Best 3D Modeling Software For 3D Printing.

Our team has spent around 124 hours in research and list down the best 3D Modeling Software For Games, Beginners, Cars, Houses, Professionals, And More in one place. Both free and paid.

3D modeling software is basically, computer modeling with a hinge of artistic approach with the help of various specially designed software for printing 3D models. The skill of developing the mathematical representation of any object be it living or inanimate in 3 dimensions through certain specified software is 3D modeling. It is hard to acquire the tools without core knowledge as these software work best with the industrial grade 3D printers or beginner 3d printers to bring the models to life.

So there has to be a knowledge phase, the learning graph needs to be steep enough to master any 3D modeling software. The introduction of the 3D Modeling Software has made life much easier for not only the professionals but also for avid DIYer’s who love 3D printing and beginners.

Best Free 3D Modeling Software

What Is The Best 3D Modelling Software For Video Games?

Most software contains unnecessary tools or widgets which will be of the least use. Not to worry, here are our recommendations for the best 3D modeling software for beginners to start with. These are user-friendly, comes with relevant tools and sufficiently good documentation, and definitely free to use.

Let us now indulge in all the best free 3d modeling software that is easy to use regardless of being a rookie or a professional.

Name Of The SoftwareOperating System
MeshmixerWindows, macOS
Wings 3DWindows, mac, LINUX
MorphiiPad, macOS, Windows
OpenSCADmac, Windows, LINUX, UNIX
SculptrisWindows, mac
3D ReshaperWindows
3D SlashBrowser, Windows, macOS, LINUX, Raspberry Pi
SelfCADWindows, macOS, UNIX, LINUX, Browser
Dust 3DWindows, LINUX, macOS
SketchUp FreeBrowser
LeopolyBrowser, iOS, Android, AR, VR, MR
BlenderLINUX, UNIX, Windows, macOS
3D BuilderWindows, macOS
LeoCAD FreeWindows, macOS, LINUX
ModoUNIX, macOS, Windows
RhinocerosWindows, macOS
Fusion 360macOS, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Windows
Free CADBrowsers, Windows, macOS
OnShapeWindows, macOS
Moment Of Inspiration(MOI)macOS, Windows
SculptGLWindows, LINUX, Mac, Browser
Daz StudioWindows, macOS
HoudiniWindows, macOS, LINUX
Cinema 4DWindows, macOS
PixologicmacOS, Windows

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Best Modeling Software For 3D Printing

Best 3D Modeling Software For Beginners, Kids & Students



Self-proclaimed “Swiss Army Knife” for 3D meshes.
File FormatAMF, 3MF, OFF, and the native MIX format
Operating SystemWindows and macOS
LevelBeginners, Professional
PricingFree to use
Mashmixer Specification

A simple and intuitive software belonging to the Autodesk family, allows users to manipulate, splice or, merge 3D models accurately for 3D printing. In simpler words, it is the Adobe Photoshop to 3D models.

With its wide set of tools such as surface-lasso, brushing, and constraints, it has the capability to edit, repair, and optimize any model, making it one of the best free 3D modeling software. So, either you a beginner or a professional wanting to repair your 3D model, it has all the tools to fulfill your requirements. This also has its unique capabilities of helping you with animation, boundary zippering, hole filling, hollowing, and so on.

Sometimes positioning your model could be a hectic job, but not for Meshmixer, as it offers you a 3D positioning with pivots, which indeed contains the ability to automatically align the surface of your 3D model. Henceforth, Stability & Thickness Analysis is never a question for this software.

For beginners, compared to other free 3D modeling software for pc, Meshmixer will require a little more time, patience, and dedication.

What are the benefits of using this free 3D modeling software? One of the major advantages of Meshmixer is, it offers you the integrity to modify any 3D model without even caring about its 3D topology.


Wings 3D

A Polygon Modeler
Wings 3D
NameWings 3D
File Format.3ds, .obj, dae, lwo, .wrl, .stl
Operating SystemWindows 10 or later: OpenGL 2.1 required
Mac OS X: Mohave or Catalina is required
Linux Ubuntu 18.04: OpenGL 2.1 or Mesa required
Other Unix: OpenGL-2.1 required
LevelBeginners, Professional
PricingCompletely free to use for personal and commercial use
Wings 3D Specification

Wings 3D, being a community-driven project, launched back in 2001, and has been in development since. It doesn’t let the beginners frown for once, and offers a full arsenal of relevant and useful tools.

Wings 3D is open-source and completely free to use in both personal and commercial projects. Despite its free nature, it has never compromised in the advanced toolset such as Sweep, Plane Cut, Circularise, Intersect, Bend, Shear, and Inset along with the standard toolset which includes Move, Scale, Rotate, Extrude, Bevel, Bridge, Cut, Weld and much more.

