Best Electric Scooters Of 2022 | For Adults, Kids, Teens, Elderly, And Everyone.

Overall Best
Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter
Razor Power Core E90
My Love At First Sight
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Comes with an innovative power core technology

Sturdy built yet lightweight

Delivers the goods at such a low price
The only disappointment is, it has no speed option
Best Budget
Best Electric Scooters Of 2022 | For Adults, Kids, Teens, Elderly, And Everyone. 2
Gotrax GKS
Perfect Gift For Your Kid
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A kick scooter with a gravity sensor makes it ideal for kids

Assisted motor technology helps smooth acceleration

Easy To assemble & operate
Comes without throttle control
Best High-End
Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Scooter
Segway Ninebot MAX
Best For Heavy Adults
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Comes with a smart battery management system and the latest upgrades

Great safety with electrical Anti-lock braking system

Ideal for longer rides
A bit too costly

You know what sucks? Traffic.

That’s why more and more people are opting for the best electric scooter to help you get around town quickly and easily! It’s a great way to save time, money, and your sanity. And they are eco-friendly as well. 💚

Electric scooters offer an eco-friendly alternative for people who want to avoid traffic or just need a little more exercise in their day. e-scooters are easy to use, fun to ride, and perfect for any occasion. Also, they are a good fit for everyone, from kids to adults.

Read this article written by our Outdoor experts after trying out and carefully examining all kinds of electric scooters. Read one before you order your new best Electric Scooter!

The best electric scooters and ATV helmets with goggles are gradually becoming the daily commuting norm for people in various regions of the world. The ongoing pandemic has also played a huge role in this as people have started avoiding the gatherings in public transport while opting for a more eco-friendly way of transportation, moreover with time people have become much more concerned about the global warming situations that have caused huge damage to property as well as life, like the recent wildfire in California, Floods in Europe. But this all can be zeroed down by increasing the usage of various eco-friendly methods and electric scooters are one such means of transportation that falls under this category.

Furthermore, with the increase in pollution, these e-scooters have paved the way for a more friendly and breathable environment in the near future as they run on pure and clean battery negating the use of any fuel while also runs without emitting any gas. Recent researches conducted by environmentalists have produced data that the transportation sector is responsible for over 33% of total anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions thus referring the fuel and gas-powered vehicles to “mobile sources of pollution” by EPA.

The best electric scooters are great for short distances that are long for walks, are quick, quiet but much more portable than the bikes. These modern conveyances are not only a fun thing for adults but are also being manufactured for kids which have become a major thing of excitement for them, there are various models out in the market ranging from below 100$ to 2000$, high-end, full-suspension rides with seats that can whip you up to 40 miles per hour regardless of your weight.

Types Of Electric Scooter

Best Electric Scooters For All

There are different types of electric scooters that create a lot of confusion among the buyers due to the price range and the features that they possess while also targeting various age groups. Speaking, in general, there are only three main types of e-scooters but when you look at your age then it becomes quite vast as an electric minibike for kids is not suitable for adults and grown-ups as it can only carry a limited load but those manufactured for the adults are faster and can take loads up to 300lbs or even more.

The market of electric scooters is thriving with time as the manufacturers have brought in numerous upgrades to the existing models while also releasing new models, thus providing you with a lot of choices for you as well as your kids.

Best Electric Scooters For Adults

The best electric scooter for adults runs on single or dual motors powered by batteries that can help you commute daily to offices and malls without any hassle. The Electric scooter for adults is by far the most impressive e-scooters I have tried. The one thing that stands out at first glance is the suspension, wheels, and tires. They are bigger than what one is used to on electric scooters and at 10 inches wheels with 2.5 inches air-filled tires, they will provide a much smoother ride, as well as negotiate uneven road surfaces or other possible obstacles better than the average electric scooter bike we are used to by now.


Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

Best Fat Tire Electric Scooter For Adults

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

$149.00  in stock
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as of 22/05/2024 22:13
Max Rider WeightMax SpeedRun TimeRangeBattery
120 lbs (54 kg)10 MPH (16 KPH)Up to 80 mins13 miles (21 km)12V, lead-acid

Personally, I love this electric scooter that has the capability to power your ride smoothly for about 80 minutes and is powered by an innovative kick-to-start hub motor that provides increased torque taking the performance to the next level. This has become one of my favorites not only because of the color but also due to other features like the airless rear wheel which provides a great amount of traction, stability, and control. You can feel the smooth rolling of the tires as soon you kick off and push, and in no time you glide to a speed of 16 Km/h.

This adult electric scooter is designed with an all-steel-frame and fork which makes it highly sturdy and impact resistant. The 90 Watt power core hub motor delivers enough acceleration and speed to glide through the street with utter ease and comfort. It is really easy to operate and maintain, moreover, being lightweight you can easily guide it through the traffic logged areas without any hassle.


Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter

Best Big Wheeled Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults

Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter (G30P) With Long-range Battery

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4 new from $699.99
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as of 22/05/2024 22:13
Max Rider WeightMax SpeedRangeRiding ModesBattery
220.5 lbs18.6 mph (30 km/h)Up to 40.4 miles (65 Km)Energy Saving, Standard, Sport551Wh Lithium Batteries

One of the best electric scooters that come with the revolutionary latest upgrades that you can find in the market. It is considered a reliable workhorse that can be used even during the rainy season owing to its sturdy and rust-resistant material design that makes it handy to be ridden in every season. The 350W motor provides a great amount of power to glide you through the streets at a speed of approximately 30 km/h while the smart battery management system monitors the status with multiple protection mechanisms to ensure battery durability.

The three riding modes Eco, Standard, and Sports provides a great amount of control over the e-scooter, moreover, you can easily access the modes directly from the intuitive LED dashboard. This adult electric scooter has enough power for you to go the extra mile without much fuss, furthermore, the electrical anti-lock braking system ensures you can ride safely. The front and rear wheel shock absorbers come equipped with 10-inch pneumatic tires that provide smooth acceleration and maximum support even on rough surfaces and speed bumps.

It is just hard to go wrong buying or riding this scooter if you want maximum transportation with minimum fuss.

Great Alternative For Adult Electric Scooter


Xiaomi Mi Ultra-Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter

Best Cheap Folding Electric Scooter

Xiaomi Mi Ultra-Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter With Easy Fold-n-Carry Design

 out of stock
as of 22/05/2024 22:13
Max Rider WeightMax SpeedRangeTire MaterialBattery
220.5 lbs15 MPH (25 KPH)Up to 30 kmInflatable Rubber Tires42V, 18650mAh Lithium battery

This electric scooter from Xiaomi is a total beast that has the capability of traveling a distance of up to 30 km on a single charge. Power consumption is estimated at 0.335kWh based on electricity metering equipment. 100km standard power consumption calculation: Power required for a single full charge (0.335kWh) ÷ typical mileage (30km) x 100km. Comes with a secure folding design that can be implemented in three simple steps i.e. flip, fold, and clip, which in turn makes it highly compact, and portable to carry along with you in the trunk of a car.

The build quality of this scooter can never be questioned as it comes with a sturdy frame manufactured from aerospace-grade aluminum, which has low density but high structural strength. A weight of 26.9 lbs is quite an astonishing feature of an e-scooter that can carry a load of 220 lbs while also possessing excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Furthermore, the 18.6 miles long-range battery with a smart management system provides enough power to help you reach the extra mile while keeping you connected to your scooter via an app that notifies you immediately if there are any issues. The rear and front-wheel work in tandem with the suspension to provide you optimal balance and control even on the worst bumpy surfaces.

