Easiest Way To Increase The Laptop Space With The Best External RAM For Laptop In 2020

External RAM for laptops is necessary when we have heavy use of a Laptop or desktop. Nowadays everyone is in there home and doing work from home. To connect the office work we need a desktop or laptop. Because of less movement and social distancing offices are unable to provide their office laptop. Due to these circumstances, people are using their personal assets for work continuity.

As personal laptops are not mended for heavy use so RAM is less or enough for general purpose use. But we are connecting it to office use or heavy gaming purpose like they need laptop RAM for Pubg also. In this case, we are in the scarcity of RAM. That’s why we need external RAM for Laptops. Many people are involved in video editing and photoshop so they are also in need of laptop RAM for video editing and laptop RAM for photoshop. Apple users are also facing the same issue so they are also in need of laptop RAM for mac.

List Of Best External RAM For Laptop

Here you can go through the complete list of best external RAM for laptops at affordable prices.

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What Is External RAM For Laptops?

laptop RAM for photoshop

First of all, we will try to understand what is RAM?.

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. This means that program data is temporarily stored here for very quick access by the operating system. There is a direct bus between the CPU and RAM, so the amount of time the system waits for transfers or latency is extremely low. When the computer is shut down, that data for the most part disappears. If we plan to add extra laptop RAM for video editing in our laptop we can say external RAM for laptop is required.

Because of the latency involved with external components, they aren’t suitable for this purpose. Previously, high-speed SD cards could be used to extend system RAM to improve system responsiveness. But due in part to the advent of SSDs, anything that isn’t a direct connection between CPU and system RAM is going to introduce way too much latency to be useful these days.

How To Know If You Have A Slot For More External RAM For Laptop

laptop RAM for pubg

Before you spend any money, search for a screwdriver, the easiest way to check your laptop for open memory slots, or any memory slots at all your first step is to use Crucial’s free memory scanner, which will answer this question for you. Running it on a laptop, we’re told that there are two slots, one of which is empty. This is the case with most affordable laptops being sold, as it adds to the flexibility of manufacturing and lowers the cost.

One thing to note: Even if there is an open slot, there may not be easy access to the memory slot. Some laptops may require removing the entire bottom while others feature easy-access doors.

Is 4GB RAM Enough For A Laptop Or External RAM For Laptop Is Required?

laptop RAM for video editing

RAM is likely the easiest upgrade on any budget laptop and what most people turn to first when a laptop feels “slow.” while editing video so high laptop RAM for video editing is required.

Like most affordable laptops, comes with 4GB of memory in a single DDR4 SO-DIMM module and has one open slot.

Although there is no hard and fast rule, 4GB is about the bare minimum for most people running a full-service OS like Windows 10. Windows 10 will run on 2GB of memory or even 1GB, but you’ll suffer performance hits as applications and data are swapped out to the hard drive due to lack of external RAM for laptop. If you keep multiple apps or browser tabs open or you are editing any video,  laptop RAM for video editing which is 2GB definitely isn’t enough. External RAM for laptops is required.

Our recommendation is 4GB at a minimum for Windows 10, and 8GB is optimal—especially if you’re running something more taxing like Photoshop Elements then laptop RAM for video editing—to improve the overall responsiveness of your programs and multitasking.

Will More RAM Make Your Laptop Faster?

laptop RAM for mac

For our laptop upgrade, we added an 8GB external RAM for laptop to the existing 4GB external RAM for laptop, tripling the capacity, and increasing the memory bandwidth by going from single- to dual-channel. With PCMark 8’s Work Conventional benchmark, which measures standard office tasks like browsing and document editing, the results were negligible.

Those tasks simply don’t use that much memory—4GB is sufficient. Upgrading to 8GB external RAM for laptop helps in heavier multitasking cases. And for the vast majority of laptop users, once you’re beyond 8GB external RAM for laptop, returns on investment are diminished. That’s why we generally recommend that people set low expectations for performance boosts from increased external RAM for laptops.

How To Know What RAM Is Compatible With My Laptop?

laptop RAM for photoshop

Your computer’s motherboard will also determine RAM capacity, as it has a limited number of dual in-line memory module slots (DIMM slots) which is where you plug in the external RAM for laptop. Consult your computer or motherboard manual to find this information.

