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Features To Consider When Buying A Dot Peen Engraving Device In 2020: Best Tips

Features To Consider When Buying A Dot Peen Engraving Device In 2020: Best Tips
Features To Consider When Buying A Dot Peen Engraving Device In 2020: Best Tips

Dot peen engraving device an important tool for all the sectors! We are living in the ear where we need a unique identification by which we can recognize things. Suppose we have two same models of lathe machine then how we can differentiate between them. For this kind of situation, we need some unique identification by which we can recognize it. Here we can say dot peen engraving device comes into the picture.

We can use a dot peen engraving device to engrave the unique numbers on the same kind of instrument which is a permanent mark and can’t be erased easily. By Using this remark we can recognize different instruments. dot peen engraving device can be used on a different kind of surface like metal, glass.  A different class of dot peen engraving device is available for different types of surfaces.

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What Is A Dot Peen Engraving Device?

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A dot peen engraving device is an electromechanical device that is used in a direct part marking process. The portable dot pin marking machine uses a stylus and a pin-tip to create permanent indents (like stipples) on metal materials. The stylus pin is made of sturdy materials like carbide, diamond, or a hard Tungsten alloy. The movement of the stylus is based on a program entered into the control system of the machine. Dot peen engraving devices can create two-dimensional designs on the material surface, such as logos, digits, alphabets, data matrix code, etc. Dot peen engraving devices are available as handheld and portable models designed to give users a more flexible solution.

What Is Dot Peen Technology?

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Dot pin engraving system work by electromechanically striking a carbide or diamond stylus assembly against the surface of a part to be marked. The result is a succession of dots to create digits, text, logos, and 2D data matrix codes. Each such dot is the result of a pulsed current that runs through a solenoid, punches a magnet toward the surface, and subsequently returns the stylus to its starting position, awaiting the next pulse.
Because each pulse occurs in only a fraction of a second, an entire 2D data matrix code, for example, can be completed in seconds (depending on the size). Frequency can be adjusted by controlling the speed of the X and Y axes movements. What makes SIC Marking’s dot pin engraving system so unique is the constant measurement of the electrical current between each pulse. This allows for constant, precise control of the impact consistency.

Benefits Of The Dot Pin Engraving System

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If you have used alternative marking systems such as punch, roller, electrochemical, or bubble jet marking, you probably must have discovered they are a tad expensive to purchase and maintain. With a dot peen engraving device, however, you will enjoy the low cost of acquisition, and reduced maintenance cost as these devices do not require any consumables.
This portable dot pin marking machine is part of the direct marking method and is performed by using either electric or pneumatic pressure to activate the pins, driving them into your desired surface. This system will provide you with a deep and permanent mark that is intended to last for ages and still be readable after painting.
With capabilities ranging from nameplate requirements to the completely integrated solution, this dot peen engraving device is not limited to any material and can be used on all kinds of metals, wood, canvas to plastics. A portable dot pin marking machine is there through which we can achieve multipurpose conditions.
Increased Productivity
Leveraging on pneumatic technology, dot marking technology is nearly as twice as much as fast as the alternative marking methods in the market. Beyond speed, you will be pleased to know that this technology still maintains an equivalent quality to some of the high-end techniques, but it’s more fast and efficient, resulting in increased productivity.
With a dot pin engraving system, you will not need to use additional equipment such as computers to create or control the machine. The dot pin engraving system, are independent, which is an essential property for those looking for a convenient and hassle-free marking experience.

How Do Dot Pin Engraving System Work?

integrated dot peen machines

Control System

For a dot peen engraving device to create mark correctly, a control section is needed to direct the movement of the stylus. For some of the models designed by HeatSign, the controller is built-in. This is especially true of the portable dot peen engraving machine. Other models have a separate control system with its own screen, mouse, or keyboard. The control system powers the entire dot peen engraving device and also directs the movement of the stylus.


The actuator is responsible for translating the power and instructions from the control system to the movement of the stylus head. There are two methods that can be used to actuate the stylus: pneumatic actuators and electric actuators. A pneumatic actuator needs a supply of compressed air to make the stylus pin punch according to the control system’s instructions. An electric actuator uses the movement of an electric motor to control the flow of the stylus head pin punch. Thus, it doesn’t require the use of compressed air.

What Is Dot Peen Marking?

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Dot peen marking is a technology in which the material is pushed back and not burned, milled, or more generally transformed like it is in other marking technologies. No shavings are produced meaning that the parts weigh exactly the same both before and after marking. This also means that dot peen creates no breakage points in the material, regardless of the thickness of the part being marked. We can integrate this technology with regular pipeline and create integrated dot peen machines.

Why Choose Dot Peen Marking?

