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Best Features of CNC Machines: 2020 Update

Best Features of CNC Machines: 2020 Update
Best Features of CNC Machines: 2020 Update

Features of CNC machines! CNC Machines are heavy machines used for cutting wood, any other hard material to give it a certain shape. Most CNC machines have a strong build quality and can be used for a number of different purposes. CNC is appropriate for low-to-medium and one-off jobs volume production, because of its high repeatability. If you compare it with 3D printing, CNC is more equipped with design restriction, because of its nature which is subtractive of the technology.

What is CNC Machines?

CNC  machine is a typical product of mechanical and electrical integration. It is a computer as the control core, set milling machine, motor and drag, power electronics, sensors, automation, machine tools, and PLC, and gas and hydraulic technology as one of the automated metal cutting equipment. The CNC system (Computer Numerical Control, referred to as CNC) is the core of control, is generally a dedicated computer. Compared to the ordinary mill machine, CNC milling machine processing parts are automatically carried out according to the processing program.

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The Basic Features of CNC Machines Are:

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Prominent features of CNC machines

It is important to note here that CNC machining tools are usually available with automatic tool change holder and controlled by the program. Hence, it is evident that the operational process is more concentrated in nature. On all CNC machines, an electronic measuring system is employed on each controlled axis. The measuring systems are usually used on CXNC machines for identifying the positioning of a slide on the slideway.

These systems also play a crucial role in orienting the spindle table and measuring the actual spindle speed. CNC controls are the main components of the CNC machining. The new features of CNC machines controls were developed for simple applications related to turning machining centers and grinding. On the other hand, the advanced computer numerical controls allow more precise control of the various axes, enabling them to interpolate positions faster. So let’s take a glance at some of the main features of CNC machines.


Automated lubrication systems characteristics of CNC machining

It is worth mentioning here that you could derive long term reliability from a machine tool that relies on a regular maintenance and lubrication schedule. It is a commonly observed fact that inadequate lubrication to the bearings would cause premature damage to them. Moreover, inadequate lubrication can also damage the track rails. In other words, if there is an utter lack of lubrication, the stability of the machine would decrease.

Usually, repairing costs related to CNC machines are quite expensive. Thus, it makes sense to opt for those CNC machines which are equipped with a self-lubrication mechanism. It is also called automated lubrication, where each bearing of the device is connected to a central manifold. The lubrication dispenser automatically provides a programmable and pressurized oil feed to each bearing.


Boring heads constructional features of CNC machines

Boring heads are an indispensable part of CNC machines usually deployed in the woodworking industries. It is a well-known features of CNC machines that the woodworking industry needs to produce a design of varied shapes and sizes in mass productions. Hence, it is not feasible to work on designs on an individual basis. Therefore, the CNC machines should be equipped with boring heads that would help the woodworkers carve out intricate details with relative ease. The boring heads and aggregates are extensively used in other industries where fine craftsmanship is of utmost necessity.


Transitivity of the CNC machining process is better

After debugging and verifying the test cutting process, the transitivity of the features of CNC machines can be deployed to save critical time and ensure quality at the same time. Moreover, the process can be used as a template for the subsequent processing of the other similar parts. Hence, with the transitive features of CNC machines, various workflows across the industry can be streamlined.


Spindle options in design features of CNC machines

Both 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machines have an extended range of options when the context is about spindles. They are efficient and can take loads by guarantying your utmost precision at the same time. Moreover, vacuum pumps are optional features of CNC machines. Vacuum pumps render strength and stability to the CNC machine setups.


Automated tool length setters 

Automated tool length setters can make the 3-axis and 5-axis features of CNC machines more efficient. The length measurement systems are highly accurate. Moreover, they comprise a single M-Code that executes the selection of the tool in an automated environment. Furthermore, tool positioning to the probe measuring position can be fine-tuned with the help of automatic tool length setters. When the examination has detected the machine, the individually measured tool length gets stored automatically in the Fagor tool offset table.


Fagor Controls

Fagor controls are also an integral component of 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machines. Though most features of CNC machines come equipped with this functionality, other manufacturers don’t preinstall it in the CNC machines. In case your CNC machine doesn’t have Fagor Controls, it would be best to purchase them from any third-party supplier.


It is essential to run prior tests before beginning with the manufacturing process

To be precise, the runtime environment of CNC machining is highly automated. This is the reason that one needs to pay proper attention to safety and quality.  In other words, the machining processes related to CNC must meet all the operational and production criteria in a trial test. Trial tests before actually beginning with the production process would save you from a lot of hassles.

Wrapping Up

The features, as mentioned above, are highly sophisticated in nature. This is also the reason that CNC machining is so advanced from traditional ways of milling and lathing. Keeping in mind the features would also help one to operate the machine with high precision and efficiency.

