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Best Transistor Tester Of 2022.

What is A Transistor Tester | Types Of Transistor Tester | Ultimate List Of Transistor Tester Kits

A transistor tester is a tool that can be used to test the capability of various types of transistors and diodes. If any problem occurs due to transistors or diodes in the printed circuit board or motherboard of a device, then we can identify that problem with the use of a transistor tester. In this article, we are going to help you to choose the best transistor tester for your purpose.

The transistor tester is a very important instrumental tool for field technicians. Keeping its usefulness in mind, anyone who does technical work will definitely recommend it. It is a great alternative to a multimeter for testing or measuring the value of almost all types of components. This device has the ability to give a new dimension to the hardware industry. This is a very helpful tool for those who repair tv, laptop, pc. For a technician, the meters or testers like the multimeter, capacitor, transistor tester, or clamp meter are very useful and increases their productivity.

The best transistor tester has a specific area with some little holes where the transistor and diode’s legs are placed and their capacity is measured or tested. We just have to know how to use it well. You can learn to use it well with us, this article will help you.

Top 3 List

Top 3 Transistor Testers

Here we have suggested the three best products for you, it can make your work easier if you buy them. These are the best transistor testers which are known for more work in less time. These three products are the choice of GV experts, which is going to be of great use to you. We always recommend you the best and high-quality products only after using and testing them ourselves.

You can enhance your working experience by purchasing these best transistor testers. We hope that these suggested products of ours will make your work worth your mind and you will like it.

Best Seller

DROK Mosfet Transistor Capacitor Tester

Multifunction enabled capacitance meter.
Large and crystal clear LCD screen.
It has an automatic identification option.
Best Values
AITRIP LCR-TC1 Colorful Display Transistor Tester

AITRIP LCR-TC1 Colorful Display Transistor Tester

350mAh lithium battery
1.8-inch Colorful Display
Consumer's Choice
Treedix GM328 Transistor Tester

Treedix GM328 Transistor Tester

160×128 pixel color LCD screen
Rotary coding switch control
9V stacked battery for good performance.


Quick List

Quick List Of Best Transistor Testers

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Detailed Product Review

Types Of Transistor Testers And Detailed Product Reviews

Best Multifunctional Transistor Tester

Multifunctional Transistor Tester can test not only transistors but also other SMD type components like Switching diodes, Zener diodes, MOSFETs, JFETs, capacitors, resistors. It is an instrumental device that is highly useful for field technicians or those who perform tasks related to computer hardware. This type of transistor tester is also known as multi function tester tc1.

This situation always comes in front of all these people (field technicians) that they have to test many components at the same time, so in that case, this Multifunctional Transistor Tester is undoubtedly very useful for them.


KOOKYE Mega328 Transistor Tester

A good quality battery is included.

KOOKYE Mega328 Transistor Tester

 out of stock
as of 12/07/2024 17:13

This Multifunctional Transistor Tester has the ability to automatically capture and test components by their legs and show their value in LCD. It can measure inductors, capacitors, diodes, dual diodes, mos, transistors very easily and accurately. Resistance measurements have a resolution of 0.1 ohms and can measure up to 50 million ohms. The capacitor must be discharged before measuring capacitance; else, the meter will be destroyed.

  • It has components like NPN and PNP transistors, MOSFETs, diodes that can be easily measured automatically in this.
  • It has a 1602 LCD Screen with 12864 LCD with backlights which gives excellent output.
  • All the work will be done with a single button, there is no chance for confusion.
  • It has a good quality battery of 280 mAh which gives a good performance.
  • SCR, DIAC, TRIAC, Zener Diode cannot be measured by it.

Akozon Transistor Tester

Compact Transistor Tester

Akozon Transistor Tester

 out of stock
as of 12/07/2024 17:13

This multifunctional transistor tester is designed to easily measure and test diode, triode, field-effect tube, SCR, MOSFET, capacitor, and resistor. NPN and PNP transistors, N-channel and P-channel MOSFETs, diodes, resistors, capacitors, and other devices are automatically detected by this intelligent multifunctional transistor checker.

