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Here We Have Discussed What Are The Top controllers In The Market, The Definition, The Hardware Requirements, Buying Guidelines Of The CNC Setup Controller, And Much More.

It’s an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and highly expandable system that can be used with almost any machine design (best CNC and laser combo, 3D printer, laser engraver) or application (woodworking, metalworking). With a CNC GRBL controller, you can create the perfect tool for your needs in hours instead of days or weeks. CNC GRBL controller has been engineered from the ground up by leading experts in motion control technology specifically for manufacturing automation applications.

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What Are GRBL Controllers?

What Is CNC GRBL Controller
What Is CNC GRBL Controller?

Harware Requirement For CNC GRBL Controller

Arduino –

As we already said, we’d like an Arduino to put in the GRBL. Specifically, we’d like an Atmega 328 based Arduino board, meaning that we will use either Arduino UNO or Nano.

Stepper motors –

Obviously, the stepper motors provide the motion of the machine.

Drivers –

For driving the stepper motors we’d like drivers and customary choices when it involves smaller DIY CNC machines (using NEMA 14 or 17 steppers) are the A4988 or DRV8825 drivers.

Arduino CNC Shield –

For connecting the stepper drivers to the Arduino, the simplest way is to use an Arduino CNC Shield. It utilizes all Arduino pins and provides a simple thanks to connect everything, the stepper motors, the spindle/ laser, the limit switches, cooling fan, etc.

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What Are The Best GRBL Controller Board?

GRBL Controller is an open-source CNC controller that gives you the power to control your machine with a computer, tablet, or Arduino. It’s simple but powerful and has many features. The software is written in such a way that it can be compiled for any microcontroller architecture which means it will work on just about anything, from the well-known ones like AVR and ARM to more exotic architectures like PIC and 8051.

GRBL Controller also runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and IOS so no matter what system you’re using GRBL Controller should have something for you! We have picked up some of the chosen products and then reviewed them.


3 Axis GRBL CNC Router Engraver Controller Board

Quality Controller Board

3 Axis GRBL 1.1f USB Port CNC Control Board

$33.00  in stock
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as of 25/05/2024 02:57
  • It has an updated USB Port 3Axis GRBL 1.1f control panel V3.4.
  • The Input voltage is 12-24VDC (recommend 24VDC).
  • Support software like GRBL Contol/Candle(3 axes)/Universal Gcode Sender.
  • Supported Systems are Windows XP/7/8/10.
  • Supports XYZ three-axis control, spindle.
  • Supports stepper motor is 12V, a maximum current of 2A or less is suggested within 1.5A and extra heat.
  • Support spindle is 24V 2A Support Spindle PWM speed.
  • The master chip is Atmel 328P (Arduino nano).
  • It protects the control panel in transit, to avoid short problems during use.
  • Added offline recognition, can insert offline modules and computers at an equivalent time.
  • Enhanced spindle drive, can support 20000rpm spindle.
  • Improved USB interface: the first USB interface is patch soldering, transport collision, and improper use, easy to drop, now changed to plug-in, very strong.
  • The spindle drive increases the optocoupler isolation, which makes the control panel generate less heat, and therefore the spindle speed adjustment is more linear and safer.
  • No cons found.

GRBL 1.1 Controller Board For CNC Engraving Machine


CNC Controller Board

 out of stock
as of 25/05/2024 02:57
  • It works perfectly on CNC machines and has an upgraded GRBL 1.1 controller.
  • It supports systems such as Win XP, Win 7/8/10.
  • It supports a 42/57 step motor.
  • It supports spindle motor: 775ER(24V/10000rmp/support PWM 0%-100%).
  • It also supports laser 12V5A max (1W/2.5W/5.5W/7W/10W/15W).
  • The X limit and Z limit on the screen usually come incorrect so if you wire it according to the board it will not work like that.

