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Top 5 Powerful & Compact Mini PCs To Replace Your Clunky Desktop: 2020

Top 5 Powerful & Compact Mini PCs To Replace Your Clunky Desktop: 2020
Top 5 Powerful & Compact Mini PCs To Replace Your Clunky Desktop: 2020

Compact mini PCs!! When you think how small, thin and light laptops are these days, those same components inside them have found their way to the desktop. Giant beige towers are a thing of the past. If you are conscious about room and space on the desk, it’s time to consider a compact mini PCs. Not only are they cheaper than a full-size desktop, but mini PCs are also great as set-top or entertainment center for the living room or bedroom.
Top 5 Powerful & Compact Mini PCs To Replace Your Clunky Desktop: 2020 1

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What Is The Compact Mini PCs?

Top 5 Powerful & Compact Mini PCs To Replace Your Clunky Desktop: 2020 2
The compact mini PCs show how far technology has come, packing the power for web browsing and streaming into tiny packages. Small enough to hide behind a monitor or even slip into a bag or pocket to take on the go, compact mini PCs offer desktop-grade power in ultra-small designs. We’ve tested and reviewed several, and found the best performance mini PC for everything from home entertainment to gaming and professional workstations.

How Compact Mini PCs Work?

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Compact Mini PCs work as desktop PCs that don’t take up any desk space. They are so small they can easily be attached to the back of a monitor, preferably using a standard VESA mount. This is a significant advantage in situations where space is limited or you don’t really want a tower case, such as a receptionist’s performance mini PC. They can also work for children and others with simpler needs.

Benefits Of Compact Mini PCs

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Important advantages of the compact mini PCs:

  • Can be placed directly on a desk and therefore all connections are easy to reach. compact mini PCs are thus also easy to reach for technicians.
  • Compact mini PCs can also be used in places where space is limited. For example at a reception desk.
  • Compact mini PCs are in very compact dimensions – therefore easy to transport and flexible in use
  • With one screen – monitor or TV -, keyboard and mouse ready for immediate use
  • Achieves the same performance with current hardware as comparable, but much larger desktop mini PC with windows pro
  • Can work with all operating systems
  • Suitable for private and business users alike
  • Expandable and future-proof due to RAM or SSD replacement option
  • Reduced power consumption compared to other compact mini PCs or notebooks, which also means less wear and tear of important components and thus a longer service.

Applications For Compact Mini PCs

Top 5 Powerful & Compact Mini PCs To Replace Your Clunky Desktop: 2020 5

Sales of classic desktop mini PC with windows pro have stagnated for years. Contrary to this trend, the share of compact mini PCs in the computer market recently showed constant growth rates of 30 percent and more. Mini PC with windows pro is enjoying increasing popularity and is being used in more and more areas or companies. The many advantages already mentioned here are convincing more and more users and decision-makers to buy compact Mini PCs.

It is therefore not surprising that the mini PC with windows pro are being used in ever new applications. Especially in a professional environment with adverse environmental conditions, the score clearly with their robustness. In the same way, they are becoming increasingly popular as stand-alone systems. Here are a few examples:

Digital signage
Digital signage has been one of the major trends in building services engineering in recent years. Whether for information, guidance, or advertising – so-called digital signage players work behind many display signs. Compact mini PCs often take over this hardware application.
Retail trade
The retail trade is also increasingly using digital signage. Here, however, the mini PC with windows pro just as often control the cash registers or cash register systems and scanners.
Kiosk terminals
These interactive displays, such as those found at larger train stations or airports, mainly work with compact mini PCs behind their touch screens.
Compact Mini PCs are often used for machine control – for example on assembly lines -, as terminals for manual access to databases or for further processing of scanner data.
music server
In many retail stores and supermarket branches or even some public buildings, music, information, or advertising from ceiling loudspeakers accompany every visit – these programs are increasingly controlled by mini PC with windows pro.
Office area
Here, mini PC with windows pro have long had a firm place as space-saving, energy- and cost-efficient replacements for old desktop computers.
In manufacturing companies, compact mini PCs can be found more and more frequently in machine control, similar to those in the logistics industry.
Vehicle Computing
Police or rescue services and public transport are increasingly using mini PC with windows pro onboard these days. This calls for space-saving, compact yet powerful hardware – another perfect application for compact Mini PCs Computers.

Advantages Of A Compact Mini-PCs

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A compact mini PC has a number of advantages over a regular desktop PC or notebook or even tablet.


This is the obvious advantage. Depending on the model, can be as small as a novel or jewelry box, sometimes even smaller. You can tuck the PC away where it is essentially invisible and save a significant amount of space.


A mini-PC can have all the power of a standard desktop PC and you can easily change components like the RAM and hard drive. Hook it up to your screen of choice, whether that is a regular monitor, open frame display, or a TV screen.