This incredible detector features a high-resolution color LCD screen. Furthermore, each parameter is shown in a distinct color, making it comfortable and straightforward for you to verify the parameter.

  • Its capacitance measurement limit is 30pF~100mF.
  • Its resistance measurement limit is 50MΩ.
  • Its inductance measurement limit is 0.01mH-20H.
  • It is a compact-sized device and also easy to carry.
  • It is a single-button operated device so you will not get confused while using it.
  • Its build quality is average, so you have to use it carefully otherwise there is a possibility of breakage.

Best Digital Transistor Tester

Digital Transistor Testers show’s the value of the components being tested very accurately and every detail of the component being tested can be seen on its screen. It also has the capability to measure all types of SMD-type components like a multifunctional transistor tester. Transistor tester circuit is also a type of this.

These Transistor Testers are also used by computer hardware technicians. It comes with a big size LCD screen that helps to show every detail about all components. Digital transistor testers are generally larger than multifunctional transistors and are exactly the size of a multimeter.


BSIDE ESR02 PRO Digital Transistor Tester

Standard quality product.

BSIDE ESR02 PRO Digital Transistor Tester

$35.58  in stock
2 new from $35.58
Free shipping
as of 12/07/2024 17:13

This transistor tester is spacially made to test SMD-type and plug-in components. It may also be used to test many types of triodes, thyristors, and MOSFETs, allowing for the evaluation of device type, pin polarity, output HFE, valve voltage, and FET junction capacitance. Both sides include a POWER/TEST button that you may use with your left or right hand.

NPN and PNP transistors, N-channel and P-channel MOSFETs, diodes, thyristors, resistors, capacitors, and other devices are all automatically detected by this intelligent transistor checker. At the end of the series is a table titled “typical ESR value of the electrolytic capacitor,” which gives you a clear idea of how to utilize it.

If no action is performed within 10 seconds, the transistor tester will automatically turn off to save energy. For easier reading, there is a large LCD screen with a backlight feature.

  • Its big size LCD screen provides you the accurate value and more details about the component.
  • It can test and measure the different types of components.
  • Its capacitor measurement limit is 25pF – 100mF and its resolution is 1pF.
  • Its inductor measurement limit is 0.01mH – 20H with a resolution capacity of 0.01mH.
  • Its capacitor measurement limit is 2uF – 50mF with a resolution capacity of 0.01O.
  • Capacitor testing and measurement issue.

Digital Transistor Tester By Oumefar

Best long-term use product.

Digital Transistor Tester By Oumefar

 out of stock
as of 12/07/2024 17:13

This digital transistor tester includes a big LCD screen with backlighting. It can test the pin components automatically and display the results on the LCD screen. The transistor emitter forward bias voltage, MOSFET protection diode, and amplification factor reference may all be detected with this diode triode capacitor inductance ESR checker.

This Digital capacitor tester can identify NPN, PNP bipolar transistors, N-channel and P-channel MOSFETs, diodes (including double diodes), thyristors, transistors, resistors, and capacitors automatically.

  • The big size LCD screen is useful for a better experience.
  • Its resistor measurement limit is 0Ω~50Ω with a resolution capacity of 0.01Ω.
  • Its capacitor measurement limit is 25pF~100mF with a resolution limit of 1pF
  • Its inductance measurement limit is 0.01mH~20H with a resolution limit of 0.01mH.
  • Its button is very weak.

Best LCR Meter Transistor Tester

LCR Meter Transistor Tester are those transistor testers that look exactly like a multimeter and have two probes coming out just like a multimeter. These types of transistor testers can test all types of SMD components. By putting its probes on SMD components, you may test it or verify its value. It is much larger in size than other transistor testers. This type of transistor tester kit can help you a lot.

Its most important feature is that with its help you can check any component without removing it from the circuit board. This is a very useful thing for computer technicians, which can make their work easier and save time.

Many LCR meters in which many buttons are engaged for many different tasks. Their LCD screen is also much larger than other transistor testers, in which you can clearly see the value of the components.


ET430 Handheld Digital LCR Meter

Premium look and standard quality.