Despite possessing a context-sensitive interface, this free to use software interface is absurdly intuitive with very easy access to common commands and hotkeys.

Most of you are definitely going to love the hover-to-description menu format which is by far the best feature when seen from a beginner point of view. Well, it doesn’t limit itself there to being beginner-friendly, it has a wide range of selection and mesh tools and has variations to commands which are listed in the Info-line.

What are the benefits of using this online 3D modeling software for beginners? Wings 3D offers you a customizable user interface and a wide range of simplest as well as advanced tools and the mapping facility powered by AutoUV.



Simple, Powerful, Unique
File Format.STL and .OBJ
Operating SystemiPads
mac: 2012 or higher Mac computers running Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra or higher
Windows: Windows 7, 8, or 10 with updated video card drivers to support Morphi’s 3D graphics
LevelKids, Beginners, Professionals
Pricing15 days free trial.
$9.99 per device
$4.99 per license for schools with volume purchases of 20+
Morphi Specification

Morphi is one of the easiest 3D modeling software specifically designed for iPads, and does not limits itself there, and is now been used in macs and Windows. Since its development in 2014, by a New York start-up, Morphi was made its reach throughout more than 120 countries, and a varied set of professionals and students of different fields keeping an interest in 3D modeling.

Morphi with its easy-to-use interface offers you to create any 3D models for rendering, animation, game design, 3D printing, and most vividly, for creating 3D models for AR and VR. This is one of the few 3D modeling software which offers you to design offline with no sorts of login needed.

Morphi lets you draw 3D models in many ways such as sketching or basic drawing, symmetry, revolving or erasing lines, and much more. Morphi has its unique set of tools for rendering 3D models and enables the option to add texture to the model. Morphi has revolutionized the 3D modeling in iPads, and further promises to be on iPhones soon.

What are the benefits of using this online 3D modeling software for beginners? It not only is easy to learn for kids and beginners but also lets you create 3D models for AR and VR and also has the feature of letting you work on the application even offline without any login issues.


Model. Animate. Render. Collab.
File FormatFBX, Collada, STL, OBJ, Three.JS, Babylons.JS, STEP, IGES, 3DS
Operating SystemBrowser
LevelBeginners, Professionals
PricingFree Specification, released by Exocortex in 2013, is one of the best fully-featured cloud-based free 3D modeling software that runs in your web browser, be it your Mac or Windows. Its browser-based nature offers relief to certain people who are rushing to know whether they can cope up with the 3D modeling scenario and are unwilling to install any large software on their device.

This free 3D modeling software for pc also offers a wide set of standard 3D modeling tools including, various other animation tools and rendering tools. It also offers a ton of mesh tools, different sets of modifiers, or operators. Being a cloud-based software it offers easy sharing, easy embedding including Three.JS and VRay Cloud render embedding, and allows simultaneous multi-user editing.

What are the benefits of using this online 3D modeling software for beginners? One of the major benefits of being a cloud-based software is having the ability to collab with a wide range of creators and also possesses the unique ability of simultaneous multitasking.



3D CAD Modeler
File FormatDXF, STL, OFF
Operating SystemMac, Windows, LINUX, UNIX
LevelBeginners, Professional
OpenSCAD Specification

Launched initially in the early 2010s, OpenSCAD got its stable release in the mid 2019s, which focuses not on the artistic aspects of 3D modeling, instead, it explores its vastness on the CAD aspects. So if you plan on creating 3D models on machine parts, very few software can match its approach. So it is mostly suggested for its CAD aspects but not for the creation of Computer-Aided Movies.

It is one of the best online 3D modeling software for beginners that enables you a quick view of the parts of your 3D model and provides a CSG geometry engine. Its way of functionality is a bit different as it acts more like a 3D compiler that reads in a script file and renders the model from that same script file. This in turn gives you complete access to the modeling process and lets you change the modeling process. There are two main modeling techniques: 1. Constructive Solid Geometry(CSG), 2. Extrusion of 3D Outlines.

What are the benefits of using this online 3D modeling software for beginners? It has the ability to read and build 3D models in other formats and consists of a free compiler within it.



Exploit The Modeling Clay
File FormatOBJ and STL files
Operating SystemWindows, Mac
LevelBeginners, Professional
PricingFree to use
Sculptris Specification

Sculptris, without any question, belongs at the top tier list of free 3D modeling software for sculpting. With its advanced model geometry, you will not face any difficulties when working on any area you want a detailed view of. It provides you with enough triangles under the present brush area to have a detailed display.

This online 3D modeling software comes with a wide set of tools required for 3D sculpting, the free version also comes with effortless integration with ZBrush and has a wide variety of tools available for simulation. It offers the Symmetry mode, which makes things easy by letting you sculpt both sides symmetrically.

Another special feature of the software is the automatic UV Creation which enables UV maps automatically to ease your painting and texturing works.

