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10 Geniusly Amazing Shoe Storage Ideas For Your Home (2020 Updated)

It can happen a number of times that after coming back home, you stumble upon the shoes that are scattered all around the floor. That thing is quite irritating, right? That not only destroys the view of your room. Also if the shoes have not been worn for a long time, the bad smell starts to come out. This is why we have got you 10 Genius & Amazing Shoe Storage Ideas that you can use at your home.

Why Do You Need Shoe Storage?

Sometimes, it may happen that you have a number of shoes. You don’t know where to keep them properly. They remain scattered on the floor and also give out a foul odor due to not wearing them for quite a long time. And you do not have any place where you can keep them properly so that they do not look scattered.

This is when shoe storage boxes come in. They are mainly DIY boxes or shoe storage ideas which you can easily make and use to store your shoes. You can also design them in such a way that the view of your room also remains good as well as you can easily store the shoes.

You can get the shoe storage ideas in the best possible way, suiting your style and match. You can get here to create a number of designs that will be particularly suiting your style and needs.

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Best Entryway Shoe Storage:

After entering someone’s house, the first impression that someone usually has is mainly about the entry passage and the cleanliness. If the entry passage is not well maintained and shoes are scattered all around, that doesn’t look good. So we have some ideas here to make the best entryway shoe storage which will suit your style as well as the fashion.

Make sure to keep in mind the space that you will be requiring to make it.


Modern Heavy Duty Shoe Wall:

These shoe storage boxes are just the right one for you if you are looking to keep your shoes faced against the wall, with support on the floor, this is just right for you. This type of shoe storage box is ideal if you want to keep your shoes on racks and in proper order.


Easy tubs matching the decoration of your house:

This can be mainly used if you also want to improve the decoration of your house. Just take this type of shoe storage boxes and keep it beside a wall matching the color of the wall and you are good to go.


Simple hanging solution:

This is one of the simplest solutions to the problems of a number of shoes and sandals. Just hang your sandals and shoes suiting your style with hooks and wires, and you are good to go. Make awesome changes according to your preferred choice.


Four-Tiered Sturdy Shoe Shelf:

This is a type of shoe storage bench. Mainly associated with wooden floors and houses, this shoe storage bench is mainly made up of a wooden body and is quite sturdy and strong. They are one of the loveliest options of using as entryway shoe storage.


Wall-heel hangers:

This is one of the easiest shoe storages to set up. You just need a little number of hooks and hangers and you are good to go. Just fit them against the wall and place your favorite shoes and sandals there. And it will look great.


Wired Individual Shoe Holders:

These are mainly vertical shoe holders. They hold up your shoes in a vertical position, causing maximum air to flow through them. Thus preventing them from getting stinky and rotting out. They are mainly wired holders which helps to hold the shoes in their original shape and size.


Painted shoe storage boxes:

You just need a normal wooden or cardboard box for this thing. Just take a box and paint it according to your preference. And keep them under a sofa or bed or any storage area in the house. Make sure to keep your shoes inside so that it acts as shoe storage.


Shoe display case:

These are ideal when you have got boots to store. Sometimes these boots, if not stored properly, can stay over each other for a long time and can create many problems. This shoe storage has got racks where you can easily store the boots in a proper way so that their shape is always maintained.


Reminder Sign Basket:

This is quite an innovative type of shoe storage box. These shoe storage boxes are mainly used to remind the guests of your house that shoes are strictly not allowed inside the house. And that they should keep the shoes inside the box and collect them while leaving again.


Triangular Shoe Cubbies:

This gives a touch of modernness as well as a classy feeling. These small triangular-shaped storages help to store shoes in the most modern and playful way. Mainly made up of 25 separate cubes, they can store shoes and sandals in the most modern way possible.

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Best Under Bed Shoe Storage:

A lot of shoes having no proper place to get them stored can be a huge problem. You have no place to store your boots, sandals, and shoes. This is when Under Bed Shoe Storage comes in. They are not very costly and can be easily used to store slippers and sandals.

