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Free Softwares Like AutoCAD is really a tough question to answer because each person’s needs are different. It comes down to what you need the software for, how much money you’re willing to spend, and your level of expertise in CAD.

That said, the following are some of the top-rated 3D cad programs on the market today. 3D CAD software is the best option for engineering, design, and manufacturing firms. For a long time, 2D drawings have been used to create 3D shapes but with the increased need for speed in the modern world, there is a new way of thinking about 3D modeling that has changed how things are done.

The use of CAD systems gives engineers the ability to work collaboratively across countries and even continents while saving them from having to keep multiple versions of files or working on copies of files within different departments.

The field of modern-day engineering requires an immense amount of precision which can be achieved through these programs as they provide accurate representations without any distortion at all points along its surface. In addition, many people find it more intuitive than traditional 2-dimensional drawing.

AutoCAD uses DXF Files which is commonly knowns as AutoCAD DXF format and the format is CAD data. The DXF is originally the exchange format for AutoCAD Drawing Files. Read our ranked Article on Free Dxf Files For Commercial Use.

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List Of Top Free Softwares Like AutoCAD



3D Modeling Beginners Software
Sketchup 3D Design Tool
Sketchup 3D Design Tool

It is earlier known as Google Sketchup and this 3D platform is a good choice for both creative workers as well as CAD experts. It is easy to use and is good for starters. If you have started your career in this then this is the best option. The primary focus of it is architectural applications in which all the interior design comes.

It has a 3D warehouse and is created by both individual users and all types of furniture manufacturers and can be downloaded and incorporated into the CNC project management. Top-class rendering applications are available such as VRay and have a plug-in library. It is free and the versions run completely in the cloud, which provides 10 GB of cloud storage at no cost. All the paid versions are costly, costs around $120 to $700. Runs both on Windows and macOS.

  • Key features: User-friendliness, model repository, plug-ins
  • Cost: Free for personal use; annual subscriptions from ~$120 (Shop), ~$300 (Pro), or ~$700 (Studio)
  • Platforms: Windows, macOS




True AutoCAD Alternative
ZWCAD Design Tool
ZWCAD Design Tool

ZWCAD is a true AutoCAD volition. This 2D and 3D CAD by Guangzhou- grounded ZWSOFT might not be as mainstream as some other free software like AutoCAD in this list, but it’s the bone that may be stylish reproduces the core features of AutoCAD.

In the first regard, ZWCAD’s interface seems nearly identical to AutoCAD’s, making the transition from one program to the other veritably smooth. The parallels go beyond the aesthetics as it also features command bar functions analogous to AutoCAD’s, indeed espousing the same names for the utmost of its commands.

Different from the utmost free software like AutoCAD these days, ZWCAD is only offered with a perpetual license. The Standard interpretation with 2D delineation features and flawless DWG comity is priced at around$ with fresh 1- time conservation. For 3D modeling tools, the Professional interpretation is the one to go for at about$.

  • Key features: Command bar functions, SmartMouse features
  • Cost: Perpetual licenses from ~$1,100 (Standard), ~$1,500 (Professional), or ~$1,800 (Mechanical)
  • Platform: Windows




Affordable Alternative To AutoCAD
 DraftSight Design Tool
DraftSight Design Tool

DraftSight requests itself as an affordable volition to AutoCAD. So much so that it boasts “world-class 2D drafting – without the hefty price label of AutoCAD.” In all honesty, it lives up to the hype. It’s a robust program developed by the French company Dassault Systèmes, the same company responsible for SolidWorks.

It’s said to give an easy transition from AutoCAD by offering a familiar stoner interface. In fact, it shares an analogous 2D drafting subcaste system that facilitates interpretation control and variations, and it also natively works with all free software like AutoCAD dynamic blocks.

In addition, it can fluently compare designs, add tackle symbols, and indeed tack PDF lines to the design train. DraftSight Standard is no longer available as it intermingled with DraftSight Professional, and the Premium license includes all of the latter’s features and adds full 3D capabilities.