Some Honourable Mentions For Adults

👉 Best 3 Wheel Electric Scooter With Seat For Elderly – Vive 3-Wheel Mobility Electric Scooter

👉 Fastest Electric Scooter For Adults Under 200$ – Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter With LED Lights

👉 Best Offroad Electric Scooter Under 300$ – Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter

👉 Best DIY Electric Scooter Under 500$ – Segway Ninebot S-Plus Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter with Intelligent Lighting and Battery System

👉 Best Folding Electric Scooter For Adults 300 lbs – Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter

Best Electric Scooter For Kids, Toddlers And Teens

The introduction of kids’ electric scooters dates way back several years and became an instant sensation but was bulky, heavy, and finicky. Fast forward to the future they have come a long way in terms of safety, comfort, portability and have become one of the best partners of your kids. After gifting my son a Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter on his 9th birthday, whenever he passes by me he says, “Why should adults have all the fun.”

Keeping the jokes aside electric scooters are fun for children of all ages and don’t require much effort to ride. Unlike bikes, these scooters aren’t powered by your child’s legs — they get their movement from an electric motor. Some electric scooters are capable of going fast, while others are slower-paced, perfect for small children. electric scooter for 10-year-old also belongs to the same category which will work for kids. But the most important thing to remember at all times is safety measures should be the ultimate priority of your kid.


Gotrax GKS Kids Electric Scooter

Best 2 Wheel Electric Scooter for Kids (Age 6-12)

Gotrax GKS Kids Electric Scooter With Kick-Start Boost and Gravity Sensor

$131.33  in stock
as of 22/05/2024 22:13
Max Rider WeightMax SpeedRangeWheelsBattery
154 lbs7.5 MPH4 Miles. Depending on weight load and terrain6″ Solid Tires25.2V High Capacity Battery

This e-scooter from Gotrax will surely be loved by the kids as it provides two ways to have fun, it can be used both as an electric scooter as well as a kick scooter. The gravity sensor accompanied by a powerful 150 Watt motor enables it to accelerate the scooter to a max speed of 7.5 mph from 1.8 mph accelerated by kick pushing it. A kid’s scooter that requires no unworldly knowledge rather can be easily mastered, being lightweight is one of the mainstream positives that makes it easier for the kids to tag along with them to the park, stairs, or any other place.

The 25.2V high-capacity battery can produce enough power to travel 4 miles on a single charge. Ast just 17lbs it is one of the lightest electric scooters on the market. Though being a kid’s scooter doesn’t mean it ought to be built tough but rather the 6″ Hard rubber tires are great for bumpy sidewalks and neighborhoods. Try out this supreme two-tone electric scooter which will surely be hit with your kids


Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro-Style Electric Scooter

Best Electric Scooter For Teen Girls Above 12 Years

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro-Style Electric Scooter

 out of stock
as of 22/05/2024 22:13
Max Rider WeightMax SpeedRangeRun TimeBattery
170 lbs (77 kg)15 MPH (24 kph)10 miles (16 km)Up to 40 mins24V Lead-acid

This electric scooter from Razor can be an instant hit among teenage girls owing to its retro-styled classic design of the vintage European scooter and looks like the real deal. It has the capability of running continuously for 40 minutes on a single charge with a speed clocking up to 15 mph. Furthermore, it comes with a padded seat and secret storage underneath for keeping water, notebooks, and other necessary items. The pneumatic 12″ spooked wheels are bound to make your ride smooth like a hot knife on butter.

With authentic styling, it also comes with twist-grip throttle control, and a hand-operated brake, providing you with great control over your bike. Most importantly Razor never compromises with the quality, safety, service, and style of their products making them one of the most trustworthy brands in the niche of electric scooters.