What are the benefits of using this free 3D modeling software for beginners? The symmetric mode enabling, is the eye-catching scenario of this software, as it lets you sculpt symmetrically while you’re sculpting the other side of the model.


3D Reshaper

The 3D Scanner
3D reshaper
Name3D Reshaper
File FormatAll IFC files
Operating SystemWindows
LevelBeginners, Professional
Pricing30-day free
3D Reshaper Specification

As by its name, 3D Reshaper is one of the best online 3D modeling software which consists of a range of meshing tools and has loads of textures and filtering tools such as automatic filters, merging tools, color palettes, etc. It enables you to inspect and measure your design and offers photorealistic rendering.

It has the potential to create and improve 3D meshes by allowing you to use tools such as smoothing, holes filling, border improvements, etc. One of the important cloud feature of this software is that it allows you to measure, inspect, and compare your data.

Benefits of using this online 3D modeling software for beginners? This is one of the very few software which enables you to create any Digital Surface Model(DSM) or any Digital Terrain Model(DTM)


3D Slash

A 3D Piece Of Cake
3D Slash
Name3D Slash
File FormatSTL, OBJ, DAE, FBX
Operating SystemBrowser, Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi
LevelKids, Beginners, Professionals
PricingFree Web Version, but for extra tools and features $2/month
3D Slash Specification

3D Slash is a free 3D modeling software that indeed takes its inspiration from kids playing Minecraft. With a great line-up of tool-set such as hammer, trowel, chisel, etc users can modify individual cubes.

The most unique thing about 3D Slash is its touch of real-world feel to the digital world of design. Specially crafted for beginners, this software can easily be grasped in no time and will help build 3D models.

Though, being an elementary interface, the developers never leave an opportunity to improve and updates the software. The latest addition includes users to map texts and pictures directly into the model and an engraving tool. Being the most efficient option for students and starters, it does not heavily require any sort of experience or intense training.

Keep your eyes open, as the free version is quite finite and limits you to a certain usage of tools and palettes. Not to worry, the commercial version of 3D Slash is available for $2 to $20 a month which provides a wider range of tools and color palettes, and it also includes better and higher resolution of models.

What are the benefits of using this free 3D modeling software for pc? Easy to work with for beginners. Co-relating the transition between Minecraft and 3D modeling gives exposure to learning to the kids.



Loved By Kids, Appreciated By Professionals
File FormatSTL, OBJ, MTL
Operating SystemBrowser
LevelKids, Beginners, Professionals
TinkerCAD Specification

Since its availability in 2011, it has become one of the most popular online 3D modeling software for creating models for 3D printing and because of its ease of use, and a pretty natural user interface.

This Autodesk software, allows you to convert any idea into 3D CAD models by simple drag and drop method using the help of primary shapes, such as cylinders, cubes, and spheres. Since this software offers all the basic concepts for 3D modeling, such as scaling, skewing, rotating and even grouping features are available for you to create the 3D model of your choice.

Codeblocks, which use series of codes to obtain the 3D model, is one of the most valued features of TinkerCAD which often remains unnoticed. The UI mostly attracts kids and beginners because of its intuitive nature and blocks-like Minecraft environment. It becomes playful to kids thus helping them learn and interact more with the software.

What are the benefits of using this online 3D modeling software? Being compatible with 3D Printing, it has most of the proper tools and layouts offering you to make a great model for 3D Printing. It conducts how-to-do forums and Video tutorials for kids.



The Most Accessible 3D and AR Design Platform
Operating SystemBrowser
LevelKids, Beginners, Professional
PricingFree Trial Upto 25 Projects, then $12/editor/month
Vectary Specification

Vectary being one of the best online 3D modeling software for beginners with the capacity to 3D model and render real-time images. Though the software is used in graphic design or game design, it can also be used by beginners having an interest in 2D or 3D design.

The basic concept of designing is quite enough for this free 3D modeling program. With an extensive library of pre-rendered typography, web headers, package designs, and many more beginners can easily utilize the 3D objects with the drag and drop interface. Users can leverage at ease with the easy to handle interface and also enjoy the advantages of having sharing and collaboration tools, which makes it pretty easy to connect with others.

The drawbacks of the free version of Vectary not only limits you to create a very finite number of projects but also punches in with its own watermark to your projects. Nevertheless, for beginners, the free version of Vectary gives you access to great and powerful tools to learn and grasp this online 3D modeling software. Whereas the premium version will cost you $25 a month which comes with extra features and more space for your design projects.

What are the benefits of using this online 3D modeling software for beginners? Vectary’s free plan offers you a full 3D design toolset for you to create almost anything of your preference at no cost. Unlike many Vectary comes with loads of learning resources such as video tutorials, how-to-do guides which indeed ascends your learning process and helps you progress your skillset.