Offline Control Module With Touchscreen

GRBL Control for FoxAlien

Offline Control Module with Touchscreen LCD GRBL

$49.99  in stock
1 used from $38.80
Free shipping
as of 25/05/2024 02:57
  • Compatible with FoxAlien 3018-SE, and LE-4040 CNC engraving machines.
  • It has a touchscreen control and has simple and straightforward.
  • SD Card is Included. The testing files are included within the SD card.
  • The offline controller functions because of the control software within the computer.
  • It can free your computer when it needs long hours of engraving.
  • FoxAlien offline controller features a 2.4-inch touchscreen LCD.
  • With the offline controller, you’ll free your computer when the CNC machine needs long-hour work.
  • The offline controller is additionally compatible with a LE-4040 laser engraver.
  • It is originally designed for CNC routers.
  • No cons found.

RATTMMOTOR 3 Axis GRBL Red Control Board

CNC Engraving Machine Controller


 in stock
as of 25/05/2024 02:57
  • The voltage is 24V ( 110V-240V ).
  • The Current is 5A-6A.
  • It is supported in Windows XP, Win7, Linux.
  • The compatibility of the win10 system is extremely poor, the GRBL control panel, and therefore the window10 system might not be compatible, and unknown (unsolvable) problems may occur. so as to make sure an honest shopping experience for buyers, we’ve made a reminder on the merchandise page that does not support the win10 system.
  • Support for using offline control module, support for connecting tool setter.
  • It is not recommended to update the software or firmware of the control panel, otherwise, the control panel is going to be damaged.
  • It has a USB(USB-CH 340) connection.
  • It is GRBL control lite control software.
  • Input voltage is 12-24V(DC voltage), recommended input voltage is 24V 5A.
  • The power interface is a 5.5-2.5mm DC Interface.
  • It supports spindle PWM speed.
  • If you tried to update the FW for laser v1.1, but no laser drive was found.

GRBL Offline Controller CNC Control Card

Best Buy Controller Board

GRBL Offline Controller CNC Control Card

 out of stock
as of 25/05/2024 02:57
  • It works for CNC laser machines and 3d printers.
  • It has 7 types of languages online switching.
  • It has an inbuilt 32 bit high-speed ARM chip.
  • It supports WIFI remote, via APP or PC.
  • It previews the G-code model.
  • It has a 3.5 inches touch screen, an easy operating interface, high sensitivity.
  • Available for Android and IOS systems.
  • Easy to update firmware by SD card.
  • Easy to exchange into your logo and customize 7 commands.
  • It supports printing from a breakpoint, printing save outage detecting, and auto-off function.
  • It supports Marlin, a smoothie.
  • No cons found.

RATTMMOTOR Pro-Max CNC Router Machine Control Board

Control Board For DIY Mini CNC Milling Machine


$34.97  in stock
as of 25/05/2024 02:57
  • It Supports limit switch, tool setting, gear , cooling fan and other functions.
  • The spindle supports 0-100% adjustable PWM power. Support PWM / TTL signal control, power 0-100% adjustable!
  • Increase the facility button switch (this switch is that the control signal of the facility supply, no large current passes through the switch, don’t be concerned about the dimensions of the switch).
  • Enhanced spindle drive. It can support 20,000 rpm spindle. Support higher power spindle.
  • Cancel the drive module, integrate the imported stepper motor drive, and comes with short protection, no got to worry about module damage.
  • Add offline recognition function, you’ll insert offline module and computer at an equivalent time. The machine will automatically recognize whether it’s controlled by the pc.
  • The Power interface is Full metal shielded interface.
  • It has a USB Port, and the Input Voltage is 12-24V.
  • No cons found.

