Best Entry Level CNC Plasma Tables | Best CNC Plasma Table For Your Garage.

Here Is A Buyer’s Guide For Finding The Best And Affordable CNC Plasma Table For Hobbist Or Professionals, Difference Between Oxyfuel Combustion And Plasma Cutting Table, And The Top CNC Plasma Table Manufacturers.

A new table is coming to the market that will be perfect for beginners looking to get started. The best entry-level CNC plasma tables are now available for purchase. This table is designed with a large work area, making it easier to work on larger pieces of material.

CNC Plasma Tables have been around for years. The technology has just recently become more accessible to the general public with the introduction of low-cost, entry-level machines that are easy to use without any prior experience.

CNC Plasma Tables are the type of machine shop equipment where parts can be cut out using computer-generated designs and plasma torches which create an electric arc between two electrodes (usually copper) to heat up material enough so it starts cutting.

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What Are The Best Plasma Cutter For CNC?

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What Is A Plasma Cutter Table?

What Is A Plasma Cutter Table
What Is A Plasma Cutter Table

Once you’ve got purchased a plasma cutter table, you would like to work out how it works. The plasma CNC plasma table is that the design surface you employ while cutting your metals. It’s where you attach your plasma torch, ready for work.

Further, it’s cool if you’re taking it for the hobby as it’s small-volume. the simplest entry-level small CNC plasma table is purchasable at a good price now! The CNC plasma tables may be a special quiet tool used for cutting metals in a sort of way.

So, the machine’s motion works consistently with the numerical codes following the program. Your cutting task is going to be also automatically completed without much reservation on the machine and metal. So, your operating hassle is extremely but the opposite random cutters available within the market.

How Does The CNC Plasma Tables Work?

CNC plasma cutter may be a faster and reliable cutting process that cuts through electrically conductive materials. It is successfully cut by utilizing an accelerated jet of hot plasma which provides direction to chop on the fabric. The cutting method is very applicable for cutting steel, aluminum, brass, copper, chrome steel, and other electrically conductive materials.

Who Uses CNC Plasma Table Kit?

Many professionals use a CNC cutter in several environments. Craftsmen, welders, automobile workers, industrial constructors, and repair workers use this machine highly and are ready to make extra money . Else, this cutter is legendary among the hobbyist’s reception who like to experience with many applications and make their fabrications. Though, CNC plasma cutters are pricey professionals from everywhere on the planet who like to equip their cutting task using it.

Hand-Held V/S Mechanized Plasma

There are two sorts of plasma cutting systems getting used for the utmost fabrication and automobile cutting tasks. Hand-held plasma allows the user to carry the torch and manually instruct on the metal sheet to chop quickly.

But, CNC plasma machines don’t use the hand-held cutting system. they function with a mechanized plasma cutting process. this technique features a straight barreled torch that’s being carried by the machine. It also has some interfaces which are automatically controlled by the CNC.

There are only a few plasma cutters that have a hand-held cutting system. you’ll find hand-held cutting features in some beginner-level plasma cutters. But if you would like to use a plasma cutter for your professional tasks like fabrication, welding, and automobile technical work, then you want to choose the mechanized CNC plasma cutter.

Types Of Diy Plasma Cutter

Air plasma systems, like our Powermax® systems, are nearly always used because this is often the foremost economical option for an entry-level CNC table. confirm the plasma you purchase features a “blowback” start (nearly all newer systems do) instead of a high-frequency start, which can interfere with the PC-based machine control and electronics.

Plasma Power Level

When choosing the sort of plasma, first determine the thickness of metal you would like to chop and therefore the amount of cutting you would like to try to do. Most plasma systems have a 50% duty cycle, so if you propose to chop for an honest portion of the day, we like to recommend buying a system rated above the thickness you propose to chop.

That way, the system won’t be got to work as hard and you’ll cut for extended. Lastly, check out the torch options. Though some table manufacturers offer designs that allow you to mount and cut with a hand torch, I don’t recommend it. it is so much easier to mount and square a machine torch to the plate.

Torch Height Control

Some of these tables don’t accompany a torch height control which makes the table cost lower. However, an honest height control is non-negotiable since it’s critical to edge angularity (good cut quality) and longer consumable life.

