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Make Your Home More Royal & Expensive With Beautiful Sofa Slipcovers: Home Decor Ideas 2020

Giving your home a royal touch with beautiful designer furniture is a great way to accomplish your desire. But to maintain the same look of your furniture could be a tough job to do which requires you to cover them with the perfect materials which can deal with lots of traffic with ease.

Now, talking about sofas which could be the perfect way to fulfill the dream of making your home more royal. But as I said, it requires maintaining. That’s why slipcovers for sofa is the only way to make even the worn-looking sofas more royal & luxurious.

What Is Sofa Slipcovers?

Sofa slipcover, sometimes also defined as “clothing for furniture” is a fitted protective fabric cover, maybe slipped off and on a piece of upholstered furniture like sofa or couch. Sofa slipcovers sectional are made of cloth. It is removable, reusable and can be easily cleaned.

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List Of Best Sofa Slipcovers For Sectionals Or Normal Sofas Online:

Here you get a complete list of best sofa slipcovers online for your home. You can choose one of them. Get more products here:

How You Decorate Your Home By Using Sofa Slipcovers:

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a perfect looking sofa, matching to the occasion or the season? That does not mean that you need to change your furniture all the time. The slipcovers will do the trick for you.
There are so many options available to choose from that can exactly meet the occasion’s environment and that doesn’t cost you a huge amount of money since the slipcovers for sofa have become so affordable and the variety of colors, fabrics, and styles offer you to choose the right suitable pieces for your couch.

Tips For Upgrading The Look Of Your Sofa With A Slipcover Regarding To The Occasion:

Since they are affordable as well as easily removable, you can try out as many as you want. And the enormous range of options offers you to get the right one for different seasons.

Since we don’t spend much time indoors during summer, your sofa won’t have so much traffic as in the other times of the year. This gives you the perfect opportunity to have a lightweight fabric such as cotton and silk-like polyester. And the light colors like crisp white, sunny yellow, etc will be good.
Fall can be considered as a connection between summer and winter. You can have lots of designs and color choices. If you are looking for sofa slipcovers sectional that can have appropriate designs and colors for all the seasons, fall can be the default season. I mean you can probably come up with more connections to fall than any other season- Gold, brown, blue, etc can be your choice of colors. If you are looking for solid-colored slipcovers for sofas, you can get that consists of more designs and patterns with accessories, such as pillows.
This period of the season is a perfect opportunity for renewing the decor of your house. If you are thinking about changing the look of your sofa, you may consider lighter, airier fabrics in soft solid colors or floral prints to match the season of new beginnings.
Unlike summer, winter is the period of the season when people like to spend most of the time indoors and feel warm and cozy. So, the fabric, colors, and designs of the sofa slipcover need to be different than the other seasons. Like, something heavier in materials or dark-colored designs such as brushed suede, soft chenille, etc are the fabrics that can make you feel warm.

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Perfect Materials Used In Creating Sofa Slipcovers:

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You must know about the materials used in creating sofa slipcovers and the features they have to make better decisions before considering buying one.

  • Cotton

Natural fabric and machine washable, cotton is a great choice for sofa covers. Cotton slipcovers are soft to touch and are simple yet standard for any room. Cotton can be a thin fabric if you stretch it on your old sofa. Most people prefer a sofa slipcover made from cotton because of its durability and they are machine washable as well. Cotton slipcovers can get wrinkled, so you must regularly removing and putting them in the dryer to eliminate wrinkles.

  • Stretch

Stretch slipcover is a combination of polyester and spandex. They come in a range of color choices and offer a decent amount of benefits of protection. Stretch slipcovers are not only easy to clean but a great choice for furniture of unusual sizes.

  • Twill

Twill is a type of knitting that creates a fabric with a distinctive pattern, so twill slipcovers are made from many materials including 100 percent cotton or a polyester-cotton blend. If twill has low thread counts then it can become a lighter fabric. However, twill is durable due to its distinctive knit. Twill prevents water damage as well as staining. These make twill slipcovers certainly great for families with young children or the best couch covers for pets. In addition, twill is also machine washable.

