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CNC machining professionals are always looking for the latest tool for their shop. Which CNC lathes are best? What is a spindle speed and how does it affect the work? We will answer these questions and more in our blog post on the best CNC lathes.

CNC lathes are a key component of any CNC machining operation. They come in a variety of sizes and can be customized to suit your specific needs. This article will cover the best CNC lathes for sale on the market today, as well as what you need to know before buying one. We’ll help you find the right CNC cutting machine routers that fit your manufacturing needs and budget while providing quality customer service.

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List Of Top 10 CNC Motorized Mini Lathe Machine

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What Is CNC Lathe?

Best CNC Lathes
Understanding The CNC Lathes

CNC lathes are machine tools that shape metal or other materials by rotating them against another surface while applying cutting tools. It can be used in both manual and automated production, but they are typically made to be operated automatically.

Can be used for various operations such as cutting, drilling, facing, and turning, etc. It can be used in the process of manufacturing parts with high precision and accuracy.

The main parts of the CNC lathe are bed, headstock, live spindle, tailstock, and tool post. It does not require any manual labor or human intervention as it performs all operations automatically. Various types of machine tools have been developed to make them more accurate and precise than traditional hand-operated machines such as milling machines or drill presses which need skilled operators for best results.

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What happens to the CNC lathe if the speed is too high?

It generally affects the tool and softens it due to heat, and it affects the work if the spindle speed is high.

Main Parts Of The Best CNC Lathes Are:

  • All the input devices helps to input the part program within the CNC Machine.
  • Machine Control Unit always performs all the controlling action of the CNC Machine. It generally performs various functions such as it can read the instructions that are provided. Also decodes the coded instructions.
  • The machine table is controlled in X and Y axis direction and therefore the spindle is controlled within the Z axis direction.
  • The driving system have amplifier circuits, drive motors and lead screw.
  • The Feedback system have transducers that acts like sensors.
  • The display unit is show the commands, and other useful data.

Working Of The CNC Machine:

  • At first, the part program is being inserted into the MCU of the CNC machine.
  • The drive system starts working as the MCU sends the motion commands.
  • Feedback system records the position and velocity measurement of the machine and sends a feedback signal to the MCU.
  • In MCU, the feedback signals are being compared with all the reference signals.
  • MCU always corrects and sends new signals to the machine for all the operation to process.

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CNC Coding:

The function of the CNC machine is often classified broadly as follows:

  • Auxiliary Function (M-CODE)
  • Preparatory or Main Function (G-Code)
  • Spindle Speed Functions (S-Code)
  • Feed Function (F-Code)
  • Tool Function (T-Code)

CNC Lathe Machining Advantages:

  • Operators can easily make enhancements and reduce the delay time.
  • CNC Machining enables to supply complex design with high accuracy in minimum possible time.
  • The design software allows the designer to simulate the manufacturer’s idea.
  • Fewer workers are required to work a CNC machine and save labor costs.
  • It is the most cost-effective manufacturing process for manufacturing low-to-medium numbers of metal parts.

Disadvantages Of CNC Lathe Machining:

  • The start-up cost of CNC machining is high compared to 3D printing, so CNC is a smaller amount fitted to low-cost prototyping.
  • The value of the CNC machine is extremely high as compared with operated by hand machine.

GV Reviews

What Are The Top CNC Lathe Machines?

If you’re looking for something more affordable, there’s always our selection of used and reviewed CNC lathes.


Best Small CNC Lathes

DC 12V 24W DIY Tool Motorized Metal CNC Machine

DC 12V 24W DIY Tool CNC Metal Lathe Machine

$239.00  in stock
as of 24/05/2024 11:38

The DC 12V 24W DIY Tool CNC Metal Motorized Mini Lathe Machine is formed with sturdy materials. It’s a bed featuring industrial-grade iron which will make sure that it can last for several years. The bed, alongside its other parts, controls the sturdiness of this item.