CAD/CAM Software

Hypertherm offers ProNest® LT CAD/CAM part nesting software subscriptions for entry-level table users, but some tables do accompany CAD drawing software, also as post-processor or CAM software that takes the drawing file from CAD and turns it into machine language.

Look carefully at the software packages offered by each table manufacturer before purchasing since the training curve and time it takes to master it can differ greatly between software. A ProNest LT subscription does also includes training, automatic software updates, and unlimited technical support.

Table Size

The most popular entry-level CNC plasma table size or cutting bed dimensions are 4′ x 4′, 4′ x 8′, and 5′ x 10′. you’ll buy a 2′ x 2′ CNC plasma table, but I don’t recommend it. It’s too limiting and you can’t buy steel plates narrow enough to suit a 2′ x 2′ table.

What Makes The Plasma Cutting System Different From Oxyfuel Technology Unique?

As technology sprouts innovations, the plasma system and oxyfuel are products of such. Most users of the welding systems choose either due to specific features. So what distinguishes the plasma cutting system from the latter?

  • It cuts materials that conduct electricity, like aluminum, bronze, and copper, with up to 2 inches severance.
  • It is often used for fabrications, sculpting, art, farm work, DIY, and hobbyist activities.
  • The production is comparatively good, counting on the facility source and therefore the output voltage.
  • Successful operations are often run without preheating the metals, which saves the time to spend on running operations.
  • In terms of versatile options, it can cut different designs and shapes.
  • We found out well and operations run as they ought to, damages could also be out of the image.
  • Some machines are portable, counting on the model and size.
  • Affordable and straightforward to use by both DIY and professionals.
  • The availability of a spread of models and styles gives users multiple options for acquisition.

Cons Of The Small CNC Plasma Table

  • Some engines got to be found out by users to enable operations.
  • Maintenance should be done more often.
  • The cutting size is restricted up to 2 inches.

What Makes The Oxyfuel Unique?

  • Cuts metals that are thicker than one inch (up to 24 inches).
  • This system is assembled to enable immediate use—no got to find out the way to fix it and operate.
  • Automatically cuts metals that have iron upon enabling the operation.
  • The operations are cheaper to run upon purchase.
  • It is efficient and reliable since it doesn’t require compressed gas.
  • It functions without requiring a further power source. The tip design options and gas facilitate operations. This way, you’ll use it anywhere, even within the absence of an influence source.
  • Its operations are applicable in big projects, which include construction, maintenance, automotive, and repairs.
  • It is portable
  • This system’s operations range from welding, soldering, gouging, brazing, to bending metals. Additionally, it is often won’t to heat metals for excellent functioning. this will be done by combining it with a torch.

Cons Of Oxyfuel Technology

Any other machine has shortcomings. Here may be a list of oxyfuel technology

  • If its operation isn’t correctly run, the likelihood of injury and harm is inevitable. It is, therefore, recommended that a user puts on protective equipment.
  • It uses an open flame for its functioning.
  • Preheating of metals may be a requirement.
  • The device can only cut ferrous metals.
  • Quite expensive when it involves maintenance.

GV Reviews

What Are The Top CNC Plasma Router Table?

A CNC Plasma Table is the best entry-level option for those who are wanting to get into 3D Design. A plasma table has a lot of features that make it easy for beginners but also challenges them to learn more about their design skills. This post will go over what you need to know before purchasing your first machine and what you should ask before buying one.


Baileigh CNC Plasma Cutting Table

CNC Plasma Cutter Table

Baileigh Plasma Cutting Table

$6,599.00  in stock
as of 25/05/2024 18:44
  • It collects dirt, debris, and smoke.
  • It also helps keep the table cool.
  • It includes BobCAD-Cam Express software.
  • Fully-welded steel frame.
  • Accommodates shops with limited space.
  • It has an Industrial cable track on the X-axis.
  • The PT-22 comes standard with BobCAD-Cam Express programming software.
  • Can control the torch using the hand-held panel with a jog dial for the X and Y axes and program start and stop buttons.
  • The fully-welded steel frame will stay square for accurate cutting.
  • No cons found

