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How To Use Electric Hot Pot. Expert Tips.

Electric hot pot allow you to prepare a meal faster with ease. You do not need to set up a stove or an oven, a pot of glass and you can still have enough place for the whole family. Electric hot pot make the cooking convenient and fun to do.

But choosing the best electric hot pot for sale amongst the hundreds of products creates a bit of confusion when the quality of hot pot matters most. So, in this article, we have provided proper guidance to help you find the best piece to prepare and enjoy delicious food with your family.

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What Are Electric Hot Pot?

Electric Hot pot are convenient kitchen appliance in everyday life. These hot pots can feature overheating protection as well as boil-dry protection technology that ensures safety during use and extends the life of the appliance. Electric hot pots are shared experience can be enjoyed among friends and family. These hot pots effectively reduce some gas use which ultimately let you have more savings.

Why Should You Choose Electric Hot Pot?

The electric hot pot are a handy appliance that makes your cooking easy. With a normal pot for boiling water takes a longer time as well as it exposes you to the risk of burns. By using hot pot, there is really no need for you to go to the kitchen every time when you need to boil a glass of water or a cup of tea. All you have to do is place the hot pot wherever you feel okay and make your dish within a short period of time.

Electric hot pot are much more energy-efficient than electric stovetops or a microwave. Electric hot pot, especially, with higher wattage boil up the water much faster than other types of electric food-making appliances. But when talking about taking more energy, you might think about the amount of power it takes. Let me tell you hot pot are much more energy-efficient than the microwave, electric stovetops, etc. Which enables you to end up saving some money on your electricity bill.

How To Use Electric Hot Pot?

Good electric hot pot‘ durability depends on how you can use them. Not everyone knows how to use hot pot to work long and effectively.

We have mentioned below how you can use electric hot pot to keep the quality of the device for a long period of time-

  • With new electric hot pot, you must remove the inner pot to wash, when the mini electric hot pot are designed with separate pot, and then wipe up with a soft cloth. By doing this, it will eliminate the smell of paint and dust.
  • You should pour water into the inner pot to boil first, make sure that you do not overfill the hot pot. Otherwise, the electric components of the device will be burned. By limiting water to the tray outside area will cause the thermostat to rust and lose its durability. You should adjust the highest temperature level when the boiling water reduces the temperature.
  • After each use, it is important that you leave the small electric hot pot for a while to cool down completely before cleaning. make sure you unplug the cable before you want to clean all the parts of the small electric hot pot. it not recommended to not use hard metal objects or sandpaper for cleaning the pot as it will easily peel off the non-stick layer of the pot.
  • It is necessary that you keep the pot in a dry place in order to avoid moisture, otherwise, it will easily cause the pan to burn with subsequent use.

Things To Keep In Mind While Using Electric Hot Pot?

There are some precautions to consider while using a portable electric hot pot. Here is the list of some important things below that you should keep in mind to maintain the quality of a portable electric hot pot-

Clean the Electric Hot Pot Regularly
You should keep in mind that in order to keep a portable electric hot pot in good shape require regular cleaning. Unplug from the socket and clean the portable electric hot pot with a clean cloth. The inside of the pot is a bit difficult to clean. So, for safety purposes, remove the plug of the device and leave it for cooling down prior to starting the cleaning process. Fill half the pot with warm water with some vinegar added and let it stay in the portable electric hot pot for about half an hour. Then remove the water and use a sponge to scrub the appliance. And wipe up the kettle with a soft cloth to completely clean up.
Avoid Turning on Empty Electric Hot Pot
Keep in mind that you should not switch on empty hot pot. Switching on an empty electric hot pot will damage the heating element and decreases its durability. However, nowadays some advanced hot pot automatically cut off the energy or the power if it is empty. It is significantly a great way to save heating element and to help to avoid accidents.
Do Not Store Water in the Electric Hot Pot
Another common mistake is storing water in the hot pot. Ensure you emptied the appliance by removing all the water when not using them. Storing water in the hot pot lead to limescale build-up, causes damage to the appliance. By emptying the kettle, it will prevent limescale build-up and increase the appliance’s durability.
Boil the Required Amount of Water
Many pour more water than required. But you should know that boiling more than required water gradually damages the appliance. Because the heating part will then need to work excessively for a longer period of time to boil the water. This will impact on the device’s durability. Therefore, we recommend, that you boil the right amount of water so the appliance functions smoothly for a long period of time.

How To Clean Electric Hot Pot?

These electric hot pot are not your regular hot pot. So, it needs to be cleaned regularly in order to keep them functional for a long period.

So, the following steps will guide you to carefully clean up small electric hot pot without damaging any of its electrical parts-

  • Wash the portable electric hot pot cooker with the running water and clean any excess food particles.
  • Put a small amount of dish soap in the hot pot. Don’t pour too much. Because excessive amounts will result in a mess.
  • After that rinse the hot pot thoroughly and then use your dish washer’s sponge to scrub away any debris to remove all dish soap and food particles.
  • Use a towel to dry the portable electric hot pot cooker. Let it air-dry completely to use later. Don’t allow water to sit inside your portable electric hot pot cooker, otherwise, it may cause rust. Thus, it is very important to use a towel to clean away any excessive moisture. Make sure you leave it on for a while to air-dry the electrical components of the appliance to dry before your next use.

