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Best Shoe Racks To Keep Your Home Looking Tidy- 2020

Getting tired of tripping and cluttering over the stack of shoes !. Unable to keep dirt from shoes away from your home !. We are here to solve all your big to minute problems you face in your day to day life. So we bring to you the Best shoe racks that will help you to keep your home clean and tidy. 

Never think using racks for shoes will make you look uncool, or it might take a lot of space to accommodate, or boring or unimaginative, there are many different kinds of racks which suit your needs and lifestyle and will add beauty to your home decor.

What Is A Shoe Rack?

It is a storing space designed to keep your shoes in a well organized and disciplined manner. It can be a free-standing rack or floor shoe rack or built like a closet. The perfect rack for you depends on the number of shoes or the place where you want to store your shoes. These racks can be installed in the hallways near the front or back door according to your necessity. Some people who have a large collection of shoes, use built-in racks in their bedroom closets. The best example of shoe racks are seen in shoe shops, the racks are built differently to display the shoes for selection.

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List Of Best Floor Shoe Racks Online In 2020:

Here you get a complete list of best floor shoe racks online that helps to arrange your home properly. You can choose one of them or here get more products:

History Of Shoe Racks:

Before the racks came into existence people used shoe hangers which were mainly seen in public service areas, such as schools as it was important for storing shoes in an organized manner. Shoe racks came into existence after 1970 when a Japanese Tsuneji Matsubara invented a shoe hanger with an elemental base to keep a pair of shoes adjacent to each other. The next few decades have seen the change of storage and accommodation space and display of shoes.

Types Of Racks For Keeping Shoes:

We never want to make our home look cluttered or clumsy or untidy with the dirty shoes kept here and there, everything needs to be properly organized as shoes are one of the main parts of our dressing. As it is said that “A person’s characteristics can be judged solely based on the shoes he or she wears.”

There are many different types of shoe racks depending on the number of shoes, the place you want your shoes to be kept, based on the rack’s features or designs or style.

Bench Shoe Rack
A Bench shoe storage is generally placed in the entryway of the house. It is a bench shaped shoe rack that can be used to store shoes as well as used to rest over it. This type of rack is useful as it provides seating while wearing or taking off the shoes. It is further subdivided into 2 types, they are –
1Bench Shoe Rack With Lid:

This type of rack consists of a storage bench with a lid on top or a pull-down lid on it. You may lift the lid and allow your shoes to drop for displaying.

2Bench Shoe Racks With Shelves:

This type of rack is usually used for storing shoes. As the name suggests it is a bench like a rack consisting of cubical shelves to store the shoes.

Floor Shoe Storage rack
These types of storage racks are usually Free Standing Shoe racks which consist of tiers or shelves for storing shoes. It is designed in a way that it sits closer to the floor. It is useful for storing a small quantity or fewer pairs of shoes, which also depends on the width and the number of shelves it has. It is basically sub-divided depending on its size, such as small, medium and large. 

These types of racks can be made from wood or collapsible steel pipes or plastic connectors. Freestanding shoe racks are also ideal for placing in the entryway, hallway, bedroom, etc. of your house or any other corner depending on the size. These are mainly called a floor shoe rack as their base sits closer to the floor.

Shoe racks For Closets
This type of shoe rack is usually called a Shoe Cabinet which comes with doors and shelves in the interior. They are designed in such a way that they can accommodate a large pair of shoes, and are made with engineered wood and gracefully finished. Hence they are very helpful in giving your home decor a more courtly look by enhancing its beauty, and shoe racks for closets can also be used for storing other items, which makes it a multi-purpose cabinet.
Over-Door Shoe Rack
Over-door shoe racks or over-head shoe racks whatever you may call it are considered one of the great options for storing shoes who have a lack of space in their homes. These racks are designed in such a way that it hangs over a bedroom or closet door. It comes with slots for placing the shoes over the slots, while some of them are designed to include small hangers or knobs to hang the shoes. Over-door shoe racks are quite affordable and easy to handle, and also they are the best fit for a small apartment with a lack of space for other shoe racks.
Wall-Mounted Shoe Rack
This is another type of shoe storage space which is suitable for small apartments just like the Over-door shoe rack. The difference is that this type of rack is designed to be mounted on the wall of a bedroom or dorm-rooms. Thus it is clear that it takes a minimal amount of space to store the shoes and is a very useful option for people with a constraint space or small apartment.

