When a manufacturer tells that their PVC yoga mat is free of phthalates, heavy metals, and chlorine, the question that might stay in your mind is, what is used instead of these toxins. Most Yoga Mats are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), also known as vinyl, this is the most toxic plastic. Hence, the answer to Is Yoga Mat Toxic In Nature is Yes, PVC Yoga Mats are toxic in nature. PVC is toxic during every stage of its life cycle. It is toxic during its manufacture; it is toxic to the end consumers, and it is toxic during its disposal. As consumers, we are exposed to PVC, through inhalation and skin contact.

This article will enlighten you about a lot of things related to the toxicity of Yoga Mats. You are also going to find out about the types of toxic-free yoga mats like Manduka eKO Lite Mat and  Jade Harmony Mat.

Is Yoga Mat Toxic In Nature Or Safe For Your Health?

Is Your Yoga Mat Safe For Your Health

A Yoga Mat is the foundation of your fitness regimen. You have breathed, stretched, exercised and meditated on it several numbers of times. But do you know that instead of keeping you fit, it may have actually ruined your healthy lifestyle? It may sound like a threat but this is actually true. While exercising, you may have breathed the sticky and harmful smell of your malicious Yoga Mat materials.

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There is nothing to be worried so much. There are several ways to gauge the toxicity of your Yoga Mat. Also, there are other toxic free Yoga Mat options available in the market to offer you a stress-free healthy living habit.

How To Gauge The Toxicity Of Yoga Mat?

Toxicity Of Yoga Mat

The first and foremost rule to check the toxicity of your Yoga Mat is to check its material. The most commonly available Yoga Mat available in the market is PVC Yoga Mat because it is cheap and effective. So if you are having a PVC Yoga Mat at home. You should know these truths about your Yoga Mat, these can simply answer your query on Is Yoga Mat Toxic in Nature?

All About PVC Yoga Mat

PVC Yoga Mat

PVC Yoga Mat is made with vinyl, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC is a material that contains 57% chlorine and 43% carbon making it extremely durable, spongy and easy to clean. But it is not so great for your health and the environment. Chemicals like phthalates are added to PVC mats to make them flexible. But on the other hand, Phthalates are linked to several dangerous diseases like birth defects, asthma, neuro developments problem in newborns, fertility issues, obesity, and even cancer.

The effect is even bigger in warmer temperatures for example in many hot yoga studios. So, PVC Yoga Mat should be a strict no to pregnant women as it is not at all safe for babies. Phthalate particles present in PVC mats get easily stuck to suspended dust particles in the air. These are being inhaled with every moment of your breath. Click here to know more about PVC.

Adverse Effect On Environment

Adverse Effect On Environment

PVC Yoga Mats is non-recyclable material in nature. It releases dioxin when you try to dispose of it through incineration or having it buried in a landfill. The released dioxin is a harmful cancer-causing chemical. So from this, it is clear that your PVC Yoga Mat can cause cancer. Production of PVC mats also emits chemicals, including chlorine gas, mercury, and vinyl chloride, into the atmosphere.

Although research specifically examining the safety Yoga Mat is limited. However, studies of other household products made with PVC materials have found that they can emit chemicals that pollute the air. Also, in order to make Yoga Mat with PVC, potentially harmful chemicals like chlorine gas, ethylene dichloride, vinyl chloride, mercury, and dioxins may be used and released into the environment. What is indeed very harmful to nature, will be harmful to you as well. So, PVC Yoga Mat is toxic both for you and for your surrounding environment.

 Use Toxic-Free Yoga Mat

Toxic-Free Yoga Mat

So what is the correct alternative to a toxic-free healthy fitness regimen? Well, the correct way is to use chemical and toxic-free Yoga Mats, such as those made from natural rubber and jute. Thankfully, due to the emerging awareness of potential PVC dangers, more and more companies are manufacturing mats free from vinyl. Look for a mat that is PVC­-free or that contains safe materials like natural rubber or jute. Manduka eKO Lite Mat or Jade Harmony Mat are good examples.

Manduka eKO Lite Mat
Manduka eKO Lite Mat

Maduka is an international brand in yoga fitness accessories. Manduka eKO Lite Yoga Mat is toxic-free, thick and extra-cushioned to give the needed support to your joints. But, it is very light weighing less than five pounds. This high-quality mat is made from biodegradable, non-Amazon-harvested, natural tree rubber. This means no toxic PVC, no plasticizers and no foaming agents. You can handle it very easily as it is lightweight and it serves any of your fitness styles.

Jade Harmony Mat
Jade Harmony Mat

The Jade Harmony Mat is a favorite eco-friendly Yoga Mat among practitioners. It has zero PVC, EVA or other synthetic rubber. It instead contains sustainable, renewable rubber that is absolutely safe for your health as well as the environment. They are designed in a number of sizes and widths customized to your needs.

Choose The Best Yoga Mat

Best Yoga Mat

These are 100% natural and safe Yoga Mats, these may be a little costlier than other PVC mats. Now, that you have come across the different health effects of popular PVC mats. It’s better to make a wiser investment in your health and choose the best yoga mat after researching well enough on the question Is Yoga Mat Toxic In Nature?

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