Sculpt, Model, Sketch
File Format3D, 3DS, 3MF, AC, AC3D, ACC, AMJ, ASE, ASK, B3D, BLEND (Blender), BVH, COB, CMS, DAE/Collada, DXF, ENFF, FBX, glTF 1.0 + GLB, glTF 2.0, HMB, IFC-STEP, IRR / IRRMESH, LWO, LWS, LXO, MD2, MD3, MD5, MDC, MDL, MESH / MESH and many more
Operating SystemWindows, Mac, UNIX, LINUX, Browsers
LevelBeginners, Professional
SelfCAD Specification

This All-In-One 3D modeling software comprises one of the best user interfaces to attract you, even you are new to this 3D modeling world. SelfCAD doesn’t focus on any single 3D modeling features, rather has almost all the tools from sculpting any model or creating from scratch to even slicing your models for FDM and DLP Printers.

The adjustability and flexibility offer you to import, export, or edit from 40+ 3D file formats. It has a unique range of tools to sculpt any 3D models and even for artistic drawings. Being completely free and offering the cloud platform helps to better your skills as a beginner.

What are the benefits of using this free 3D modeling software? It consists of all the necessary tools under one roof makes it one of the go-to software for beginners. It offers a wide range of sketching and drawing capabilities that lets you save time and come fully free of cost.

Dust 3D
NameDust 3D
File FormatFBX and glTF format
Operating SystemWindows, Linux, or macOS
LevelBeginners, Semi-Professional, Professional
Dust 3D Specification

Dust 3D being one of the open-source and free 3D modeling software, doesn’t need any prior experience in 3D modeling. You can start modeling your ideas into wonderful 3D models with its range of standard and advanced tools and pays attention to textures and minute details of your 3D model.

The mesh tools offer a vivid range of meshing features to customize the way to creation. One of the important features being the Auto UV unwrapping ranges its value high up and also comes with certain useful and relevant features such as Auto Rigging with PBR Material support, pose and motion authoring, etc.

Being a Cloud platform, it allows you to collab with many other highly skilled professionals and lets you improve your knowledge and challenges your skills. This cloud platform is really helpful to beginners who have no prior knowledge.

As it helps you get to know what the trends currently are and to customize your very own 3D model, and gather various new ideas regarding it.

What are the advantages of using is free 3D modeling software for beginners? Some of the benefits of using Dust 3D are, checking the errors which might occur in the drawing process, gaining better insight for surface patterns, having virtual tours through walkthroughs, getting renderings with customized interiors, achieving more at a lesser cost.


SketchUp Free

Enhancing The Sketchuptivity
NameSketchUp Free
File FormatDWG, DXF, 3DS
Operating SystemBrowser
LevelBeginner, Professional
SketchUp Free Specification

Post its release in the 2000s, it is mostly considered by a bunch as the most easiest and flexible CAD which lets it take a step forward to become the best 3D modeling software for beginners. It is one of the most accessible online 3D modeling software.

Following some simple steps, you’ll be able to create your account on the website and can start designing the 3D model in your browser. The free version, being browser-based might not contain the whole artillery of tools and color palettes and textures but is considered by many as a great choice for starting with because it’s easy to learn tools and beginner-friendly interface.

Regardless of the features that the Shop and Pro versions offer, SketchUp Free lets you still have access to the hardcore 3D modeler and lets you design huge complex objects beyond limitation. The valued feature of this online 3D modeling software is its 10GB cloud space, which authorizes you to save your work for free.

Mainly adapted to the needs of architects, designers, film-makers, etc the premium version costs from $119 to $1199 per year which offers more efficiency by permitting the addition of plug-ins and tools which indeed enhances productivity.

What are the benefits of using this online 3D modeling software for beginners? It is quite easy to draw and is designed to be the extension of your hand and lets you render surfaces with a huge arsenal of “styles”.



A Block-based Programming Approach
File FormatXML, STL
Operating SystemBrowser
LevelKids, Beginners, Professionals
BlocksCAD Specification

BlocksCAD is a free 3D modeling software developed solely to ease the critical nature of OpenSCAD by combining codes with colorful lego bricks which definitely recalls our fondness for our childhood memories involving lego toys.

With a more advanced approach to CAD through script-only coding, it has become one of the most accessible and easy-to-use online 3D modeling software and contains educational tools for kids who lean towards the craft of 3D modeling.

Despite being one of the easiest 3D modeling software for beginners, it requires an enormous amount of time and skill development to create more elaborate pieces either by adding or subtracting various 3D shapes on the code blocks minutely.

After the completion of your project, the 3D model can be rendered for review and later can be exported either in OpenSCAD or in STL format, which in this case allows you to print the 3D model by passing it through a laminator.

