CNC Machine Hourly Rate Calculator (Guide & Tips) | How To Calculate Hourly Rate For Your CNC Router Business?

CNC Machine Hour Rate Calculation XLS | How To Calculate CNC Machining Cost | How Much To Charge For CNC Router Work | Average Machining Cost Per Hour

People who want to know the CNC router price and want to invest in a new machine will find that there’s an overwhelming number of options available. CNC routers are one kind of industrial machinery and they can be purchased for a variety of purposes, including cutting, engraving, milling, and more.

A CNC router can be used to create signage or even custom furniture parts. If you’re interested in investing in the best CNC router on the market today then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll go over what makes up a great piece of equipment as well as some things to keep in mind when shopping around for your next investment.

Cost Analyzing Of CNC

How Much Does A CNC Router Cost?

For pricing a CNC work, first estimate the fixed costs (machine cost, tool, power, interest ), the variable costs (material, labor), and other costs (design). Add a markup of 10-30% to the total cost (fixed costs+ variable costs + design cost) to get the price for your CNC work. In the next sections, we’ll go into the detail of how to do this.

Analyzing The Cost In CNC Router Price

Need to estimate the fixed costs that are applicable for doing the first unit of work. Making additional units does not change these fixed costs.

Machine Cost

The cost for a CNC machine is a vital factor that one needs to add to the calculation. It is a costly machine and the money invested in it should be recovered in a particular period of time. The rule of thumb helps in recovering the money in a year.

As an example, if you run your machine for an hour every day and you run it for 5 days a week, the total number of hours of machine time in a year is 240 (hrs). However one needs to calculate the daily/weekly hours that are intended to run the machine based on the plans and expectations. The next one needs to determine the cost of the CNC machine.

This is the sum of the price one needs to pay while purchasing and also the average maintenance cost which is likely to be spent in a year. The rule of thumb is to use 10 percent of the overall machine’s price as the maintenance cost.

The cost is to account for wear and tear, repairs and the replacement of the part one needs to do for the machine. If by the method of financing a CNC machine is being purchased, the total interest one will be paying and adding it to the machine cost. When you have the total cost of the CNC machine, dividing it by the machine time in hours(one year) will give the cost of the machine per hour.

Tooling Cost

Different types of tools are needed to cut different types of cutting. In addition, different top-selling CNC projects may require tools with special coating, and all of them add to the tooling cost. Even the tools remain after the project, the tool’s life is reduced because of the wearing effect.

The cost of the tool per hour can be calculated by dividing the tool price by the remaining life hours of the tool. The tool life and the price of it are near the average of different tools, you are using the same tool cost for all tools and avoid calculating the cost of each type of the tool.

Outflow Costs

This is the quantum you pay as rent, water, insurance, and any analogous charges. It also includes any instrument charges you paid for quality assurance.

Calculate the hourly rate of the yearly charges you pay as charges and use the hourly rates for calculating the price of your work.

Analyzing The Variable Costs In CNC Router Work

Variable costs are those costs that change depending on the number of units that need to be produced.

Material Costs

Procuring accouterments is a parlous task as there are several charges involved. Unanticipated detainments can beget major lapses in the cost that you quote to your client. To help similar pitfalls you can ask the client to transport the accouterments to your shop.

In the case of CNC woodworking systems, timber prices change a lot. Still, if you need to land accouterments yourself, you must design the product on your CAD software and determine how important material is needed for the design.

Once you determine the quantum of material needed add a buffer to it for compensating for crimes and breakages. The buffer should be determined by the size and volume of the design. Add to it the costs for transporting the material and other charges to get it delivered to your shop and you will arrive at the material costs. Choose the right kind of wood for CNC routing work, as guests might not know the differences between the types of wood.

Power Costs

Machines bear power for which you have to pay. Some people tend to classify the power cost as a fixed cost. Still, in the case of a small home business or a layman, if you aren’t running your machine, there is no power charge for you to pay. The further the number of units you make, the further the power bill you need to pay., thus it’s a variable cost.

For potterers where systems are irregular, an excellent way to work out the energy consumed for producing the part is to install an energy cadence. Generally, an energy cadence will bring around$ 20 on Amazon and is a helpful tool for determining the functional cost. Don’t forget to add the power consumed by all the outfits that have demanded the design.

For illustration, pumps, dust collectors, and CNC machines are significant energy consumers. You can connect all these biases to a single energy cadence and also record the value on the cadence at the launch and end of a design to know how important power the design consumed. You can use this to calculate the cost of power grounded on the charges you pay your power company.

For shops that produce corridors regularly, you can calculate the per hour power costs grounded on how important you pay your power company. Divide the yearly power charges you pay by the total number of hours the machines run in a month, and you’ll arrive at the hourly rates for your CNC machine.