ET430 Handheld Digital LCR Meter

 out of stock
as of 12/07/2024 17:13

Support for DC Resistance and Electrolytic Capacitance Measurement; Automatic Component Recognition; Screening and Deviation Measurement Support are just a few of the features. The following are the complete details for its LCD screen: 4-bit semi-display on a 2.8-inch TFT panel; digit to be displayed: 5 bits for the main parameters, 5 bits for the supplementary parameters.

Measuring speed may be adjusted, and the range can be switched between manual and automated. Correction of a short circuit with an open circuit; Multiple test ports should be available. Support for the SCPI protocol; USB communication interface; Large capacity lithium battery power supply; Its test frequency is something that you can easily understand – 100Hz, 120Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, 40kHz, and 100kHz; basic accuracy: 0.30 percent.

  • Automatic component recognition is a feature that provides the best output in a short period of time.
  • The maximum frequency that can be measured is 100kHz.
  • Support screening and measurement of deviations is a great feature of this.
  • It also has the facility of Interface for USB communication.
  • Lithium battery power source with a large capacity ensures you the best performance for a long time.
  • There is no con in this product.

Signstek MESR-100 V2 LCR Meter

Good quality plastic body.

Signstek MESR-100 V2 LCR Meter

$59.99  in stock
as of 12/07/2024 17:13

Dual terminals for quick and easy inspection of general capacitors and resistors, as well as a printed ESR table for quick reference. The ESR value was measured using a genuine 100 kHz sine wave, which is the same as the capacitor manufacturer’s testing technique. Low Ohm Meter with auto-ranging capacitor ESR.

In-circuit testing is supported with a measuring range of 0.001 to 100.0R. Wide Measurement Range is a fantastic feature that makes it stand out.

  • It has a BSI that gives you information about the battery to become alert to know the charge value of the battery.
  • It is attainable to get a resolution of up to 0.001 ohms.
  • Larger value display and information on a 128X64 dot matrix LCD.
  • Use a 2X AA battery instead of a 9V battery for increased convenience and longer battery life.
  • Weak Probes could become a problem for you.

Best Tweezer Type Transistor Tester

This type of transistor tester looks exactly like a tweezer but has a different purpose. Where the function of a tweezer is to hold any component like tongs, the function of a tweezer type transistor tester is to hold any component and test it and measure its perimeter. It can also test any component like an LCR meter without removing it from its circuit board and can also measure its perimeter.

On top of the body structure of the tweezer-type transistor tester, there is an LCD screen that shows you the value of the components. It is very popular mainly among computer hardware technicians and mobile technicians as it is very useful for them. It is very compact in size that you can easily carry it anywhere by putting it in your pocket.

It also has the facility to test different types of components and measure its perimeter like a multifunctional transistor tester, which proves to be much better for those who have to test other components simultaneously.


Smart Tweezer Type Transistor Tester By Smart Tweezers

Best for outdoor uses.

Smart Tweezer Type Transistor Tester By Smart Tweezers

$289.69  in stock
as of 12/07/2024 17:13

Along with Automated component identification, Automatic and manual C, R, L, Z, ESR modes are also available which is a great option for the consumers. Precision LCR Meter, 0.1 percent accuracy, perfect for SMD, calibrated Precision LCR Meter, 0.1 percent accuracy, excellent for SMD, calibrated, certificate included. Built-in Li-Ion battery, ClearValue OLED Display, Swiss 24K Gold-plated Test Leads enhances your user experience. Lifetime support and a 2-year warranty Advance Devices, Inc. provided this information directly.

  • Manual C, R, L, Z, and ESR modes give you a dimension that helps you a lot
  • Swiss-made precision test lead tests every single component with absolute precision.
  • OLED display with high visibility makes it convenient to view the perimeter of the component.
  • Universal Micro USB charging port takes away your worry of charging.
  • Selection of a test range using an algorithm selects and tests your test range intelligently.
  • Weak test lead connectors can create some trouble for you.
  • The charging port is a bit weak, so you have to carefully put it in charge.

LCR Research Pro1 Plus Tweezer Type Transistor Tester

Multiple navigations buttons are included.

