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Best 4×8 CNC Routers For Wood Working.

This article is all about What is 4×8 CNC Router, How It Works, Buying Guide And Best 4×8 CNC Routers Listed And Reviewed.

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Best Sellers

Best 4×8 Accelerator CNC Wood Routing Machine

Maslow CNC With High Performance Router Kit

Maslow CNC With High-Performance Router Kit

The machine will make multiple shallow passes to chop through thicker materials. This kit is manufactured by MakerMade CNC and endorsed by Maslow for distribution. Derived from the open-source CNC project and can still receive new features and updates from the MakerMade team.
STYLECNC 4'x 8' CNC Router Machine With 4th Rotary Axis

STYLECNC CNC Router Machine With 4th Rotary Axis

Used in mold industry like engraving wood, foam, EPS, copper, aluminum mold, also as artificial marble, sand, plastic sheeting, PVC pipe, wood, and another non-metallic mold. Advertising industry like advertising sign, logo making, acrylic cutting, plastic molding, a spread of materials advertising the assembly of an ornamental product.
CNC Machine With Interface Board, Control Cables For Motors, Spindle And Inverter

Heavy Duty CNC Machine

The 110v inverter may be a great option for domestic buyers without access to 220v mains. The dust shoe redirects the blower air from the router towards the side of the dust shoe therefore the space under the dust shoe has almost total suction. Additionally, the x-axis motor that’s mounted within the gantry structure uses 1/2″ steel shafts from the motor to the gantry sides.
BobsCNC CNC Router Kit With The Router Included

BobsCNC CNC Router Kit

This CNC will hook up with your computer’s USB Cable and run G-code creates together with your software. One will need a computer, router bits, and software to finish the kit. There are several free and paid software options.

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What Is A 4 x 8 CNC Router Machine?

What Is A Best 4×8 CNC Routers
What Is A 4×8 CNC Routers?

4×8 CNC router is a machine whose working table size is 4 feet x 8 feet. People also call it 1325 CNC router (1300 mm x 2500 mm) or 4896 CNC router (48 inches x 96 inches). CNC router has many working sizes to settle on. The best 4×8 CNC routers are among the foremost commonly used CNC routers within the CNC machining field. And it can process multiple sorts of materials, including wood, acrylic, plastic, plywood, MDF, glass, foam, crystal, and other non-metallic materials, also as some soft metallic materials like an aluminum sheet or copper.

4×8 CNC Router Buying Guide

How To Choose The Best 4 By 8 CNC Router?

Choosing the best 4×8 CNC routers from a good range of brands on the market is really a hard task. We have listed below some of the important points which you look through before buying the product.

  • In general, it means the working capacity of the CNC router machine you’re getting to buy. Consistency is that the name of the sport. Hence, the facility of the machine is of the utmost importance while buying a CNC router. Having strong motors to offer power to every axis is extremely crucial when cutting harder materials. Whether you’re producing 100 pieces or one, remember that the standard of labor is that the same. Also, have a transparent understanding of whether the machine is for a little purpose or intended for a billboard one. This may assist you to determine what quiet power and capacity you would like for your machine. In short, buy a router that matches your goals.
  • The spindle may be a critical aspect of each good CNC machine, so it’s best to not be too cheap with this. There are many models out there on the market available for CNC routers. Each brand has its own set of options, and it differs from the others. Before buying a 4’x8′ CNC router, make sure that you’ve got the proper quiet spindle that will last. Make sure that the CNC spindle grinding design matches with the merchandise and therefore the manufacturer has put in quality components. It’s important for increasing its lifespan.
  • These things are pretty handy and increase your productivity. There are many accessories related to these machines. But, all of them aren’t necessary, and a few of them are even combined with the first equipment sometimes. This relieves you from the extra cost of shopping for them separately. the automated tool changer changes the tool in no time and reduces the time of tool functions. If your projects require using many tools one after another, choose a CNC router that has an efficient automatic tool changing system.
  • The size of the machine is crucial before you create the acquisition. The build and construction of the CNC router play a crucial role in your quiet business. If the machine is meant to undertake constant work, you would like to settle on a strong and sturdy one. a number of the older CNC router tables are quite heavy and occupy tons of space. But, the newer generation of CNC routers is sleek and little. Yet, they pack amazing performances with them. A sturdy build machine may cause trouble if your business needs frequent transportation. Hence, it’s better to pick a model that features a good build and construction.
  • Software compatibility is another important aspect you would like to think about before buying a CNC router. Make sure that the model you’re looking to shop for has software for your work projects. Confine mind that the software should be compatible together with your computing system. Some CNC machine manufacturers will have a software package included or have a recommended CAD/CAM program to be used with the router. One of the important software utilized in these routers is named CAD or Computer Assisted Design. This is often a design software program. This software is liable for creating program codes that are run on the machine. Without the software, engraving on the materials won’t happen.

What Are The Considerations Of 4′ x 8′ CNC Wood Router System?

When considering a 4′ x 8′ CNC wood router system for the primary time, use the set of questions below to assist narrow your search to support your specific needs.

  • What is the capacity of the router (bed size), and the way often will it be used (commercial, hobby, industrial)?
  • What material(s) are going to be cut, how tight must tolerances be, and what’s the needed power/speed of the router bit (rated RPMs, rapid speed, cutting speed, servo vs. stepper motor, etc.)
  • What are the facility requirements for the CNC router (rated wattage), what sort of drive system is employed (rack and pinion, lead screw, ball screw), and can the tool need a cooling system?
  • What are the physical size and weight requirements of the router and the way often does it require maintenance?
  • How loud can the CNC router be, what safety features are included, what software comes pre-installed, and what interfaces with the router (monitor/AIO, ethernet/WiFi/Bluetooth, USB, etc.) are needed?