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Cost Of Consumables

Consumables are accouterments that are used up while doing the design. Some exemplifications of consumables are lubrication canvas, coolant, work holding outfits like double-sided videotapes. You need to add the total cost of consumables used up for completing the product to the design’s net cost.

Labor costs

Calculating labor costs can be tricky. Still, you could determine it by chancing out how important your time is worth in financial terms if you decide to work on the design on your own. For perspective, say you charge$ 30/ hr for your labor and you work 40 hours a week.

You would be making $ per time at that rate. Still, you would be making $ 80, 000 a time if you work 40 hours every week If you charge$ 40/ hr. Some people tend to ignore this cost and count the labor cost as profit rather.

Still, this isn’t a good way to look at labor costs. Still, you should be suitable to employ someone to do this for you, and the cost to employ a person should be the labor cost If you want this to develop as a real business.

Analyzing Other Costs In CNC Router Work

These are costs that aren’t fixed but vary depending on the design. Still, these costs don’t change indeed if fresh units are made, thus they aren’t a variable cost either.

Design Cost

The Design task is unique for each product, and you need to play it precisely then. You can calculate the design cost grounded on the number of hours you spent on generating the tool path for the design. Your time is the most critical factor then, and the designing cost is the cost you earn for your time.

Occasionally, it’s good to waive the designing costs if it’s a simple design that takes veritably little time. It’s also important that you consider the subscription figure you pay for the software each time and include a bit of it in the designing cost.

You can also use free CAD/ CAM software for designing your systems which will help keep the costs down. Don’t charge the design cost per product, always add it as a lump sum for the entire order because the designing cost is the same for a single product and any number of products.

An easy way to work out the designing cost is to determine the figure charged per hour by a person doing the same designing work as you in the assiduity.

Electric Costs

Some guests may request a briskly reversal time. In similar cases, you might consider breaking other systems and workshops. Also, you may run your machines for longer durations than recommended which will beget added wear and gash to your machine. Thus, in similar situations, you should levy fresh costs according to the adaptations you need to make.

Suggested Products

Top CNC Routers In Different Price Segment

Out of several products we have segregated some of the products and arranged some of the 4 best CNC routers before you all.


Desktop CNC Router

Genmitsu Wood Carving Milling CNC Router Kit

Genmitsu CNC Router Kit

 in stock
as of 21/04/2024 08:53

This router has a working area of 300x180x45mm. The base height of the router is 4 cm. It is an upgraded version of 3018. These are designed for light-duty work. It is capable of cutting different types of plastics, soft aluminum, acrylics, PVCs, and PCBs and can be used on a wide range of projects. Prices may vary greatly depending on the spindle type. It is usually an industrial router spindle for the upper limits of the price range. The low-end CNC router systems have a dust collection and other features.


Standard CNC Router

Genmitsu 3 Axis CNC Milling Engraving Machine

3 Axis Milling Cutting Engraving Machine

 in stock
as of 21/04/2024 08:53

This is a mid-range model almost similar to the low-end model. Though the construction is a complex structure and heavier also. The wires reduce the effort of assembly. Also carving to start the project in less time. It turns the project into the next fun project. The control box and the drive system are completely redesigned. Includes all the necessary parts you will need at this affordable price, including XYZ axis limit switches, stop switches, speed control, Z-probe, and more.


Complex CNC Router

LiFuJunDong 3D Milling Machine

4 Axis CNC Router Engraving Machine

$1,259.00  in stock
as of 21/04/2024 08:53

This machine has an outside dimension of 65*158 mm and the material is stainless steel, copper coil. The water-cooled spindle speed is 24000 rpm and the frequency is 400Hz. The working speed is 50-1500mm / min (different material has different speed settings) and the Maximum Idle speed is 0-1500mm/min. Used for engraving aluminum alloy, acrylic plates, ABS resin double color plate, PVC foaming board, indentation plates, signs, construction models, instrument panels, wooden products, etc.


Highest End CNC Router

Next Wave Shark CNC Machine

Next Wave Shark CNC Machine

$2,799.99  in stock
as of 21/04/2024 08:53

The SHARK SD120 CNC Machine has a longer 12″ x 24″- table designed for larger projects such as carving plaques or signs, ornamental boxes, and precision parts machined from wood, soft metals, or plastics. Its price range is high. It runs from either the touchscreen pendant or the computer. For different challenging projects and versatility is added. The compatible routers include are DeWALT 611, Porter-Cable 450, Bosch 1 HP Model PR20, or a similar style palm router. It includes two (2) hold-down clamps, carbide V-bit, Vectric VCarve desktop design software, Vector Art 3-D sample pack, and Ready2Control software.

Short Note

What Is A Fixed Cost Computation?

The machine cost Shapeoko 4 XXL costs around$, but the shipping and fresh accessories needed take the price to around$. Assume that you need to recover this cost in one time. Working the machine 5 hours a week will give you 260 hours at one time.

