This Summer Enjoy Best Tent Camping On Hills: Some Tent Camping Ideas 2020

How many of you guys have heard the word tent camping? It is quite popular during the summer times. People like to go camping in the woods, in the mountains…mainly in nature. And tent camping usually occurs throughout the year, leaving only the rainy season. There are a number of places where you can go, camp and feel yourself one with nature.

And for all these things, you need tents for camping. Without tents, there won’t be any place to sleep, to eat or to take rest. You obviously can’t take rest out there in the open as you will get exposed to a lot of dangerous things…be it animals or weather. And this is why tent camping is needed.

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List Of Best Tents For Camping Online:

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Why You Should Go For Tent Camping?

People tend to go for tent camping for a number of reasons. First and foremost, camping helps to get them close to the nature. You can go, live and enjoy yourself in the nature. And that feeling is surreal. Then, you can go and live freely without any worry or without any problem. There won’t be anything which will disturb you and you can go on to live quite peacefully.

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Also, camping helps to get rejuvenated. People are sick and tired of the city life. And almost everyone needs a break from this. And what better place can there be to get rejuvenation than to be in the nature and enjoy yourself. This is why, you should always consider going for the best tent camping.

Types Of Tents For Camping:

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Dome tents:

The most common type of tents currently in the market. The 2 poles cross each other in the center and bend to reach the corners of the tent. The relatively high center design gives you an ample amount of head space. The rounded edges allow rain and mud to shed down easily. This is also a luxury camping tent.


Wedged tents:

They are mainly shaped like a wedge and have grown unpopular over the years. Made of canvas, they are mainly supported by steel pole on both the ends. The ropes are then tied to each corner of the tent and staked into the ground. It is easy to set up and comes in all sizes.


Multi room tent:

These are mainly suited for family tents. And are more similar to a house. They are heavy and are significantly larger in size. Putting them up requires more number of people. This is a type of winter camping tent as well as luxury camping tent.


Backpacking tent:

These are ultralight tents that survive all types of weather. They are small, lighter in weight and extremely durable. They are mainly designed for 1 to 2 people and are easier to carry along or set up. They have a limited capacity and low ceiling.


Pop up tent:

They are absolutely new to tent camping. They have mainly got spring loaded poles that pops up into shape in quite a less time. They are light weight, convenient and quick to set up. They lack stability but has got a small packed size.


Inflatable camping tent:

They are another newcomer to the tent camping. They mainly have air beams that you need to inflate to support the tent structure. Inflatable camping tent mainly requires an air pump to inflate. Usually it can be set up by just one person.

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Why Do We Mainly Go For Camping?

Camping is necessary in every person’s life. At least once in a lifetime. If you do not go for camping, you can never actually know how and what it feels to be in the midst of nature, under the clear bright skies. The amount of freshness that you will get, the amount of fresh air, the high spirits that you will have… that is quite enough to make the best tent camping.

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Camping is actually required for a number of reasons. It helps to let you feel the nature, mix with it, get away from the city crowds. The clear night skies and the quite serene ambiance is actually a treat to the eyes and the souls. And this is why, you should always go for tent camping once in a lifetime.

Some Interesting Thoughts On Camping

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  • For once, in your lifetime, you should go for camping in your life. As it will help you teach many things in your life.
  • You can go for camping alone as well as with friends and family members. It will be quite surreal and treat to the eyes.
  • Always take care of the things that you need to carry while going for tent camping. You won’t be getting any things in the midst of nature.
  • Make sure to carry quite an amount of raw food and other protective things that you will require while tent camping.

Some Best Tent Camping Ideas:

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  • Taco in a bag: This is one of the best ideas to get food simply and comfortably during camping. Simple food, when eaten out in the open, tastes amazing. And taco in a big is just the right type of idea.
  • Lantern: Lantern are one of the much needed things during camping. Some lantern can be much bright for the campers. And for that, you can easily use a water gallon or small drum. Just wrap the lights around the gallon pointing or drum pointing towards the water and you are done.
  • Campfire cones: They are one of the perfect ideas for desserts during tent camping. Just fill the waffle cones with your favourite sweet treats, place them on the coal of a fire for 5-10 minutes and you are done.
  • Scavenger hunt: An easy activity and an even entertaining one for the kids. It will keep the kids busy and entertained for almost throughout the camping period. Be sure to include some prizes to make it more exciting.
  • Easy eggs: Scrambled eggs are one of the safest and easiest items to be made while tent camping. Just break the eggs, store the yolks in a jar and keep it in a cooler until use. Before using, just shake it and make the scrambled eggs.
  • Mini survival kit: You will always need a first aid kit while you are out for camping. And for a smaller kit, altoid tins can be used. They are of great size and can hold a surprising amount of stuff. You will need compass, whistle, bandages, ibuprofen and many more things while tent camping.

Best Tent Camping Ideas

This Summer Enjoy Best Tent Camping On Hills: Some Tent Camping Ideas 2020

Buyers Guide:

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Tent sleeping capacity
This is one of the primary things that should be kept in mind while buying a camping tent. You must always go for a tent depending upon the number of people that will be sleeping in the tent.
Tents seasonality
Tents seasonality should also be kept in mind. There can be 3 season tents suitable for summer, spring and fall. There can be 3-4 season tents which can be suitable for a little snow in addition to the 3 seasons. And there can be 4 season tents which can also be used as winter camping tent. You should buy one depending on your preference.
Tent doors
Always look for the number of doors in a tent while camping. If you are camping with your family, a large tent with more number of doors are ideal to save you from any problem during the night.
A rainfly is a separate waterproof cover designed to fit over the roof of your tent. Use it whenever rain or dew is expected, or any time you want to retain a little extra warmth.
Ventilation is very important while you are inside a tent. Most of the camping tents use mesh panels to enhance cross ventilation so that the condensation can be managed.
Should you put a tarp over your tent?

You should always prefer to put a tarp over your tent as it will help with water resistance and wind durability. Also, it gives protection against pine needles and acorns.

Are you safe from lightning in a tent?

Tents do not offer any proper protection against lighting. Do not put up tents on or near wet areas as water is an excellent conductor of electricity.

Do tents leak when it rains?

It won’t necessarily leak, but water can seep in through the mesh or through the microscopic holes in the weave. That can make everything really damp inside the tent.

Is camping in a tent safe?

Yes. For most of the reasons, tent camping is safe. Every year, a number of people go for tent camping. But still, there are some safety precautions that needs to be followed while camping.

Should tent footprint be smaller than tent?

A tent footprint should ideally be slightly smaller than the tent. This is so that the water should not get collected between the footprint and your tent, which can actually cause a lot of problem.


There is a lot of places where you go for a camping. Going for camping in the woods or in the mountains feels wonderful. And living in tents feels equally great. There are a number of tents and various ideas to help you with camping. And if you want to learn some, read this blog.

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