance. So, you must make sure that the Scanners have high-performance software to get maximum performance. And you need to update your software regularly to keep up with the latest trends as well.

  • Price:

If you want the best quality scanners, money should not be an issue for you. You should think about the quality, especially if the scanners are for professional use. However, on a tight budget, you should consider buying a scanner that costs less.

Thus, before you make your final decision, make sure that you get the best deal and the best brand from your dealer. You can get the best deal for a great quality 3D scanner only on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are 3d scanners?

Depending on the type of scanning, the accuracy can be 1/8 for building scanning and .0005 range for industrial city scanning. Generally, the accuracy of the average part is about .005″.

Why are 3d scanners important?

These scanners give the user the ability to accurately measure, fully utilize, visualize, and data modification with CAD. Fast high-accuracy information capture ability means more productivity and huge savings over time, which is certainly important when delivering results to a client.

Are 3D scanners safe?

Yes, these scanners are safe to use. 3D scanning promotes safety because it allows you to measure from a safe distance from your plant hazards.

How high do I want the resolution to be?

Resolution maybe one of the most important features required from a scan which depends on what your use for 3D scanners is. If you need a very accurate scan, you will probably spend a significant amount more on scanners. This requires you to answer the question of, what are you using the scans for? Once you are able to answer this, it should be easier to determine how much resolution you need to get the job done.

Will desktop 3D scanner damage my part?

No. 3D laser scanners are a non-contact technique. For highly reflective parts, The parts can be covered with light talcum powder which is easily removable.

Who uses 3D scanner?

Some of the big companies like NASA, General Electric, Boeing, Nike, etc use a 3D scanner.


3D scanning is a solution in almost every field because of the professional 3D scanners devices that have become problem solvers and have the utmost value to digital scanning. These scanners not only help people to recognize the irregularities around them and take steps to act accordingly but also help people to identify defaults in humans. Since professional 3D scanners are completely safe to use, you just need to purchase the best quality to be able to get the advantages from the whole process.

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Buy The Best 3D Scanners Online
Buy The Best 3D Scanners Online
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