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The Main Technical Features of CNC Machines Centers Are as Follows:

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  • The milling cutters can be differentiated by their type of teeth, cutting direction, or shape.
  • The spindle axis may be horizontal (the z-axis is horizontal), vertical (z-axis is vertical), or universal.
  • The milling machine can have 3 axes, 4 axes (three linear axes plus one rotary table), or 5 axes (three linear axes plus 2 rotary axes).
  • The production speed (this also depends on the material and the machined part).

Parts obtained: The machine allows the production of plastics or light metals (e.g. aluminum) and in some cases the machining of special steels such as stainless steel. CNC machining is used in various industries like aerospace, mechanics, optics, medical, etc.

Once the prototype has been manufactured by the machine, it is necessary to perform the following operations:

  • Manual finishing (deburring, polishing, etc.)
  • Dimensional checks with the caliper.
  • Checking of appearance to verify compliance with the specifications.

Buyers Guide for CNC Machine

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Motor System:

Servo Motors are best for high speed, high torque applications involving continuous load changes while Stepper Motors are less expensive and best for low-medium speed, high torque applications.

Drive System:

There are typically 3 types of drive systems on a router including Rack and Pinion, Lead Screw, and Ballscrew. Ballscrew is the most expensive but also withstands larger material size and yields better accuracy.

Automatic tool changer System (ATC):

If your application requires using more than one tool, then an ATC System would help to change tools efficiently, reduce operator error, and decrease job times.


Spindles are motors that do the actual cutting with the use of a cutting tool. Look at the capabilities of the spindle including RPM, torque, power requirements, load ratings, collet type and size, spindle motor type, etc.


The heavier the machine, the better it is constructed, the better it performs. However, if your business requires frequent transportation of the machine, you may want to look around for a strong and rigid machine that weighs the least.

Table size:

Buy a large enough routing machine that can handle your typical material size while considering room for expansion or jobs that require longer material to be processed.

CNC router software:

Knowing the machine does what it is programmed to do, invest in advanced software that provides accuracy, efficiency, regular updates, etc. If you require manufacturing complex parts, a specialized software package may be required.


Look for Router systems that offer a variety of features. Simply put, the machine features essentially make things easier for you. You want a machine that is productive, can process efficiently, and requires little to no supervision once the settings are in place.

CNC router bits:

Purchase quality router bits with a long life. Once purchased, make sure you maintain and care for them as it is important to always work with a sharp router bit.


The more hold-down strength, the heavier material you can cut. Look at how much vacuum pressure the machine has and how well the table holds down the material.

Dust Collection:

CNC Routers can generate a lot of sawdust. Vacuum Systems can clean up the atmosphere and the overall area of operation. Check to see approximately how much dust will be created, what type and weight of waste need to be collected, and where should you place the vacuum system so it works most effectively.


The cost of a CNC Router depends on the brand, model, features, options, size, construction, and more. From entry-level to high-end Routers, they can cost approximately $5k to over $150k. Keep in mind there are also the costs of installation, training, software, warranties, preparation, consumables, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What language do CNC machines use?

The industry has standardized on G-Code as its basic set of CNC machine codes. G-Code is the most popular programming language used for programming CNC machinery.

What is the difference between the features of CNC machines and VMC?

CNC is a type of motion control system. It basically means that instead of using cams or templates to cut apart, it is controlled by a computer.
A VMC is a type of CNC machine, typically enclosed and most often used for cutting metal.

What is the M code in CNC machines?

M-code (for ‘miscellaneous function’) is an auxiliary command; descriptions vary. Many M-codes call for machine functions like ‘open workstation door,’ which is why some say “M” stands for “machine”, though it was not intended to.

What are the 5 axis features of CNC machines?

The term “5-axis” refers to the number of directions in which the cutting tool can move. On a 5-axis machining center, the cutting tool moves across the X, Y, and Z linear axes as well as rotates on the A and B axes to approach the workpiece from any direction.

Which materials are used in CNC Machining?

Almost any material can be used in the main features of CNC machining. It really depends on the application. Common materials include metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, steel, and titanium, as well as wood, foam, fiberglass, and plastics such as polypropylene, ABS, POM, PC, Nylon, etc.

What is the M code in CNC machines?

M-code (for ‘miscellaneous function’) is an auxiliary command; descriptions vary. Many M-codes call for machine functions like ‘open workstation door,’ which is why some say “M” stands for “machine”, though it was not intended to.

What do CNC machinists do?

CNC machinists work with computer numeric controlled ( CNC ) heavy machinery from setup to operation to produce parts and tools from metal, plastic, or other materials. Computer numeric controlled equipment is precision machinery that cuts, grinds, or drills into the material.


We understand that a lot of our readers are fellow hobbyists woodworkers or beginners who have just fallen in love with woodworking and want to explore this domain but can’t afford the high price of some of the CNC machines.  So here you will get to know all features of CNC machines.

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