LCR Research Pro1 Plus Tweezer Type Transistor Tester

$339.00  in stock
as of 12/07/2024 17:13

It has 5 test frequencies, 100Hz, 120Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz with 3 test voltages – 0.2Vrms, 0.5Vrms, 1.0Vrms, which is a very good thing for a tweezer type transistor tester. Its basic accuracy, R: 0.1%, L: 0.2%, C: 0.2%, for more information, you can read the user manual. You also get to see the facility of the additional diode and LED testing function in it.

Its wide measurement range is as follows – R: 20mΩ to 10MΩ, C: 0.1pF to 10mF, L: 10nH to 1H. A one-year warranty, lifetime support is also included, which assure you of the services you get from the company.

  • Its high-quality OLED screen shows you a clear output.
  • In this, you can use 3-way navigation buttons for various purposes.
  • It has a micro USB port so that not only can you charge it but you can also connect it to your PC or Laptop.
  • Its measurement accuracy is quite precise which gives you great output.
  • Software is very laggy and backward, almost unusable.


What Is Transistor Tester?

Transistor Tester is an instrumental tool primarily designed for field technicians, hardware workers, and repairers. With its help, they test transistors, which is an SMD type component that is installed in the circuit board or motherboard of various types of devices, not only transistors but also other SMD type components to test or measure its perimeter. With this, it is possible nowadays. This instrumental tool, also known as a transistor tester tool or a transistor tester kit, is also available in other variants that suit different types of people.

How It Works

How Transistor Tester Works For Technicians Or Hardware Workers?

Transistor Checker
This is a Transistor Checker

Choosing a transistor tester and testing it thoroughly and buying it is a very important task for any field technician. Today we are going to tell you how a transistor tester makes your technical tasks easy.

  • There is absolutely no doubt here that a transistor tester makes the task of testing any type of SMD component and measuring its value a very easy and less time-consuming task. You can test not only transistors but also different types of SMD components with the help of a single instrumental tool and get their value points. These transistor testers also come in very different types which are made for different purposes, it fulfills different purposes easily and smartly.
  • I need to put it in a better way that these transistor testers which are available in our current market today bring with them some such amazing and incredible features as you can without removing any SMD component from your circuit board. Only you can test it and know its value, due to this feature you save time to desolder any component and re-solder it. This saved both your time and money.
  • Today’s modern transistor testers also have more ability to test the component and find out its value. It can easily measure capacitors, resistors, inductors of maximum capacity, and it will not harm it in the slightest provided the capacitor is discharged. The Transistor Tester Manual that comes with the Transistor Tester will help you immensely in its use.
  • If you want to get a transistor tester in which components are removed from the PCB and tested and measured, then you need to know that such transistor testers come without probes, they have a small handle platform in which there are small holes You just need to put the legs of your components in those holes and switch them on by clamping them with the help of handles so that you can measure or test them easily.


Benefits Of Transistor Testers

Many people think that Transistor Tester Kit is very difficult to use but this assumption is wrong somewhere, there is no need to worry because if you will read the Transistor Tester Manual or you will pay attention to this article of ours then you With the help of our article, you can get a lot more out of it by using transistor tester kit.

  • Many transistor testers are capable of doing transistor HFE test in which you can easily perform transistor HFE test.
  • There are many transistor testers that are capable of measuring DC Resistance and Electrolytic Capacitance, so you can easily do this work too.
  • If you buy a LCR Meter Transistor Tester, then you get the freedom to do many functions in it, you also get many buttons in it to perform those tasks.
  • In the diagnosis of MOSFETs, JFETs, capacitors, resistors, today in many things, multimeter and transistor tester are giving almost the same performance which is absolutely accurate.
  • Today’s modern transistor testers come with long lasting batteries like Lithium-Ion, with the help of which you can continue your work for a long time without any worries.
  • Those who want to test and measure their components using the minimum number of buttons and without hesitation carrying it in their pocket like a pen taking up the least space, they can opt for Tweezer Type Transistor Tester.
  • Today’s various transistor testers also come with good quality OLED screens in which you will be able to see the value of the components measured in a very clear way.