STV Motorsports SparX4400 Cutting Table

4×4 CNC Plasma Cutting Table

STV 4x4 CNC Plasma Cutting Table

 out of stock
as of 25/05/2024 18:44
  • The STV CNC Plasma Cutting Tables offer the simplest technology and high-quality components.
  • The Plasma Tables are using high-accuracy stepper motors for speed, control, and smooth operation.
  • The plasma tables come with USB connectivity and may easily work with any Windows OS.
  • It has a high-performance torch height control (THC) and is important to get the foremost out of your CNC plasma table.
  • The THC utilizes advanced processor technology, also it is often set to reply to cutting conditions that rival products costing thousands of dollars more have the control, accuracy, etc.
  • Most plasma table companies expect you to pay extra for such a feature but STV CNC includes one as a neighborhood of our standard package on every table.
  • The STV CNC SparX Plasma Table is meant for businesses rooted in auto-repair, industrial manufacturing, agriculture, architecture, and a number of other industries which may all enjoy the business improvements an STV CNC plasma cutting table can bring.
  • CNC plasma cutting refers to the cutting of metals employing a plasma torch controlled by a computer.
  • Plasma cutters operate by forcing a gas or compressed gas at high speeds through a nozzle.
  • No cons found.

Buying Guidelines

How To Choose A Plasma CNC Table?

Buying Guidelines Of Choosing A Plasma CNC Table
Buying Guidelines Of Choosing A Plasma CNC Table

CNC is a great way to make prototypes, but it’s often expensive and time-consuming. A CNC plasma cutter table is the best entry-level CNC solution because it has all of the power of a full-sized machine in an affordable package that can be used on your desktop. Read below the points to be remembered before investing in it.


Size And Thickness

If you would like large cuttings, then choosing an oxyfuel system is important. this technique cuts finely up to 6 inches. On the opposite hand, plasma cutting methods have a limit counting on the model. A majority of those machines can hack to at least one inch, which is taken into account as a maximum severance.

Gas Requirements

Most plasma cutting systems have pre-set gas like nitrogen and oxygen, which reduces the challenge of trying to accumulate a selected gas. Concerning the oxyfuel, a user is forced to incur a further cost of the gas for operations, which include propane.

Safety Operations

While operating the oxyfuel, a user has a plus of the supply of long cables that increase the space between the working area and therefore the user. On the opposite hand, the plasma cutting system might not offer this safety requirement, which places an operator in danger of injury. However, a remedy might be a user has the choice of wearing protective equipment.


The prices of either system are an element to think about the prices include the primary purchasing, consumables, and maintenance costs. The plasma systems could also be affordable and comparatively cheap to take care of. In contrast, oxyfuel systems are pricey both in terms of acquisition and maintenance.

Purpose Of Purchase

Like any other item, there’s a motivation to purchasing it. For learners, buying a plasma cutting system would be a choice to explore. As for the expert, you’ll consider trying the oxyfuel, significantly if the metals to chop are a touch thicker.

Ease Of Use

Figuring out how either of those systems functions easily is the thing that influences the selection. The oxyfuel cutter operates automatically, yet requires you not only to get on guard for any possible malfunctioning but also to line and maintain the flame’s steadiness. This tactic appears to be risky since it might take time to master it. On the opposite hand, plasma cutting technology features a manual that’s not difficult to follow.

Cut Quality And Style

Considering the cutting’s quality and style is another factor in touch in mind. the maximum amount as both of them give quality, the preference varies. Furthermore, the designs which will be cut influence a person’s decision. If you’re considering acquiring either for artistic purposes, then plasma technology would be an ideal choice. As for consideration concerning thickness quality and style, then your alternative is that the oxyfuel machine.


Last but not least a CNC plasma table is a great investment for any small to medium-size business. This particular machine is easy to use and can be used to cut through a variety of materials from metal, wood, plastic, and more. Here we have provided all the possible information about this product. All the sellers are trusted. The main thing which the buyers look at while buying a particular product is the customer support, and the products we have provided their support are great. It’s the perfect option when you’re looking for an affordable solution that will get your job done!

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