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Top Rated Marble And Plastic Cutting Board For Your Kitchen

Plastic cutting board !! Chopping boards or cutting boards have been a component of the kitchen for a long time. The convenience they bring when it comes to chopping food is unparalleled and if eliminated, working in the kitchen would become a cumbersome experience. Wood and plastic cutting board are the most commonly used types of chopping boards, though other types of cutting board are also available in the market like marble cutting board, glass cutting board, cutting board for meat, cutting board for chicken, cutting board for raw meat, etc. they are also available in various shapes and sizes.

What Is a Cutting Board?

 A cutting board is a durable board on which to place material for cutting. The kitchen cutting board is commonly used in preparing food, other types exist for cutting raw materials such as leather or plastic. Kitchen cutting boards are often made of wood or plastic and come in various widths and sizes. There are also cutting boards made of glass, steel, or marble, which are easier to clean than a wooden and plastic cutting board but tend to damage knives due to their hardness.

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List Of Best Plastic Cutting Board Online:

If you are looking for the best marble cutting board or cutting board for meat online then you are at the right place. Here you get a complete list of best cutting board for chicken at discounted prices.

Types Of Cutting Boards:

There are different types of cutting boards to be used for different types of food, make sure you’re using the right one in your kitchen. When the circular saw was invented, it made the cutting of clean wood slabs easy for making cutting boards. Softwood was the most available type of wood then so most cutting boards were made of it. During the industrial age, the butchery industry developed larger, extremely thick, and durable butcher blocks made of maple wood which lasts a lifetime. While the people of East used the strong and durable bamboo for cutting boards and polished was preferred in Persia.

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1. Wood chopping board:

Wood being a renewable resource can be a great option for cutting boards and is very easy to find. Softer wood will be much easier on the edge of your knife and you will be saved from sharpening the knives every time. If taken good care of this board and oiled time to time it can last for years.

2. Granite cutting board:

While cutting boards made of granite are incredibly gorgeous, they are very hard materials that will dull your knives quickly. They are more useful for rolling out dough than cutting or chopping food items, also they are very expensive and you will need to sharpen your knives daily if you use this cutting board.

3. Glass cutting boards:

Tempered glass may look as if it would be a very neat and aesthetically pleasing cutting board but you are going to run to the same problems with this material as you do with granite. Glass cutting boards often have textured surfaces, which can harbor bacteria and make you sick.

4. Bamboo cutting board:

Bamboo is not a bad choice for cutting boards but due to its hardness it tends to quickly dull the knife’s edge, and sometimes it catches the knife while chopping and may make it difficult to enjoy a nice smooth action while you are cutting.

5. Marble cutting board:

Cutting boards made of marble are one of the most beautiful options that you can buy but is sure to quickly damage your knives. It’s aesthetical looks urge you to go for them but it’s not worth all of the damage that you’ll cause your knives attempting to chop and cut on this material.

6. Plastic cutting board:

People might think a plastic cutting board is an easier option than other cutting boards as they can be cleaned in a dishwasher, but they are much more difficult to get cleaned than a wood cutting board, as the knives leave some scratches after chopping which make give rise to bacteria and if not disinfected properly it can make people may sick.

7. Silicone cutting board:

Unlike other materials that can be hard on the knives edges, silicone cutting boards are not going to dull your blade nearly as quickly as other materials. The cushioned cutting mat that is created from this material protects the edge of your knife so you don’t have to regularly sharpen it. Its surface is non-porous thus does not allow the growth of bacteria and its non-slip design prevents the risk of cutting your hand.

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Types Of Plastic Cutting Boards Based On Different Types Of Food:

Bacteria or allergens can easily be transmitted from one part of the kitchen to another or from one food to another through hands, knives, or surfaces such as chopping boards. To reduce the chance of this it is advisable to use a different plastic cutting board for different types of food, such as raw meat, cooked meat, dairy, and vegetables. Many professional kitchens also follow some standard color-coding system to avoid the transmission of bacteria and allergens.

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  • Cutting board for bread and dairy  products-:

White cutting boards are used for the chopping or slicing of the bread as well as different dairy products.