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  • Soffit Under The Bed Shoe Organizer Fits 12 Pairs

It is one of the best under bed storage for shoes. It has got a thick material that covers the shoes and provides them enough protection. Also the clear vinyl cover provides transparency. Thus you can easily check your shoes and select them easily. Also, the handle provided is strong enough which can be used easily to move it around.

  • Ziz Home Under Bed Shoe Closet Storage Solution:

This product is mainly suitable for storing seasonal footwear. Shoes can be kept easily inside this shoe storage box. The cardboard bottom provides the extra bit of strength to it so that it does not get damaged easily. Also, the fiber covers provide enough protection to the shoes kept inside. However, it is advised to measure the size of the shoes properly before storing them inside the storage box.

  • Rebrilliant Under-the-Bed Organization Storage Box:

This shoe storage box is quite stylish as well as quite spacious. With its the perfect mixture of colors, these storage boxes can be used to easily store your shoes as well as some on your bedroom belongings. They also come with 2 handles, thus allowing you to easily use the box according to your preference.

  • Rebrilliant Fabric Underbed Shoe Storage:

This shoe storage box is quite durable as well as stylish. It can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes and can be used easily. The material on the top also gives a transparent view of the shoes kept inside.

  • Bailando Shoe Storage Organizer:

This is mainly made up of sturdy and hard material with double zippers and strong handles so that it cannot be damaged easily. When you are not using it to store anything, it can also be collapsed down. Also, the quality of the shoe storage box is hard enough and can be easily used to store large shoes easily.

  • Set of 2 Under Bed Shoe Storage + Free Fiber Cloth:

This fits perfectly under your bed as it is of low profile design. The  PVC cover is transparent and helps to see your shoes clearly. Now you can easily store your favorite shoes and sandals without the worry of getting them dirty. Also, the zippers that are provided help you with easy access from both sides of these shoe storage boxes.

  • Magicfly Under Bed Shoes Organizer Built-in Structure (12 Pairs):

As the name suggests this storage can easily fit 12 pairs of shoes. It has got a transparent PVC cover that helps to easily check out your shoes. The tough fiber that covers the structure provides enough stability and durability. Also, the handle provided is strong enough so that you can carry it wherever you want to. The zippers provided gives you easy access from both sides of the structure.

  • Comfort Under The Bed Shoe Storage Organizer (12 Pairs) Set of 2:

This comes in a number of patterns and designs. And the material is quite sturdy enough to provide enough stability. Also, the zippers provided give you easy access and it can easily fit in 12 pairs of shoes. The zipper has also got a warranty of 1000 uses. So use it as long as you want it, as the zipper won’t get damaged easily.

  • Rebrilliant Burroughs Underbed Shoe Storage:

This under bed shoe storage has got a wheeled base and can easily accommodate 12 pairs of shoes. It is made up of high-quality carbon steel and comes in a number of color variants. The shoe storage is mainly ideal for wardrobes and cloakrooms.

  • Floyd Underbed Storage:

This under bed shoe storage comes in the form of a drawer. It is mainly associated with the Floyd bed and can be used easily without any tools. It is made up of steel material and durable canvas, thus making it easier to store up shoes and use them whenever and wherever required.

Best Shoe Storage Bench:

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This shoe storage bench is ideal if you want to buy it for your shoes or gift it to someone. Along with providing a place to keep the shoes, it also provides a sitting place where you can sit and wear on or off the shoes according to your comfort. While buying any shoe storage bench, please keep in mind the height of the shoes, design, budget and many things.

  • SONGMICS Entryway Bamboo Shoe Bench

This shoe storage bench is quite useful and handy when it comes to storing shoes. You can easily fit in a large number of shoes, sandals, slippers. Also, there is a sitting place where you can sit and wear your shoes. The design is also modern and good. There is also a 4-way opening design.

  • Baxton Studio Entryway Shoe Bench, Espresso

This shoe bench is also stylish and trendy. It can easily fit in the hallway, bedroom and any other place in the house. There is ample space to hold up to almost 10 pairs of shoes. Also, there is a foam padded seat where you can sit and easily wear the shoes.