This is often perfect to use with soft metals, plastic materials, wood materials, hardwood, and softwood. You’ll process all of those items with an arbitrary shape. This is often also a cheap metal lathe available on the market. You’ll purchase it for less than 240 US Dollars. The Machine is employed for bevel cutting, face cutting, and internal cutting.

Things To Be Liked
  • It has reverse and forward functionality.
  • It is made with sturdy materials, which suggests it’s durable and durable enough.
  • It is adjustable, enabling you to make perfect cuts.
  • There’s substantial backlash within the translation stages.
  • The instructions aren’t great. They spend tons of your time and space on assembling the unit, which isn’t that useful since it comes assembled.
Points To Be Noted
  • Some of the customers complain that they didn’t find the manual inside.

Benchtop Metal Lathe

Grizzly Metal Lathe Machine

Grizzly Benchtop Metal Lathe

$2,450.00  in stock
3 new from $2,450.00
as of 24/05/2024 11:38

It is convenient and user-friendly. It’s like a V-way bed. There are many benefits that you simply can get from using this machine. One among these is that it’s compact in size. This only means you can move it easily. Many metal workers and Diyer’s like to use this machine due to its impeccable performance and excellent workability.

Thus, there’s little question why we highly recommend you buy these CNC lathes for wood purposes. It’s a benchtop design and only weighs 432 lbs. Thus, you’ll make sure that it’s convenient and safe to store in your working space. The machine is both well-built and solid. It’ll provide you with many useful features, which include the variable speed range.

Things To Be Liked
  • It is of High-quality performance
  • Compact in size.
  • For those who want to use hard materials, it is perfect for them.
Points To Be Noted
  • Offers a very short period of warranty compared to other manufacturers.

Bench Metalworking Lathe

Jet 321360A BDB-1340A 13-Inch Metalworking Lathe

Jet Bench Metalworking Lathe

$8,799.00  in stock
4 new from $8,799.00
Free shipping
as of 24/05/2024 11:38

This machine can provide you with simpler and efficient work because it has full control over adjusting its voltage level. It is created and tested to possess a decent tolerance feature. There are many machines that are related to industrial turning jobs.

But only a couple of of them are recommended by the experts. This has the Jet 321360A BDB-1340A 13-Inch Swing. There are many advantages that you simply can get from using this machine. The manufacturing process is top-notch, ensuring that every part of the machine will function properly once used.

If you’re one of the DIYers or professional metal workers, then you would possibly be asking yourself about the lathe which will fit your needs and requirements. The said machine can provide you with the items and features you would like to perform quality work.

Things To Be Liked
  • It is made with high-grade materials.
  • Change gears easily, quickly, and hassle-free.
  • Full-length guard.
  • JET machines are built and tested to tight tolerance standards to insure consistent quality and precision operations.
  • Professional user manuals assist you to put JET saws to figure faster.
Points To Be Noted
  • The price is a little high.

Best Entry-Level CNC Lathes

TECHTONGDA Mini Metal Lathe Precision Motor

TECHTONGDA Mini Metal Lathe Precision Bench Lathe

$969.00  in stock
as of 24/05/2024 11:38

This metalworking Lathe has many functions, and everyone can clean their gearbox easily. It usually runs smoothly. Overall can provide you with smooth work. Additionally to its 100 V of brushless motor, the automated machine also comes with easier maintenance and stronger power.

Once you purchase this machine from their store, you’ll automatically receive a three-month warranty. The TECHTONGDA Brushless Motor Precision Mini Metal Lathe features a high demand on the market since you’ll operate it easily and can provide you with more extensive use.

The speed ranges from 50 RPM to 2500 RPM. But we cannot deny the very fact that everything during this world is imperfect. These include humans and even the machinery made by the foremost intelligent person. So, it’s expected that TECHTONGDA Brushless Motor Precision Mini Metal Lathe also has some minor and noticeable imperfections.

