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Top 10 Best Digital DC Power Supplies: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Digital DC power supplies have become so popular that the number of uses is greatly rising. Since they have a significant amount of performance compared to the traditional DC power supply, the number of uses in the industry is greatly increasing. Many companies are using the terms “Digital DC Power Supplies” to attract and show consumers their new products. The term digital DC power supplies actually refer to a power supply that uses digital technology in the feedback loop and to control the supply. Simply put, dc power supply for mobile use digital technology to control and monitor output as well as other aspects related to supply operation.

What is Digital DC Power Supplies?

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A DIgital DC power supply is an electrical device that supplies a constant DC voltage to an electrical load. The digital DC power supply can be powered from a DC source or from an AC source such as power mains which depends on the design. The primary function of the power supply is to convert the flow of current from the source to the correct voltage, current, and frequency to power the load. Digital DC Power Supplies provide constant voltage or constant current for physics activities, laboratories, etc. that require DC power.

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Components of DC Power Supply Cable:

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Digital DC power supplies consist of four components, i.e., Transformer, Rectifier, Regulator, and Filter. The output of the digital DC power supplies is used to deliver a constant DC voltage across the load.


A line voltage (for example, power from an electrical outlet) generates the input to the Transformer which is usually an AC signal. Now the transformer is used to step up (increase the amplitude) or step down (lower the amplitude) the signal to deliver the required DC level at the output of the power supply. The transformer, which is also an isolator or separator, plays a very important role in isolating the input AC signal from the signals generated internally by the device.


The signal at the transformer output is fed to the rectifier which typically consists of diodes and resistors. A rectified pulsating DC signal is provided by this component of the digital DC power supplies. A pulsating DC signal, which is basically a current or voltage, does not change polarity. However, its magnitude is a function of time. The rectifier may be a half-wave or full-wave rectifier.


The Filter is required to convert a pulsating DC signal to a non-pulsating DC signal. Usually, a simple capacitor filter is enough. The output of the filter is DC voltage, which usually has some ripple or small AC variation.


The Regulator is used for two purposes, i.e.– to smooth the signal from the filter producing the DC signal with no ripple and to generate a constant voltage at the output. The voltage at the output of the regulator is constant with variations in the input voltage or variations in the load.

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Different Types of Digital DC Power Supplies and How Do They Work?

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There are several different types of digital DC power supplies available in the market. The following is a list of the most popular and widely used types.

1. Switched-mode power supply:

A Switched-mode power supply is a complex AC-to-DC power supply that combines the benefits of a regulated DC power supply and an unregulated DC power supply. The line voltage is rectified to DC and then converted back to square wave AC by the switching transistors in SMPS. Then this high-frequency square wave is stepped up or stepped down and rectified again. This rectified DC voltage is filtered before supplying it to a load.

2. SCR power supply:

The SCR power supply uses a Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) topology to provide a well-controlled/ well-regulated voltage and current output. Silicon controlled rectifiers are typically four-layer thyristors including an input terminal, an output terminal, and a cathode or terminal which is common to both the input and output terminals. An SCR circuit is usually used in high voltage and current connected applications.

3. Linear regulated DC power supply:

The Linear regulated DC power supply accepts AC input and provides one or more DC outputs for various computer and industrial applications. Many power supply applications require a constant output voltage, but the voltage supplied by many power sources may vary with the changes in load impedance. The Linear regulated DC power supply is used for converting a varying DC voltage to a constant, low DC voltage. They use an active component (usually a power transistor) in its linear region to generate the desired voltage. The output voltage is regulated by releasing excess input power in ohmic losses (heat) in a transistor or a resistor. The linear power supply provides excellent control, a very small ripple, and little output noise.

4. Regulated adjustable DC power supply:

A regulated adjustable DC power supply is both regulated and adjustable. A range of adjustable voltage can be delivered by modifying linear regulated power supplies with a variable resistor at the end. Then the adjustable DC power supply can deliver the voltages in the range from zero to maximum voltage through the supply. This adjustable DC power supply has three categories, i.e., remotely adjustable power supplies, locally adjustable power supplies, and programmable power supplies.

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Advantages of Digital DC Power Supplies:

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Many electronic types of equipment, especially most of the small electronic devices require DC power supply to operate. Nowadays, with the upgrading technology power supplies have become more and more powerful with multiple yet easy to use functions. That’s why DIgital DC power supplies are getting all the attention to be a part of many industrial appliances.

  • These digital DC power supplies are highly efficient and the best in simplicity. Some 3 phase AC electric motor is unable to compete with DC motor. Most of the appliances and small electronic devices require electric power in DC, e.g., electronics, electric car, heating elements, and an electric motor which consumes the electricity in DC.
  • Electronic devices, those which require DC current, that feature complex functions can be applied with ease with digital DC power supplies.
  • Digital DC power supplies can be implemented to ensure instantaneous and accurate control of active power flow. There are some dc power supply for mobile (dual digital DC Power Supplies) that ensure constant power to a device if a power source fails for any reason.
  • Digital DC power supplies offer a sufficient amount of flexibility. This can be used to change the characteristics of the power supply while it is in operation. Digital DC power supplies come in handy to change the characteristics, if the load changes even from full load to very small, or if the temperature changes.
  • You will need more than one output for many applications and with adjustable DC power supply, you can connect multiple supplies to a system or circuit.
  • To compensate for the changes in component values, an algorithm can be introduced into digital DC power supplies due to tolerance variations, temperature rise, etc.
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How to Remove a DC Power Supply Cable Carefully?

