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How To Create Shipping Labels? Best Way To Use Shipping Label Maker 2020

Use of Shipping label maker in this world of increasing e-commerce markets is very overwhelming and important. Have you ever noticed a piece of paper usually 4” X 6” attached to your package delivered to you, this is called the shipping label? They may seem like a tiny piece of the e-commerce puzzle, but they are vital in bringing success and customer satisfaction to the online stores.

Without proper shipping labels might cost you a fortune of your time and money as they can be mishandled and have a long-lasting effect on your sales and customer experience. It becomes important to use shipping labels as they share vital information with your supply chain, helping people to understand the destination and origin of your package.

What Is A Shipping Label?

Shipping labels may seem to be a piece of paper but have its importance, it is made with the help of shipping label maker. Shipping labels are a type of unique identification label that helps to describe or specify what’s inside a package. It differs depending on the carrier you use, but every single label consists of the same information i.e. addresses, names, weights, and a tracking barcode which is unique for every item you deliver or receive.

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List Of Best Shipping Label Makers Online In 2020:

Here your get a complete list of best products:

How Do Shipping Labels Work?

A shipping label displays the information to direct packages to the correct destinations, with the facility of tracking them throughout each stage ensuring a satisfactory service is provided. Every carrier uses a unique template owing to their own process of sorting and delivery, so it becomes important for you to use their templates.
Labels are designed in such a way that they can be read by the humans and the shipping label maker machine alike. Labels make a delivery important for business as each section like barcodes, numbers and letters provide information to specific sections of the chain.

How To Create Shipping Labels?

Arranging your own shipping labels comes with more advantages, including discounts and wasting time in postage or scheduling package pickups. There are ways to automate this process.

  • Creating your own labels using the carrier’s online tools, each carrier having their own sets of requirements, you have to visit their site whenever an order is taken and fill-up the form to generate a shipping label.
  • You can use a shipping label software, as you can download a carrier’s shipping label template and fill the label out locally on your computer, this allows you to customize the process as per your requirements.
  • You may also fully automate yourself with a shipping tool, enabling you to gather multiple order information from different platforms and carrier’s to fill forms in quickly and efficiently.

Benefits Of Using Shipping Labels:

  • A printed shipping label makes it look far more professional than a handwritten shipping label, also if it saves 20 sec for each parcel and you have 100 parcels daily, it can definitely save you some time.
  • You can save money and time on taping labels by creating a template of addresses to print directly onto sticker sheets, and it becomes a simple task of peeling and attaching the label to the parcel.
  • Shipping label makes your package more secure as a manual label can get torn while shipping or get lost which implies your parcel cannot be delivered. You can use a printed shipping label to get out of this hassle.

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Types Of Shipping Labels:

Shipping labels go a long way in ensuring the safety of your packages. Depending on the kind of package there are different types of labels each conveying a unique message having information like the recipient’s name and address and the contents of the package.

Arrow labels
These types of labels are basically used for electronic or industrial products to indicate which side of the package should face upwards.
Fragile labels
Such labels are used to indicate that the contents of the package must be handled with care as it may contain some delicate item which may break due to careless handling. Thus fragile labels play an important role in the shipping of easily broken items.
International shipping label
These types of labels are being used increasingly owing to the flourish of global trade, millions of packages are being shipped from one country to another. The label contains general information, whether it should be protected from weather changes and the fragility of the content.
Dot labels
Such labels denote whether the content is flammable, corrosive, explosive, poisonous, etc. and are very important as they can pose a threat to life and property. These labels are printed with bright colours and have bold text to attract the attention of the carriers ensuring that the product is delivered with utmost caution that it deserves.

How Does A Shipping Label Maker Work?

A shipping label maker uses a wide range of label materials, including paper and synthetic polymer materials. There are several types of techniques of making labels including laser and impact, but thermal label maker is the most common label maker of all. The thermal label maker is of two types:


Direct thermal label maker:

These types of shipping label maker use heat-sensitive paper and tend to fade overtime in 6 to 12 months if exposed to heat, sunlight or chemical vapours their life gets shortened and is thus used for short duration appliances.


Transfer thermal label maker:

These types of shipping label maker use heat to transfer ink from a ribbon onto the label for a permanent print, some of them are also capable of direct printing. To increase the longevity of the label life PVC vinyl can be used as seen in the pipe makers and industrial safety labels.

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Types Of Shipping Label Maker: 

Shipping label maker capabilities vary between home, industrial-oriented and corporate models, and are also divided on the basis of their mechanisms or techniques.