Great Alternative For Kids Electric Scooter


Swagtron Swagger 8 Folding Electric Scooter

Best DIY Teenage Electric Scooter With fat tires

Swagtron Swagger 8 Folding Electric Scooter for Kids & Teens With Suspension

 out of stock
as of 22/05/2024 22:13
Max Rider WeightMax SpeedRangeMotorIP rating
150 lbs (68 kg)12 MPH (19.3 kph)10 miles (16 km)200WIPX4

This electric scooter for teens from SWAGTRON is an ultra-lightweight mini bike that has a whisper-quiet hub motor designed to excite young riders with its speed and extreme power durability. This electric kick scooter can cover up to 10 miles on a single charge at a consistent speed of 15 mph. Another positive point is that it features a power-saving enhancement that ensures you get the very best out of this motorized scooter. Swing the mode to kick-to-start to enhance the battery life and the range by 10 to 25 percent.

This kid’s electric scooter for boys and girls has a frame built with a sturdy aerospace-grade aluminum alloy which decreases its weight significantly without adding a lot of extra bulk. The adjustable stem is another amazing additional feature that can simply be adjusted according to your child’s height maximizing its comfort. The triple braking system uses the “autoguard technology” that ensures ultimate safety by providing reliable stopping power you can rely on whenever you push the brakes.

Some Honourable Mentions For Kids

👉 Best Electric Scooter With Seat For kids – Razor E200 Electric Scooter

👉 Best Electric Scooter For Kids Under 100$ – smarTrike’s T5 3 Wheeled Toddler Electric Scooter With Basket

👉 Best Electric Scooter For Boys Under 300$ – Macwheel Electric Scooter

👉 Best Electric Scooter For Girls Under 500$ – Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

👉 Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Kids – ScootHop Electric Scooter for Kids Ages 2-8


Benefits of Using Electric Scooter For Kids And Adults

A cheap electric scooter can be a great addition for every person who wants to ride a short distance daily be it their office or other schedules. It is quite effective and efficient in finding spaces and getting out of busy streets with people or traffic. These mini electric scooters are designed in a simple way that does not require any fuel to function and is easily controllable and highly efficient for local transportation.

  • The electric scooter for girls is easy to maintain as they are mostly made of steel or aluminum.
  • The electric scooter for ladies comes with a sleek design which makes it ideal for parking them in tight spaces as well.
  • The electric scooter for beginners is quite cost-effective which makes it affordable for everyone.
  • The electric scooter with lights can also provide fun and adventure to the kids as it is quite versatile.
  • The electric scooter motor is powered through a battery and can be controlled easily through switches on the handles and make them ideal for adults as well as kids.
  • The electric scooter with 3 wheel design can help you easily glide through busy streets and traffics.
  • The electric scooter for beginners is also available for rent which is quite helpful for people who aren’t frequent users of these bikes.

Tips And Tricks

How To Use And Maintain Electric Scooters

If you have a short predictable commute, the electric scooter will serve you well. They are quieter, more efficient, easier to operate, and do not produce gas fumes. The operating cost of an electric scooter (charging vs. fuel) will be about 1/10 that of a gas scooter per km. But using them is one thing and properly maintaining them is another as proper maintenance can easily elevate the life cycle of the best electric scooter and maintain their guile and comfort for a much longer time than you can probably expect.

How To Charge Your Electric Scooter Battery?

The cheap electric scooter is a versatile vehicle for local transportation and is a great eco-friendly option as it functions solely with a charged battery and does not require any oil or gas at its fuel. The battery of a cheap electric scooter varies with various brands, as well as the methods of charging. Some are directly connected to the power source while some electric scooter 3 wheel design provides you with the privilege of removing the battery for the charging process.

The time is taken by a battery to get fully charged also depends on the brand you buy as some might take 6 to 7 hours while others might also take 8 to 10 hours which also depends on the power supplied by the battery to the motor. Electric scooter for kids usually takes lesser time to get fully charged as they are designed to deliver less power giving them better control over the vehicle. The most important advice from the manufacturers is that the battery should be changed regularly to increase its lifespan but should avoid overcharging as it may damage the battery adversely.

How To Look After An Electric Scooter?