  • Suede

The term Suede refers to fabrics with a similar brushed or napped finish. They are made of synthetic suede, 100 percent polyester or polyester-spandex blends. Like some other perfect materials in this list for couch cover, suede prevents stains and water damage which makes them a perfect companion for sofas or any kind of upholstered furniture to withstand lots of wear and tear.

  • Polyester-cotton blend

Polyester-cotton, fabric combines multiple fabric fibers- Polyester is a durable synthetic material with strong fibers that can maintain its shape and prevent the cloth from getting wrinkled. Cotton, on the other hand, is a light and natural fabric that can withstand high temperatures. This makes this combination a perfect material for slipcover for sofa. Although the polyester in the blend requires cool temperatures in ironing and washing but is durable, easy to use and It is able to keep your sofa looking nice over the years.

List Of 5 Different Types Of Popular Sofas With Slipcovers:

1Sleeper sofa:

These types of sofas are popular for their double-duty ability- a place to sit and also a place to sleep. They are easy to set up for comfortable sleeping. polyester couch covers may be the best choice for this type of sofa.

2Sectional sofas:

Sectional sofas have become more popular in recent years as they can be set up in different ways. Some like to separate the sections into a more conversational arrangement, while others decide to set up in an L shape in the corner of a room. The most suitable covers can be cotton stretch fabric cover, linen fabric cover, polyester couch cover, etc.

3Three-seater sofas:

The three-seater sofas are still the most popular. The design of the sofa will be different depending on the manufacturer and style. cotton sofa slipcover, polyester blend slipcovers are perfect for this traditional three-seated slipcovers.


Loveseat sofa, one of the most popular types of living room furniture, is usually part of a set. They are fashionable but don’t require so much space as a traditional sofa, which is designed for a maximum of two people at a time. The popular choices of sofa slipcovers for sectionals are polyester, spandex slipcover or if you prefer a softer couch cover then suede sofa slipcovers sectional will be the right choice for you.


Chaise sofas can be defined as a sectional sofa with a modern twist. This type of sofa has one long cushion that sits at an angle from the rest of the couch, unlike sectional sofas that have separate cushions for each space. Polyester blend sofa covers are the perfect choice for these types of sofas or you can also buy linen sofa covers, suede sofa slipcovers, etc.

Make Your Home More Royal & Expensive With Beautiful Sofa Slipcovers: Home Decor Ideas 2020

Make Your Home More Royal & Expensive With Beautiful Sofa Slipcovers: Home Decor Ideas 2020

Benefits Of Sofa Slipcovers:

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This is important to know about the benefits or advantages of something that you are going to have to upgrade the look of your house. So, what a sofa slipcover exactly can do to help you-

  • Sofa slipcovers are easy to clean as most of them are fully machine-washable. Using a sofa slipcover is really helpful to cover your expensive sofas from stains.
  • There are a wide variety of sizes and shapes available for sofa slipcovers for sectionals to fit all kinds of sofas.
  • Slipcovers are a great way to change the look of your home in minutes. Since these are easily changeable, you can try many to match the mood or the season or the occasion of course.
  • There’s an immense range of patterns and designs to choose from so that you can get the perfect designs for your sofa to get worn-looking upholstered furniture a fancy new look.
  • Stretch slipcovers come with a choice of durable fabrics that are also soft and comfortable to sit on. Some of the popular materials are denim, twill, etc.