Things To Be Liked
  • This machine is made up of top-notch materials.
  • It has more accurate rotation.
  • Durable and wear-resistant.
Points To Be Noted
  • It is a bit expensive.

Affordable Benchtop CNC Lathe

SHOP FOX W1704 Benchtop Lathe

Benchtop Lathe

 in stock
5 new from $299.00
1 used from $226.18
as of 24/05/2024 11:38

It features a security paddle switch, an MT No. 1 spur center, an MT No. 1 live center, 4-1/4-inch, and 7-inch tool rest, a 5-3/4-inch faceplate, and a 3/4-by-16-inch TPI RH spindle. The W1704 has 4-1/2 and 7-inch tool rest for various turning applications and a 13-inch distance between centers and an 8-inch swing the bed, this lathe is right for a spread of CNC turning projects.

This benchtop lathe includes a 5-3/4-inch faceplate that threads onto the headstock spindle for non-spindle turning. The variable speed from 700-3200 RPM comes in handy when turning hard or soft species of wood. It is ideal for little projects and pen turning.

Things To Be Liked
  • The motor speed is variable.
  • The construction is made up of cast iron.
  • Made from forged iron and fits properly on the workbench.
Points To Be Noted
  • After working for some days, there was a tightening issue with the bolt present on the tailstock.

Best Mini CNC Lathe

SENDUO Upgraded Mini Metal Lathe Machine For Metal Turning

SENDUO Mini Lathe

 out of stock
as of 24/05/2024 11:38

It features a 550w brushed motor. Has a high-grade iron construction with rubber feet to be solid and stable turning, drilling, threading, and cutting performance. The mini lathe machine with a soft start button features a forward and reverse design. The long splashguard offers a clean working and safer condition.

The cover has an automatic power-off protection function. Benchtop Lathe with 4-way tool rest can help to change and to adjust cutting tools in different directions easily. Lose the fixed handle, then you’ll move the tailstock forth and back. MT4 Spindle speed range 0-2250±10%RPM has an alphanumeric display, which is convenient for patrons to work, the speed levels are often adjusted for various metal workings.

Things To Be Liked
  • It can process mini precision parts.
  • It is equipped with metal gears.
  • Equipped with the aluminum handwheel.
Points To Be Noted
  • There is no adapter or chuck on the end side.

Benchtop CNC Lathe With Great Durability

WEN Variable Speed Mini Benchtop Wood Lathe

Mini Benchtop Wood Lathe

$238.48  in stock
as of 24/05/2024 11:38

Adjust the soft start variable speed motor anywhere from 750 to 3200 RPM. Fits workpieces up to 12 inches long and eight inches wide. Features a 2.3-inch faceplate, an MT1 spindle and tailstock taper, and two interchangeable tool rests. Straightforward, Sturdy, and straightforward to work. It provides a sturdy frame for various workpieces. It is made up of forged iron and features a 2.3-inch faceplate, an MT1 spindle, and tailstock taper, and two interchangeable tool rest for added versatility.

Things To Be Liked
  • Instructions for the setup are quite clear.
  • The design is right for pens, bowls, cups, chess pieces, and other small workpieces.
  • The tailstock is extended well enough.
Points To Be Noted
  • The quality of the locking mechanisms is not up to the mark.

Wood Lathe

JET JWL-1015 Wood Lathe Machine

JET Wood Lathe

$1,054.32  in stock
as of 24/05/2024 11:38

The JET JWL-1015 is a great choice for the woodturner who is looking for a user-friendly lathe and also because of the professional who wants to feature a full-featured mini-lathe to the shop. This sturdy, smooth-running 15” mini-lathe has the facility, precision, and flexibility to show out any number of projects. It has easier access to belts.

Things To Be Liked
  • It has six spindle speeds which are 500, 840, 1240, 1800, 2630, and 3975.
  • Wider bed ways provide an increase in a rigid factor.
  • Integrated with 24 position indexing.
Points To Be Noted
  • Cannot make small things such as pins, etc.

