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10 Best Automatic Wine Bottle Openers

Still, using old wine openers? Change them with some cool automatic wine bottle openers!

We are here to help you out if you are searching for some automatic wine bottle openers. Here you can also learn the different aspects and variety of uses that they are made for. So, just relax and sit with your wine to make sure next time you get your hands to a suitable wine opener which you are looking for so long.

“Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.”

― Paulo Coelho, Brida.

Wine is that one drink that is consumed almost on all occasions from birthday parties to funerals. Wine has a large number of acceptance throughout the world.  It is taken as a mark of respect no matter where you are using. It is used as an auspicious gift in professional sectors to private parties.

However, opening a wine bottle is never an easy job. Automatic Wine Bottle Openers are a must-have device in order to open and pour out the wine.  Generally, these openers are considered small and almost useless devices. But not anymore, because here we shall bring to you some amazing and automatic Wine Bottle Openers, that you will be proud of having and will acquire a corner that you can show off. In this article, we are sure you would be able to find which one is perfect for you.

List Of Automatic Wine Bottle Openers:

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Check out here for more automatic wine bottle openers online:

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Different Types of Automatic Wine Bottle Openers-

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Moe Bottle Opener:

Have an amazing drinking experience with this Bottle opener. This one will attract you with the design, for which it is known. Even if you are sitting at home, the design would definitely remind you of a tavern. Grab this cool wine opener for multipurpose use.

Bill Clinton Corkscrew:

This Bill Clinton Corkscrew is one of the most humorous designs. You will feel like you holding Mr. Bill Clington and placing the screw protruding from his body onto the bottle, unscrew, and finally, then you can enjoy your wine.

Ah-So Corkscrew:

The brain behind this Ah-So Corkscrew must have surely given a thought to the design so as to lure more men towards drinking! Unusual, unique, weird – whatever you might term it, but this is surely an eye-catching design.

Happy Man Bottle Opener:

You feel happy when you get an off day from your office, like Sundays. A good wine can turn your mood and the Happy man Bottle opener can always help you up for that.

Handlebar Mustache Bottle Opener:

Handlebar Mustache Bottle Opener is artistically created not just for the wine drinkers but for those who drink beer too. Though it looks funny, its simplicity can save you from the embarrassment you might have to experience while using a complicated opener.

Bird of Prey Wine Opener: 

If you have been a regular at Star Trek series, you will fall in love with this unique design of Birds of a prey wine opener. Inspired by the Klingon Bird of Prey, this wine accessory can be a major point of attraction when you are all set to party with your friends. This funny wine bottle opener will always be a special catch.

Brass Knuckles Bottle Opener: 

After taking a look at this picture, I am sure the first thought that crops up your mind are that if this is some kind of a tool to be used in a brawl. Well, these Brass Knuckles Bottle Openers are new and cool equipment to uncork your wine. Of course, without any kind of tussle.

Sveid CorkScrew:

This wine accessory seems to be the most expensive of all the varieties mentioned in this article. Made up of titanium and gold, this Sveid Corkscrew is for all those who do not mind spending a lot of prices. But one should always keep in mind that looks can be deceptive too.

Sophisticated Wine Openers:

Some people are too lazy to make an extra effort for opening wine bottles. This rechargeable electric wine opener is the best solution for these people. Automatic Wine Bottle Openers are non-electric yet advanced forms of the traditional openers. And those, who appreciate innovation, will find these sophisticated cute, and colorful corkscrews incredible. The designs are cool weird but unique.

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Aesthetics And The Opener Materials:

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You should look for an opener with muted plastic tones. A wine bottle is already shiny, and if you’re opening it you’re going to want to find something with matte tones rather than something as shiny as glass. Transparent plastic isn’t always a bad thing either – and employed correctly can not only look beautiful but be incredibly practical. Just be careful.

Imagine opening a bottle of wine for the Queen of England using the bottle opener…would you be embarrassed to bring it out? If so, don’t buy it. You can find great openers for cheap prices so just don’t get one which is terrible.


This is an essential component of the bottle opener – especially since the actual corkscrew will almost certainly have to be made out of metal. Again, like the plastics, we tend to prefer matte metals (eg, brushed aluminum or steel) taking pride of place in your automatic Wine Bottle Openers. Chromed metals might look great on a hub-cap, but anything which will reflect enough light to blind a small village has no place in a kitchen or bar.


There’s something about the rustic charm of using wood in a bottle opener construction that really epitomizes the definition of “aesthetic”.  wood is far less durable than metals and some plastics. It might be great, but it doesn’t mean it’s the best material for all uses. Find a durable automatic Wine Bottle Openers, and consider the reviews if you’re going for one with wooden components.