Mini PC with windows 7 is more affordable and very cost-effective to operate.

Energy consumption

These devices use the latest developments in energy-saving technology to run on less power and reduce heat.

The Future Of Mini Computers

Top 5 Powerful & Compact Mini PCs To Replace Your Clunky Desktop: 2020 7

The development of a mini PC with windows 7 is impressive:

  • The continuously improved hardware equipment of performance mini PC
  • Growing computer performance mini PC
  • More and more applications for performance mini PC
  • As a result, demand from private users and companies regularly increases
  • Increasing growth of Green IT with more sustainability through lower energy and other resource consumption
  • Higher efficiency for the majority of performance mini PC applications
With all these factors, the mini PC with windows 7 is more than just a brief trend, as the computer industry has experienced time and again. performance mini PC determine more and more IT landscapes, take over more and more important applications, and, in the course of further digitalization, the future of computers is unthinkable without them.

Buyers Guide For Compact Mini PC’s

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Here are some tips you should keep in mind before buying the best-refurbished performance mini PC

Know Your Package

While buying a refurbished performance mini PC, you’ll need to know what you’re going for. Basically, it comes in two types, barebones, and ready-to-go.  This barebones system only comes with a processor and a motherboard. You will need to buy the hard drive and RAM separately. That’s a good idea if you are going to replace your old PC with this one. You can reuse the old parts, and get this barebones mini PC at cheap prices as well.

The ready to go mini PC does come at a price, but it’s convenient. It comes with a hard drive and RAM, and also with an operating system, so you can start using it as soon as it’s out of the box.

 It Stands Alone

If you’re buying a refurbished mini PC with Windows 7, such as a refurbished Hp Prodesk, you should know that you’ll only get the mini PC. You will have to buy the monitor to see the images, the mouse and keyboard for input, and other refurbished peripherals as well if you wish to go overboard.

USB Ports

Remember, mini PCs usually sport only mini HDMI output, so you’ll need to buy a monitor with an HDMI port. Also, check if the mini PC you are buying comes with an HDMI cable, or you’ll need to purchase that separately.

Upgrading Issues

If you’re planning to buy an older version and then upgrade it to the latest one later, that’s not all that easy with a mini PC with Windows 7. In fact, unlike a tower PC, there’s no room in a mini PC for anything else, physically and technically. You can bend a few rules here and there and upgrade it technically, but it will infringe the warranty and the manufacturers never recommend that. The best thing is when you need an upgrade on a refurbished mini PC, just buy a new barebones kit.


Most of the time, a mini PC with Windows 7 does not support a desktop RAM, but a relatively smaller, laptop RAM. As far as the price is concerned, the desktop RAM is cheaper than a laptop RAM, but the overall price of the mini PC is lesser, so that’ll cover up the difference.

Frequently Asked Question

Are mini PCs upgradeable?

Unlike a tower PC, the number of things you can upgrade in a mini PC with windows 7 is severely limited. So while you would normally buy a Core i3 CPU now and upgrade to Core i7 later, that’s not the case with mini PCs. The CPU can’t be upgraded.

What is a mini desktop PC?

A nettop (or miniature PC, mini PC with windows 7 or Smart Micro PC) is a small-sized, inexpensive, low-power, legacy-free desktop computer designed for basic tasks such as web browsing, accessing web-based applications, document processing, and audio/video playback.

What are mini PC for windows 7 used for?

Mini PC with windows 7 are used for scientific and engineering computations, business-transaction processing, file handling, and database management, and are often now referred to as small or midsize servers.

What is the difference between micro and mini computer?

Mini PC for windows 7 usually refers to laptop or desktop PCs that you use in a typical household, whereas minicomputers, which were primarily used from 1960 to 1980, are generally larger, but have limited functionality and slower processors.

Is Mini computer portable?

Yup. Today’s laptop computers have hundreds (thousands?) of times the ‘horsepower’ that a mini PC for windows 7 from the 80s had, so in that regard, mini PC for windows 7 is portable. For that matter, the average cell phone is probably hundreds of times more portable.

What is the difference between a mainframe computer and a mini computer?

Mainframe computers have large memory storage. While mini PC for windows 7 has small or less memory storage than a mainframe computer. The processing speed of the mainframe computer is faster than a mini PC for windows 7. While the processing speed of a mini PC for windows 7  is slower than the mainframe computer.


Over the past year, we’ve seen the rise of the mini PC with Windows 7, a device with the processing power of a regular PC but far smaller in size. Many mini-PCs on the market can fit into the palm of your hand. And recent Quark processors from Intel are as small as an SD card. Remarkable. Revolutionary. The mini-PC’s uses are many. Expect to see them everywhere, in homes and businesses alike. This article will help you to choose the best mini PC’s.

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