Must Keep In Mind

Things You Should Keep in Mind Before Using Transistor Tester.

Transistor Tester Kit
A Best Transistor Tester Kit Gives You Very Accurate Values

If you are doing any technical work using a transistor tester, then you need to follow some of the following things:

  • You have to use ESD gloves.
  • You have to use ESD Hand Bands.
  • You have to use ESD Mat.
  • You have to use ESD Suit.
  • You have to use Protection Glass.
  • You must have a fire extinguisher.

You have to use all these things because you will be doing technical work, at that time you will have the possibility of getting an electric shock and also catch fire. You need to be alert and careful while doing technical work. Wherever you are, always take care of your safety.

Why Transistor Is Required For You?

If you are a field technician and you want accuracy in your work while doing technical work and you demand to save both your time and money while doing that work, then a transistor tester is the best instrument for you. You can get rid of many types of problems by using Transistor Test Kit. If you perform your work using Transistor Tester, then your productivity increases due to which you get more profit. Due to the best transistor testers, the work of technicians has become so easy today that they could not live without giving it the status of a compulsory tool. Transistor Tester is the in-bag tool that most people rely on to measure component values.

Buyer’s Guidelines

Buying Guidelines For Best Transistor Testers

best quality screen
When you are going to get a transistor tester, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that your transistor tester should have the best quality screen installed. This is because when you are measuring a component, you can clearly see its value. Only when you can clearly see the value of a component, you will be successful in your work. Nowadays, you get to see the best quality LCD screen in most transistor testers, as well as OLED screens in some specific types of transistor testers, especially in tweezer type transistor testers, which is a very good thing.
Good quality body structure
After the best quality screen, if you need anything the most in a transistor tester, it is a good quality body structure. We know that a field technician’s bag contains many iron or steel tools and instruments, having many iron or steel tools in one bag requires you to think a little about your transistor tester How your transistor tester will be able to avoid these iron or steel tools during lift-off. You can remove this worry on your own. All you have to do is make sure that the body structure of the transistor tester you are going to buy is made of good material and is of good quality.
good quality buttons
Your transistor tester also needs to have good-quality buttons. It should not happen that after buying a transistor tester, the buttons of your transistor tester get damaged after some time of use. That’s why when you go to get a transistor tester, make sure that the buttons in your transistor tester kit are of good quality and are durable.
high-quality probes
If you feel that the LCR meter transistor tester is right for you, then you have to make sure that the probes of your LCR meter are of high quality, because it is often seen that the probes of the LCR meter Being of low grade, break due to weakness. That is why when you go to get the LCR meter, then check its probes.
High-quality component attaching platforms
If you are going to get a transistor tester, always keep in mind that the small platform that attaches the components of your transistor tester, in which the handle is installed, should be of high quality and strong so that you can use it for a long time.
best quality battery
While buying a transistor tester, you also have to keep in mind that its battery should be of the best quality and should be able to give long power backup. With this, you can use it for a long time without any worry by charging only once.


Transistor Tester Questions.

How to use a transistor tester?

A transistor tester is very easy to use, the transistor tester consists of a platform with a handle with many holes for attaching the components, you have to test it by attaching your components to this platform.

What is a transistor tester?

Transistor Tester is such a device with the help of which we can test other SMD-type components including transistors. For more information read our article carefully.

How to calibrate transistor tester?

You can easily calibrate any transistor tester and find out which transistor tester is best and which is not, you can also use our given parameters for this.

Which is the best transistor tester?

You can read our detailed product reviews to know which transistor tester is the best.

Which device is used for transistor testing?

A transistor tester is used to test the transistor.

What is ESR Meter?

The ESR meter is a two-terminal electronic measuring instrument that is primarily used to determine the equivalent series resistance (ESR) of the real capacitor; typically, the capacitor is not disconnected from the circuit to which it is attached.

Final Call

We have tried our best to explain to you how to choose the best transistor tester from this article. You will undoubtedly know everything about the transistor tester by reading this article that you need to know. You will not need to go anywhere else after reading our article. We have also tried our best to do unbiased product reviews which is very important for you to know.

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