12+ Types Of Crystal Pendant Lighting. Best Guide To Modern Crystal Chandeliers

The crystal pendant lighting structures are increasingly becoming a popular lighting option for many families as it is capable of enhancing the beauty of the decor of your house uplifting the spirit and atmosphere of the house with its elegancy and expensive-look. These crystal pendant light fixtures have become a symbol of modern elegance and can be seen hanging from every ballroom, kitchen and dining hall. These crystals provide a luxurious appearance with a smooth shiny effect which adds to the beauty of home decor making it look more modernized and splendid.

Crystal lighting is a method where crystal-shaped pendeloques are used to spread the light throughout the space with a soothing rainbow lighting effect. This method is very pleasing and relaxing to the eye and helps to improve the ambiance and mood of the space as well as the people around it.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that.

– Anonymous

The above quote emphasizes the importance of ideal light setting in a room as darkness brings a sense of negativity whereas bright light is proven to uplift the moods of a room as well as the organisms in it.

Types Of Crystal Pendant Lighting

Various Modern Crystal Pendant Light Fixtures

There are various types of crystal lighting fixtures available in today’s market that can meet the different needs of the masses. These lighting systems provide you with transformative power so that you can add luxury, elegance, gravitas, flair, and geometry to any room.

Types Of Crystal Pendant Lights Based On Crystal Cut

The crystals can be cut and polished into various shapes and sizes and are generally called pendalogues or pendeloques.


Colonial cut Crystal Pendant Lights

It is generally flat on one side and raised and faceted on the other side.
Colonial cut Crystal Pendant Lights

The Colonial cut crystal pendant light is a type of pendeloque that is generally flat on one side and has a raised and faceted beam on the other side. These light settings have become highly popular among the generic public owing to its style quotient and expansive look. This crystal pendant light is considered best for a small room and bathroom.


Spear and Icicle Crystal Lights

Both of them are similar in shape but the only difference is that the former has a long pointed end than an icicle.
Spear and Icicle Crystal Lights

The Spear and Icicle cut crystal lights are quite similar in shape and provide great light refraction, not only that owing to their design they seem to be like ice hanging on the ceiling and thus are also referred to as crystal ceiling lighting fixtures. The difference between these crystal pendant lighting for ballroom is that spear crystal lights have a long pointed end whereas an icicle has a blunt, but there is also various light setting that own the configuration of both these pendant styled lights.


Octagon and Rosette Crystal Lighting Fixture

The former has eight sides and features various facets while the rosette is a flower-shaped crystal.
Octagon and Rosette Crystal Lighting Fixture

Another crystal pendant lighting style is the Rosette crystal lighting and octagon crystal lighting were the crystals are cut to give it a flower shape crystal lights in case of the former whereas the octagon crystal cut comes with eight sides with one flat end and other end features 8 facets.


Pear cut Crystal Pendant Light

A crystal cut in the form of a teardrop which also resembles a pear and is also popularly known as Swedish drop.
Pear cut Crystal Pendant Light

The pear cut is a type of cut known to provide elegance to the crystals for lighting structures as it has a great amount of reflecting and refracting properties that makes it perfect crystal pendant lighting for a large room. This crystal is cut in the form of a teardrop which also resembles a pear and is also known as the Swedish drop Lighting fixture.


Square stone Crystal Light Style

A crystal cut in the shape of a square with faceted ends making it look like “X”.
Square stone Crystal Light Style

The Square stone cut is not a stone itself but a name given to the crystal cut pattern that resembles the alphabet “X”. Though it lacks a bit of reflecting and refracting characteristic but is deemed the perfect crystal pendant lighting for bathroom. It is denser than other cuts which makes it low on light distribution but gives out an ambient amount of light which is perfect light setting for the bathroom.


Kite shaped Pendant Lights

It looks quite similar to a diamond but with a slight twist
Square stone Crystal Light Style

The kite-shaped pendant lights have a diamond-like shape but with a small twist that makes them stand out from other chandelier light settings. The major difference between a diamond and kite shape crystal is that the top two angles are longer than the bottom two angles. With an expansive look, it also gives out beautiful rainbow flickering light which is highly pleasing to the eye and when switched on, this crystal pendant lighting for the bedroom brings about calmness and peace to the entire room.