Excellent Mid-Range CNC Lathe Machine

Grizzly Industrial Variable Speed Benchtop Wood Lathe

Grizzly Benchtop Wood Lathe

 out of stock
as of 24/05/2024 11:38

The Grizzly T25920 12″ x 18″ Variable-Speed Wood Lathe comes with a typical 3/4 HP motor. The variable speed control gives you the range (650-3800 RPM) and adaptability for any turning project. The T25920 is that the perfect lathe for pen turning, bowl work, or that new woodturning.

Setup out of the box is straightforward and you’ll be delivering no time. Like all of the Grizzly lathes, the T25920 comes with a 1-year warranty covering parts and assuring the unit is free from factory defects. The 8″ x 30″ footprint won’t take up plenty of space on your workbench. Add the optional T27327 Bed Extension and you have got a full-size lathe which will happen to 40″ between centers.

Things To Be Liked
  • It can quickly be rested within the tailstock.
  • Has solid cast-iron construction.
  • It includes a 3-1/4″ faceplate.
Points To Be Noted
  • No cons found.

CNC Lathe Controller

Wood Lathe With Cast Iron Legs And Digital Readout

Wood Lathe

 out of stock
as of 24/05/2024 11:38

The W1758 includes a three-way adjustable tool rest with extension. The adjustable tool rest provides proper support for the turning tool you’ll be using. The remainder is often adjusted to the specified height and distance from the workpiece with easy-to-use locking handles.

It features a variable speed from 600 to 2400 Rpm. Easy with standard tool rest extension. Also includes a 6″ faceplate, MT#2 spur center, MT#2 live center, and gear rest with a swivel arm base. The included tool rest extension is right for turning when the headstock is positioned at 90-degrees because it is often adjusted.

Things To Be Liked
  • The outboard turning is comfortable with standard tool rest.
  • The Variable Speed varies from 600 to 2400 Rpm.
  • It has a full load current rating.
Points To Be Noted
  • The banjo base is completely thin to be used.

Buying Guidelines

Points To Consider While Buying CNC Lathe:

Points To Be Noted While Buying The CNC Lathes
Buying Guidelines Of The CNC Lathes

There are many machines in the market. Buying one of them is really a difficult matter, so have listed some points so that it becomes easy for you all.

You need to think about the kinds of fabric s used as workpieces because the sort of material will determine all the opposite factors for CNC lathes. CNC Turning wood, which may be a softer material compared to metals, doesn’t require very high speed or torque, and therefore the rigidity of the machine needn’t be as high as that for metals.

Number Of Axis

2-Axis CNC Lathe

This is the foremost basic CNC lathe setup. The two linear axes are often wont to perform various turning operations. However, a standard 2-axis lathe only cuts the diameter of the workpiece.

3-Axis CNC Lathe

It allows to perform operations in 3 planes and always allows it to perform tapping, boring and milling operations. It also can perform helical milling operations and is suitable for producing mechanical components.

4-Axis CNC Lathe

A 4-axis CNC lathe processes the workpiece in the same way as a 3-axis lathe, but the extra axis allows it to form cuts or holes on the edges of the workpiece.

5-Axis CNC Lathe

A 5-axis CNC lathe can on the workpiece from 5 different directions. 5-axis CNC lathes can produce products with very high precision and within a brief time.

Footprint Of The Machine
The footprint of the machine is that the area the machine takes abreast of your floor. Consider where you plan to put the machine, whether it’s in your personal workshop or an industrial setup. CNC lathes machines vary from small desktop CNC lathe machines to large industrial CNC machines. The larger machines have higher power requirements, so determine if you’ll provide the right power supply for the equipment.