Additionally, the motherboard determines what kind of external RAM for laptop you should pick. There are RAM specifications to note as well:

Speed (MHz) – Unless you are benchmarking performance you probably will not notice the difference between an 1866 MHz memory module and one that is 1333 MHz. Speed considerations are more important for server workstations that handle larger computing loads.

Timings (Latency) – Timing or latency of RAM is represented as four numerals separated by dashes. Typically, lower numbers mean better performance.

Multi-Channel Kits – If your motherboard supports multi-channel memory, a matching kit optimizes performance. To accommodate this, RAM can be shopped on the basis of system-specific memory.

How To Increase The Space Of Laptop RAM For GTA 5?

 laptop RAM for pubg

First, we tested how much memory was used opening and running a game. For this, we used Grand Theft Auto V. It’s not the newest game on the market, but it’s still relatively demanding, requiring a decent graphics card to handle all the visuals. According to the hardware requirements reported by Rockstar Games, you’ll need at least 4GB of RAM to run the game, but the developer recommends a minimum of 8GB laptop RAM for PUBG. That kind of lag was very much irritating so I upgraded my external RAM for laptop to 8 GB and finished the game with no lag.

A system having 4 GB RAM actually has less than 4 GB RAM available at a time. I would recommend you get at least 2 GB external RAM for laptop after 4 GB internal RAM. If you can’t try to close all background applications and then run it. If we consider the game like PUBG then also laptop RAM for PUBG is required. This game also needs high GPU and high processor so extra laptop RAM for PUBG is required so that it can’t lag or stuck while playing. That’s why at least 6 to 8 GB laptop RAM for PUBG is required.

Laptop Ram For Photoshop And Laptop RAM For Video Editing

laptop RAM for video editing

Photo editing and video editing are far more demanding than basic office or web functionality. The software which is available in markets for photoshop and video editing is bulky and required more RAM to proceed. Our initial testing showed no real impact on memory usage from actual use, with little to no difference between viewing open photos, simply cropping photos, or performing complex edits with multiple layers. That said, as a general rule, Photoshop is a bit of a memory hog, and will put as much memory into stand-by as it can get.

Adobe recommends your system have at least 2.5GB laptop RAM for photoshop to run CC in Windows (3GB laptop RAM for mac to run it), but in our testing, it used 5GB laptop RAM for photoshop just to open the program and leave it running. laptop RAM for photoshop should be always high for better performance.

Buyer’s Guide Of External RAM For Laptop

laptop RAM for mac

While there are various types of external RAM for laptops available, the vast majority of PCs sold in the last few years support only one type of memory – DDR4. This stands for Double Data Rate, with the ‘4’ means this is the fourth generation of DDR memory. Don’t panic though, if you have an older system that isn’t compatible with DDR4, Scan still stocks a wide range of DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 memory.


The next thing to consider is what size memory you should be looking at. Most desktop PCs require memory sticks, known as DIMMs, each with 288-pins on them. However, if you’re trying to upgrade a laptop it will require SODIMMs, these are a bit stubbier than standard DIMMs, and have 240-pins.in case laptop RAM for photoshop we have to consider the same thing.


The second decision you need to make is selecting a pack of memory with the optimum number of channels. All modern CPUs are capable of running multiple DIMMs together to boost performance. Most CPUs support dual-channel memory, so will perform best when you install the memory in pairs; however, some high-end CPUs support quad-channel memory, so will perform best when you install the memory in multiples of four. Although you can buy multiple individual DIMMs, it is better to buy a dual-channel or quad-channel kit, as the individual DIMMs in the pack will have been tested together by Corsair.


The final consideration is the speed of the memory. While there are a number of factors that determine memory performance the most important spec to look out is the speed, which is displayed as the frequency in MHz. A word of caution, you won’t get the full benefit of high-frequency RAM unless you go into the motherboard BIOS and do some tweaking.

When To Upgrade RAM

If having close to all your RAM being used by the system is OK, why and when should you upgrade and install more? The recommended amount of RAM for Windows 10 is 8GB, which allows for some degree of multitasking and light gaming. You shouldn’t encounter any issue with that amount of RAM unless you’re hammering the PC with massive programs like Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and others on a frequent and simultaneous basis.

But if you hit the ceiling when the performance takes a fall, and you simply cannot push the system further than it’s capable of going, you more than likely need to add some more RAM. First, we need to figure out just how much RAM you have, what configuration (or formation) the modules are in, as well as other details like RAM type and clock speed and type of OS. If it is laptop RAM for mac then also we can upgrade.