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To remove a DC power supply cable with ease, you must follow the following steps-

  • The customer site circuit breaker that provides voltage to the DC power supply must be turned off. Ensure that the voltage across the lead of the DC power source cable is 0V and there is no possibility of activating the wires during the process of removal. Follow the procedures on your site.
  • Then the power cable from the external DC power source must be removed.
  • Then attach an ESD (electrostatic discharge) grounding strap to your wrist, and attach the strap to an ESD point on the chassis.
  • Next, switch the circuit breakers to the off position (O) on the power supply faceplate and remove the input power tray from the power supply.
  • After that, by using a screwdriver, you will be able to loosen the screws on the metal input power tray cover. Then just remove the metal input power tray cover and remove the cable restraint with a screwdriver.
  • Next, in the top row, remove the nut and washer from the positive (+) DC power RTN (return) terminal by using a 7/16-inch nut driver and remove the DC power supply cable lug from the terminal stud as well as in the input power tray’s bottom row, remove the power lug separator above the terminal studs.
  • After that, in the lower row of the input power tray, remove nut and washer from negative (-) DC power -48V (input) terminals by using a 7/16-inch nut driver. Then remove the DC power supply cable lug from the terminal stud. And finally, move the DC power supply cables carefully.

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Difference Between Programmable and Non-programmable DC Power Supply:

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  • The main differences between a Programmable and Non-programmable/ Fixed DC Power Supply are the ability to change the output voltage or current and specifications.
  • The output voltage of a programmable DC power supply can be changed when that of a non-programmable DC power supply cannot be changed.
  • Programmable DC power supplies have much more accurate output voltage and much lower noise as well. They can usually measure their own output voltage and current when a non-programmable DC power supply is unable to.
  • Yes, the programmable DC power supply will cost you more money because of their extra functions/ features. However, it’s worth paying for those extra capabilities.
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DC power supply supplies

Top 10 Best Digital DC Power Supplies: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Digital DC Power Supplies Buyer’s Guide:

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Everyone needs to know that if they are investing their hard-earned money on purchasing their required devices or products. That’s why you must consider the following crucial factors before purchasing the dc power supply for mobile.


Changes in the performance of dc power supply for mobile depend on long-term use. So, proper verification and calibration are needed to maintain the stability of the power supply. It is recommended that the temperature range must be around a 20-30 degree.

This is one of the most important things to consider before buying the best Digital DC Power Supplies In 2020. Technically, it is defined as the result of a calculation, measurement, and specification of a quantity that matches the exact value or standard. The accuracy value is obtained by the regulation process quality and the conversion. Accuracy specification is associated with both current settings and voltage. To measure both the current and voltage, most of the Digital DC power supplies come with in-built measurement circuits.
Transient response
The transient response is characterized as the amount of deviation of the output voltage due to the change in loading. So, when the change in the loading occurs, either the power supply has a lot of stored energy or it is probably not enough. Thus, it is not able to respond immediately to new situations. Thus, the output capacitors will be responsible for the lack of power or excess power. Thus, they will expend the charge to cope with the load. In that case, the voltage will decrease. Conversely, excess energy will be stored which will increase the voltage. For accurate transient response measurement, two scope channels are required for the user.
Another important factor that you should consider looking before purchasing digital DC power supplies is Resolution. Resolution is a perfect full-scale percentage or value. It is limited to the number of DAC and individual levels. You should also keep in mind that the higher the number of bits, the better solution you will probably get.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much current does a power supply need?

A good rule of thumb is to combine the drive current needed for the load requirements and the current required to power the controllers and then add 10% as a buffer.

What is dc power supply used for?

DC allows the continuous current flow to any device. Since AC is supplied initially, the power must first be converted from AC to DC. Most small electronic devices (such as computers) require DC to operate, and AC is used for machines/ motors that have motors (for example, refrigerators).

How long should cables be?

Cables should be at least 15-20 feet. You can easily use a total of 40 to 50 feet of cable (if not more) and this is without the cables in your paddle to add a few more feet depending on how elaborate your rig is.

Can a 30 V power supply be used with a temperature controller whose specifications are for 5 V – 30 V?

Yes, if the load voltage is sufficient. Use the SOA (Safe Operating Area) calculator for the controller to determine whether load and power supply voltage are compatible.

What is the difference between the Unregulated Vs Regulated DC power supply?

The regulated dc power supply uses a voltage regulator circuit that converts the AC core voltage to a clear, stable DC voltage without any variation and noise. On the other hand, the unregulated DC power supply simply rectifies the AC to provide a rippled-DC voltage.

How to use a dc power supply for mobile repair?

To use the dc power supply for mobile repair, the power supply connects red wire to the positive terminal of the handset’s battery connector +VBAT and dark wire to the negative GND just like the third stick BSI to test the smartphone. Then switch on the cell phone and see ampere perusing.


Digital DC power supplies not only ensure a stable power supply to a device, but it also helps prevent system damage. These power supplies are able to allow for multiple usages of power by increasing power output. In short, it ensures high efficient regular direct current power supply. So, to go through several different options for thousands of products, you must visit here for genuine products and great deals.

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Top 10 Best Digital DC Power Supplies: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
Top 10 Best Digital DC Power Supplies: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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