Best cable Bites | Protect Your Cables With These Cable Chompers

Cable bites! What are cable bites? Or what are cable critters? are the questions that come to your mind when you hear about these. They are some types of cable protectors that are made to release you from the tension of breaking or fraying of the cables. This is one of the most important mobile phone accessories you should have.

There is some simple equipment that makes a huge difference in your day-to-day life, For example, cable bites, laptop stands, Mini PC, Or a coffee mug heater.

You might also have seen these pop on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts as ads and they look like cute cable bites are an irresistible bunch of dolls, and you start wondering what are these used for? Do they work or is it just a marketing policy? Here we are going to take a dig into this matter to solve your queries.

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9 Best Cable Bites Recommended By GV Experts

These cable protectors or cable chompers originated in Japan and are the biggest seller of this product all over the world, though at first, they were not available outside Japan, now they are being sold everywhere in the world. Many people have a question that where to buy cable bites? You can buy them from online shops or the best place to turn to an online e-commerce site for the privilege of various types of cable bites. Here more cable critters are:

TUPARKA Cable Protector for iPhone and ipad

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TUPARKA Animals Charging Cable Protector for iPhone and ipad

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Wow Harry Potter Cable Protector

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Happy Memories Spiral Tube Charging Cable Protector Wire for Apple iPhone and ipad

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Tzumi Bytes Animals Charging Cable Protectors for iPhone and iPad

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Iampok Cartoon Animal Bite Iphone Cable Pet Protector for Friends and Children

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SUNGUY Animal Charging Cable Buddies for iPhone iPad Charger

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Best Cable Bites Filtered List

👉 Best cable bite for android: ZOEAST Cartoon Animal Fruits Cable Protector

👉 Best Disney cable bites: Iampok Disney cable protector

👉 Best animal cable bite: TUPARKA animal cable protector

👉 Best pokemon cable bite: Iampok cable protector

👉 Best anime cable bite: Wain animal cable protector

👉 Best Demon slayer cable bite: Demon Slayer Bite Cable

👉 Best Strawberry cable bite: xiao cable protector

What Are Cable Bites?

cable critters
Definition Of Cable Bites

Cable bites or cable chompers are a range of animal charger protectors made up of good quality weatherproof rubber or PVC that looks like an animal trying to bite your phone. These cute cable bites have cute little animals attached to your charging cable and appear to be biting on your smartphone, their expression might be able to bring a smile to your face while protecting the most sensitive part of your charging cable i.e. where the cord meets the plug.

Types Of Cable Bites:

cable chompers
Types Of Cable Bites

How many times have you had to replace cables around your home due to fraying, animals, or accidents? Instead of buying new chords, there are many ways to keep your cords like new with inexpensive items, and cable bites or cable chompers are one of the options you have to protect your charger cable from breakage It is basically of three types.

Animal Charger Protector Or Animal Cable Potector

The animal cable bites comprise some dolls shaped in the form of biting animals designed in such a way that it can protect your cable from fraying or the danger of breakage where the cord meets with the plug.

iphone Cable Protector

Lightning saver or iPhone cable protector is a type of cable bite that is designed in the form of lightning to protect your cables against twists and turns, by the use of these your cable will last longer and be safer. They are the best choice for your worn lightning cable or to keep your new cables from getting frayed.

Cable Critters

It is a type of cable bite that has different cartoon characters in place of the animal cable protectors. These cartoon charging cords have similar characteristics to the animal charger protectors but the difference is in the expressions. While animal cable biters use an expression of biting these cable critters use different cartoon characters’ expressions like Disney marvels etc.

Benefits Of Using Animal Charger Protector:

cartoon charging cord
Benefits Of Using Animal Charger Protector

There are many benefits of using cable bites as excessive bending can be a reason for breaking the cable. Cable critters are a cover that reinforces the ends of the cable, and if we develop a good habit to unplug and wrap it, then costly replacement and maintenance costs can be avoided.

  • It provides some resistance when the cable is bent thus it restricts breakage of the cable due to excessive bending.
  • They are very easy to install and provide a cover over the cable where the cord meets with the plug.
  • It is also capable of enhancing the decor of your study table, if not used on a cable can also be used as showpieces.
  • These cute, small and irresistible cable critters expressions can bring a smile on your face as they are also available in the form of different cartoon figures of your choice.

How To Use Animal Cable Protector?

Cute Cable bites are little animal accessories that protect your cables by clipping around them, thus helping in preventing harmful twists and bends. They are easy to use without any hassle.

Simply place the cable critters or animal cable protector or iPhone cable protector or animal charger protector on the cord through the gap on its cute underbelly, then gently slide the animal cable bites into place. Adjust so it is covering the cord plug junction and chomping out your phone. These cable buddies attach firmly to the junction of your changing chord and can also be used for decoration as well as to identify separate chords in your household.

How To Use Cable Munchers

There are very easy steps about how to use a cable buddy:

  • First, go and buy a cable buddy from the market. A number of them are easily available offline as well as in the e-commerce markets.
  • Then just insert your charging cable through the hole of the cable cord bites.
  • Then place your cord bites at the cable plug-in point of your phone and leave it.
  • The cable muncher will get attached to the phone and your work is done. As there is no movement, the cable won’t move a bit and your phone will get charged without any intervention or worry

Why Should You Consider Using A Cable Buddies?

