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You Will Love To Decorate Your Home With The Best Decorative Pillows In 2020

Decorative pillows have the capability of turning a basic sofa to an extravagant sofa and a standard bed into a relaxing oasis. Not only do they boost comfort and coziness, but they can double up the style quotient of your home decor. Decorating your home can be tough, especially when you’re on a budget! But no matter the space you have a little bit of work can transform an empty room into a real room and the easiest way to do it is the decorative pillows. 

It is important to make sure that you love your space, as it has been proved by the scientists that the environment plays a big role in our mood, a happy space can make our mood happy as well but a dark depressing room can make us depressed as well. 

What Are Decorative Pillows?

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The decorative pillows or decorative lumbar pillow are also termed as a throw pillow, which is a small decorative soft furnishing item made from a wide range of textiles including cotton, linen, silk, leather, microfibre, etc. They are commonly used for interior designing and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and decorative elements such as tassels and piped edges. They are usually placed on the sofas or armchairs but are also used on beds too, as they provide both aesthetic as well as bring a casual feeling.

List Of Best Decor Pillows For Your Dream Home Online In 2020:

Here you get a complete list of best decorative lumbar pillow or outdoor lumbar pillow online at best prices. Get more decorative pillows for bed here:

History Of Decor Pillows:

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Though there is no evidence of the origin of pillows or outdoor lumbar pillow as some say it has been come to us from the time of our forefathers, as the use of pillows evolved in animals well into prehistory, the earliest examples including reptiles and mammals resting their head on themselves, and one another to support the neck and head. Pillows were used from a very early stage as is evident by the findings of ancient items by the archaeologists, they were used by Mesopotamians and in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Europe, and Ancient China as well.

Types of decorative pillows: 

There are a variety of decorative lumbar pillow or decor pillows depending on their shape and size, or the filling of the décor pillows, or the fabric used to make the decorative pillows for bed.

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According to the shape and size of decor pillows:

For the most dynamic look, vary the shape and size of the decorative pillows or outdoor lumbar pillow you choose for a single piece of furniture

  • Square decor pillows:-

These are the most common shaped pillows and come in 16, 18 or 20-inch versions, but can be larger or smaller in size. If you are a person of frequent décor changer, then stick to the standard sized square pillows, as finding a cover replacement will be easier.

  • Round decorative pillows:-

Round pillows are much less common than square versions but can be a beautiful choice when used to balance the straight lines of square and rectangular pillows.

  • Bolster decorative pillows for bed:-

Decorative pillows for bed is cylindrical shaped bolster pillows which derive their name from their intended use i.e. they are meant to prop up your arms or back when seated and are mostly used on beds

  • A decorative lumbar pillow or outdoor lumbar pillow:-

Lumbar decorative pillows have an oblong, rectangular shape. Like bolster pillows, they were originally designed to provide back support, but are now used more often for ornamental purposes, usually to offset square pillows or decorate an armchair with outdoor lumbar pillow.

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Fill With The Decor Pillows:

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There are primarily three materials that are used to fill the decorative lumbar pillow or decorative pillows for bed.


Synthetic polyester is the least expensive fill option if you want the pillows or outdoor lumbar pillow solely for decorative purposes it is definitely a good option, but make sure it’s tightly packed to ensure that lumps and bumps are not seen.


These types of pillows are softer and longer-lasting than the synthetic versions but can cost twice as much. If you want your pillow to get used daily you should use don filled pillows over others as they are more comfortable and can be fluffed back into shape.


While foam is occasionally used for square-shaped and lumbar pillows or outdoor lumbar pillow, it is more often used for bolster and outdoor lumbar pillow or decorative lumbar pillow, since it holds its shape better than polyester and down.

Fabric for pillows:-

There’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find a decorative lumbar pillow in almost any fabric you can think of but these are some of the most common and popular fabric elements used to make pillows.


It’s durable, easy to wash, and casual, making it an ideal choice for homes with kids or pets.


Velvet gives a cozy vibe for winter to your home and also instantly adds some warmth to your space.


Pillows made from fur add a luxurious look to your sofas and armchairs, but you must be aware that these types of pillows can only be cleaned by dry-cleaning it.


These types of pillows need low maintenance just like cotton pillows, as it is a blend of cotton and polyester. You can use it to create a light breezy vibe for summer.


From cable-knit to needlepoint wool adds a wintry alpine vibe to a room. It is best suited for colder months or mountain retreats.

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Benefits of Using a Decorative Lumbar Pillow:

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Decorative pillows are generally associated with the aesthetics of a room. You can use them on sofas, couches, and beds. They add color to your decor and have a number of benefits other than decorative purposes.

  • They offer support and comfort to the spine by helping you to sit or lie in the right position, which helps keep spine healthy and prevents back pain and other health issues.
  • Pillows provide emotional comfort as there have been times you have cried into the pillow when missing someone or punched it out of anger.
  • Pillows provide added comfort, as they can be used to lift your head while lying down and watching TV or while traveling by bus or train.
  • Pillows can be used to protect babies who are just learning to sit or can act as barriers to prevent falling or ensuring a soft landing.

