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10 Best CNC Routers Reviews 2020 – Best Options To Buy

10 Best CNC Routers Reviews 2020 – Best Options To Buy
10 Best CNC Routers Reviews 2020 – Best Options To Buy

CNC routers!!CNC routers have changed the way modern workers conceptualize, handle, and create metal/wood carvings. Any shape that enters your mind can be made in real with a CNC router kit machine. Just use your computer to program the machine to allow it for cutting or creating various forms on metals, plastics, woods, and other materials.

What Are CNC Routers?

A CNC wood router is a CNC router kit tool that creates objects from wood. CNC stands for computer numerical control. The CNC routers work on the Cartesian coordinate system (X, Y, Z) for 3D motion control. Parts of a project can be designed in the computer with a CAD/CAM program, and then cut automatically using a router or other cutters to produce a finished part. The CNC routers is ideal for hobbies, engineering prototyping, product development, art, and production work.

List Of Best CNC Router Online:

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Working Procedure of CNC Routers:

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A CNC wood router uses CNC routers (computer numerical control) and is similar to a metal CNC routers mill with the following differences:

  • The wood CNC routers typically spin faster with a range of 13,000 to 24,000 RPM
  • Professional quality machines frequently use surface facing tools up to 3″ in diameter or more, and spindle power from 5 to 15 horsepower. Machines capable of routing heavy material at over a thousand inches per minute are common.
  • Some machines use smaller toolholders MK2, ISO-30, HSK-63, or the tools just get held in a collet tool holder affixed directly to the spindle nose. ISO-30 and HSK-63 are rapid-change tools holding systems. HSK-63 has begun to supplant the ISO-30 as the rapid change standard in recent years.

A wood router is controlled in the same way as a metal mill, but there are CAM and CAD applications such as Artcam, Mastercam, Bobcad, and AlphaCam, which are specifically designed for use with wood routers.

Wood CNC router kit is frequently used to machine other soft materials such as plastics.

Typical three-axis CNC routers are generally much bigger than their metal shop counterparts. 5′ x 5′, 4′ x 8′, and 5′ x 10′ are typical bed sizes for wood routers. They can be built to accommodate very large sizes up to, but not limited to 12′ x 100′. The table can move, allowing for true three-axis (XYZ) motion, or the gantry can move, which requires the third axis to be controlled by two slaved servo motors.

Advantages of CNC Routers:

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Reduced Waste Work

The more waste pieces that accrue on your work floor, the more money you lose in wasted supplies. Because standard routers lack the precision control of their CNC routers counterparts, errors in workpieces are a constant threat. As a result of their computerized operation, CNC routers eliminate waste work caused by human error, producing thousands of identical pieces without producing a single waste piece.

Larger Cutting Field

Producing large pieces such as stair risers can be a challenge for standard routers, especially concerning accuracy. Large CNC routers, on the other hand, can produce such pieces with ease. If your woodwork is moving in the direction of mass-produced pieces that have a low margin for error, a CNC router kit wood router is the machine of choice.

Flawless Repeatability

Controlled by computers, CNC routers are capable of producing hundreds or thousands of pieces that are exactly the same. For companies that place a high value on quality assurance, this aspect of CNC routers is priceless.

Easier Operation

Because standard routing involves physical manipulation that has a direct bearing on product quality and worker safety, standard routers require the operator to possess significant experience in addition to training. Conversely, the operation of a computer-controlled router is based primarily on computer training. This allows operators to achieve expertise in a matter of months.

Less Dangerous to Workers

CNC router kit removes the router operator from the direct vicinity of the router’s cutting mechanisms, creating a safer work process. For companies, this can translate into fewer workers comp cases and fewer production losses due to worker disability.

Increased Production Capacity

By producing few waste pieces and operating with topnotch efficiency, industrial CNC routers can revolutionize production capacity. Compared to adding standard routers and hiring technicians to operate them, adding industrial CNC routers that have large cutting tables can be extremely cost-efficient.

Types of CNC Routers:

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Now that you have an understanding of how CNC router kit woodworking machines work. Let’s take a look at the different types of CNC routers and the different features that are available.


Industrial CNC Routers

Industrial CNC routers are a rather general category. Industrial CNC routers make up roughly 80% of the CNC routers in circulation. Many woodworking companies own several of these machines to produce the bulk of their products such as furniture, doors, signs, etc.

These machines are usually the largest in size and the most expensive. However, they are built for long operating hours and harsh conditions. This makes them well worth their price to a profitable business. Industrial CNC routers have all the bells and whistles one would need to maximize efficiency.


Mid Range CNC Routers

The next step down from an industrial CNC router kit would be a midrange CNC router for sale. The precision and accuracy of these machines are not necessarily less than that of an industrial type. They often use the same internal components. However, these machines are usually much smaller and lighter than their big brother counterparts.

Mid-range CNC routers usually run from desktop CNC router kit size to a full 4 foot by 8-foot layout. These machines are popular with hobbyists and smaller businesses with less production.

Many small guitar manufacturers and sign makers use these machines. They are also in the price range of some hobbyists who use them for their personal projects. These machines are usually less of a full package and do not come standard with dust collection systems and vacuum tables etc. However, there are some companies that offer these as add-ons.


