Dancing Baby Groot Toys (And More ) That Your Kids Would Love To Play-2020

“I am Groot” a famous and great tagline that has become a common voice for the dancing baby Groot toys and it is loved by the kids all around the world. Whenever you hear this dialogue, your mind starts to wander into the famous movie world of Marvel Cinematic Universe which has given us so many great superheroes featured films that have a fan following not only among kids but also adults to cheer about all over the world.

Of such films Groot is a character which featured in the movies Guardians Of the Galaxy, The Avengers, Though the first edition featured an older version of Groot the second edition made us meet with the adorable yet fierce baby Groot, whose moves, grooves and cuteness moved all and struck a chord in the hearts of the cinema-goers. The dancing baby Groot is seen in the opening scenes of the second edition of the Guardians of Galaxy which dances to the music in midst of his friends fighting an alien. 

The idea of dancing baby Groot toys came from this film where Groot can be seen showing off his adorable dancing Groot moves and the love shown by the people for baby dancing Groot was enough for the toy manufacturers to bring out the dancing Groot figurines and merchandise. These figurines are sold worldwide and have different fan base especially among the younger sections of the community.

Here You Get The Best Dancing Baby Groot Toys For Your Kid’s:

Here you get a complete list of dancing baby groot toys online in 2020:

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History Of Dancing Groot:

Groot is a fictional character that can be seen in American Comic Books published by Marvel Comics, created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby. The introduction of Groot goes back to the 1960s in “Tales to Astonish” where he was presented as an extraterrestrial sentient tree-like invader villain who wanted to capture humans for experimenting.

He was made a hero figure in the 2006 Marvel Comics crossover storyline “Annihilation Conquest” and then he starred in the Marvel Cinematic Universe spin-off, Guardians Of the Galaxy.

There are much-animated television series, toys and trading cards featuring Groot. In the Marvel Universe, it is a tree-like being that hails from Planet X and is capable of controlling all Flora around him and has the ability to regenerate itself from a twig of his body after being destroyed.

This ability gives rise to a baby Groot having all childish characteristics which then later grows to become Groot.

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What Is A Dancing Baby Groot Toys?

Dancing baby Groot toys are the figurines brought to you by the toy manufacturers which is based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s character baby dancing Groot from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. This merchandise has taken the toy world by storm and has a grown fan following especially amongst the younger sections of the society.

The dancing Groot has struck a chord in the heart of the masses and is the biggest reason behind the success of Groot dancing toys. The Groot dancing is a great addition to your superhero collection if you are fond of superhero figurines and will also be a great addition to your kid’s toys that your kids would love to play.

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Types Of Dancing Baby Groot Toys:

There are many types of baby Groot merchandise of which dancing Groot toys are the most loved due to their adorableness and cuteness than other superhero figurines of Marvel and DC.

We bring you some of the best Groot dancing toys which will be loved by your kids as well as adults alike.


Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot

This is a type of baby Groot dancing toy which grooves to the songs which are already included in it, not only that it can also groove to external music.


  • Plays clips from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie
  • Dances to internal music
  • Capable of detecting external music, and grooves to that also
  • Contains a poseable head and arms


  • It’s quite expensive 


Guardians of the Galaxy Baby Dancing Groot Figure

It is a type of Groot dancing figure which is placed in its pot as seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, it grooves to its favorite song “I want you back” by the Jackson Five.


  • It is inexpensive
  • Comes with sound sensor, you talk he will dance
  • Can detect external music
  • A great addition for 2 to 200 years age of people as he’s fun and adorable to have around


  • The build quality of the pot on which the Groot sits could have been better.


Funko Pop Marvel Groot Dancing Bobble Action Figure

This type of dancing Groot figure is a steady figure which can only play the song and shows no movements.


  • The build quality is good
  • A great addition to your collectibles
  • Has a Bobblehead which makes it very adorable


  • It is not one of the dancing baby Groot toys that dances.

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How Does A Dancing Baby Groot Work?

A dancing baby Groot figurine is a doll based on the character of the Marvel Universe which appeared in the sequel of Guardians of the Galaxy movie. There are different figurines of the dancing Groot, some are steady while some of them are manufactured to dance like the character dances in the movie. Some of the dancing baby Groot toys are so advanced that they are capable of sensing external music and groove to that song.
Different dolls have different features to work, after switching them on some respond to the Internal music provided with the figurine or some external music. As soon as the dancing baby Groot toy hears music its eyes light up and it starts dancing. Some of the figurines work very well with Starlord figurine which consists of a tape that plays songs from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

Dancing Baby Groot Toys (And More ) That Your Kids Would Love To Play-2020

Dancing Baby Groot Toys (And More ) That Your Kids Would Love To Play-2020

Buyer’s Guide:

There are some aspects which should be kept in mind while buying a baby dancing Groot toy, like the features it has, brands, price etc. These aspects will definitely help you to land a best deal for your kids.

It depends on your choice if you want a dancing Groot toy or stationery dancing baby Groot toy, as there are different types of Groot dancing toys that might fascinate you. But you must choose wisely which suits you the best, as the dancing Groot toys can be given to kids after the age of 4.
The brands that sell Groot dancing toys are Disney itself which has now taken over the Marvel’s Universe, you can get them from Disney’s official shopping site or Marvel’s official shopping site or from some other e-commerce sites which possess these merchandises.

This is the most important aspect while buying a dancing baby Groot toy,the suggestion would be that if you are going to buy it for a kid aged 4 to 10 you should go for the cheap one as your kid might damage it and make you feel your investment was not worth it, also it is safe for the kids.

If you are purchasing it for children above the age of 10 you can definitely go for the best version of the baby dancing Groot, whose moves and grooves will not only bring a smile to your child’s face but it may bring joy to you also and may astonish you as well.

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What is a Groot dancing toy ?

It is a superhero figurine appearing in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it looks similar to the character Groot in this , and due the character’s popularity, Marvel’s have come up with such dancing Groot toys for kids and adults alike.

Does a dancing Groot toy be purchased for adults ?

Yes, these toys are loved by not only by kids but also by the adults and aged people alike due to its adorableness and cuteness. v

Does a dancing Groot toy really dance, or is it just a rumor for sale purposes?

There are many video evidences that prove  the dancing baby Groot toys really dance to the songs that are provided with them. Though there are some toys that are named baby dancing Groot toys which are just the model of the creature but don’t move or groove.

Is baby dancing Groot toys safe for children ?

These toys are basically made of plastic and  are made keeping the children in mind. Still it should be checked of any sharp edges and loose or small parts that can harm your child.

Where can I get a baby dancing Groot toy ?

Dancing baby Groot toys can be bought online as well as offline. There are different e-commerce sites including Marvel’s official site which provides you these toys and other merchandise. In the offline zone, there are different toy shops that sell these toys and other merchandise.


This item is best for kids entertainment. The smile on a kid’s face is the purest form of joy and happiness for a parent. To see this smile you definitely need to buy a dancing baby Groot toy and will be loved by each and every member of your family. It will definitely add some spark into your collectible if you are a die-hard fan of Marvel Universe or to your kid’s toy collection and they will also love to play with it. Go it’s high time you grabbed this opportunity with both hands or else you will lose the golden chance.

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Dancing Baby Groot Toys (And More ) That Your Kids Would Love To Play-2020
Dancing Baby Groot Toys (And More ) That Your Kids Would Love To Play-2020

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