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Buyer’s Guide Of Best Shoe Rack:


There are different types of shoe racks to choose from as discussed above. Now it’s upon you to choose the rack according to your preference and need. A Bench Shoe rack could be an ideal choice for sitting while wearing shoes; A Closet shoe rack can enhance the beauty of your home decor; Floor shoe storage rack might be a good portable option; while Over- door and Wall-mounted racks work amazingly well with small apartments and bedrooms.


As we know a shoe rack serves as a great display unit at yours. So it is necessary that you choose a rack which has a style and attractive look to it. A Shoe Cabinet or Closet shoe rack can be a viable option as a well-furnished and courtly finished cabinet can add up the style quotient of your home decor. Wall-mounted or Over-door racks with an enticing design can also be used to display your shoe collection.


It is very important to check the material used in making the rack you choose to buy. Like a cabinet should be made from high quality engineered wood, while a floor shoe rack should be made with good quality metal pipes or PP plastic connectors to have a strong construction when assembled together. Also, you should keep in mind that the rack must come with an anti-rust coating to enhance its durability.

Storage Space & Size

While buying a rack the storage space it has, the space it will take and its size must be kept in mind. It must be capable of storing all your pairs of shoes, also a compact size would be ideal to fit it in any corner of your house. If you have a lesser number of shoes and have a small apartment, you can go for an Over-door or Wall-mounted shoe rack. It is important to know the measurements of the racks before you buy it.

Cross Ventilation

This is an important aspect of any kind of shoe rack as some racks with lack of air passage brings out foul odor from the shoes and also decreases the lifespan of a shoe. Whereas a rack with good cross ventilation or proper circulation of air prevents humidity and odor, as well as increases the lifespan of shoes and protects it from dirt and dust.


Every luxury product you buy must have a certain warranty against it, and the presence of warranty ensures the certification of the product. Hence it becomes a reliable option for a buyer. Moreover, the warranty period must be over a few months or a year or more.

Where should I keep my shoe racks?

Shoe racks can be placed anywhere in the house like an entryway, hallway, bedroom or outside the house depending on your requirement. You should buy smartly to meet your needs for keeping shoes.

How should I organize my shoes at the front door?

To organize shoes at your front door you can place a Bench Shoe rack or a Floor Shoe storage rack. The bench shoe rack will provide you a seating place while wearing a shoe while the floor shoe storage rack will be helpful in a small and compact place.

What is the depth of the shoe shelf?

The depth of a shoe rack shelf is generally 13 to 14 inches in length for all users as anything more than that will leave useless space until you want to put the shoe boxes rather than just the shoes themselves.

Can I sit on a shoe rack while wearing shoes?

Yes, definitely you can sit on a shoe rack if it is a bench shoe rack, other shoe racks might not be able to adjust your weight and may break.

I have a small apartment, where to store my shoes?

You can buy Wall-mounted or Over-door shoe racks which are a perfect fit for a constraint space. They consume a minimal amount of space compared to other types of racks.


Shoe storage racks are very helpful in de-cluttering the stack of shoes as well as maintaining a clean and hygienic atmosphere at your home and also helps in home decoration. The rack which will fulfill your daily needs and necessity in your day to day life is the best rack, as a shoe is one of the wearables that keep our feet safe so they too must be saved and to save them we use racks. As it has been rightly said by Christian Louboutin, “A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.”

Best Shoe Racks To Keep Your Home Looking Tidy- 2020
Best Shoe Racks To Keep Your Home Looking Tidy- 2020

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