  • Suitable for: Professionals with AutoCAD experience
  • Key features: Familiar interface, dynamic blocks, image tracing
  • Cost: Annual subscriptions from ~$200 (Professional) or ~$500 (Premium)
  • Platforms: Windows, macOS (Linux no longer supported)




Multi-Purpose Drafting Tool
NanoCAD Design Tool
NanoCAD Design Tool

NanoCAD is a multi-purpose drafting tool developed by Nanosoft. According to the company’s CTO, Dmitry Popov, it’s the first full-scale CAD program available entirely for free. It supports DWG lines natively and offers a familiar layout and set of tools for free softwares like AutoCAD druggies.

The software offers Excel-style table-editing tools, expediting attestation work by allowing the embedding of macros and formulas in each cell. NanoCAD also has open sets of APIs for structure operations for task robotization, which can be a time redeemer.

Both the free and Plus performances are simply for 2D drafting, while the Pro and Mechanica performances include parametric 3D modeling tools and a large library of the standard corridors for the ultimate.

  • Suitable for: Professionals on a budget
  • Key features: Excel-style table editing, open APIs
  • Cost: Free for 2D drafting; annual subscriptions from ~$180 (Plus), ~$290 (Pro), or ~$300 (Mechanica)
  • Platform: Windows




Industry Professionals CAD Software
BricsCAD Design Tool
BricsCAD Design Tool

BricsCAD is best known for having rich features in both 2D delineation and 3D modeling. In fact, those who are familiar with all the free software like AutoCAD, especially the 2008 interpretation, will note the analogous interfaces. The huge library of third-party operations ( i.e. draw- sways) can enhance stoner functionality.

It’s completely compatible with templates, blocks, and wastes created within AutoCAD, with the redundant advantage of natively supporting LISP routines and dynamic blocks. BricsCAD also claims to apply AI- grounded tools to fete stoner intent and optimize tasks through the BLOCKIFY point.

Direct 3D modeling tools are available starting from the Pro interpretation, with the Classic license only having 2D drafting tools. The Platinum edition offers more advanced features than those on AutoCAD, including distance essence modeling. For those looking to use the free softwares like AutoCAD in the long term, BricsCAD also offers perpetual licenses for around double the price of a periodic license.

  • Key feature: Compatibility with many AutoCAD features
  • Cost: Annual subscriptions from ~$350 (Lite), ~$720 (Pro), ~$1,290 (Mechanical), or ~$1,360 (BIM)
  • Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux




Lightweight 2D Drafting Program
LibreCAD Design Tool
LibreCAD Design Tool

LibreCAD is a free, high-quality open-source 2D modeling program that grew out of QCAD. It’s particularly popular among Linux druggies in need of a free tool to read DWG lines. LibreCAD is resource-light and can operate on average tackle.

The interface is analogous to AutoCAD’s but is rather tidied, by comparison, presenting a friendlier volition to the freshman stoner. LibreCAD uses DXF formats for importing and saving by dereliction, and it has a large pious community of druggies as it supports over 30 different languages.

  • Key features: Cross-platform support, free to use
  • Cost: Free
  • Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux



CMS IntelliCAD

Best 2D And 3D Modeling Software
CMS IntelliCAD Design Tool
CMS IntelliCAD Design Tool

CMS IntelliCAD was specifically designed to serve as volition to AutoCAD. It supports both 2D and 3D modeling ways, including full BIM support and LISP comity. IntelliCAD works natively with DWG lines and allows digital autographs just like AutoCAD.

It provides an intuitive layout while still using the strip-style menu frequently plant in numerous CAD programs. CMS IntelliCAD’s erected-in photorealistic picture capabilities match those of AutoCAD and can be veritably useful for architectural and interior design operations.

IntelliCAD comes in colorful performances and, unlike numerous of the other options on this list, is substantially offered as a perpetual license. The pall-grounded interpretation, known as “ Easy Run”, is offered via a periodic subscription and can be penetrated anywhere. Scholars and preceptors are eligible for a free license.

