How to Paint Laminate Kitchen Countertops. A Complete Step by step guide.

Laminating kitchen countertops are a reasonable option for counters, but over time they start to wear and may get outdated with the ongoing trend. Grab a power tool like the orbital sander and get on with the creative and decorative ideas, if you would like to vary the design of your kitchen countertop decor without spending tons of cash, then resurfacing your laminate countertops may be a great option. This will not only enable you to completely transform your countertop for a really low cost, but you’ll make those tired surfaces feel fresh and new again, without a costly remodel.

Kitchen Countertops

How To Paint Kitchen Countertops?

Though laminate isn’t the foremost high-end countertop material out there, and when it starts showing signs of wear and tear it can really make your kitchen look shabby. But if new countertops aren’t in your budget immediately, show your current ones some love with a paint job to increase their life for a couple of more years. There are several kits on the market—including people who replicate stone or granite—or you’ll simply use acrylic interior paint within the colors of your choice. The 2 keys to professional, lasting results are careful preparation and proper sealing.

Materials And Tools Required To Paint Laminate Kitchen Countertops

  • Materials Needed:
  • 220-grit sandpaper
  • painter’s tape
  • primer for glossy surfaces
  • water-based acrylic paint for countertops
  • high-gloss acrylic topcoat paint
  • mineral spirits for cleaning
  • Tools Needed:
  • 9-inch paint roller
  • 9-inch foam roller cover
  • paint tray
  • latex or nitrile gloves
  • high-quality trim brush
  • orbital sander

Step By Step Guide To Paint And Laminate Kitchen Countertops


Choose the Supplies Wisely

Make a big impact in your kitchen without a big investment
Kitchen Coutertops

Choose the supplies that you will require to laminate the countertop of your kitchen, but you should be wise while buying them so as to avoid any kind of overspending. You should always look for materials and tools that can make a big impact in your refurbishing work of the kitchen countertop while also making you send a lot of money. A brush, acrylic paints, primer, a paint roller, mineral spirits, etc are some of the most common materials that you will require to paint kitchen countertops. You can also make use of the orbital sanders if you know how to use them, which would enhance the precision of your finish.


Prepare the work area.

Ensure you’ve got adequate ventilation
Kitchen Coutertops

Prepare the work area by covering all the surrounding cabinets or organizers with some plastic coverings so as to avoid undesired spilling of paint over the other parts of your kitchen. Protect all cabinets and floors with drop cloths or plastic sheeting held with painter’s tape. Then open all windows and operate fans to ensure you’ve got adequate ventilation.


Clean The Laminate Surface Properly

Ensure all dirt and grease is removed
Kitchen Coutertops

Clean the old laminate kitchen countertops thoroughly before you start laminating it a new. Use a degreasing cleaner and ensure that all dirt and grease is removed which has probably set over the countertop overtime.


Lightly Sand The Laminate

Wipe your counters clean of dust and debris
Kitchen Coutertops

Use a damp old rag cloth and to clean the laminate kitchen countertops after you have used sandpaper to scrub the entire surface lightly to help paint adhere. But remember to wear protective gears before you start sanding to avoid dust particles from disturbing you. Moreover, you can also make use of the orbital sander to make your work faster.


Apply Primer

Apply an even coat of primer, covering the entire surface
Kitchen Countertops

Apply a thin, even coat of primer with a paint roller with full roller strokes from front to back following the manufacturer’s directions. As you approach near the sink use the trim brush to cover the paintbrush and then move from one edge of the counter to the other, covering the entire area with primer. Allow adequate drying time and then apply a second coat. Then again leave it for drying.


Apply Paint

Don’t allow the painted edge to dry before rolling on the next bit of paint
Kitchen Countertops

Now let us get on and paint kitchen countertops. If using a paint kit that emulates stone or granite, follow the directions for blending the paints and apply, allowing adequate drying time between layers. If simply using acrylic paint, roll on a first coat, let dry and then give it a second coat.


Apply Top Coat

Use a water-based acrylic top coat intended for use on countertops
Kitchen countertop

Kitchen countertop resin will ensure lasting results. Stir and blend the merchandise consistent with manufacturer’s directions. Carefully pour the resin over the painted surface and use a fresh foam roller to distribute it evenly. await drips along the sides and wipe off any that occur immediately with a humid rag. Also keep an eye fixed out for any bubbles which will appear because the resin levels out: Pop them as soon as they seem by aiming a blowtorch at them, holding it a couple of inches away. If you’ve got no torch, try banishing bubbles by blowing at them through a straw . Allow the resin to thoroughly cure consistent with manufacturer’s specs.

Final Verdict

The Conclusion

Congrats !! You have just nailed the remodeling of your kitchen countertops while saving you a lot of money that you would’ve spent to buy a new one. Furthermore, know you might have got an idea on how to paint kitchen countertops but to maintain your new kitchen countertops, skip abrasive cleaners and scrubber sponges and clean daily instead with a rag or soft sponge and mild dish detergent. Once every week (or a minimum of monthly), wipe down with a little amount of oil and a clean, soft cloth. Your surfaces will look super for several years to return and you’ll calculate it to deliver the simplest.

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