How Long Does Wood Glue Take to Dry

To know how long does wood glue take to dry, firstly one should know the various types of wood glues and the factors as well that play a huge role in increasing or decreasing the drying time of glue on wood. Everybody knows that wood glue is the most vital cog in any wood flooring or DIY woodworking project just like cordless drills, impact drivers, impact wrenches, circular saws, miter saws, etc, as it is the binding agent that helps to join various joints of woods together to make the structure strong.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you must keep a firmly adhesive wood glue bottle inside your toolbox and know how long for wood glue to dry. Because you need this material in almost all types of wood-related tasks from floor installation to outdoor furniture crafting. Wood glue is used together with nails, screws, and other connecting hardware to connect two pieces of wood together. With wood glue, you will be able to seamlessly connect wood and keep the two pieces together for a very long period of time.

How Long Does Wood Glue Take To Dry?

Different Types Of Wood Glues Dry Time


Gorilla Super Wood Glue

Cyanoacrylate Glue With Natural Wood Colour
Gorilla Super Wood Glue

A highly versatile glue that can be used not only to bond wood but can also be applied to ceramics, glass, metal, and concrete. How long does Gorilla wood glue take to dry? This Gorilla wood glue has the specialty of gluing 2 sturdy and big pieces of wooden workpiece together. And, the good news is that this glue cures rapidly. The Gorilla wood glue dry time is less than an hour and will cure less than 15 hours.

  • Can be applied to various materials.
  • The bond is highly tough
  • The dry time of wood glue is less than an hour
  • The smell is unpleasant.
  • It is not easily removed with acetone.

Titebond Wood Glue

Cross-Linking Polyvinyl Acetate Dark Wood Glue
Titebond Wood Glue

Titebond Wood Glue is the most common, the big perk of this type of glue is it has no odor and no color and is the most available. More than likely the wood glue you have in your home is very likely going to be the PVA type. Other colors of glue like yellow, and white, and any that are labeled simply “wood glue” are going to be the PVA type as well. How long does Titebond wood glue take to dry? This can be a bit annoying that the Titebond Wood Glue dry time is almost a day which is a bit long, still, it is one of the most sought-after wood glues in the market.

  • You can use the glue directly from the container.
  • Outstanding bonding strength
  • No odor and no colour
  • Wood glue dry time is one day.


Non-Sagging Panel Epoxy Wood Glue

The Max bond Epoxy wood glue has 2 elements that are hardener and resin. By mixing the resin and hardener in the correct proportions and mixed well you are ready to use it. If you want you can mix in a bit of the same color sawdust as the material you’re gluing and when the epoxy dries it will be the same color as the material. Also, keep in mind that there are different epoxy formulas that will affect the curing time. Some take a long time to cure while others cure in 5 minutes. Make sure you know which type you’re using before mixing and applying.

  • Its waterproof and can be used as a filler
  • common choice in woodworking
  • It has a very short working time
  • Has a long Curing time

Loctite PL Premium Polyurethane Wood Glue

Construction-grade adhesive is perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects.
Loctite PL Premium Polyurethane Wood Glue

Loctite Polyurethane Wood Glue is triggered by moisture, once it’s activated it begins to swell and dry. It dries rather fast and dries really hard and is waterproof, so it’s good for outdoor projects that will be in the elements. Prior to using the polyurethane glue, get the wood wet using a damp rag and then apply the wood glue. Once the glue has been applied you need to clamp the pieces up really fast, the polyurethane glue will need 24 hours to dry completely. For clean-up you will need to use mineral spirits to clean off any glue that has seeped out before it dries.

  • Uniformity along it strength.
  • Expands as it dries making the bond stronger
  • 24 hours long dry time for wood glue

Weldbond Hot Hide Wood Glue

Multipurpose Wood Adhesive Applicable To All Kinds Of Projects.
Weldbond Hot Hide Wood Glue

The Weldbond Hot Hide Wood Glue is made from heating the granules of the glue with water, it will turn to liquid as it heats up, it will also turn to a solid when it cools down. The best way to apply it is by using a brush. This Weldbond wood glue is generally made from animal hide making it one of the best bio-degradable glue that is available in the market and can be applied in various projects. The wood dry time is also very low at about 2 hours.

  • A natural wood glue
  • Ideal For Using in various projects
  • Takes less time to dry as well as cure
  • Not for working in waterproof projects

Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Glue Max

Non-toxic, no harmful fumes, and easy to clean up with water
Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Glue Max

Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Glue Max cleans up with water besides being nontoxic therefore gives off no harmful fumes. Its heat resistant therefore is additionally mildew and mold resistant. If you employ a painted formula it delivers stainable properties and superior bond strength. Most significantly to pre-wet the surface of the wood to be glued, remove any excess water before applying the glue, this enables therefore an honest glue penetration.

You then clamp the project leaving it most significantly time to dry before using or continue with the subsequent operation. Because the glue doesn’t give off harmful fumes it’s a perfect glue to use in and around the house and is totally washable. How Long does wood glue take to dry? The most significantly drying time for wood glue is 24 hours.

  • It is totally washable
  • Non-toxic and never gives out harmful fumes
  • Easy to use in any projects.
  • Takes 24 long hour to dry.

Final Verdict

How Long Does Wood Glue Last?

Keep in mind that the instructions for any wood glue were developed in an ideal setting, and your mileage may vary depending on your environment. There are several factors to consider when you’re trying to decide how long does wood glue take to dry and the time you need to leave a piece clamped up. In high humidity environments, it can take considerably longer for the glue to dry. Furthermore, if you’re working in an extremely cold or hot environment, you’ll need to account for that in your drying time.

If you’re working with wood that’s damp, or just contains lots of moisture in general, you’ll need to allow for additional drying time. So, while your new project may be dry in a half hour or so, you’ll want to allow more time for the glue to fully cure before you use it. Wood glue typically takes a day or so to fully cure.

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