Controller And Software
It controls the movements of CNC lathe machines. It’s necessary to seem into the file types supported by the controller and therefore the software has given to the machine. The controller basically determines the convenience of use and therefore the software supported. Check whether the machine can accept the files from your CNC base software or whether you’ll need to purchase additional software. There are also proprietary software and open-source software available for CNC lathes. Proprietary software has better features, is simpler to line up, and has good technical support but comes at a premium.

Cycle Time
The cycle time is that the time is taken by the CNC lathe to finish work on one product. Machines that have more axes have lower cycling time and hence are more efficient. However, they cost more, and their complexity increases, making it difficult to troubleshoot on your own. Consider the cycle time keeping in mind your production requirements. In an industrial setup where the amount of workpieces is more, it’s better to possess a CNC lathe with a lower cycle time.

Power And RPM
The power of the spindle motor and therefore the RPM of the spindle determines the kinds of materials you’ll use. It also decides the sort of labor you’ll do, like turning or screw cutting. Some machines work on one speed, and a few have a variable speed range but do consider the torque alongside speed. Torque is that the factor that keeps heavy workpieces turning and makes it possible to chop them smoothly. In most cases turning wood typically requires 2000 RPM and has low power demands.


When it comes to investing both time and money comes in. Everybody needs more work to be done in the least time. You will need to shell out more for a machine that saves time without compromising on the quality.

Maintenance Of A CNC Lathe Machine

  • Think of a situation that you simply experience a mechanical breakdown or problem during production. note that the shipping of the spare parts requires a while , which may lessen its costs. So, it’s important to form sure that you simply have available spare parts, most notably people who are vulnerable to mechanical problems. When purchasing a CNC machine, make sure that they include available parts.
  • When employing a Lathe Machine, it’s important to stop the recutting of chips. make sure that you found out the coolant to get rid of them. There are some situations that the flood coolant may result from dribbling coolant. this is often thanks to the shortage of machine to full enclosures.
  • The said machine will always vary its work on fluids, like the lubricants and therefore the hydraulic fluid. confirm that you simply are replacing these fluids daily. make certain to follow the instructions of the machine. confirm that your machine isn’t consuming an excessive amount of amount of fluid than recommended. To avoid the possible wear and tear, you would like to grease the movable parts of the machine periodically.
  • When you didn’t follow your routine schedule, your machine needs replacement and repair, which may cost higher. once you await the needed parts, each minute you waste can lose an enormous amount of income. Thus, it’s important to record the upkeep history of your equipment. this may enable you to work out the pending repairs, machinery expenditure, and recurring problems.

Training Required To Use The Lathe Machine

These are some of the training methods to use the lathe machine:

  • First, need to determine the possible reason for the operating problems and things to try to to to repair them.
  • You would like the speaking skills to speak the knowledge.
  • You would like this skill for conducting product inspections and tests.
  • The skill will help you to regulate the OS of the equipment.
  • There are lots of CNC-related books available regarding machining, it will help you a lot. Every machine is different. You should know the right usage of a lathe machine to utilize it properly.

How Much Do CNC Lathes Cost?

There are many CNC pricing factors that you simply should know. As an example, project planning refers to the quantity of cash you’re getting to spend on your project before starting. Apart from that, you furthermore may get to consider the possible cost of the materials you’re getting to use. The following are a number of the items that you simply also got to think about:
Labor costs
Price of the machine types
The particular price of the CNC lathe machine
Keep in mind that the value of a CNC lathe machine also will depend on the materials used for creating it.

What Is The Simplest Brand In CNC Lathe?

Every brand in the market has some new features and all of them are special and unique. Jet is one of the simplest manufacturers of lathe machines. These have high-quality tools that are made up of top-notch materials. They produce perfect and durable performance.


Last but not least as always, when it comes time to make your purchase you will want to consider what type of work you plan on doing with a new machine, how much money you are willing or able to spend, and also take into account any special considerations like space constraints in your shop location. If none of these factors apply then our buyer’s guide can help point you in.


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