What are the benefits of using this online 3D modeling software for beginners? Mixing 3D tools with Script-only coding lets you create a sound 3D model, which is easy for beginners and fun for kids.



Customize You 3D, VR, AR Experience
File Format.STL, .OBJ, .WRL, .FBX, .PLY, .AI, .SVG
Operating SystemBrowsers, iOS, Android, AR, VR, MR platforms
LevelBeginner, Professional
Leopoly Specification

With 3D and VR solutions tailor-made for the needs of corporate professionals, or any novice beginner, Leopoly is revolutionizing the 3D modeling industry. Despite having one of the finest and sophisticated user interface mostly leaning towards the user requirement for the Corporate Sector, its interface is still been considered very friendly for beginners.

Coming with an arsenal of tool-set for 3D/VR/AR painting and sculpting also has the ability to 3D engrave any image, text, or patterns. Leopoly allows users to manage assets through a very simple user interface and create embeddable 3D and webVR content.

The Cloud-platform enables the connectivity and multi-collaboration tools leading a group of users to connect and work on the same projects without any hassle.

What are the benefits of using this online3D modeling software? Leopoly enables you to manipulate existing, create a new model. With its recently added secured cloud-platform, it allows a group of users to work on a project, increasing the workflow.



Blending In Style
File FormatOBJ, FBX, 3DS, PLY, STL, etc
Operating SystemLINUX, UNIX, Windows, Mac
LevelBeginners, Professional
Blender Specification

Blender, by far, is one of the best free 3D modeling software which has been in the shadows for a very long time but has now out-shined many of the top-tier, high performing 3D modeling software with its unique custom architecture and breath-taking yet user-friendly interface offering customizable keyboard shortcuts, which allows you to give your idea path quicker and more efficiently.

It offers a real-time preview of the 3D scene and tracked footage, with an intensive amount of tool-sets for sculpting, retopology, modeling, animation, simulation, rendering, composting and motion-tracking, video editing, and even a 2D animation pipeline. Blender enables the users to create heart-throbbing renders thanks to the cycles and high-end production path tracer.

Blender not only offers 3D modeling, sculpting, rigging, etc but also is used by highly skilled professionals to create award-winning short-films and feature films. With Blender and your skillset, you can push your limits and the boundaries of comic-art or 2D concept designs.

It is so optimized that it can handle Camera and Object motion tracking, composting, etc just in the blink of your eye.

What are the benefits of using this free 3D modeling software for pc? One of many advantages of using Blender is the Cycles, the production-render engine is ray-trace based, meaning, it has the unique ability to trace the path of light by the pixels, which lets you create scenes having more realistic and jaw-dropping lighting conditions.


3D Builder

Building It Print Ready!
Name3D Builder
File FormatSTL, OBJ, PLY, WRL (VRML), and 3MF
Operating SystemWindows, macOS
LevelBeginners, Professional
3D Builder Specification

3D Builder is one of the easiest 3D modeling software which comes under the family-tree of Microsoft. It can load 3D objects using 3 useful methods- Loading it via 3D builder Library, Load’em up from an external file, lastly starting from scratch by creating a new one from a Kinect v2 Sensor Scan.

It also has the unique ability to convert your pictures to 3D with your webcam.

3D Builder provides you a range of standard and advanced tools such as embossing tools, merging tools, intersecting tools, slicing tools, etc. to create 3D content worth printable. Beyond this, it also possesses the ability to clean up objects by smoothing and simplifying and automatically repairs objects for you to print.

One of the very few software to consist, Drag and Drop feature along with customizable shortcut keys to make you work smartly.

What are the benefits of using this free 3D modeling software for pc? 3D Builder is mostly valued by many top-level professionals for its ability to check and fix errors and get them ready for printing.


LeoCAD Free

Design With Lego
NameLeoCAD Free
File FormatDAT, LDR, MPD
Operating SystemWindows, macOS, LINUX
LevelBeginner, Professional
LeoCAD Free Specification

LeoCAD has a perfectly balanced user interface that neither lets the beginners frown for once nor gives any chances to complain from the extremely-skilled professional. The beginners will develop the skill-set to reach a piece of knowledge on 3D modeling using this software from scratch.

While the professionals with their skill-set can attain heights with all the advanced tools offered by LeoCAD.

LeoCAD is fully compatible with LDraw Standard and related tools and gains the ability to read LDR and MPD files. It also uses the LDraw parts library which has over 10,000 different parts and continues to receive updates. Being an open-source platform, LeoCAD has many professionals who do contribute with fixes and features, which tends to suggest that it’s going to remain free.

What are the benefits of using this free 3D modeling software for beginners? LeoCAD consists of all the necessary tools for you to rotate the model on each axis. It allows you to prepare the model data for further processing and better rendering.