  • Always ensure that the electric scooter for girls has properly inflated tires and you can make use of your hands to tell if the current air pressure is enough or not.
  • Never use unusual methods of charging the battery of electric scooters for ladies as it can damage the battery and use the high-quality charger provided by your manufacturer.
  • The chain tension of an electric scooter with lights tends to loosen with each use so you must always take care of the chain tension as it the most important part which helps the wheel to rotate.
  • Avoid riding the electric scooter for beginners on wet surfaces or watery grounds or wet grass if you want to avoid accidents as these scooters are generally made for riding on hard dry surfaces.
  • Always try to lubricate the electric scooter with lights once every three days to ensure the proper functioning of the parts.
  • Always keep track of the details of the parts and the sequences in which each part is assembled if you maintain the electric scooter for ladies solely by yourself.

Are All Electric Scooters Waterproof?

This is a big question as most of the manufacturers claim that the cheap electric scooter is waterproof but it cannot be truly answered as manufacturers always advise avoiding using them in the rain. The waterproofness of any product is measured using a scale that indicates whether the product is completely waterproof or not at all waterproof or in between both.

The waterproofness of the cheap electric scooter is measured using a scale called ‘ingress protection standard’ which is published by the International Electrotechnical Commission, which standardizes in testing, measuring, and rating the protection of a product. Every electronic product undergoes this testing process which ensures its protection level which is rated in numbers and the best cheap electric scooter is the one that is rated IP65 which ensures that you can ride it in rain but it is still advisable not to.

Tips To Ride The Electric Scooter (The Right Way)

The world is changing and brings with it certain changes in technologies and rules where the electric scooter provides an awesome example of this situation. Not only it is eco-friendly and user-friendly but also helps you to ride and park them in heavy hustle-bustle areas and tight spaces owing to its sleek and magnificent design. 

  • While riding an electric scooter always wear appropriate gear to avoid any uncertain accidents.
  • Always remember to check the air pressure in the tires of an electric scooter before getting out for a ride.
  • Always try to stay focused while riding to avoid any unprecedented accidents and unwarranted mishaps.
  • Avoid riding on slippery surfaces as it can slip and cause you damage as the tires are designed for riding on dry hard surfaces.
  • You should know your state and local rules and regulations for riding bikes.
  • Always use the correct hand signals while turning in any direction or while stopping to make others aware of your movements.
  • Always try to avoid unfavorable riding conditions like rough roads,  bad weather, low-lighted areas, crowds, uneven pavement, etc.

Are Electric Scooter for Kids Safe?

As a responsible parent, you are always going to be worried about your kid’s safety with toddler electric scooters. so let me tell you that technology has advanced itself to the next level. now, these toddler electric scooters are safer than ever before. They are available with increased speed restriction and updated balance control facilities which make them an increasingly safer option for your kids. for instance, the rain one electric scooter is designed with a larger deck which is quite safe and comfortable.

Electric scooters with LED lights is also added advantage for the low light region for safety purpose. They also have a speed limiter that lets you manage the speed even before anyone sits on the scooter. It is always a safety puzzle for you to get the appropriate electric scooter for children according to age. so let me tell you that there are several options available with respect to an electric scooter for children of various age groups. Although toddler electric scooter is easy to ride, we will tell you the right way on how to deal properly with the mechanism of this toddler electric scooter.

The handlebar should be adjusted properly according to the toddler’s waist height and fasten up the screw and make sure that the handle is tight. Now the toddler electric scooter should push the strong feet against the ground while balancing the scooter. The brakes should be applied after keeping in mind the braking distance for stopping successfully.