  • Key features: BIM import, built-in photorealistic rendering
  • Cost: Perpetual licenses from ~$250 (PE) or ~$350 (PE Plus); ~$200 per year for the browser-based application
  • Platform: Windows




Professional CAD Software
ProgeCAD Design Tool
ProgeCAD Design Tool

ProgeCAD is yet another professional CAD that works natively with DWG lines and has a familiar stoner interface for AutoCAD druggies. It offers 3D modeling and completely supports BIM objects and dynamic blocks. Its advanced features include a PDF-to-DWG motor and plenitude of tools and plug- sways for architectural operations.

The “ handwork” erected-in photorealistic render comes with a full yet expandable library of accouterments and textures. ProgeCAD also comes with Excel-style table editing analogous to NanoCAD. There are two primary performances available for Windows ProgeCAD Professional and ProgeCAD Architecture.

A third and kindly different interpretation is available for macOS, the ICADMAC, which is general-purpose CAD software. All licenses are perpetual.

  • Suitable for: Engineers and architects
  • Key features: PDF-to-DWG converter, Excel-style table editing
  • Cost: ~$500 for the Professional version (perpetual license)
  • Platforms: Windows, macOS




Home 3D Design Software
FreeCAD Design Tool
FreeCAD Design Tool

FreeCAD is an open-source CAD program best known for its parametric 3D modeling capabilities. Although not directly supported, DWG lines can be fluently imported and exported via the free ODA Converter plug-in. On the other hand, it does offer BIM support by dereliction.

Still, FreeCAD is further of a mechanical engineering tool, having its 2D drafting terrain leaning towards specialized delineations of corridor and factors. The parametric associative features automatically modernize delineations whenever a change is made on the 3D model.

FreeCAD can be extended through draw- sways, however, so it’s possible to shape it towards the stoner’s requirements. The software is fully free for any use.

  • Suitable for: Parts and component drawings
  • Key features: Parametric 3D modeling tools, extendable with plug-ins
  • Cost: Free
  • Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux




Open-Source CAD Program
BRL-CAD Design Tool
BRL-CAD Design Tool

BRL-CAD is yet another free and open-source volition to AutoCAD. Actually, they unite nearly with LibreCAD, the former AutoCAD volition on this list. For illustration, LibreCAD operates under the marquee of BRL-CAD in Google Summer of Code and Google Code-In.

BRL-CAD boasts 30 times of deployment. BRL-CAD can boast of a commodity that not numerous other druthers can lay claim to It’s used by the US Service. Yes, the US Military uses the BRL-CAD platform for armament system modeling. Using it, the US Service is suitable to test the lethality and implicit vulnerabilities of colorful munitions.

As mentioned, BRL-CAD has been around for three decades. It was first released in 1984, and it first came open source in 2004, but it was first started all the way back in 1979. BRL-CAD is cross-platform, as mentioned. Not only is it available for Windows, Mac, and Linux machines, but it can be used on BSD, Solaris, and other platforms.




Good Alternative To AutoCAD
OpenSCAD Design Tool
OpenSCAD Design Tool

OpenSCAD is an excellent, free software like AutoCAD. It’s free software you can use to produce solid computer-backed design objects. It’s across-platform software, being that it’s available on Windows, Mac, and Linux bias.

The website might not look the fanciest, but it’s free to use, so you can’t really complain. In addition, it’s being maintained and streamlined regularly, so it isn’t like you have to download an old interpretation. The rearmost interpretation was released just many months agone (January 2021 – check the download runner to see the rearmost interpretation or check the news runner to see other updates that might intrigue you).

Generally, there are two main ways to use OpenSCAD. One modeling fashion you can use is a formative solid figure, while another fashion is the extrusion of 2D outlines. You can go to the download runner to download the rearmost interpretation and check system conditions – for illustration, the rearmost interpretation as of this jotting requires a Mac OS X10.9 or advanced or a Windows 7 or advanced.




2D Free Software
QCAD Design Tool
QCAD Design Tool

Like LibreCAD, QCAD is a free and open-source software for two-dimension modeling. So, if you’re looking for free software like AutoCAD for 2D modeling only, consider using QCAD. One of the effects I love about QCAD is how simple and easy it’s to use.