  • Winsome Dayton Shoe Bench With Shelves

This type of shoe storage bench comes with toughness and durability. It has got an ample amount of size to hold several pairs of shoes. It protects the shoes from getting damaged. Also, there are 3 shelves…so you can easily differentiate which shelf to use for which type of shoes. Also sitting on the bench is quite comfortable and good.

  • VASAGLE Cubbie Shoe Cabinet Storage Bench

This shoe bench can easily store up to 10 pairs of shoes. The shelves that are present can be easily adjusted to store household items amongst other things. Also, the soft padded seat helps a person to sit peacefully and wear his/her shoes.

  • Prepac Shoe Storage Cubbie Bench

It has got a capacity to hold at least 18 pairs of shoes. The total capacity including its weight that it can withstand is 220 pounds. If you want a shoe bench where you can sit peacefully and tie your shoelace without any problem, this shoe storage bench is just the right option for you.

  • VASAGLE 3-Tier Industrial Shoe Bench

It has got a metal framework along with a wooden plank on top. It can be used both as an indoor as well as outdoor furniture. It can also house 6-8 pairs of shoes easily. And it has got a sitting platform where you can easily sit and wear shoes. The total weight it can withstand is close to 198 pounds.

  • SONGMICS Bamboo Shoe Bench ULBS120N

This can easily be set up in your hallway, dressing room, bedroom and anywhere in the house. It features mainly 2 tiers and you can differentiate easily which shoe to put in which tier. It has got a versatile design and rounded corners to protect against scratches. Also, the sitting area is quite good and comfortable.

  • Haotian FSR27-W Shoe Cabinet, White

This can easily be set up in your hallway, dressing room, bedroom and anywhere in the house. Mainly comprises of a top compartment and 3 storage spaces. The top compartment is much smaller and is suited for smaller items like shoe brush, shoe polish, rags, and keys, among others.  Also, the sitting area is quite good, padded and comfortable.

  • Seville Classics 9-Bin Foldable Tufted Bench

It mainly comprises of 9 shelves and easily helps to keep your sandals and sneakers. This shoe storage is mainly ideal for placing in the bedroom and comprises of the cube as well as an end to end bench style. It comprises of a top-hinged lid or a button-tufted padded cushion on the top that on account of being detachable helps to make compartments more accessible. Also, the seating area is well padded.

  • Tribesigns Entryway Shoe Bench

This is mainly a type of Roman stool. It has got round edges to keep it child friendly and also has padded seat for more comfort. It can house up to 6-8 pairs of shoes and is also quite sturdy and durable.

Best Outdoor Shoe Storage

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It can so happen that many of us are not so favorable with keeping shoes inside the house. That is why you need outdoor shoe storage which helps to store your shoes outside the house. These storages are kept near the front doors of the house and you need to put your shoes there inside before going inside the house.

  • Hang tension rods

Place a box outside the house. And keep two metal rods simultaneously in front of each other. Place one rod a little lower in front of the other, such that you can easily rest the heel of the shoe on one rod and keep the sole of the shoe on the other rod.

  • Hang shoes and boots

If there are more shoes in your house and you do not know where to keep them, just use the S-shaped hooks of the wardrobe. Use these hooks to hang the sandals and shoes effortlessly. Also, use clips to keep your shoes together.

  • Place a tucker basket outside

If you are very picky about shoes coming inside your house, you can keep a basket outside the house. Just paint the box to suit the wall color and keep it outside with a note for people to keep their shoes inside the box while coming inside. This won’t take much amount of money to do and would also prove to be quite good.

  • Use floating shelves

You can also use floating shelves to store your shoes and sandals. Just fix them against the wall and you are good to go. Also if you have a decrease in the number of your shoes, you can use the top shelf to store your jewelry, books and other things.

  • Use old wine crates

Old wine crates are also quite good to store shoes outside. They are mainly made up of wood and are quite durable and are sturdy. They help to store a limited number of shoes and works as modern shoe storage ideas.