Top 10 Creative Ideas For Decor Pillows:

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You will be proud of yourself when you hear someone praising you for the beautiful decor of your home. For that you will need some creative ideas which we can suggest to you, as from sports team motifs to your favorite breed of dog, there’s an endless array of options and routes to consider that will make your home as unique as you are.

  • Mixing of unusual colors:-

This can create mood-like intensity, calm, or focused that you can’t get with just a single color alone. “Blue and green should never be seen” do not pay heed to these thoughts as it is your space and your choice to make which colors you would like to mix.

  • Put decorative pillows on your couch:-

You can replace the old pillows that came with the couch and throw in some new pillows that can completely transform your room.

  • Make your own decor pillows:-

This could be a great idea for personalizing your room’s decor, and it will be a fun and time pass game for you, you will just need the required elements to buy and then sit in front of the sewing machine and start making decor pillows.

  • Have a sense of humor:-

It is a great idea of lighting a smile on anybody’s face, as you can use some pillows with some funny quotes on it which can bring a sense of humor around the room.

  • Animal print throw pillows or fur pillows:-

These types of pillows are sure to bring some grandeur and luxury look to the decor of your home, Instead of fur, you can use faux fur which is an awesome way of getting the luxurious look of fur without hurting the animals.

  • Use Shag style pillows:-

Shag style is now becoming the swag style of every pillow, though they have an impractical appeal about them, they are a great way to add texture and intriguing visual interest in any room.

  • Choose some boldly designed pillows:-

Bold decorative pillows or outdoor lumbar pillow come with expressive patterns in vibrant hues and eclectic finishes which helps to bring out the ultimate style statement

  • Try out Bohemian:-

The Bohemian decorative lumbar pillow or outdoor lumbar pillow has a wide variety of pillows, from beaded to fringed to tasseled, there’s plenty of fun to be found with Bohemian-inspired throw pillows.

  • Try the Gothic pillows:-

Bring home the grandeur look of the early age palaces by using pillows with gothic finished designs, velvet fabrications, gilt embroideries, and symbolic motifs.

  • Go for Unique couch pillows:-

Have you ever heard of Sequin pillows? If not it is time you brought them home, as they are so much fun because they are bright, sparkly, and function like giant Etch-A-Sketches. Which will surely bring out the kid character inside you?

Decorative Pillow Uses

You Will Love To Decorate Your Home With The Best Decorative Pillows In 2020

Decorative Lumbar Pillow Buyer’s Guide:

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Look for tightly sewn seams that don’t give when gently tugged, as well as thick fabric covers that won’t easily snag or tear. Avoid lumpy or sparse fill, which is most problematic in polyester-fill pillows, losing fill is another type that makes it worse. While choosing the best pillow for your home you must keep in mind certain points :

  • Will you be using the decorative pillows for bed on a regular basis or you want them just for decorative purposes.
  • You should set a budget first in such a way that you can afford multiple pillows as pillows look great when in groups.
  • If you are a person of frequent home decor changes then consider decorative pillows with removable covers so that you can easily swap styles.
  • If you have pets or children at home then you should consider fabrics like cotton, linen, or leather as they are more durable for homes with kids and pets.
What are decorative pillows called?

The smaller pillows used for decoration purposes are commonly called as throw pillows or decorative cushions, but you may know them as decorative pillows for bed.

What materials are used for decorative pillows?

There are different types of materials used to make pillows like cotton, velvet, satin, silk, faux fur, leather, etc. while the fillings of the pillows have materials like polyester, down and foam.

What is the common size for decorative pillows?

The size of a pillow may depend on your choice as well as the demands of the sofa or armchair, though 18” X18” and 20” X20” is the most common size for large or sectional sofas 22” X22” and 24” X24” would be a better choice.

Where can I buy decorative pillows?

You can buy decorative pillows for bed from the market places near you or from malls or from any e-commerce sites or some specialized e-commerce sites for interior design.

Can I buy decorative pillows for daily use?

Yes, you can buy decorative pillows for bed for daily use, but not every decorative pillow, you should buy a pillow filled with down, though it is a bit more expensive than polyester, as they are more comfortable than others and can be fluffed into shape again.


So there you have it! With a pinch of creativity, some new decorative pillows for bed, décor pillows, decorative lumbar pillow, or outdoor lumbar pillow, you can completely change the look of your room. Refurbishing it brings some new colors into space and makes the room the room of your dreams which can change your mood from bad to good whenever you walk through the door.

Remember that the best thing about decorative pillows for bed is that they are easy and inexpensive to replace, With all the ideas now with you, it will surely help you to build the room of your dreams.

You Will Love To Decorate Your Home With The Best Decorative Pillows In 2020
You Will Love To Decorate Your Home With The Best Decorative Pillows In 2020

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