The interface might not look the most ultramodern or be the fanciest, but it’s incredibly intuitive and easy to figure out, indeed if you have noway used QCAD ahead. You can go to the download runner to download the free interpretation of QCAD.

By dereliction, that comes with a free trial of the Professional interpretation as well – the free trial allows you to work using the Professional interpretation for over to 15 twinkles at a time. In other words, you can use the Professional interpretation for free as numerous times as you want – but you can’t use it for further than 15minutes.



Draft It

Cadlogic Free Software
Draft It Design Tool
Draft It Design Tool

Draft It’s a free CAD software package created and distributed by Cadlogic. Draft It’s free ever, making it a great volition to AutoCAD, and it allows you to produce CAD models using professional tools and save or publish your work.

Some of the features you can profit from when using Draft It by Cadlogic include Drawing tools – produce lines, circles, bends, and more. Colorful dimension tools Dynamic editing. The Pro interpretation also gives you further dimension tools and allows you to upload AutoCAD DWG & DXF lines.

Eventually, the Architectural interpretation, at £ 199, gives you access to features like hundreds of architectural symbols and a 3D model bystander.




3d Design Software Online
LeoCAD Design Tool
LeoCAD Design Tool

LeoCAD is a rather intriguing volition to AutoCAD. It’s free and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux bias. LeoCAD allows you to design virtual models using LEGO bricks! That’s a rather unique idea, and if that’s a commodity you might be interested in for whatever reason, it’ll make a great volition to AutoCAD.

The LeoCAD software is compatible with LDraw tools, and it also makes use of the LDraw library, which has over corridor you can add to models and designs. Also, you can use both LDR and MPD lines with LeoCAD. LeoCAD isn’t only free, but it’s also open-source.

As similar, everyone can contribute a fix or repair a bug. Of course, LeoCAD has nothing to do with the LEGO company – the LEGO company isn’t involved with this design in any way. Still, if you’re a LEGO addict and you enjoy creating 3D models with the help of computer-supported designs, consider using LeoCAD – it’s free, after all.



Vectorworks And ConnectCAD

3d Design Software Free
Vectorworks And ConnectCAD Design Tool
Vectorworks And ConnectCAD Design Tool

Vectorworks isn’t free for everyone, but if you’re a pupil or preceptor, you’ll be suitable to use it for free. However, visit the Vectorworks Academic Portal to get a free academic license – if you’re a professor, you can use it too, If you’re a pupil. Also, if you’re looking for an AutoCAD volition for your entire class or academy, you may be suitable to get a free interpretation – go to the education runner to learn further.




2D And 3D CAD Program
SolidWorks Design Tool
SolidWorks Design Tool

SolidWorks, much like AutoCAD, is software that came out decades ago. While they both have a long history, they’re surely not exactly the same. SolidWorks is both a 2D and 3D able software but has an emphasis more on the 3D aspect. AutoCAD is a 2D CAD program, meaning it can’t do the 3D modeling on equal footing with SolidWorks.
SolidWorks isn’t a stylish program for architectural or structural work, but it excels in the engineering space. Aerospace, automotive, engineering, and design are all areas in which SolidWorks is actually a better option than AutoCAD. Figuring out exactly what you need in a CAD program is going to determine which software is better for you.




Cheaper Parametric CAD Program

SolveSpace is a free and cheaper 3D parametric CAD program. This program will noway bring you anything, and it can handle indeed the most complex CAD delineations. Not only can you draw in 2D space like you can with AutoCAD, but you can model in 3D space as well.

This software actually comes with the added benefit of being suitable to use the models for 3D printing. Still, you can model it in SolveSpace and publish it right on your 3D printer, If you just need to fix commodities around the house. It can also be used for architectural purposes as well.



3D CAD software is used by the engineering and design industry to create models of products. Some of them are free and some are paid. Before using or buying the paid one you need to understand what are you looking for. 3D CAD software is used for computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). We have listed here some of the important ones.

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