MY SWEETY GRBL 3 Axis Engraving Machine Controller Board

DIY Mini Board

MYSWEETY GRBL 3 Axis Engraving Machine Controller

$35.99  in stock
as of 25/05/2024 02:57
  • Improved power interface: original plastic interface changed to the entire metal shielded interface.
  • Improved USB interface: the primary USB interface is patch soldering, transport collision, and improper use, easy to drop, now changed to plug-in, very strong.
  • The spindle drive increases the optocoupler isolation, which makes the instrument panel generate less heat, and thus the spindle speed adjustment is more linear and safer.
  • The stepper motor drive increases the self-recovery fuse. When a quick circuit or fault occurs, the power supply is stopped and thus the fault indicator light is displayed.
  • The 12V step-down increases the self-recovery fuse. When a quick circuit occurs, the power is often stopped in time to avoid damage.
  • Optimize layout, control area and drive area separation, run more stable”.
  • The Input voltage is 24V (12-24V).
  • The Stepper motor drive is A4988.
  • It supports Softwares like GRBL controller, Universal Gcode Sender.
  • It Supports the XYZ three-axis control, spindle.
  • It Supports a stepper motor of 12V, the utmost current within 2A, recommended within 1.5A, and additional heat.
  • No cons found.

Varadyle 3 Axis Stepper Driver CNC Controller

Smart Controller

Varadyle GRBL 1.1 CNC Controller

 out of stock
as of 25/05/2024 02:57
  • The DLC runs GRBL open-source firmware.
  • It supports a card extender.
  • It has adjustable power, moving speed, and engraving speed.
  • It has an Upper grayscale engraving function.
  • The support machine structure is CNC, engraving machine, writing robot.
  • The Input voltage is DC12V
  • The Microprocessor is MEGA328P.
  • The Motherboard size is 90 x 70mm.
  • The Colour is black + blue.
  • No cons found.

Points To Be Noted

Buying Guidelines For The GRBL Controllers

A CNC GRBL controller is an important piece of equipment for any CNC machine. It’s the brain that tells your machine what to do, and it can be programmed with G-code or other languages like Python. A good CNC GRBL controller will make cutting materials easier for you, but choosing one isn’t always easy.

There are many factors to consider when picking a CNC GRBL controller – the number of axes the device supports, its compatibility with different operating systems, whether or not it has safety features like collision detection and emergency stop buttons – all these things come into play in determining which one would best suit your needs. Here are some of the factors which you need to keep in mind while buying it.

Buying Guidelines Of GRBL Controllers
Buying Guidelines Of GRBL Controllers


When buying the CNC machine, you actually got to understand that there are different sizes available during this machine. this suggests you ought to identify the work you propose on working then prepare to take a position in one.


When buying a 3 axis CNC controller machine, you actually got to check the load. Choosing lightweight machines doesn’t offer stability, so it’s essential to pick the miller with heavyweight that ensures complete stability.

Spindle speed

Tool storage

When investing in 3 axis CNC controller machines, people that need a sizeable in-time operation should seek machines that accompany colossal tool storage. Such machines allow you to require an opportunity from the work.


Probing is another factor that the majority of people usually consider while buying a 3 axis CNC machine. This feature allows you to see measurements and tools within the method. If you purchase the machine for the manufacturing environment, it’ll enable you to streamline the whole process by completing manual work with a reduced risk of human error.

Speed of the machine

When investing in a 3 axis CNC controller machine, choose the one that comes with a faster movement speed allowing you to figure with complete efficiency and accuracy.

Choosing 3 axis CNC milling machines

Choosing a 3 axis CNC controller machine is an upscale choice. Whether you’re employed as a knowledgeable individual or function as a beginner, you would like specific expertise to figure on a 3-axis CNC controller machine.


The 3 axis CNC controller machine is pretty incredible, especially for amateurs who love performing on it. Still, the value of this machine is comparatively high, thanks to which individuals find themselves choosing manual machines.

Final Verdict:

GRBL is a popular open-source motion control software that runs on Arduino or other compatible boards. GRBL is designed to be used with machines that use stepping motors, such as 3D printers and CNC mills. We have listed and reviewed some of the top products. Hopefully, you have understood and gathered good knowledge regarding the GRBL 3 axis controller and its vital components. The CNC machine can’t deliver great operation unless you mount a GRBL controller properly on the machine.

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