Hobby CNC Routers

Hobby CNC routers are usually referring to the homemade CNC router. These machines are usually designed and built by the owner. There are many plans that may be bought or downloaded. These designs are as unique as the person designing or building them.

Each machine is different and is usually designed around the parts and budget available. There are many homemade CNC router for sale woodworking routers out there that rival the industrial ones.


Multi-Axis CNC Routers

All CNC routers have 3 axes and may cut in 3 dimensions. However, some applications may require more flexibility. This is where four and five-axis CNC woodworking routers four and five axis CNC woodworking routers come into play. A 4 axis CNC router usually means that either the spindle head may rotate in one additional plane or that a turntable of sorts is attached to the cutting bed. A 5 axis CNC router for sale means that the spindle can rotate in 2 additional planes. You can see this well in the picture to the left.

4 and 5 axis CNC routers offer the ability to cut a true 3D part. A traditional 3 axis machine is limited as to the depth in certain dimensions. These machines are popular with rapid prototyping and artistic industries. Be expected to pay a hefty price for these additions. They require special controllers and software and are more difficult to learn.


Specialty CNC routers

There are also many specialty type CNC router for sale such as engraving machines and 3D engraving machines, PCB routers, CNC routers made to carve granite, and more. CNC router for sale engraving is very popular. These machines do everything from plaques and tags to trophies. These machines are much smaller and usually have a working area of 12 by 12 inches.

However, they operate on the same principles as a CNC router. The CNC router for sale PCB router is also small and is designed to create circuit boards. If you love electronics then this machine gives you the ability to create professional circuit boards in a matter of minutes without having to deal with messy etching equipment.

Buyers Guide to Buy CNC Routers


CNC router for sale machines has 3 types of drive systems. Check ‘em out and when they make the most sense:

  • Rack and Pinion – Work best when you have to work on axes greater than 4 feet in length. They’re also lower in cost. However, if you have to work on the z-axis, rack and pinion usually cost time and money to set up properly for that purpose.
  • Lead Screw – These have greater accuracy than rack and pinion. However, if you’re working on a larger project, you may not need it. They don’t work as well as ball screws for high throughput, high-speed applications, or continuous or long cycle times. However, they work well for vertical applications.
  • Ballscrew – Most expensive of all three drive systems. However, you can cut larger material sizes with greater accuracy and efficiency.


Stepper motors typically have 50 – 100 magnetic poles. Servo motors usually have just 4-12.

The greater number of magnetic poles allows for improved accuracy and precision and without any position feedback. Naturally, this makes precision much easier with Stepper motors. Stepper motors cost less and are easier to find. Servo motors often need a position encoder to do the same. While less common, the advantage of servo motors is they supply twice their rated torque for periods, and generally have greater efficiency.


Heavier machines are generally better constructed and give you stronger performance. That usually means lesser vibration and more accurate cutting. However, you’ll have to consider whether you need to transport your CNC router for sale machine frequently. If that’s the case, then you may want to choose a lighter machine.


You’ll never want to skimp on software. Machines only do exactly what you tell them.

What if you have a special operation you need to perform? Ask the machine’s manufacturer about a custom software solution.


Buy cheaper router bits and they wear faster and break more often, and you have to spend more time replacing them. You’re best off spending a little more upfront to prevent all kinds of nuisances later on down the line. There’s much more to consider when buying a CNC router. For now, however, those are the most important things to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What size CNC router machine do I need?

A common CNC router size for signmakers is 4 x 8 ft., meaning the machine table will cut (and the gantry clear) the edges of a standard, 4 x 8-ft. panel. Smaller table sizes are available, of course, and some manufacturers offer larger or extended models.

Can CNC routers cut metal?

CNC routers can be programmed to make precise, repeatable cuts on flat or low-elevation wood or plastic projects, while CNC mills turn blocks of steel or other materials into engine components, brackets, and other incredible metal creations.

How deep can a CNC router cut?

It is important to keep in mind that CNC tools have a limited cutting length: typically they will work best when cutting cavities with a depth of up to 2-3 times their diameter. For example, a ø12 milling tool can cut cavities safely up to 25 mm deep.

Is the CNC router machine easy to learn?

Very basic CNC router machine programming is easy to learn, provided that you understand basic math, and have a grasp of how machining works. This can usually be learned within a few days. Intermediate programming skills can be learned within a year and advanced CNC programming can take several years to learn.

Can the best CNC router machine cut plastic?

CNC router machine plastic routers ensure high-speed automated routing of all types of plastics, and we can cut and manufacture plastics to meet any design requirements – from simple cuts to complex shapes, dual head and single head machines cut nested parts very efficiently. Read more about our CNC plastic cutting services below.

Can you best CNC router acrylic?

Acrylic is a great material to work with on your CNC system, as it is so much you can do with it, from lighted edge-lit signs to cool-looking inserts for speaker boxes, and other projects that need some “bling”.


In its heydays, the best CNC router was an innovation modified to fit current machines. Today, the manufacturers retrofit the best CNC router innovation to different machine tools yet numerous machines serve the sole purpose of being the best CNC router machines. If you know what you need to produce, and you will have a finer comprehension of what kind of best CNC router machine you require. So here you will get to know all about the best CNC router that will help you to choose the best one.

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