How Big Are CNC Routers?

In terms of size, older and industrial-strength models of CNC routers are extremely large and may take up an honest amount of space. However, newer desktop CNC routers are much smaller and may sit right on an outsized table. While these desktop machines are never as powerful as their industrial-size counterparts, they’re ideal for home use and may literally connect with a computer. A user can simply use the CNC engraving software on their computer and program the desktop CNC table to perform specific production functions.

Working Procedure Of Best 4×8 CNC Routers:

Working Procedure Of A Best 4×8 CNC Routers
Working Procedure Of A Best 4×8 CNC Routers

CNC machine runs on a series of pre-programmed commands. The foremost common programing language is named G-code, though other languages like Heidenhain and Mazak exist for CNC. From start to end. It’s a 3 step process.

  • Step 1: User designs a vector file for those that don’t have a G-Code. A vector may be a DXF file for CNC extension that has details like x,y, z-axis and it dictates how the image is going to be rendered.

-> CAD is that the software that permits a user to form their own design and vector.

  • Step 2: Convert that vector into G-code.

-> CAM software is that the software that permits vectors to get converted into G-code

  • Step 3: A CNC Control software that can then run that G-code and switch into a machine to maneuver around.

-> CNC Control software does that.

GV Reviews

What Are The Best Rated 4 By 8 CNC Routers?


Engraving Wood Milling Machine

Maslow CNC With High-Performance Router Kit

Maslow CNC Router Kit

 out of stock
as of 20/06/2024 10:26
  • 4 x 8 foot DIY CNC kit may be a perfect introduction to large format CNCs.
  • Includes some advanced features, like Z-Axis functionality that eliminates the necessity to manually adjust cut depth during the project build.
  • Designed to be used with Makerverse open-source software which is included together with your purchase.
  • It is a GRBL CNC control application that has custom controls made specifically for all Maker Made products.
  • It’s a stronger alternative compared to belt system machines, and may easily be scaled up or down by changing the length of the chain and therefore the size of the frame.
  • At MakerMade, we maintain our commitment to our customers. Therefore, we pride ourselves on our service.
  • Easily construct a frame using our simple-to-follow set-up guide.
  • MakerMade is committed to offering innovative products with maker’s minds from hobbyists to businesses.
  • This professional-quality machine can cut anything a standard hand router includes hardwoods, plywood, MDF laminate, hard plastics, soft plastics.
  • The entire machine is often scaled up or down just by changing the length of the chain or the dimensions of the frame.
  • Adobe flash-driven program faces problems while working.

4 x 8 CNC Routers For Woodworking

STYLECNC 4’x 8′ CNC Router Machine

STYLECNC CNC Router Machine

 out of stock
as of 20/06/2024 10:26
  • STM1325 4’x8′ CNC Router Machine with 4th Rotary Axis for Woodworking is employed within the Woodworking industry like three-dimensional wave board processing.
  • It is also used for furniture sort of a solid wood door, kitchen cabinets, wardrobe cabinets, tables, beds, computer desks, and cylinders like table legs, sofa legs, wooden craft, paint door, screen, craft fan window processing.
  • It has an efficient area of (1300*2500*200)mm.
  • There is an option for a 300mm dia 4th rotary.
  • It contains Vacuum and T-slot working table, 3.7kw Fuling inverter, Japan OMRON limit switch, Helical rack transmission.
  • No cons found.

Heavy Duty CNC Machine

CNC Machine With Interface Board

Heavy Duty Kit With Interface Board

$6,999.00  in stock
as of 20/06/2024 10:26
  • The largest CNC Machine Kit is intended for larger sheet sizes or large 3D carving ability.
  • The CNC has the choice to add a 40W laser tube to the gantry for dual Spindle/Laser capability.
  • It features increased sizes overall for stability along these new travel lengths, NEMA 34 motors on all axes, and a new dust shoe design for better suction and clean-up.
  • Features three main travel sizes: 4X: 4’x8′ (48″x96″), 5X: 5’x10′ (60’x120′) and 6X: 6’x12′ (72″x14).
  • The 1/2″ shafts are coupled to the x-axis motor with steel rigid couplings.
  • The motors selected for all of the axes are NEMA 34 with 1/2″ shafts (driven by 6.0 amp drivers).
  • The 2.2kW Spindle may be a far better alternative to a standard router.
  • The dust shoe is redesigned to supply better dust extraction capability.
  • At 1/16 micro-stepping, this yields ~914.28 steps per inch. At 1/32 micro-stepping, the steps per inch would be ~1,828.57.
  • It will also greatly reduce noise and mud factors.
  • No cons found.

CNC Router Kit

BobsCNC CNC Router Kit

BobsCNC Evolution 4 CNC Router Kit

$1,280.00  in stock
as of 20/06/2024 10:26
  • A rigid laser cut 5-Ply Baltic Birch frame with SG20U supported rail system.
  • GT2 belt drive on the X and Y-axis and Tr8 Acme Rod mounted with an ACME Nut on the Z-axis.
  • NEMA 17 Stepper Motors and residential switches on all axes with a Self-Squaring Gantry.
  • 3/4” MDF Spoil-board with 1/4-20 threaded inserts and includes the Makita RT0701C Variable Speed Router.
  • Designed to use GRBL1.1 firmware on the Arduino Uno with repeatability of 0.002” to 0.004”.
  • No cons found.


At last, it’s important to understand if you’re getting the right value for money or not. Price plays a crucial role here as a more serious buyer will ensure he gets all extra parts and accessories at the proper price. It depends tons on the aim of your purchase. There are some machines that accompany design software while some require you to get everything separately. This article provides a summary of the best 4×8 CNC routers. If you are not sure that what to look at then after reading this article you will understand.

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