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Are Sleep Positioners For Babies Safe To Use? Let’s Find Out.

For a mother, her child’s safety is the first and foremost thing and the sleep positioners for babies can provide the desired amount of safety to a baby while sleeping, thus helping him grow in a healthy manner But still, for a new mother there will be always various questions like, What are the anti-reflux pillow for infants? Are the sleep positioners for infants safe? Are baby sleep positioners dangerous, Can I use a support pillow for kids?

Parenting is no doubt a tough job. It requires extra precaution when it is about an infant. So, keeping a baby safe is always a parent’s first concern. You may worry about your baby’s comfort during his/ her nap time or while carrying your baby outside. You must carry him in the best sling carrier to keep him comfortable. Now, Baby sleep positioners let you relax while providing the best comfort that your baby needs while sleeping. It keeps them safe and excludes the risk of SIDS while sleeping.

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Baby Sleep Positioner Safety

Are Baby Sleep Positioners Safe To Use?

Sleep positioners for babies are a mat with “bolsters” (raised supports or pillows) attached to each side. They are designed to keep babies under six months old in a specific position while sleeping. Sometimes they also feature a wedge to raise the baby’s head. sleep positioner for baby products was created to keep a baby sleeping on its back or side. The sleep positioners for babies come in a variety of colors and designs and also meet various baby sleep positioners safety guidelines, but certain key elements are consistent in a sleep positioner for baby

  • The surface incorporates a thin mat that helps to sleep the baby on its back.
  • The mat has rolls on each side so that the baby does not roll over in sleep.
  • The item incorporates a wedge to elevate the baby’s head and help shape the head in a natural manner.

What is Baby Sleep Positioners?

Why Use Sleep Positioners For Babies?

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If you are a new parent, then for your information, The Food and Drug Administration and (FDA) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently issued a warning to parents and caregivers to stop using sleep positioners for babies products (also known as “sleep positioners.”) Although, manufacturers of sleep positioners for infants have claimed that these products prevent sudden infant death syndrome and other sleep-related disorders in infants, the FDA is now indicating that: The risk of suffocation outweighs any possible health benefits that could potentially be gained from using sleep positioning products. It is probably confusing. Manufacturers often make claims that their product can help prevent medical conditions such as:

  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  • Flathead syndrome

Infant Sleep Positioners Safety

Are Sleep Positioners For Infants Dangerous?

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  • Both types of sleep positioners for babies present problems. If children are placed on their sides or stomachs on a flat sleep positioner for baby, the babies’ faces can get trapped against the bolster causing babies to suffocate.
  • Babies placed on their sides with the bolster at their backs can easily roll onto their stomachs with their faces pressed into the product, blocking their breathing.
  • Babies placed on inclined sleep positioners can scoot around and end up with their heads hanging over the high edge of the positioners. This can cut off babies’ ability to breathe. In addition, babies can easily roll from their sides to stomachs or scoot themselves downward with their faces pressed against a bolster in these positioners.
  • If bolsters come loose, babies can become trapped between the sleep positioner and the side of a crib or bassinet. In some inclined sleep positioners, babies have flipped off the positioner, ending up with the positioner landing on top of them. Each of these scenarios puts babies at risk of suffocation.

Sleep Positioners Benefits

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Sleep Positioners For Babies

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Every new parent wants her baby to sleep well and safely, but it’s sometimes difficult to separate myth from fact when it comes to safe sleep. The market for child care products continues to experience rapid growth resulting in a steady release of items targeting the safety concerns of parents. Before you rush out to purchase the latest baby care product for your child, take some time to conduct some research to determine both its safety and its usefulness.

Like other baby products, sleep positioners for babies offer some advantages. For best results read labels and documentation to determine if the pros outweigh the cons for your particular situation. It’s important to note that the American Academy of Pediatrics states that all healthy babies should sleep only on their backs to prevent suffocation and SIDS-related death.

  • Helps baby sleep more comfortably
  • Good sleep positioner for baby keep baby on her back
  • Helps prevent flat spots from forming
  • Elevates baby’s head
  • Keeps baby from falling off of adult-sized beds
  • Wedge sleep positioner for baby reduce the hazard of choking on spit-up
  • May provide a false sense of security
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against using a sleep positioner for baby.
  • Consumer Reports states that many sleep positioner for the baby can cause suffocation
  • No proof exists that sleep positioner for baby offer any benefits
  • Using side sleeper baby pillow poses an increased risk of suffocation

Final Verdict

Are The Sleep Positioners For Babies Really Safe?

Sleep positioners For Babies are the real deal for newborn parents. With quality sleeping time, parents could afford their own sleeping too. It may be dangerous for your baby if you are not present all the time or the baby is not in front of your eyes. Overall we can say there are some benefits and some losses of newborn sleep positioner.

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