Working With Beginners
File FormatDrawing Exchange Format (. dxf)
Drawing (. dwg)
Adobe Photoshop (. psd)
Adobe Illustrator (. ai)
Parasolid (. x_t)
STEP (. stp)
ACIS (. sat)
IGES (. igs, . iges)
Operating SystemWindows
LevelBeginners, Professional
Pricing$270 p.m.
SolidWorks Specification

SolidWorks is considered as one of the favorable 3D modeling software for beginners because of its easy-to-learn user interface, yet extremely powerful functionality that shortens product development which in order, manages time reduces cost, and improves quality.

This is why it is considered by a bunch as a value for money software for professionals and beginners.
SolidWorks helps you to create 3D images and enables your skills to design, reuse and automate the products. One of the eye-catching features of SolidWorks is that it allows you to create and save frequently used templates for future use.

SolidWorks comes with an analysis tool that helps you to verify the performance of your product and components and lets you figure out, whether they are assembled properly before starting the printing process which indeed is quite efficient.

As a beginner, the Cloud-Platform of SolidWorks enables you to reach out to a varied amount of significantly talented professionals and their works, which helps you to grow your skills with time. Even the professionals also get benefitted by working on group projects or correcting them.

What are the benefits of using this online 3D modeling software? Most of the other competing software can not match the efficiency of SolidWorks in 3D design as it has the easy to use parametric design modular.



Develop Games At A Glance
Operating SystemmacOS, Windows, LINUX
LevelBeginners, Professional
Modo Specification


Modo is a 3D texturing and modeling software pioneering for creative industries. This has a fully customized user interface and a wide-range of toolset which provides texturing, rendering and painting facility. It also supports industry-standard composting, editorial facilities with multi-shot management.

It gives the user, high resolution for digital 3D painting and texturing ability to create 3D models. One of the major use of Modo is for developing games faster by a wide range of toolset and number of available plug-in toolsets.

What are the benefits of using this free 3D modeling software? Modo is easy to use and fast for creating game assets with direct export.



Uninhibited free-form 3D Modeler
File Format3DM save
3DS import
DWG/DXF import
DWG/DXF export
FBX export
IGES export
KML export
Operating SystemWindows, Mac
LevelBeginner, Professional
Rhinoceros Specification

Rhinoceros had its release in 1998, doesn’t stop upgrading its software and interface with time. The newest version, Rhino 7 launched in the late 2020s, can create, edit, analyze, document, render, animate, and translate NURBS curves, surfaces and solids, subdivision geometry, point clouds, and polygon meshes.

The user interface is one of the easiest to master, beginners can grasp the tools without getting distracted by the complexity of the software. Rhino is compatible with all your designs such as drafting, CAM, engineering drawings, analysis, rendering, animation, illustration software, etc and doesn’t require any specially modified hardware, a simple computer is fairly enough for Rhino to run and let you design any of our projects- from an airplane to jewelry.


Professional 3D Modeling Software

Best Paid 3D Modeling Softwares For Professionals & Benginners


Fusion 360

Integrated CAD, CAM, CAE, & PCB on a single development platform
Fusion 360
NameFusion 360
File Format.3dm, .asm, .dwg, .f3d, .dxf, .iam, .ige, .iges and so on
Operating Systemmac Big Sur 11.0*;
Catalina 10.15;
Mojave v10.14;
High Sierra v10.13;
Windows 8.1 (64 bit) (until January 2023);
Windows 10 (64-bit)
LevelBeginners, Professionals
Pricing$307.85 per year(Commercial Use)
Free for non-commercial and qualified users
Fusion 360 Specification

Fusion 360 is one of the easiest 3D modeling software from the Autodesk family has a very rich environment that enables you to create high-quality 3D models. It comes with a wide range of advanced tools as well as standard tools that offers you the ability to create and manufacture all sorts of 3D models to meet your desire. One of the better features is that it enables easy access to program your manufacturing process.

Fusion 360 being a cloud-based software it unlocks the ability to collaborate with a community of highly-skilled professionals, which in return lets you gain more knowledge and experience.

What are the benefits of using this online 3D modeling software for beginners? Fusion 360 is ideal for a group of people working on the same project, as it allows cloud access to share and make changes to any common project.



3D Parametric Modeler
File Format.3ds, .obj, dae, lwo, .wrl, .stl and many more
Operating SystemBrowser, Windows, Mac
LevelBeginners, Professional
FreeCAD Specification

FreeCAD launched in 2002 is an open-source free 3D modeling software and is very highly accessible to everyone, making it one of the prior choices for beginners or students interested in 3D modeling. FreeCAD has a very natural graphical user interface, which is based on the Qt framework, and has very fast rendering capability, and has a very accessible scene graph representation.

Apart from having a great GUI, it also runs as a command-line application. In command-line mode, FreeCAD runs without its interface but with all its geometry tools. During this mode, it has a relatively low memory footprint and is used as a server that can produce content for other applications.