  • Use any shoe rack

There are a number of shoe racks that are available in the market. Almost everyone is quite durable made of either steel, plastic, wood. They also help to store shoes in the best possible way. They have got shelves where you can keep your shoes.

  • Over the door organizer

This over the door organizer actually holds between 24-36 pairs of shoes. It can easily fit against your door. It is quite trendy and modern in design. This shoe storage idea is quite ideal if you got a number of guests in your house and you are pretty worried about where to ask them to open their shoes.

  • Simple wooden pallet

A simple wooden pallet is one of the easiest and simplest ways to hold your shoe properly. It has got a number of holes which fit shoes perfectly. Thus you can easily ask your guests or your family members to tuck in their shoes in this amazing shoe storage of yours.

  • PVC pipe shoe rack

Who knew PVC pipes can act as shoe racks also! Yes. They do act like shoe racks. Just cut a part of a discarded PVC pipe and fit it against the wall. It provides you with enough space to put one pair of the shoe inside it. This is one of the funkiest and trendy outdoor shoe storage idea.

  • Use a ladder or towel rack

You can also use a ladder or towel rack to help you with outdoor shoe storage. Just hang your shoes or boots from the stands of the ladder or towel rack, and you are good to go.

10 Geniusly Amazing Shoe Storage Ideas For Your Home (2020 Updated)

10 Geniusly Amazing Shoe Storage Ideas For Your Home (2020 Updated)

Best Closet Shoe Storage

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A closet shoe organizer is mainly a storage system for your shoes. It prevents your shoes from getting scattered all over the house and also helps it remain clean and look good. It also helps you with easy choices while you are running late for your office or a party.

  • Container storage box

A container is found to be the best closet shoe storage box. Almost every one of us has some free plastic containers in our houses. Use them to make the shoe storage box. They are usually made up of plastic or cardboard and hence prove to be quite durable as well as sturdy. You can easily fit in your pair of shoes in these containers.

  • 12- pair shoe organizer

This is one of the most common types of the closet shoe organizer. This can easily accommodate 12 pairs of shoes. You can keep it anywhere, be it in the closet or in the entryway. It is easily available in any of the e-commerce websites as well as offline stores.

  • Locker shoe storage

A bedroom’s locker can easily be turned into shoe storage. Keep it in the closet and you will get a closet shoe organizer. This can hold almost quite a good number of shoes.

  • Slipcovered bench

Hiding shoes under a slipcovered bench can work as another closet shoe organizer. You cannot obviously put all your shoes there, but you can definitely put some. Also, you cannot differentiate between which shoe to choose from, but you can choose them easily.

  • Shoe racks

Shoe racks can be used as closet storage shoe organizers even. There are a  number of shoe racks available. These racks come in the form of shelves which helps to store different types of shoes on different shelves, making it easy to choose from. Also, the material is quite sturdy enough.

  • Shoe cabinets

These are closed shoe storage organizers. They are mainly closed so that the shoes are protected away from the sun and dirt. They are strong, sturdy, divided into tiers and shelves. They can be used to keep different types of shoes, sandals, boots and other footwear.

  • Drawer attached shoe storages

Sometimes, there may be some closet shoe storages that are drawer attached. You keep the shoes inside and push the drawer inside, or when you need to wear the shoes, you simply pull out the drawer. Also, there is a transparent covering over the box which gives you a clear view of the shoes.

  • Collapsible shoe stands

They are quite ideal for shoe storages in closets. They are foldable, easily portable and water-resistant. Also, they do not take up much space and can be used to accommodate quite a number of shoes, overall.

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Buyers Guide:

Always pay special attention to the construction of a shoe closet. It can sometimes be frustrating. So choose the one which can be easily accessed and constructed.
Also pay proper attention to the material. If made of fiber, then it will be easily portable and will be of a much lesser price. But if it is made of metal or wood, portable and price both becomes and issue.
Storage is another big factor while choosing closet shoe storage. If the storage capacity is less, you cannot store more shoes and will need to buy another closet which will take up more space.
Price is another big factor. Always keep a look at the price and do not cross the budget that you have decided. Most shoe racks come within a good price range.