FLJ 13inch Electric Scooter

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FLJ 13inch Electric Scooter

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FLJ 13inch Electric Scooter

FLJ 13inch Electric Scooter

FLJ 13inch Electric ScooterFLJ 13inch Electric ScooterFLJ 13inch Electric ScooterFLJ 13inch Electric Scooter

FLJ 13inch Electric Scooter

FLJ 13inch Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are powered by electric engines using rechargeable and plug-in batteries that can be charged at home or through solar panels. While electric scooters have been around since the early 1900s, they were used more as a toy than anything else. Electric scooters would not become practical until 1989 when the prices of rechargeable battery packs fell low enough for them to be affordable on a consumer scale.

The earliest electric scooter was invented by a Chinese man who modified his bicycle into an electric-assisted similar to that of an electric bike, but it has two wheels and is designed for maximum stability.

Electric scooters have steadily grown in popularity since their introduction 30 years ago. There are many types of electric scooters today such as the Segway, which resembles a bike in 1898.

The working principle of an electric scooter is quite simple. While the most common form of electric scooters are two-wheeled, larger models can also move with four wheels depending on use.

Electric engines that run on rechargeable batteries are used. The batteries are charged up at night and when you want to ride, press a button and off you go!

electric scooters are good for environment because of its eco friendly engine which is non-polluting and emits zero emission. it can be used in the city commuting and alson for long journeys, you just need to take a break after an hour of using it.

It brings fun to young people and at the same time, they do not pollute the environment because electric scootor

FLJ 13inch Wheel Electric Scooter

  • with big size Screen
    with LED Pedal
    With Turn Signal
    Aluminum Alloy frame
    13nch Road Tires (Tubeless tire;Vacuum tire)
    Max Load : about 180kgs
    Max Speed about 90-100km/h(can limited speed
    25km/h by Gear 1 + TURBO button)
  • Controller Box in Handle
    with 2 chargers
    Hydraulic suspensions…

Battery & Range

Panasonic 35Ah battery : about 90-100kms
Panasonic 45Ah battery : about 100-130kms
(test depended on rider’s weight 60kgs , flat road condition,30 degree weather,fix speed 60km/h…)

Optional : Pls choose the one you like.
1.This scooter is not 100% waterproof, the water can not come in the battery (water don’t steep the pedal);

2. For the drop testing in the video, it don’t mean customer can drop it. Pls love your scooter and protect it carefully.:)

3. Our tested of Speed and range depended on 60KGS driver. in flat road, fit speed, 30degree , one engine (test range);

Aluminum Alloy Frame + LED Pedal

With 50A x 2pc strong controller
Max speed about 90-100kms/h

With LED Pedal

FLJ 13inch Wheel Electric Scooter Packing included

  • 1 pc Scooter
  • 2 pc Charger
  • 1 pc user’s manual
  • 2pcs keys
  • 1 Seat (option, if with seat will have seat)
  • 1pc handle Bag (If applicable gift)
  • 1pc phone holder (If applicable gift)

Specification: FLJ 13inch Electric Scooter

Brand Name




Charging Time




Range Per Charge






Applicable People


Wheel/ Tire Size

13inch (Vacuum Tire; Tubeless)


LED acrylic pedal + Metal (2 layers)

Max Load

about 180kgs

Battery Max charging Current


Best Quality Suspension

2pcs front + 2pcs rear


Hydraulic brake


about 55-58kgs

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FLJ 13inch Electric Scooter
FLJ 13inch Electric Scooter


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