Like every other online 3D modeling software, FreeCAD also comes well-equipped with a large arsenal of tools for translation, rotation, scaling, mirroring, offset and consists of tools for testing and repairing meshes.

Most of the beginner-friendly factors of the FreeCAD interface are that the tools are grouped via workbenches, which allows you to display only the tools which can be used to accomplish the desired task, keeping the workspace uncluttered and rapidly responsive, and FreeCAD offers a stack of undo/redo performances.

What are the benefits of using this online 3D modeling software for beginners? FreeCAD has one of the best and intuitive user interface that offers a lot of flexibility to beginners, as well as the professionals too. It can be one of the most-liked software because of its forgiving nature towards a user.



Modernizing Product Design
File FormatParasolid.
Operating SystemWindows, Mac
LevelSemi-Professional, Professional
Pricing$1500 p.a with a 15-day free trial
OnShape Specification

For more than 30 Years OnShape has set the top-most standard for being a feature-based parametric 3D modeler, by creating and modifying complex parts and assemblies which are being produced on a daily basis by more than a ton of companies throughout the globe.

It has very simple and quite easy to play with the user interface, which comes with a real-time design review. The software possesses a wide inventory of tools that offers relief to different users who use it for a different purpose.

The most valued aspect of the software is its secure cloud platform which enables secure sharing to numerous allies, and comes with a simultaneous editing option with the option to view complete edit history, and offers you to interact with your group with live chatting and commenting.

Benefits of using this online 3D modeling software? The most beneficial aspect of this online 3D modeling software is its security on its data sharing and the whole secured cloud platform.


Moment Of Inspiration(MOI)

Streamlined UI
moment of inspiration
NameMoment Of Inspiration(MOI)
File FormatJVC and Canon Camcoders
Operating SystemMac and Windows
LevelBeginners, Semi-Professional
Moment Of Inspiration(MOI) Specification

MOI is one of the most beginner-friendly software, which allows you not to frown on the user interface, and lets you learn a lot and increase your productivity. It is mostly suitable for beginners Because of its User-friendly structure and wide set of tools.

MoI allows you to sculpt, edit, or even start from scratch, and the tool-set and user interface make it one of the easiest 3D modeling software. The rendering tools help you render the models with just a single click. It comprises easy and quite accessible shortcut keys to improve and fasten your productivity.

What are the benefits of using this online 3D modeling software for beginners? Having an extremely intuitive user interface attracts most beginners. Most of the standard and advanced tools are easy to use as it comes with hover to detail setup, where you can hover over any icon to know its basic overall feature.


Sculpt GL

Dynamic Digital Sculpting Application
NameSculpt GL
File FormatOBJ, PLY, CGL, STL
Operating SystemWindows, Linux, Mac, and Browsers
LevelBeginners, Semi-Professional
PricingFree to use
Dynamic Digital Sculpting Application Specification

Sculpt GL is quite easy to master and is definitely one of the easiest 3D modeling software for beginners. Apart from starting from scratch, this free 3D modeling software allows you to have a digital clay and shape it to your desired forms with a large inventory of tools.

Being the roadmap to digital sculpting this software consists of all the basic tools required. But since being free, it has its own limitation of tools and complexity of the model.

What are the benefits of using this free 3D modeling software for pc? This is one of the best online 3D modeling software for beginners, that allows you to play with the color gradients and lets you experiment with textures of different kinds, and lets you create a detailed model. These are the things you as a beginner would definitely want to explore in the world of 3D modeling.


Daz Studio

Build Your Own Custom Scenery
daz studio
NameDaz Studio
File FormatCOLLADA, Universal 3D, BVH, and FBX
Operating SystemWindows, Mac
LevelSemi-Professional, Professional
Daz Studio Specification

Daz Studio after stably launched in 2019, has become one of the leading free 3D modeling software which mainly deals with the 3D figure customization and posing of custom-made sculptures of male and female.

Nevertheless, the animation tools can easily compete with any other competitive 3D modeling software, as it enables artists with relevant skills to create or even manipulate digital art using virtual people, animals, props, vehicles, accessories, and environments. This allows the software to easily create a mind-blowing realistic scenery.

The sceneries can not only be modified by adding male or female sculptures but also allows you to manipulate the expressions of the sculptures. This feature can change the course of any scenery, when in perfect hands and also allows you to export a photorealistic image.

Surprisingly, all this stuff comes without spending a penny. You should have the relevant skill-set. Nothing to get afraid of, if you are a beginner, you just have to invest some extra time, dedication, and passion.

What are the benefits of using this free 3D modeling software for pc? The minute detailing and simultaneous sculpting feature is one of its most notable features of this online 3D modeling software.