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Direct part marking is often required in industrial applications where traceability is mandatory because of its ability to permanently mark the surface of the parts. Such markings can be achieved with different technologies and it is not always easy to choose the right one for a specific application. Among all the industrial marking systems, dot peen engraving device and laser marking systems are particularly common.
Dot peen engraving device has been used for years and remains an effective solution mainly because of their low purchase price and their permanent markings. However, laser markers have become the go-to solution when a peak performance that ensures high-density, fast, and easily readable markings are needed. If we see on the basis of application and material then it would be advisable to buy a dot peen engraving device.

Heat Sign Dot Peen Marking:

This marking machine is a company-provided machine. This uses heating technology to engrave on the surface. Heat sign dot peen marking is a specific product of heats ign company.

Buyer’s Guideline Of Dot Pin Engraving System

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Dot Peen Engraving Device Application

When considering what kind of dot peen engraving device to use, keep in mind that different products have varying shapes and designs. The difference affects marking as it can either act as a hindrance or advantageous aspect in marking. When considering vast and cumbersome machine parts, using a handheld portable dot peen engraving machine will be beneficial as it eliminates the need to move it to a desktop integrated dot peen machines. For this reason, consider what the marking machine would be used for.

Dot Peen Engraving Device Mark Quality

Unfortunately, when compared to other methods of marking, the dot peen engraving device is one that is affected by the surrounding environment. As expected, this affects the mark quality that will get produced. To ensure that you always get high quality marking and indentations that are easy to read, focus on the desired effect it will give. It’s for this reason that you might choose an electric portable dot pin marking machine over a pneumatic portable dot pin marking machine.

Kind Of Material That Is To Be Marked Using Dot Peen Engraving Device

Though the metal engraving machine is suitable for most materials, like other machines in the manufacturing industry, its efficiency is affected by the kind of material it will mark. When selecting, ensure that you consider the type of metal you will work with paying special attention to the finishing it has. As it affects the kind of stylus you will use; considering the material will save you time and money

The Mark Permanent The Dot Peen Engraving Device Provides

Most methods of marking in the manufacturing industry can be cleaned or rubbed off. Usually, this is for fresh consumable products that have a short time before they expire. With more permanent products, you want to ensure that your mark will be permanent. For this reason, consider the type of dot peen engraving device that will aid you in marking while eliminating errors that make the mark blurred or shallow.

Portable Dot Pin Marking Machine Marking Speed

The overall marking speed using a pneumatic dot peen is a slow process. A contributing factor to this is buying the wrong kind of portable dot pin marking machine. It makes little sense to invest in a handheld dot pin engraving system to mark rulers. Doing so will take a long time as you will need to measure, countercheck, and ensure it is in the right place before you mark. For this reason, match the marking requirement with the correct dot pin engraving system.

Integration Of Dot Peen Marking Machine

As you will be using the marking machine in the manufacturing industry, considering your manufacturing methods will allow you to know what kind of machine to choose. Ideally, you want to consider a marking machine that can easily be added to the production line. Take time and consider the various dot peen marking machine features to know what best suits you. With easier integration and programming, you will be able to increase the rate of production and marking in your company

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which marking machine we use for large- size part?

For large-size jobs, we offer portable dot peen engraving machine. Most of these are light-weight battery-operated machines with a compact and rugged design. Because of lightweight, we can carry portable dot peen engraving machines to the critical places where we can’t carry regular machines.

Can we integrate marking machines to our regular production pipeline?

Yes, integrated dot peen machines with a production line help save time and effort both. We can offer the most effective marking solutions by integrated dot peen machines scribing type marking machine with your production line. It very helps full solution for any kind of running industry.

What is the advantage of automation in marking?

Our automation solutions in marking are designed to improve productivity. Apart from offering the most appropriate integrated dot peen machines, we also incorporate sensors to detect position, design suitable fixtures and clamps to hold the machine or job in place, and provide customized front fascia for portable dot peen engraving machine to enable hands-free marking.

Is the marking machine is portable?

There are different kinds of portable dot peen engraving machine is there in the market. A portable dot peen engraving machine is also available in the market which is portable and light in weight. We can easily carry their machine to the site where it is required. The portable dot peen engraving machine is small in size and performance-wise there are very accurate.


The dot pin marking machine is a very useful technology for today’s industry. There is a different variety of dot pin marking machines are available in the market. A portable dot pin marking machine is a better option for that requirement where heavy integrated dot peen machines can’t reach. Integrated dot peen machines are another good option where we can integrate the regular dot marking machine with the regular pipelines in the industry.  By this, we can increase productivity and also a time-saving mechanism. Overall we can say the dot marking machine is a nice technology for permanent marking.

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