  • Inkjet shipping label maker:-

These are the standard option for most homes and offices, as it could be really handy for starting an online business and relieves you of any additional costs. But if you have a few orders they work fine but with multiple orders, they may fail you.


  • Lowest start-up cost
  • Tend to be small and light
  • Works without warming-up


  • Expensive ink
  • Slow printing
  • Expensive cost for a bigger amount of labels
  • Low capacity paper trays

  • Laser shipping label makers:-

These types of label makers work faster than an inkjet label maker, as it is handy if you deal with multiple orders daily the difference can be noticed, though their upfront cost is a bit more expensive larger amounts of printed labels are cheaper.


  • Works faster than inkjet label makers
  • Better handling of small fonts and lines
  • Print more labels for the same price


  • Need time to warm-up
  • Usually bigger and heavier than inkjet label makers
  • Lower variety of printing materials
  • Expensive toner refills

  • Thermal label maker:-

These are the best option for multichannel order fulfilment, they are capable of printing on shipping label rolls which allows limitless fast printing without the use of any expensive ink or toner.


  • Fast, capable of printing a label per second
  • Requires no ink or toner
  • Allows a large number of labels up to 2000 at a time


  • High start-up price

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What Are The Uses Of Shipping Label Makers?

As we know label makers are basically used for printing of the shipping label makers or any other kinds of labels like label maker for bottles or label maker for clothes or UPS label maker.

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Label maker for bottles:

As the market is growing with the demand of different types of designed bottles it is becoming widely evident that the use of label maker for bottles has become an important aspect. There are many e-commerce sites that provide you with the service of customizing your own labels to your choice or you can buy a label maker for bottles.

Label maker for clothes:

Clothing as we all know is a product of our daily needs. Still have you ever wondered about the tags that you find on your clothes providing information about the size or brand name, etc. How are they made? To make them we use a label maker for clothes, these are either stitched or printed according to the guidance of a person.

UPS label maker:

UPS label maker is also known as UPS internet shipping is used in making labels for shipping for domestic and international shipments from the convenience of any computer with internet access. This service is compatible with windows and macintosh operating systems and its encryption technology ensures privacy.

Which Shipping Label Maker To Buy? (Buyer’s Guide)

The right Shipping label maker might be hard for you to choose, you may confuse where to start, so here is a guide which may help you to land the deal of your need.

  • First, you should keep in mind what business are you indulging into
  • You should buy according to your orders as laser label maker is good for multiple orders with expensive toner refills or a thermal label maker with an expensive startup value. If you have less amount of orders you can go for inkjet label makers
  • You must set the budget list of your startup

What is a shipping label?

A shipping label is a piece of paper usually 4” X 6” consisting of the details like the name of the recipient and his address, the origin of the item and the destination of the item or what kind of item the package holds.

Is it necessary to provide a printed shipping label?

No, it is not necessary to provide a printed shipping label, it can also be a handwritten piece of paper taped to the parcel but a printed label provides you with a more secure option as the handwritten one can get teared by mishandling and will affect your customer satisfaction.

How does the carrier differentiate between the destinations of different items?

The carriers are able to differentiate between the destinations of different items by the shipping labels provided by you for each item, as the labels consist of a unique barcode for each item and help them in their process of delivering and sorting.

What is a thermal label maker?

A thermal label maker is a type of shipping label maker which is used to make shipping labels. It uses heat to transfer ink from a ribbon onto the label for a permanent print, while some use heat-sensitive paper which tends to fade overtime in 6 to 12 month if exposed to heat, sunlight or chemical vapours.

Which is the best label maker for a startup business?

The inkjet label maker could be a viable option for startups as there will be fewer orders as you are starting a new business,  though it uses expensive ink, it is a low-cost startup option. But if your startup has a good budget then the thermal label maker is the best option, though it’s a bit expensive it saves you a lot of time as it is capable of printing a label per second.


If you are looking for the place of working mechanism then here you get it. As the world is advancing towards a more technical growth there is an evident steep rise in the e-commerce markets and courier services and the shipping label maker becomes the most important need of the hour. If you own a business, it is imperative to invest in the right kind of labels for transporting your goods from one place to another. These labels are also indispensable when it comes to shipping your products to your customers.

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How To Create Shipping Labels? Best Way To Use Shipping Label Maker 2020
How To Create Shipping Labels? Best Way To Use Shipping Label Maker 2020

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