Hexagonal Prism Crystal Lake Light

It consists of long, thin drops with six-pointed tips cut at an angle
Hexagonal Prism Crystal Lake Light

One of the most interesting crystal pendant lighting fixtures where the crystals resemble the form of a hexagonal prism with six long, thin pointed tips that are cut at an angle which helps with distributing the light uniformly. This is is considered one of the best crystal pendant lighting for kitchen due to its overall design and light reflecting rate.


Finial And Cut Ball Crystal Lighting Flush Mount

This type of cut comprises of small-orb with triangle facets
Finial And Cut Ball Crystal Lighting Flush Mount

The finial and cut ball Crystal pendant light fixture is a type of cut that generally comprises of small orbs that are attached with triangle facets making the lighting fixture much more gorgeous and grandeur. This crystal pendant lighting for dinning hall can easily change the decor style of your dining room.

Types Of Crystal Chandeliers With Pendant


Round Crystal Chandelier

Most common lighting fixture that is designed in a round shape
Round Crystal Chandelier

The Round Crystal chandelier, just like its name is designed in a round shape. It is one of the most common chandelier lighting fixture which is designed in a way the makes a covering over the bulb to provide an effect that makes it look like a sun.


Square crystal chandelier

Found in a square shape as well as rectangular that resembles the symmetry of buildings.
Square crystal chandelier

The square crystal chandelier also known as rectangular crystal chandelier is one of the most basic chandeliers that you can probably find in the market as well as in various ancient historical buildings and palaces. These type of lighting fixtures can be found in both square as well as rectangular shapes which are known to distribute and refract light at a greater frequency than other making it a perfect crystal pendant lighting for bedroom.


No Rules Crystal Chandelier

Simple rule-breaking yet spectacularly shaped crystal chandelier
No Rules Crystal Chandelier

The No rules crystal pendant lighting chandelier is a simple rule-breaking yet spectacularly shaped crystal chandelier and is the most popular creative fixture among the masses.


Modern Crystal Chandelier

Pendant shaped crystals hanging from wrought iron or brass
Modern Crystal Chandelier

Also known as modern crystal pendant lighting chandelier, this fixture comprises of some pendant shaped crystals hanging from wrought iron or brass fixture and is gradually gaining popularity.


Tier chandelier

Tier style that can range from one to five
Tier chandelier

Tier Chandelier is another crystal pendant lighting chandelier that comes in a tier form and can range from one to five tiers. Tier chandelier defines the number of tires a chandelier comprises of which can range from one to five.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Popular Queries

  • What is the best crystal for chandeliers?

    There are various types of crystals to choose for the chandeliers and depends entirely on one’s preference as some might like the Swedish pearl cut, rosette, octagonal or round-shaped, rectangle-shaped, etc. Anyone you choose will help you transform the look of your home decor.

  • Are crystal chandeliers out of style?

    There is evergrowing popularity of crystal chandeliers which is increasing with each passing day and to meet the various demands and choices the manufacturers have also introduced various eyecatching designs and styles.

  • How do I know if my chandelier is crystal or not?

    A crystal chandelier produces a rainbow effect when light falls on these crystals often called pendeloques, it also needs a strong frame to hold it but the most important is the light effect giving out various colors.

  • Does chandelier have to be centered over a table?

    It depends on the space where you are installing the lighting fixture if it is meant for the dining place then it is better to hang it above the table to acquire a centralized position rather than placing it in the middle of the room while for other rooms it can be positioned centrally.

  • What is Egyptian crystal?

    An Egyptian crystal is a type of chandelier crystal that comes in the form of a hexagonal prism having long thin drops having six-pointed drops cut at an angle, making it quite magnificent and elegant to look at.

Final Verdict

Which Is The Best Crystal Pendant Chandelier

With the use of the crystal pendant lighting dating way back to the medieval periods where candles were used as a source of light but with the evolution of humans not only the sources of light have changed but the implication methods as well have changed. With time these crystal lighting fixtures have undergone a massive development that can woo the audiences with their elegancy and robust nature while also flickering between bright and dim light effects making them pleasing relaxing and soothing to the eye.

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