Buyer’s Guide
With a huge amount of diversity in the styles, designs, and features of cheap electric scooters, choosing the best one can be of real pain and might fill you with stress and anxiety leading to headaches. To solve those buying dilemmas we have put together a comprehensive article to help you lay your hands on the best electric scooter out in the market.
Type of scooter you want
Electric Kick Scooter – One of the most common electric scooters that uses kick start as its prime mechanism and can be seen on almost every street either parked or someone riding. With developments, you can easily find a two-wheel, or three-wheel with a foldable design , but a two wheel electric scooter is better suite for footpaths and busy pedestrian streets
Self-Balancing Electric Scooter – These self-balancing transporters commonly consist of hoverboards and unicycles, they have come along with the developing world, but are a bit hard to control or master as you need to balance your body to stay upright.
Self-Balancing Electric Scooter – These e-scooters are more comfortable and safer owing to the seat that can accommodate two persons, while the suspension and bigger tires provide a smooth riding experience.
Balance And Control
If your kid is not ready to ride without using stabilizers then probably buying a two-wheeled electric scooter for children would not be the right option whereas you should go for a 3 wheeled one that has a large surface area and illuminates the need for balance. They are great for boosting up your confidence and getting used to an electric scooter for boys.
Weight of the electric scooter
Consider the weight of the scooter before buying and also go in for the metal it is made of according to the ages of your child so that they could learn to balance smoothly. The weight of the electric scooter for boys will depend upon the metal it is made up of.
Is the electric scooter noisy?
You have to consider the noise produced from the scooters while riding according to your child’s age. Electric scooters for boys will generate noise if you will use it on hard surfaces. If Surface is rough then definitely electric scooter for boys will generate more noise.
Replacement Parts Availability
his tip is for those who want more from a toddler electric scooter than a simple purchase off. If the electric scooter for toddlers is put with lots of components then it is quite probable that they are replaceable. a quick search on the product’s website will let you know with the further details of replacement.
The electric scooter for toddlers brands is offering different and quirky ways to travel. But you should keep in mind what your expectations are with the toddler electric scooter. You should be sure about the purpose the electric scooter for boys is going to serve.
The price of an electric scooter for children is a little bit less compared to the adults and also depends on the feature and batter quality. The price will range from below 100$ to above 1000$. As if you are interested in an electric scooter for kids with seats then you have to pay a bit high amount.
Range Of The Scooter
The electric scooters provide different ranges of use, and can only be used for short-distance travel. So keep this option in mind before buying one electric scooter.
Braking System
The braking of the scooter corresponds to the safety of the scooter. A proper braking system is very much important and most scooters provide proper hand brakes.

Frequently Asked Question

Popular Queries On Electric Scooters

What electric scooter should I buy?

You should buy a cheap electric scooter that can help you travel short distances effectively and efficiently making your ride adventurous and enjoyable together with helping you to complete your daily short distance schedule with ease.

Is buying an electric scooter worth it?

The worth of buying a cheap electric scooter depends on the distance of commute you have to perform if you have to travel a short distance it is one of the best viable options as it provides quiet, easy and efficient service and control.

Can we charge an electric scooter at home?

Yes, you can charge a cheap electric scooter at home without any problems as it does not require any special charging outlet, but remember always to use a high-quality charger provided to you by the manufacture and avoid overcharging.

Is the electric scooter safe?

The safety of the cheap electric scooter not only depends on the design and built quality rather it also depends on the ability and focus of your riding and control over it. If you lose focus while riding which is a common mistake you may trip or cause some unwarranted mishaps.

Do electric scooters last?

Everything in this world has an expiry date. The cheap electric scooter manufactured now tends to last longer than the earlier version owing to its better hardware but still, the onus is on you as if you want it to last longer then you should maintain and take care of it properly.


The Electric scooter seems to have well and truly arrived on the scene as a “green” and practical alternative to quickly get you to your destination in urban areas, whether one approves of this or not. And once you’ve tried it, it does have a lot going for it.

Instead of waiting for the bus, or shuffling down the subway to squeeze into an already cramped train, just because the walk to where you need to be is long enough for it to be inconvenient, an Electric scooter f gets you there swiftly and you need not break any sweat as you would if you opted for an electric scooter bike.

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