Node-Based Workflow
Operating SystemWindows 8, 8.1, 10, and above versions Linux, macOS
LevelBeginners, Professional
Houdini Specification

HoudiniFX being one of the oldest free 3D modeling software for pc, launched in 1996, offers a wide variety of polygonal, subdivision surface modeling tools to let you create complex models such as environments and cityscapes.

It is for this reason considered perfect for most visual effects artists and technical directors due to its special ability of particle and dynamics environment. Houdini includes all the main features for a complete toolset that includes lighting, animation, and procedural modeling.

Houdini offers you a better procedure for building, sculpting, and rendering cloud formation. The combination of superior performance and physically realistic dynamic simulation tools and a wide range of third-party rendering applications such as Redshift, RenderMan, OctaneRender, etc. to chose from, makes it so popular in feature films, commercials, or the gaming industry.

What are the benefits of using this free 3D modeling software for pc? The benefits of Houdini are immense, out of which the major benefit of using Houdini is the Render Farm which allows the Graphic Designers or the Vfx Directors or any group of people working on this software has the capability to collab with each other with one the finest cloud platform of HoudiniFX.


Cinema 4D

Enhance The Future In Motion
Cinema 4D
NameCinema 4D
File FormatTIFF, BodyPaint 3D, Photoshop PSD, Targa TGA, HDRI, DPX, Open EXR, BMP
Operating SystemWindows, Mac
LevelProfessional, Beginners
Cinema 4D Specification

Launched back in 1993, Cinema 4D has become a giant competitor ever since. It has a lot to offer to the users by making the interface very easy to use for beginners and offers a wide range of standard tools.

Mostly made for highly skilled professionals, the lens distortion support easily lets you generate a distortion profile for any image viz- for curved and plunging lines when integrating 3D elements into videos or photos.

The Graph View in motion tracker easily lets you highlight the track point problem in a simple graph format and enables you to remove the issue in a blink of an eye. It has such a great enhanced work view which enables you to control F-Curves with weighted tangents, with the option of automatically removing overshoot.

Cinema 4D improves itself almost every day, the newest improvement includes dozens of sculpting features that help you to sculpt more easily. The new Edge Detection feature is designed to let you easily sculpt hard-surface models.

What are the benefits of this online 3D modeling software for beginners? The stability offered by Cinema 4D helps you speed up workflows, streamlining animation, and integrating your processes using various tools in it.



Pixelate Your Ideas
File FormatMA, OBJ, MESH, MESHB, STL, FBX, and much more.
Operating SystemMac, Windows
LevelBeginners, Semi-professional
Pricing$39.95 p.a.
Pixologic Specification

Pixologic is one of the simplest Sculpting software, consisting of all the standard and some advanced tools to design objects quickly. It has a simple and quite intuitive User Interface and easy to use toolbars for you to access frequently used tools. For the ease of the users, Pixologic comes up with its preloaded materials to design objects very quickly and efficiently.

While sculpting any 3d model, the software allows you to optimize the brush, of your own need and choice with shortcut keys as well as an accessible toolbar section. The symmetry mode of the software lets you define an axis for the betterment of your work.

What are the benefits of using this online3D modeling software? Apart from being one of the best and simplest sculpting platform, it consists of all the tools required for Hard Surface Modeling and has the capability of enabling Automatic UV Creation.


Use Of 3D Modeling Software In 3D Printing

3D printing is a long enough process, which consists of different types of small steps. First, you have to use the 3D modeling software to create a 3D model, then generate the digital preview using them. Secondly, before printing, it is must to cross-check the G-code commands via any 3D Slicers, troubleshoot any problem, or make any slight changes necessary. Now, your digital idea is ready to print.

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular Queries On 3D Modeling Software

Is 3D modeling easy to learn?

Like every other skill set, the 3D modeling skill set is not easy to acquire. A little bit of patience, time, and dedication with a user-friendly UI can gain you great heights.

How can I improve my 3D modeling skills?

There are many ways to improve your 3D modeling skills, such as, by carefully studying anatomy, cutting your models into smaller parts for complex design, keep the camera at the orthographic view and so on.

What is the best 3D file format?

There are many file formats, of which the most common are STL, OBJ, FBX, COLLADA, 3DS, VRML, X3D, etc.

What is a 3D viewer used for in 3D modeling?

A 3D viewer allows you to view your 3D models with lighting control, inspecting model data, visualizing different shadow modes, and so on.

Can I make a 3D game model?

Using the above mentioned free 3D modeling software and with a capable skillset, you can easily make any 3D game model.

Final Verdict

The Conclusion

We understand the difficulties that the majority of beginners face, that is why we are happy to help you with all our knowledge in 3D modeling software, those are free to use and are easily accessible to everyone whether be it supported in Browsers or Mac, or Windows. 3D modeling requires a little bit of time and patience to master, so try not to give up on your passion to succeed.

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