How to Convert Image to STL? Best Image To STL Converters

It is very important to know how to convert images to STL files when you have put your footsteps in the world of 3D printing. The universe of 3D modeling is pretty vast, which makes it a very difficult and dense field to start if you are a beginner, for starters it is wise, to start with the known format of designing which is the 2D format, and once you started to handle this level of 3D work, then you can easily convert 2D image to 3D Stl files.

You can anytime switch to advance 3D work, but until then you better learn how to convert images to Stl and get into the world of 3D modeling and 3D printing. There are several 2D images to Stl converters available online that allows you to convert Png to Stl for 3D printing & even better they are instant 3D converter.

Other than an online STL converter, there is also software that can help you in the process to generate an STL file. I recommend you to take a lifetime subscription of those software and use them throughout your lifetime.

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But before we explain these methods, let’s talk about what they’re not: Though it’s true that 3D models can be made from flat pictures, without sophisticated software and more information-rich file formats, you won’t achieve complete, detailed 3D models. Instead, the methods we’ll be discussing are more suited for giving flat 2D designs a three-dimensional, yet still more-or-less flat, physical form.

Best Image To Stl Converters

How To Convert 2D Image To 3D Stl?

Though there are various software’s online as well as offline for converting Jpg, Jpeg or png to Stl, but still you will require some or other graphical knowledge to get the best results out of the conversion process, especially if you are a beginner in 3D printing.

Online Image Conversion- Best Image To Stl Converters Online



Best Free Online Image To Stl Converter

ConvertImage is a free online photo editor plus an online graphic files converter that can easily convert image to Stl for 3D printing directly online without any installed software, which makes it easier for anyone to change the file format of any 2D image into Stl format. ConvertImage is a totally free online software so you can easily convert png to Stl without even paying for it and furthermore this software has a very user-friendly interface that eases the conversion process even for a newbie.

How to convert image to Stl with this Converter?

  1. Go to their official website
  2. Choose stereoscopic 3d images
  3. Go to picture output format
  4. 3D stereoscopic effect
  5. Select image
  6. You will get your desired result.

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Selva 3D

Best Converter To Transform 2D Images to 3D Stl Models
Selva 3D

This online website is an instant 3D converter that converts images, drawings, logos, into 3D STL files for 3D printing. This works as an Instant 3D converter tool. With this, you can convert a Jpg image to Stl for 3D printing or convert a Png image to Stl for 3D printing.

How to convert 2D image to Stl Converter?

  1. Go to their official website
  2. Sign in with that website
  3. Upload your 2D input
  4. download your 3D output
  5. Your project is ready

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Best JPEG/JPG To STL Converter Online
png to stl converter

Embossify is a relatively new online software that provides instant results and has the potential of becoming the best suppor software for beginners. This site charges a 5$ fee for downloading high resolution images but provide free downloading option after the process of conversion is over. The main drawback of this software is that no option of preview is available which makes it a difficult task for the creators.

How To Convert Image To 3D Stl File Format

  1. Go To the Official Website of Embossify.
  2. Adjust the width and depth of the image as per your requirements.
  3. Click on choose file and select timage you want to convert, and then click on the button “Embossify”
  4. Let the software process, and then download the low resolution converted Stl file for free or pay and download a high resolution file.

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Convert 2D Image To 3D Stl With Modeling Software

Png to Stl converters are not very hard to find but none can beat the overwhelming conversion rate of the modeling software. The modelling softwares can easily convert image to stl but will require some knowledge from the creator on how to create a 3D model and is generally tough for the beginners.



Best Direct Online Image To Stl Converter

SculptGL is a free 3D sculpting CAD (Computer Assisted Design) program created by Stephane Guinier, a University of Montréal exchange student. It lets users sculpt 2D designs, using their smart guide description on how to convert image to Stl converting a simple 2D image into 3D model which can also be shared on portfolio sites. like Sketchfab etc. This image converter uses the heightmap of the image in its 2D form detecting the edges and bringing out a live model out of the still image,

How to convert 2D image Into 3D Models with this Converter?

  1. Go to their official website.
  2. Then upload your 2D input
  3. Download your 3D output
  4. Your 3D model is ready

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3D Builder

Best Image To Stl Converting Software

This 3D design app is unique in its own way as with this app you don’t need any physical printer to give real form to your 3D models. You can upload your 3D models to its in-build platform and your printout will be delivered to your home, which means you can complete your 3D printing process even without leaving your system and even if you don’t know how to do 3D modeling, this app allows you to load 2D images and then this software automatically convert a 2D image into 3D.

How to convert 2D image to 3D Stl with this Software?

  1. Down load this app from the app store
  2. Upload your Jpg, Png image
  3. Adjust the image with its editing tool
  4. Download the 3D output
  5. Your model is ready

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How To Convert Image To 3D Stl

Elevating And Extruding Image

Another way of converting 2d images into stl is by extruding, which means elevating the features of the images to different measured heights for creating 3D structures of the image.

SVG Conversion

Converting SVG (scalable vector graphic) is one of the widely used file format in the 3D printing industry that can be easily created using simple text editors and drawing softwares. To convert image to Stl you can use Inkspace (a software for creating svg files or vector files) other than tat there are other software that you can use to make scalable graphics for your 3D printing business.



Best CAD Application For Converting Image To Stl

Cura is one of the best and latest 3d printing software in the world, it is an open-source slicing software for 3d printers created by David Bramm who was later employed by Ultimaker a 3D printer manufacturing company, to maintain the software. Cura is available under the LGPLV3 license. After changing the license to LGPCV3.This change allowed for more integration with third-party CAD applications. Cura development is hosted on Github. This software offers an easy solution to convert 2D images into 3D.

How to convert an image to Stl with this application?

  1. Download this app from the official website of Ultimaker
  2. Upload your Jpg, Png files on the website
  3. Use the settings available to modify the image
  4. Download the Stl file
  5. Your work is done

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Best All In One 2D image Converter

Lithophane creates variation in light, these variations create the dark and light parts of an image, seemingly embedded in the object. The image is therefore only visible when there is light behind giving your model an artistic look, and with this, you can create a realistic 3D model, however, one can use only one single color for this project.

Lithophane Converter turns your pictures into 3D Stl files of lamp lithophanes, flat lithophanes, night light lithophanes, etc by using the lithophane makers. You can learn everything about Lithophane converters by watching YouTube tutorials available there. There are many ways to make a lithophane easiest one is to use the Jpg, Png images to the Lithophane converter. This application offers various strong tools and settings to make your job easy and great.

How to convert png to Stl with this application?

  1. Go to the official website of this website
  2. From the model, menu select types of lithophone you want to get
  3. Then upload the 2d model
  4. Use several settings available there, to modify the image
  5. Download the 3D model from the model menu
  6. Your job is done.

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Final Thought

The Conclusion

If you have read these far it should be absolutely clear, this blog is only for a beginner, but even if you are an expert still it is beneficial for you to know how to convert an image to STL, as if you are running against time these tricks will help you immensely & for beginners they will be immensely benefitted if they use these software first to get some some first hand experience before jumping into the real world of 3D printing.

There are thousands of apps available either online or offline but above mentioned are among the only ones who were able to make the cut. Use them and you will know why they are so good, and most of them come with detailed instructions on how to convert image to STL.

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    Cura does not convert anything to STL, and SculptGL is not as you say it should be performed

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