Top 10 Best Stairs Baby Gate Online In 2020- For Your Baby Safety (Buyer’s Guide & Review)

Little ones grow fast and start exploring their surroundings before you know it. Once they start crawling, you have to be very careful for them and have to take precautions even before to keep them safe, even your house can be very dangerous for your little ones. Sooner or later, these little angels start exploring the world around them and here comes the need for stairs baby gates.

The Stairs baby gates are one of the most important things for your babies because the most dangerous zone in your home is stairs and for this, these stairs baby gate are made. You can find many best stair baby gates or best baby gates on stairs online and through this article, we will be helping you to get an idea about these important needs.

List OF Best Baby Gates Online:

Here you get a complete list of best baby gate for stairs or retractable baby gate online for baby safety. Also get the tips to use the baby gate on stairs. Get more baby gate for stairs here:

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What Is Stairs Baby Gate or Baby Gate For Stairs?

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A stair baby gate or baby gate for stairs is a protective barrier designed to protect babies and toddlers from accessing the areas of the home where they can be unsafe, like stairways and kitchens. These gates are basically made up of metal, plastic or wood.

Baby gates are typically removed once a child is capable of opening or climbing over the gate.

Benefits Of Using Baby Gate On Stairs For Baby Safety:

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Your baby’s safety is first and foremost. These stairs baby gates installed at the bottom or top of stairs, in doorways or around objects such as fireplaces keep them away from dangers.

Less Stress for you
As children are highly curious about their surroundings and exploring them as they learn and grow. These stairs baby gates will give you that peace of mind by knowing that your children can play and explore the surroundings in your previously secured house.
Create a Play Zone
Stairs baby gates can create safe play zones for your baby by closing off areas that are unsafe for your child.
Separation for Pets and Children
If you want pets and children to be kept separate while they get together or just don’t want them playing together unsupervised, baby gates are the perfect solution.

Some Facts About Retractable Baby Gate:

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One of the main reasons why people choose a retractable gate over a normal one is space. You can easily fold it away and still have room to move through the doorway. This is something to consider if your doorway is narrow already.

If your doorway or stairway is wide, a normal baby safety gate may not fit. This is where the best retractable gates can come in handy as they fit wider spaces.

Another advantage of a retractable baby gate is that you can use it nearly anywhere in your home. Whether it be the stairs, the kitchen, or an awkward corner, you can fit it and come and go as you please.

Types Of Stairs Baby Gate:

There are two main options for stairs baby gates in regards to how you want to secure them to walls and doorways — Hardware mounted and Pressure mounted.


Hardware Mounted

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Hardware mounted gates require drilling holes in walls or doorways and screwing the gate into place to secure it. These gates are the best option for places that you want a more permanent solution such as between a living room and kitchen, and they are the only safe solution for the tops of stairs. A gate at the top of a stairway that isn’t hardware mounted poses the risk of being pushed down by a child or pet and causing injury.


Pressure Mounted

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Pressure mounted gates are secured into position using pressure from the two surfaces the gate is positioned between. These gates are quicker and easier to install, don’t damage walls or doorways with holes and can be moved to different locations with ease. These gates are a great solution for any place where falling isn’t a hazard (like the tops of stairs).

Use Of Baby Gates On Stairs

Top 10 Best Stairs Baby Gate Online In 2020- For Your Baby Safety (Buyer’s Guide & Review)

Buyer’s Guide Of Baby Gate For Stairs:

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What to look for in a stairs baby gate whether you shop online or in a store. Make sure to have measurements of doors. Here are some other tips:

  • Easy Operation

The baby gate should open and shut smoothly so parents can walk through the gate easily with or without their baby in their arms.

  • Slats Gap

The gap between the slats should be under 3 inches as recommended. Wider gaps could lead to children squeezing between them or even getting stuck

  • Height

To prevent your adventurous child from attempting to climb over a gate, the one you buy should be at least three-quarters of your child’s height. The height should be a minimum of 23 inches high for safety.

  • Size and Adjustability

As mentioned, make sure your gate should not be stretched to its limits to fit the opening. Gates stretched to their max-width might not provide enough security for your toddler.

  • Safety Certification

Any stairs baby gates you buy should be certified by the JMPA or the American Society for Testing.

Where should I put up baby gates?

Baby gates should be installed at the top and bottom of stairs, or anywhere else in the home that you want to keep young children out of.

How do you install a stairs baby gate?

Stairs Baby gates should be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

What type of stairs baby gate is best for stairs?

The best type for stairs is a hardware-mounted gate because it uses screws in order to securely install them.

When it is safe to stop using the stairs baby gates?

You can uninstall stairs baby gates when your baby at least 3 years old and can safely go up and down stairs on their own, and understand the need for safety around stairs.

Are pressure mounted baby gates safe? 

Yes. The pressure mounted baby gate is safe but not entirely. This is because, these gates are not drilled into the walls. They are just held with the help of suction and can easily come off.

At what age do you stop using baby gates?

Baby gates are an essential part of your home safety. It provides safety and protection to your babies from going into unsafe places or falling down the stairs. So this is obviously something which anyone should have in their homes.

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As your child safety comes first, even if they are at home still there were many areas where your child can face danger like stairways, kitchen, etc. To secure your child from these areas the Stairs Baby Gates are made which can easily be installed where ever you feel danger for your kid. The stairs baby gates are the best way to protect your child from stairways by installing it at the bottom or top of your stairways.

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