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One of the first factors when deciding to buy an automatic Wine Bottle Openers is which place you will be using it. Commercial usage or personal usage- if you are going to be using your automatic Wine Bottle Openers in a commercial setting you will have a bunch of considerations, unlike your home usage. See the following priorities that can help you to understand the better usage of automatic Wine Bottle Openers:

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  • Ease of use- In your office or other corporate sectors it will be a more depressing fact that it takes 30 minutes time to open the wine bottle and it can ruin all the celebrations and surprises.  You can not even explain your hard process of the new tool kit to each staff member one by one.
  • Sustainability-  You will never want your brand new fancy unique wine opener or automatic Wine Bottle Openers to break within months or right after opening just 30 bottles! So, You need to get an opener that will pass the test of time. For home usage, it might run long but for commercial usage, you need a strong handy opener.
  • Speed- Even if you get a strong and easy opener if that takes 5 minutes to open your bottle that is unfortunate and embarrassing at the same time. So, naturally, speed it a vital part of an opener. If the opener takes too long there is no point in buying it, especially for commercial purposes. You do not want to let your boss down.
  • Price-  While this is nothing important for home or commercial priority, but it is an investment too. So, the price is also an important factor. Especially if you are a wine lover and want to buy more than two openers.
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  • Aesthetics- This does not need to be explained as we all want to be praised. You will obviously want an automatic Wine Bottle Openers to get appreciation from your guests when you reveal the beauty in front of them. You need to bring an opener which is attractive, full of beauty, and easy.
  • Noise- This part is very important for home-usage when you think of buying an opener for the wine bottle.  It is obvious that in a busy and noisy bar you would not need to cancel the noise of your opener, as it will easily getaway especially if a DJ is performing there.
  • Quality- The quality of the automatic Wine Bottle Openers is important, no matter how much fancy it is. If you do not feel comfortable picking out the cork or any other material just because it is cheap and handy, no the opener is worthless then.
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How To Look After Your Wine Opener?

The only way you can keep your wine opener for years to come no matter what the type or model is to look after it correctly. While taking care of your automatic Wine Bottle Openers is not nearly as complex or as time-consuming as with other kitchen tools, there are some basic maintenance tips you should follow to ensure it stays in good working order.
Firstly, never leave your automatic Wine Bottle Openers or corkscrew soaking in water. This will damage the materials it is made of, especially if you have chosen an aluminum or wooden model. Not only this, you should dry your opener straight away and never put it in the dishwasher. It is important that you wipe your wine opener regularly as this will avoid a build-up of wine sediment or cork on the spiral. Make sure you also never use your automatic Wine Bottle Openers before taking off the foil cap or wax that is on the bottle.

How to use electric wine openers?

10 Best Automatic Wine Bottle Openers

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Frequently Asked Question:

How to use a wine bottle opener?

You can simply position the bottle so that the sharp part of the opener is underneath the cap. Then, you have to pull down and allow the force of the opener, which is attached to the wall and will not budge; to lift the cap off.

How to open a wine bottle with any kind of corkscrew?

1. Position the corkscrew above the wine bottle and firmly grasp the bottom of the corkscrew and the top of the bottle with one hand.
2. Twist the handle clockwise until the coils of the corkscrew are fully embedded in the cork. The wings will rise as the corkscrew draws itself downward.

Can I open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew?

Just use the screwdriver to twist the screw into the cork (using the same motion as you would with a corkscrew). … Once the screw is in, take the back of a hammer and grip the screw. Make sure it’s locked in good before pulling out. The end result is hopefully an open bottle of wine! But one should not usually try this method regularly, this advice is only for those who do not prefer to have wine.

What is the name for a wine opener that comes attached to a bottle of wine?

A corkscrew is a tool for drawing corks from wine bottles and other household bottles that may be sealed with corks. In its traditional form, a corkscrew simply consists of a pointed metallic helix (often called the “worm”) attached to a handle, which the user screws into the cork and pulls to extract it.

Which automatic Wine Bottle Openers Should I Choose If I Have A Lot Of Bottles To Open?

If you’re planning on hosting a big party or want a new automatic Wine Bottle Openers for your restaurant, we recommend choosing an air pressure, electric, or lever corkscrew. They are effortless tools that can open dozens of bottles of wine in a matter of minutes.


We hope that you learned about all kinds of an automatic Wine Bottle Openers in this article. We hope that now you can easily distinguish the openers and their use kinds. Grab them and enjoy your wine with Lil better experience. Follow our article to learn the details of more products that you wanna buy.

Know more about how to open wine bottle opener.

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10 Best Automatic Wine Bottle Openers
10 Best Automatic Wine Bottle Openers

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