  • Cutting board for chicken -:

Yellow-colored chopping boards are used for chopping the cooked chicken for further dishes of chicken.

  • Cutting board for root vegetables -:

Brown is the color used for coding the cutting board which is used for chopping the root vegetables.

  • Cutting board for meat, fish -:

Blue chopping boards are used for cutting of fishes and meat before they are cooked.

  • Cutting board for raw meat -:

Red is the color identified for coding the cutting board for cutting raw meat.

  • Plastic cutting board for salad -:

Green color coding is used for the cutting board which can be used for cutting different types of vegetables as well as salads.

Benefits Of Using a Plastic Cutting Board:

The most popular plastic cutting board material is HDPE also known as high-density polyethylene, and there are many reasons for its use in the restaurants, by professional chefs as it is a superior material for cutting boards.

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Easier to clean:

Plastic cutting board made from HDPE are easier to sanitize than other chopping boards. They are dishwasher friendly, lightweight, and easy to rinse.

Doesn’t dull knives:

Most of the professional chefs recommend the use of plastic cutting board due to their durability and resilient qualities and fair well on your knives’ edge as the have good scores on maintenance and chip risks, which are great for your edges.

Certified for kitchen appliances:

Plastic cutting board made of HDPE is common and inexpensive and is widely used in food processing and a variety of food-related applications, and unlike other plastics, it is FDA approved, hence it is safe to use.

Excellent durability and resistance to acids, alcohols, and bases:

These plastic cutting boards provide excellent compatibility with a wide variety of lab reagents like acids, bases, alcohols, etc. It also has a greater stiffness, rigidity, and heat resistance.

Available different custom sizes:

The plastic cutting boards can be found in various shapes and sizes of your choice, as restaurants need a large and custom sized commercial boards, and also can be made to fit over countertops, long tables and any other areas where you feel like accommodating all your culinary prepping and cutting needs.

How To Use a Cutting Board Safely?

It is important to make sure the chopping board is securely placed on the work surface. To safely secure the chopping board to the surface dampen some kitchen paper and place a small piece under each corner of the chopping board, And if it is not securely placed it carries the risk of you getting potential cuts as it tends to move while working.

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Also, it is a good practice to dispose of the chopping board correctly, such as after using a red chopping board for cutting raw meats or raw fish to take the chopping board straight to the wash-up area. Once your ingredients are safely prepared you will be cooking sauces and dishes.

How To Wash Your Cutting Board Properly?

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Wood and plastic cutting boards have different characteristics, so you have to handle them differently. Plastic cutting boards can be placed in the dishwasher, where they can be sanitized by washing at high temperatures. But wood cutting boards would quickly be ruined by the dishwasher but if you are washing the cutting board by hand, you should

  • Rinse the debris off the cutting board
  • Scrub the cutting board with soap and water
  • Sanitize the cutting board

For plastic boards, you can use chlorine-based sanitizers, such as a solution of bleach and water.

Some Quick Facts On Cutting Boards:

Below are some of the facts that you may enjoy.

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  • Chopping boards are platforms used for cutting objects, to prevent damage to your surface.
  • Chopping boards are commonly used in a culinary environment, for chopping food.
  • Chopping boards are most commonly made of wood or plastic, but can also be made of other materials like glass, marble, etc.
  • Chopping boards should be sturdy but relatively soft, unlike glass and marble, to prevent the damage of the cutting object.
  • Serrated cutting knives damage chopping boards easier than smooth cutting knives.
  • Cutting boards made of wood was the most used material, to cut meat as it eliminates bacteria due to its antiseptic characteristics.
  • Chopping boards sometimes use color codings to determine the food on the board to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Chopping boards range in a variety of hardness, size, color, and thickness but most of them have a rectangular shape.
  • Chopping boards should be examined for wear regularly, particularly for cracks or cuts, as they may contain bacteria or make your knife blunt.
  • Modern chopping boards are said to have originated from the idea of butcher’s blocks used in the 1880s which were used for cutting meat.