You need to charge your phone properly to use it properly. And if there are a constant number of problems that crops-up during charging such as connectivity issues, cable issues…it can cause a problem for your phone’s battery as well. Constant connectivity drains out the battery much faster as well as reduces the capacity of the battery. You must charge your phone in the right way.

So to prevent happening all these things, you should consider getting cable bites for android as well as smartphones. They help you with the connectivity issues so that your cable won’t get disconnected all the time due to a loose connection or anything like that. They hold the cable in their proper place as long as the phone is getting charged.

Do Cable Bites For Android and iPhone Work?

Cable bites are compatible with both android as well as the iPhone. There are no such differences between the cable bites of the 2 devices. Though the charging cable is different for both devices, the cable bites are of the same type and are compatible with both. As a result of which, you can easily buy cable bites for one type and use them with the other type.

Is It Safe For Mobile?

Cable buddies are absolutely safe for the mobile. They mainly work as attachments that get attached to the mobile and it helps to keep the charging cable in its proper place. With the help of these cord bites, you can easily charge the cell phones without the worry of having the charging cable getting disconnected.

How Animal Cord Protector Protects Your Mobiles?

As already described earlier, charging cable getting disconnected is one of the primary issues every person faces. And this causes a problem…not just to the cables but also to the battery of the cell phones. The constant connecting and disconnecting of charging cables will drain out the battery fast and will also degrade the storage capacity of the battery.

To prevent all these, cable munchers are required. They help to keep the cable stable without getting disconnected. As a result, no problem occurs and the battery of the cell phone also remains safe. As a result, you can use your cell phone for a longer duration of time.

Buyer’s Guides

Points To Consider Before Buying The Best Cable Critters

In today’s world, the market is flooded with such cable bites that help you protect your charger or cable from any kind of breakage, fraying due to accidental or hazardous twists and bends. Though it could become a great headache for you to choose the right kind of cable protectors as there are a vast amount of products to choose from:

Buyer’s Guideline’s
In today’s world, the market is flooded with such cable bites that help you protect your charger or cable from any kind of breakage, fraying due to accidental or hazardous twists and bends. Though it could become a great headache for you to choose the right kind of cable protectors as there are a vast amount of products to choose from:
You should know the size of your cable as there are different kinds of protectors for different cables.
You should check out the material it is made of as some are made of good quality material as well as there are some made with cheap quality material
You can look for the designs that might make you feel comfortable as well as can be used to enhance your study table decor
Heat Resistant
You should look for the protectors that are heat resistant as others tend to get harder day by day
They will cost you a minimal amount and will not have any effect on your monthly budget as they are pocket-friendly.
Easy attachment to the cellphone is quite necessary. If the cord bites do not attach to the cellphones properly, then the cable can remain loose and it will cause a number of problems
Since it is a quite small product and cannot be repaired if broken, no such warranty is available properly for this device. But yes. You need to replace the cable munchers if they are not working properly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do cable bites work?

Yes, cable bites work perfectly as they are designed in such a way that they wrap around the charging cable in such a way that it restricts the accidental twists and bends that may cause breakage or fraying of your charging cable.

How do you insert a cable bite?

Inserting a cable bite is a very easy process that takes no time, you just need to keep the animal-shaped critter over the cable and slide the cable inside the critter from the back opening and then adjust it as you desired, and Bingo! your animal cable protector is installed.

What are cable bites for?

Cable bites are accessories for lightning cables to help prevent them from breakage due to undesired twists and bends, they are shaped in the form of biting animals which when installed appears that the animal is biting onto your smartphone.

Do cable bites work for android?

The cable protectors though are made solely for the iPhone, iPad, or iMac charging cable connectors and their thickness, Still, there are animal charger protectors that you may find compatible with due to their thickness resemblance with the iPhones.

How do animal cable protectors work?

Animal cable bites work by protecting the point at which the cable joins the plastic or metal plug. They should be made of a flexible material like rubber so that they allow the cable to flex slightly when pressure is applied.

How do cable bites work

Cable bites are designed as cute animals that are attached to the charging cables and they appear to bite on smartphones. This way they help to protect the most sensitive part of your smartphone while charging- the charging port.

What is a cable protector?

Cable protectors are devices that are used to protect your cables/cords. They work more or less like the cable buddies. They protect the cables as well as the charging point of the cell phones.

Do cable bites work?

Cable buddies work. But they differ from android phones to iPhones. Each one has its equivalent thickness and cable buddies differ from android to iPhones.

Are cable bites only for iPhone?

Cable buddies can be used for iPhones as well as android phones. Provided the ones you buy are compatible with each one.


Final call

A cable critter or cable bites is an adorable animal accessory that reinforces your charging cables by clipping around them to prevent breakage. With multiple styles to choose from, there’s one for everyone. As you know that phone cables are renowned for being unreliable and no one wants to wake up one day with a dead battery. These bitters will protect you from broken cables whilst also giving your charging phone a new look.


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