Buyer’s Guide To Electric Hot Pot

It can be a bit tricky to buy the best electric hot pot for sale available on the market. But with the proper guidance, you can find the best one within your budget.

Below are the key considerations for buying the top quality hot pot-


The materials of the inner pot influenced the quality of the small electric hot pot. What type of material you need should be determined before choosing to buy small hot pot which directly affects the convenience, durability of the device. The material of the inner pot is quite diverse, such as stainless steel, aluminium alloy, ceramic porcelain, etc. These materials have distinct heat resistance, pot bearing capacity, and the pros and cons are distinct as well. The price of the product is also significantly determined by the electric pot materials.

In an addition, There are portable electric hot pot cooker with non-stick varieties which can be easier to cook and clean, however, if you want to avoid chemicals in non-stick coatings or don’t want to worry about scratching the coating, a stainless steel model is the best choice for you.


If you’d like the option to sear meats and vegetable table-side instead of simmering them in broth, look for hot pot that include removable grills or barbecue plates. Some hot pot feature steam racks for more versatility.

Pot Capacity:

While choosing hot pot, consider the pot’s capacity especially if it is for the whole family use. You can rely on the number of family members in order to choose suitable hot pot. For a small family under 4 people, you should choose electric hot pot which have the capacity of lesser than 3 litres. For a family with 6 members, one can choose hot pot with the capacity of 3-4 litres. And for a family of more than 6 members having more demands, hot pot with the capacity of 4 or more litres will be the best choice. Additionally, when choosing hot pot for your whole, you should rely on the needs of the family as well.


Electric hot pot have various price points, thus, it will be a smartness to set a budget while thinking about getting one. Remember, you often get what you pay for after choosing one by yourself. Therefore, it is better to invest more and get the best ones.

Typically, regular mini or small electric hot pot are ranged from $20 dollars to $50 dollars. However, it may be too small for a few people. If you need one only for yourself, there is no need for you to purchase a bigger one.


You always need to find a portable electric hot pot cooker with good quality as it will affect the health and convenience, durability when using. It will ensure that you will get your money’s worth and the safety of its use. This is why you always have to consider checking the construction and material of the hot pot you are looking at. It is advised that the portable hot pot cooker you like come with high-grade materials.


You should consider the right size of the electric hot pot for your home to make the most out of your purchase. Think about it, if you are going to cook for yourself, small hot pot will be enough. Or if it is for your entire household who enjoy hot pot dinners, then consider a bigger one. Other than that you can also purchase a combo appliance featuring both the electric grill and hot pot.

There are also hot pot consist of separate serves. Which means you can serve two different soups at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What can you cook in an electric hot pot?
Electric hot pot are not just for using as hot pot but also can be used to make other soup or staw. It can be used to make instant noodles and you can also use some of these as egg boilers and rice cookers as well.
How long does hot pot take to cook?
Electric hot pot usually take from the 50 – 60 seconds to start getting boiled. Some might take around 5 minutes if you put vegetables or other ingredients inside.
What are some other features to look for in electric hot pot?
Electric hot pot also consist of many other features. In fact, the more features and utilities an hot pot have, the easier it is to use.
Self-adjustable cooking temperature: When the food is cooked, the Here is how you can clean up small hot pot without damaging any of its electrical parts below- automatically adjust the temperature as needed with the function of self-adjustable cooking temperature, which helps in preventing the food from getting over-fried. This obviously helps to save the maximum electricity.
Multifunctional cooking: If the portable hot pot cooker has this feature, you can fry and grill as you like it.
Heat sensor: With this operation when the food reaches the appropriate temperature, the electric hot pot will automatically disconnect the electricity and switch to the warming mode. This helps in stabilizing the device, preventing the device from overloading to save energy in the most optimal way.
Are electric hot pot safe to use?
Yes, hot pot are safe to use. As mentioned earlier, some use hot pot consist of stainless steel to avoid chemicals in those hot pot with non-stick coatings. But these are also great to avoid scratching.
Where to buy electric hot pot from?
When buying an hot pot, you should buy from large electronics centers or from trusted online sites to ensure the quality and origin of the hot pot for sale. You can choose the top quality product from thousand of trustworthy brands that offer electric hot pot for sale from GeekyViews. From here you can choose various types of hot pot for sale at pocket-friendly prices and clear your doubts with at any time.

The energy-efficient portable electric hot pot will reduce the time it takes to prepare a dish whether in the kitchen or somewhere else in the house. A portable hot pot also comes in handy while spending time outside with family or friends or for a picnic. Although the weight of a portable hot pot differs according to the materials, a portable hot pot is very convenient while you need to carry it to prepare quick foods while spending time outside. Here you must read about make hot pot at home. Click here

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How To Use Electric Hot Pot. Expert Tips.
How To Use Electric Hot Pot. Expert Tips.
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