Easy Meat Cutting Technique

Top Rated Marble And Plastic Cutting Board For Your Kitchen

Cutting Board Buyer’s Guide

Successfully carving a juicy beef roast or a plump turkey before transferring it to a serving plate requires that you use a chopping board. Designed for cutting pieces of meat, rooted vegetables, cooked meat, etc and collecting their juices, carving, and cutting boards are essential kitchen to have if you serve entries such as roasts, turkey, chicken, and fish. 

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The different types of cutting boards like the plastic cutting board, marble cutting board, cutting board for meat, cutting board for chicken, and cutting board for raw meat that you can buy from which provide you with the privilege of choosing the product of your choice from an ocean of products with descriptions to reduce your tension of which one to buy?

Firstly you need to know the size of the chopping board you want to buy, it is highly recommended to buy the chopping board that fits the size of your countertop so that it is capable of accomodating large pieces of meat or large vegetables.
A majority of cutting boards come in wood, plastic, and acrylic models. Wood carving boards are generally crafted from long-lasting, durable hardwoods, such as bamboo, maple, etc.
The best carving boards have features that make the process of cutting and serving meat as efficient as possible, while some of them have raised rubberized rim that grips the surface of the counter or table.
Adequate juice trench
Many cooked pieces of meat emit juice when you cut into them that you may want to save and use for gravy, so it’s important to choose a model with a generous juice trench as it consists of a well around the perimeter of the board.
You might not always be carving meat so you need to buy a board that allows you to carve on one side and flip the board over to a flat side for other kitchen cutting chores such as chopping, dicing, and mincing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which type of the cutting board is the best?
Cutting boards made of wood are the best as they can be cleaned easily and doesn’t damage or dull knives, but it could be a heavy option if you wish to carry it for a picnic or other events. The next best material is the HDPE plastic cutting board which is durable, heat resistant, FDA certified, and provides a great alternative for cutting boards made of wood.
What are the different types of cutting boards?
Different types of cutting boards based on materials are -:
Cutting boards made of wood
Plastic cutting board
Marble cutting boards
Silicone cutting boards
Cutting boards made of bamboo
Glass cutting board
Granite cutting board
Different type of cutting boards based on color coding for different types of food items:
Blue cutting board for meat and fish
Red cutting board for raw meat
Green cutting board for salads and vegetables
Yellow cutting boards for chicken
Brown cutting boards for cooked meat
White cutting board for bread and dairy products
Are plastic chopping boards safe?
Many people think that plastic cutting board is a safe option as it is the most sanitary cutting board material than wood or bamboo as they are safe to run through your dishwasher and with the introduction of the HDPE plastic material it is increasingly becoming popular among the professional chefs all over the world as it’s made of compact molecules and thus don’t encourage the growth of bacteria and allergens.
Which is better wood or plastic cutting board?
It is a popular belief that plastic cutting boards are not automatically safer than wood, as studies have tended to show that wood can be more sanitary in the long. People assume that because the wood has a porous surface while plastic doesn’t and is more resistant to bacteria.
What cutting boards do chefs use?
The professional chefs all around the world in recent times have started using the plastic cutting board made of HDPE as they are highly durable and last long, they can be washed easily with hand or in a dishwasher and are relatively good on a knives edge.
What cutting board is the best for raw meat?
A red color-coded plastic cutting board for raw meat is the best option for cutting meat as after the meat juice has dripped on it, it can be tossed in the dishwasher to be cleaned and sanitized, You can also look for a board which consists of grooves around the outer rim to collect those dripping juices.

Not many products today are made from the same material as the initial prototype, Wood however still proves to make the best cutting boards, it’s dense, durable, and gives just the right amount of liability to retain a kitchen knife’s cutting edge and is naturally-grown, but could be a heavyweight for carrying along.

The next best option is the plastic cutting board whose use is growing day by day in today’s market with the introduction of HDPE plastic it is becoming the choice of many professional chefs all over the world as it is highly durable, heat resistant, chemical resistant and helps retain a knife’s edge and this material can be easily carved and shaped into the ideal cutting board for any kitchen.

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Top Rated Marble And Plastic Cutting Board For Your Kitchen
Top Rated Marble And Plastic Cutting Board For Your Kitchen
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