What You Need To Have Noted Down To Purchase External RAM For Laptop

Things that are to be noted are DDR type, maximum speed, slots, and capacity supported by the motherboard. If the PC or motherboard is from within the past few years, it’s more than likely going to be DDR4.

Installation Of RAM

RAM can be installed in various configurations, depending on the motherboard. Modules can be installed in single, dual, and quad-channel. You can find some instances where motherboards can take anywhere up to eight sticks of RAM, making for quite the powerful rig.

Depending on the Again the same thing is applicable for PUBG lover laptop RAM for PUBG lover should be high. you purchased, you’ll need to install the modules in corresponding slots. The motherboard and manual will show you which slots are paired. The same procedure you can follow in case of laptop RAM for mac.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is External RAM For Laptop Available For MAC OS?
Yes, laptop RAM for mac is also available in the market. You can obviously expand the laptop RAM for mac. Usually, we have to follow the same procedure for mac also while expanding the RAM. Although performance-wise it will not lag mostly if required laptop RAM for mac also is upgradable.
What Are The General Guidelines For Memory Upgrades Based On A CPU?
The next group of questions will provide you with a general guideline on memory upgrades based on your computer systems CPU. This is intended only as a broad guideline. Please consult your PC users manual for further details of your system requirements, or contact us and we will help you.
How Much Memory Do I Have?
It’s easy to find out how much memory your PC has!
Start with your PCs or motherboards User/Owner’s Manual.

Consult your user/owner’s manual for details about the original memory configuration and capacity. If you’ve misplaced the manual, you may be able to contact the retailer where you bought the PC from.

If you have a hand-me-down PC or inherited a pre-owned PC, you may not have the user manual or know any of the details of the original memory configuration, or the memory configuration may have been changed.if you are editing video and facing lag and slowness in the system then laptop RAM for video editing must be checked to confirm if you have enough RAM or not.
How Much Memory Do I Have in MAC?
If you’re a Mac user, select “About This Macintosh” or (“About This Computer”) from the Apple menu on the upper left corner of your Desktop. This will provide information about your Mac’s total laptop RAM for mac(built-in memory plus DIMMs or SIMMs installed).
Will More Memory Speed Up My Computer?
More memory will not increase the speed of the CPU, but it will reduce the time a CPU spends waiting for information from a hard drive. Since RAM provides data to a CPU faster than a hard drive, you will not have to wait as long for programs to execute. In the case of laptop RAM for photoshop and laptop RAM for PUBG, the same thing will be applied.
What Is A “Virtual Channel” Or VC SDRAM Memory?
VC SDRAM is a proprietary nonstandard type developed by NEC of Japan. The VC-SDRAM memory is supported by a handful of PC systems and is said to provide better performance.

The performance between VC133 is somewhere between PC133 CAS 3 and PC133 CAS 2.

PC133 is the standard adopted by the industry for 133MHz modules.
How To Check Number Of RAM Slots Available In Laptop Or PC?
There is no need to open your laptop by using a screwdriver.
Simply you can check by following path Right-click–> click on Task manager –>click on performance–>click on memory. When you scroll down you can find their slots used in which it is clearly mentioned that shown many slots are and how many of them you are using right now. if required we can go for external RAM for laptop.

The moral of this story is much straight forward; you want to have more memory than you’ll actually use. As you approach the limits of your memory, the impact on your productivity and user experience will be felt more and more, right up until you can’t do much of anything. The choice is that, as PC components go, RAM is easy to install and extremely affordable. If you want a quick way to upgrade your laptop, adding an external RAM for laptop is a great place to start, and is something even a learner can do in very little time.

The 4GB laptop hit that limit after simply opening some documents and a handful of browser tabs. The 8GB system did better, providing good support for photo editing in addition to a healthy number of browser tabs and simultaneous media streams, while the 16GB system supported dozens of tabs, an unreasonable number of concurrent media streams, and even offered usable gaming right up to the end.

Unless you plan on doing a huge amount of multitasking while gaming, there’s little reason for most gaming rigs to go beyond 16GB of memory by adding extra laptop RAM for photoshop or laptop RAM for video editing. Again the same thing is applicable for PUBG lover laptop RAM for PUBG lover should be high.

Easiest Way To Increase The Laptop Space With The Best External RAM For Laptop In 2020
Easiest Way To Increase The Laptop Space With The Best External RAM For Laptop In 2020
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