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Best Ways To Make A Windshield Crack Disappear

One fine day… you are out, driving your car and suddenly something hits your car and in a blink of an eye you realize there’s a crack on your windshield…! Don’t you worry, In this article, we will give some of the best ways to make a windshield crack disappear. We have the right solutions for you on the best crack repair techniques.

The first step you need to take is to examine your windshield crack:

  • check for the damage near the edge of the windshield because if damaged then it can harm the structure of the windshield.
  • check if the damage is in the driver’s line of sight which can disrupt the driver’s vision and cause discomfort in driving
  • Measure the dimensions of the crack, cracks less than 6 inches can be easily repaired at home.
  • check the depth of the crack because a windshield glass is of several layers.

How To Make A Windshield Crack Disappear

DIY Cracked Glass Repair Kit allows anyone to fix cracks or chips on windshields and laminated glass safely, easily and inexpensively, before those cracks grow! The Glass Repair Kit includes everything needed for a quality repair. The single-ingredient glass filler simplifies the application process by eliminating the need to mix or heat materials. The glass filler matches the clear optical qualities of glass to create a clear and see-through repair.


I have ordered this product twice to repair chips/cracks in my windshield. Each kit has allowed me to make two repairs. It takes about two hours to do the process, though it’s really only about 20 minutes of hands-on time (the rest is just waiting for it to cure). I’ve been really pleased, and would definitely order it again for future repairs.
Jeffrey Thompson
This was easy to fix the small chip in my windshield before it spread & REALLY would cost me a lot! Worked great. I did watch a Youtube video on how to use a kit. Made this very easy highly recommend!!
Clifford Christmas
I used this repair kit to fill a “bulls-eye” chip with radiating cracks on my car’s windshield. It worked very well and allowed me to pass the state inspection. Make sure to follow the instructions – do the repair in the shade then move the car so sunlight illuminates the repair for at least 15 minutes. This allows the resin to cure and harden. In other words, do not do the repair on a cloudy day. I assume you could probably use a UV light to cure the resin if need be. One other tip, make sure to wear safety goggles because if you apply too much pressure to the plunger, there is a chance the resin could spray out the back a bit. Overall, this is an excellent windshield repair kit. I have used other brands in the past, which used a different method, but those other kits didn’t fill the cracks as completely as this one did.

How To Hide Cracked Windshield Using Windshield Glass Repair Kit

A windshield repair kit can be purchased from our store. Ideally, choose the one which is known as bridge-style, these have suction cups that fasten the glass.

  • The first step is to keep the car away from sunlight and under shade so that the resin does not dry quickly.
  • Make sure to wear gloves during the process, and tap out the excess small pieces of glass using the steel mini tongs or thin steel object.
  • clean the surface of the windshield and the crack making sure that its dry and if it is not, dry it using hair dryer .
  • setup the applicator by checking the user manual and it is not at all difficult to do that, make sure that it has all the things required.
  • Tap a small hole, if necessary on the windshield, this might make the surface worse, but this step needs to be handled with utmost care. To tap the hole, use a bullseye tapper or a sturdy needle, on the end of the crack or on the star crack.
  • most repair kits come with 2 types of resin, one to fill the crack and the other to fill the chip, load the resin required for your crack, mostly just a few drops of them are required but you can check as to how much is required by you.
  • Now is the time to use the suction cups, cover them with lubricant or petroleum jelly (vaseline) so they glide easily over the surface. Position the cups on the hole at the end of the crack and tighten it on the surface.
  • Apply the resin along the crack and according to the model’s instruction. this also involves suction of air, by drawing back air through a vacuum mechanism and then letting go to fill in the crack properly. Repeat the same until the crack is totally filled.
  • seal the crack moving the applicator through the length of the crack in a slow movement.
  • If there are dents or deeper cracks fill them with a thicker resin provided in the seal kit using the syringe applicator.
  • finally, seal the resin with a curing tape to secure the resin in place and the curing tape will make sure that the resin in on the surface only and prevent from creating a bump on the surface.
  • shift the car on a sunny area and let it dry, which might take about 30 minutes to 120 minutes, depending upon the sunlight and the brand.
  • remove the curing tape and scrape off the excess resin for a finish like never before, like there was no crack.

Did you know, By postponing the repair of your windshield that little star might turn into a big unrepairable crack real fast? It could end up looking like this anytime soon. Postponing repair can also be the catalyst for unsafe and hazardous situations during traffic. Something you should try to avoid at all times.

If the crack or chip is small enough then it can be temporarily fixed by some DIYs listed below.

Hide cracked windshield using transparent Nail polish

Using clear nail polish as a quick fix for small cracks and chips on the windshield will help stop it from getting bigger until taken to the repair shop or for a professional fix.

Things Required:

  • Clear Or Transparent Nail Polish
  • Nail Polish Brush

Make sure to put the car under shade before starting to prevent the polish from drying faster. Start applying an even layer of clear nail polish on the crack along the damaged area.

If the crack is a bit bigger then make sure to fill the crack enough with the nail polish and secure the ends of the crack to prevent it from spreading. after doing this make sure to put the car back under the Sun to make it dry and act as a resin for the windshield.

Hide cracked windshield Using DIY Solution:

Using a DIY solution for super glue is yet another easy quick fix for a damaged windshield. Before starting the process, make sure to clean the surface of all dust and dirt.

Things Required:

  • Sponge
  • Bug Spray
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Salt

Prepare a mixture of ½ cup of water, 1 tablespoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of bug spray and 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol together in a bowl. stir together until the salt is completely dissolved. then dip the sponge in the mixture and start applying it along the crack and then let it dry for at least 2 hours. check the crack after 2 hours, if the crack is still visible then apply a 2nd coat of the solution and again let it dry for 2 hours until the crack disappears.

Hide cracked windshield Using Super Glue Solution:

Similar to the clear nail polish method but again, the process is temporary so it may require a professional fix even after this.

Things Required:

  • Super Glue
  • Scissors
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Glue Remover

To open the super glue, the end of it needs to be cut by scissors, then gently press the tube to take just as much required and start filling the crack. then using cotton swabs, evenly spread the glue all over the crack, using another swab remove the excess from the surface and let it dry for a couple of hours, and voila!

These methods will really help make the crack disappear but we all know that these things require professional care, until then the windshield is fixed.

If the crack is pretty big and these methods are not working, then the best way to disappear the crack is by purchasing a Bridge-style windshield repair kit.

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