How To Clean Your Yoga Mat? Step-By-Step Guide From GV Experts

If you are a fitness freak, an affordable yoga mat is the first and foremost thing you need. You have sweated, worked, and even relaxed on it. So in order to maintain a healthy and hygienic fitness regimen, it is very important that you clean your yoga mat on regular basis. This will keep you motivated towards your fitness goal. In this article, you are going to find the various ways as to how to clean your yoga mat. You will also learn the various Techniques To Clean Your Yoga Mat.

How To Clean A Yoga Mat

Ways To Clean Your Yoga Mat

clean a yoga mat

There are many ways to clean your yoga mat. Depending on the material and texture, you have to choose the correct approach to make it clean and smelling fresh. Here are some best ways to clean your yoga mat that won’t react with your mat’s composition.

Hosing Your Rubber Yoga Mat Down

Take your mat outside, take a hosepipe, connect it to the tap and clean it thoroughly with water. You may also use a mild detergent and a sponge to clean your mat. Rinse it well and allow it to air dry. This may take up to twenty-four hours (or more, depending on the outside temperature). So it’s better to plan accordingly or have a backup mat.

Putting Your Yoga Mat In The Tub

If it’s not feasible to clean your mat outside then soak and clean it in your bathtub instead. You can either hang it for drying over the shower railing or on an indoor drying rack. Your mat will be soaking wet, so don’t forget to place something beneath it to accumulate the dripping water. Depending on your indoor temperature your yoga mat can take at least twenty-four hours or more to dry.

Making Your Own Cleaning Liquid

If you want to clean your yoga mat naturally, then create your own cleaning solution with water and white vinegar (with equal composition), or you may take water and a couple of drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle. Vinegar and tea tree oil both contain antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Spray and wipe it down your yoga mat with a soft cloth or paper towel.

This is easy and you can even clean your mat after each use. Also, there are many yoga mat cleaning liquids available in the market. You can choose the one according to your need and apply it anytime on your yoga mat to keep it clean and fresh.

Washing Your Yoga Mat In The Washing Machine

Those who have a washing machine at home, may feel to skip all the above steps and thinking of cleaning your yoga mat with a washing machine. Well, the answer depends on the type of yoga mat you own. Some of them are not designed to withstand the agility of a washing machine. Some companies clearly mention in their product “do not place in the washing machine,” while others mention nothing at all. So it’s better to read the caution carefully to be in safe hands.

techniques to clean your yoga mat

As has been mentioned earlier, the process and techniques to clean your yoga mat depending on the quality and material of the product. Different brands manufacture different qualities of products. So now let’s see how to clean yoga mats of different popular brands.

How To Clean Your Manduka Eko Yoga Mat

If you have a Manduka Eko Yoga Mat which is a bio-degradable mat, a great natural way to clean your mat is to mix one cup of water and one cup of cider vinegar. Put the solution into a spray bottle, shake well and spray your mat down whenever you need. Wipe your mat off as well as possible with a soft cloth. Let your mat hang dry for a while (at least for 24 hours). It’s better to avoid direct sunlight as it will decrease the life of your eKo mat.

Cleaning Your Mat With Essentials Oils

An easy alternative to making your own cleaning solutions is to purchase, Manduka Mat Renew for Manduka Eko or Manduka Mat Restore for Manduka Black Mat PRO. These cleaning solutions are alcohol-free and contain essential oils to keep your Manduka yoga mat clean and look fresh. Or else, another option is to purchase Jo-Sha Wipes.  Jo-Sha Essential Oil Wipes.

These are available in five natural scents: Lavender, Tea Tree, Tangerine, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint. These are pre-packaged, individual wet wipes. You just need to pull one out from the packet and wipe your yoga mat throughout thereby making it easy and convenient.

How To Clean Your Jade Yoga Mat

Jade Harmony Yoga Mats are another popular yoga mat product made of natural rubber from rubber trees. Please note not to use vinegar or tea tree oil on these mats because they aid in the decomposition of rubber. Unlike Manduka mats, Jade yoga mats are 100% natural rubber. Also, do not use solutions Manduka Mat Renew on Jade mats because it contains vinegar. These Jade, open cell, rubber mats are extremely absorbent in nature. A great way to clean a Jade mat is to gently wipe off the mat with distilled water after each use.

In order to do a deep clean of your Jade mat, pour a few inches of lukewarm water in your bathtub such that the water covers the entire mat. Allow the yoga mat to soak in the tub for 15-30 minutes. After a while of soaking, you see the oil and layer of dirt floating on the top of the water. Gently rub the mat’s surface with a soft cloth or with tissue to release any extra dirt and oil.

You may use organic soap in the bath if desired. To help it with drying, pull the mat out of the water and rinse well again with a soft towel or tissue. Do not put so much pressure while rinsing as it may tear out the layer of your yoga mat. When you feel a good amount of water has been released, hang the mat to dry. Here again, do not use heat, such as direct sunlight, to dry, as rubber is an organic biodegradable material, it will degrade the quality of your yoga mat.

ways to clean your yoga mat

These are some of the best ways to give a healthy and long life to your mat. You just need to know and use the right way to clean your yoga mat and your mat will thank you for that. This way you will become an expert in cleaning your yoga mats and would teach others how to clean your yoga mat.

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