So the cost of the machine per hour becomes ($/ 260 hrs) which is around $12.3 per hour. Now add 10 as conservation cost, this brings the machine cost to $13.54. The machine needs to run for an hour to make the product, which means the machine’s cost is $13.54.

Tool bring For calculating the tool cost assume the average cost of the tool to be $ 30, and it has a life expectancy of 80-100 hours. That puts the cost of the tool at around $ 35 per hour. For one hour of machine operation, the tool cost will be ¢ 35. For this design, the total fixed cost will be $ 14.

Points To Be Noted

What Are The Variable Costs Computation?

We have listed below all the variable cost consumption:

Material Cost

The wood will bring around$ 25, the other accouterments needed will bring around$ 5. That brings the material cost to $ 30.

Power Cost

The average marketable electricity rate in the US is around 10 $/ kWh. The Shapeoko 4, dust collection systems, computers, and lighting can run off a 20 Amps swell, which means it’ll consume lower than2.2 kWh of electricity every hour. This means it’ll bring around $ 25 an hour. For three hours of operation with one hour of machine operation, the power cost will be lower than $ 50.

Consumable Cost

This design doesn’t bear any consumables other than many elevations of double-sided vid, which costs lower than a couple of cents.

Labor Cost

We can charge $ 30 an hour for labor and this design requires an hour of labor. So my labor cost is going to be $ 30.

Calculating Other Costs

Design Cost

This design will bear an hour of designing work which can be charged at minimum rates as there are no software costs for Shapeoko 4. We will consider the per-hour design cost like $ 30. We are going to assume there are no electric costs for this work. The total other costs for the design is$ 30.

Calculation Shown

How To Calculate The Final Price For The Work?

We can now add the fixed, variable costs, and other costs to find the introductory price of the unit which will be$ 14$60.25$ 30, which is $ 104 (rounded). $ 104 bones are what you need to charge the client to just break indeed.

To make gains you must discount the price of the product. Generally, a 10-30 periphery is used by utmost makers. As an average, let’s choose a 25 luxury. This gives the price for the work as$ 130. This can change depending on the channel you use to vend the product. For illustration, if it requires marketing and display, the costs increase. Also, if the item needs to be packed, you have to include the shipping costs as well.

Cost for 10 pieces

That was for a single unit, what if you have to make 10 similar pieces. The fixed cost would be$ 30 ( Design Cost) plus $13.54 x 10 ( Machine cost)$0.35 x 10 (Tool cost), which is $ 169.

Fixed Cost = $ 169 The variable cost per unit would be the same as ahead,$60.25.

For 10 units, the variable cost will be$602.5.

Variable Cost = $602.5

So the total cost (before luxury) for 10 units would be $ 771

After applying a 25 luxury, the price you need to charge for 10 units would be$ 964. The price per unit (PPU) in this case is$ 975 divided by 10, which is$96.4. You can see that when producing 10 units the price per unit drops down to$96.4 from the$ 131 for producing just one unit.

Still, you can see that the price per unit drops to $ 93 If you do the computation for 100 units. Then is a graph showing how the price per unit drops with the increase in no. of units in CNC work. As you might have noticed, the price per unit drops fleetly with each fresh unit for some time and also flattens after a while. Having an understanding of this graph is really useful while pricing your work and talking to guests.

Discussion Of The Important Factors

What Are The Factors Affecting The CNC Router Machine Price?

Every person those who are constantly looking for improved ways to make their products, and it is no surprise that the use of CNC routers has become more prevalent in recent years. This machine is capable of creating parts with incredibly precise cuts, which reduces waste while also allowing companies to produce better-finished goods.

Due to this, many industrialists have begun investing in CNC router technology. If you are considering purchasing one yourself, read on to learn about its benefits and how it can improve your business! Some of the important factors we have suggested here are discussed below, These include:


The number of pieces can affect the per-product cost of the product. This is because the setup and designing costs are divided among the products. It’s profitable to do systems with a large number of pieces. The setup and designing costs are the same for a single product and multiple products.


The forbearance needed by the product doesn’t affect the cost directly, but it does have a circular effect on the cost of the product. Depending on the forbearance demanded, you will have to use different slice styles and special tools, which will change the cost. Tolerance also determines the speed at which you can make the parts, as a high tolerance will require precise cuts, which takes time.

Material And Size

The material of the part determines the tools and processes to be used. Additionally, it also affects the labor costs as more people are required to move heavy or large workpieces. A large workpiece will also occupy more space on your work floor, making the room unavailable for other works.

Furthermore, if you have to ship the finished products, the type of material and the size of the product will play a significant part in determining the shipping costs.


So last but not the least, those who are looking forward to buying the CNC read the above points carefully. Overall we have discussed, analyzed different costs in CNC router price, the factors affecting the CNC router price, and so on.

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