Buyer’s Guide To Sofa Slipcovers:

This is important to know about the benefits or advantages of something that you are going to have to upgrade the look of your house. So, what a sofa slipcover exactly can do to help you-

You already know about the materials. Slipcovers can be made with cotton, wool, polyester, spandex, etc. If your sofa is going to have lots of traffic, you should consider looking for slipcovers made with heavy cotton. It’s durable and a dark-colored slipcover for sofa can be the best way to hide stains temporarily or you can try some of the more fashionable and thin slipcovers made with the Stretchy Cotton-Spandex blend. This kind of slipcover offers more stylish looks and texture as they come in fabrics such as faux suede and corduroy.
Right size for your sofa/ Measurement
Before going to buy slipcovers for your sofa, you need to have measurements of your sofa so that you will be able to find a slipcover in the right size. To know how to measure a sofa slipcover, you must check out the second FAQ below.
This is another important thing to consider before buying one. A slipcover fits best on rounded arm pieces with rectangular seat cushions. Although there are slipcovers available that are suitable for hard-to-fit furniture such as T-cushion sofas and wingback chairs. It is up to you to choose between a one-piece sofa slipcover and a slipcover set with separate pieces for each cushion.
How to clean sofa slipcovers?

The steps are pretty easy, just follow them as described below
Take all of the slipcovers.
Place in the washing machine.
Add one large scoop of Oxyclean and any laundry soap tablet.
Change the settings to reflect the hot wash cycle and to run the entire cycle.
Take out the slipcovers and dry them or put them on the table.

Which is the best slipcovers for leather couches?

Check out the list of three best leather slipcovers for sofasSubrtex Spandex Elastic PU Couch Stretch Water-Proof Patio Durable Cushion Slipcovers, Rose Home Fashion RHF slipcover, and Sure Fit Vintage Leather Sofa Slipcover.

How to measure a sofa for a slipcover?

It’s easier to measure a sofa to get a slipcover than you might think-
First, measure your sofa from one arm to the other.
After that measure the cushion width on the front of the sofa.
Measure the outside edge and width.
Then measure the height of the cushion.
And at last measure the Full Height.

How to Put a Slipcover on a Sofa?

Spread the slipcover on the sofa from front to back. Drape the slipcover arms on the sofa arms and pull the cover on the back of the sofa. You can use your wooden spatula to tuck any additional fabric from the inside arm of the sofa into the crease between the armrest and the seat.

How to keep couch covers in place?

Not a problem. Follow the steps below
Before you put the couch cover, place strips of a rug grip on the couch’s seats.
They help hold the fabric in place in the same way that they will stabilize a rug.
Push the excess fabric into the creases between the frame and the cushions.
Pull any wrinkles around the seat area.
Tighten the edges tightly to keep the entire cover in place.

Do I have a box cushion or a T cushion?

When you remove the seat cushion from your sofa, it is rectangular or square-shaped so it is a box cushion. When you look down from the back of your sofa, the outline of the T cushions is similar to the letter “T” and the “T” shape usually serves to wrap the seat cushion in front of the armrests on both sides.

Are sofa slipcovers any good?

Of course, it is. They are good stuffs to prevent your sofa from getting any kind of stain. Not only that fashionable slipcovers for sofas give your home more royal touch.

Which is the best sofa slipcovers for dogs?

Some of the best sofa slipcovers for dogsChiara Rose Dog Couch Cover, CELINE LINEN Reversible Quilted Couch Protector, Bella Kline Reversible Pet Furniture Protector, Link Shades GPD Pet Furniture Protector, and Elegant Comfort Reversible Furniture Protector.


You can find any designer sofa slipcovers for sectionals sofas to decor your house, giving it a uniquely beautiful new look. There are enormous options available to choose from in terms of color, sizes, designs, and patterns. If you are looking for a sofa slipcovers sectional then cotton covers might be a perfect choice for you or if you are looking for a more stretchable slipcover then go for the stretch sofa covers which is actually the mixture of polyester and spandex. And of course, there are more options available. Just pick up the right one that suits your taste and go for it to give your house a new royal look.

Make Your Home More Royal & Expensive With Beautiful Sofa Slipcovers: Home Decor Ideas 2020
Make Your Home More Royal & Expensive With Beautiful Sofa Slipcovers: Home Decor Ideas 2020
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