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NEJE Master 20W CNC Laser Engraving Machine for Metal/Wood Router/Paper

The master engraving machine is a portable engraving machine with simple installation, safety, and easy operation. It has a built-in sensor accelerometer. When the machine tilts, it will automatically stop laser work and protect it from laser damage. At the same time, it supports NEJE control software and GRBL software, which can not only enjoy the simple portability of NEJE software but also support the operation fun of GRBL open-source software; it supports the dynamic control laser module developed by Neji, which can support PWM power regulation, low light brightness regulation, laser temperature induction protection; it also supports different power lasers. The master 3500 is especially good at the grayscale engraving. The master 7w specializes in metal engraving and deep wood engraving and cutting. The Master 20W excels in fast cutting and can cut materials from 3mm to 5mm thickness.


Especially good at cutting, Paper cutting, Woodcutting(<5mm).Depth of engraving <3mm.
Supported engraving materials: Wood, gray paper, leather, bamboo, blackening plastics, rubber, alumina oxide, etc.
It is not possible to directly engrave the metal with strong mirror reflectivity, which may cause injury to the operator or burn the laser.

The main purpose of 20w is to cut some thin things, and the engraving application may not good.
If your purchase is just carving, please choose our MASTER 7W.

NEJE Master 20W CNC Laser Engraving Machine for Metal/Wood Router/Paper 6


4A load current, capable of delivering powerful output power, 15,000 rpm fan and exquisite heatsink design, can keep temperature safe control within 60 degrees Celsius, maximizing protection laser life, no matter how high-intensity you use, no matter how you work how long.
4Pin laser design with temperature sensing and surge protection design can effectively extend the laser life, and the laser interface supports other machines developed by NEJE.
The laser power, weak light power, and vibration triggering can be adjusted, and it supports continuously repeated engraving times to achieve greater depth and cutting thickness.
Laser Focus Range Diagram, Optimum Focus
The laser focus is easy to adjust with your hands as adjusting the laser point.
It is compatible with all kinds of lasers developed by NEJE and can be extended to various applications.
No volume limitation for engraving materials
170 mm x 170 mm maximum engraving area
One key opening, fully automatic and easy to use
Multi-functional keys can support offline work: press 1 time to reset automatically, press 2 times to perform frame positioning, press 3 times to start engraving, press 4 times to stop engraving
Limit switch design, the machine can automatically reset

NEJE Master 20W CNC Laser Engraving Machine for Metal/Wood Router/Paper 7


It supports professional BMP engraving software developed by NEJE (including windows and Mac versions), can directly execute BMP, JPG, PNG and other format files, and also insert text or edit text directly to achieve 1:1 restore the design. Ability to execute simple code and cad files.
NEJE cloud can provide thousands of engraving materials and is constantly updated.
It supports maximum 2000x2000px, point distance 0.075mm positioning sculpture area with precise function by frame positioning and point positioning.
It supports the NEJE Scanner to achieve free creation and instant implementation (android APP and IOS APP), and also a variety of image algorithms, providing you with more effective possibilities.
NEJE software supports simple CNC functions, directly executes DWG and NC files, and precisely locates engraving areas.
Provide professionals with the ability to directly parse the works designed by Inkscape and CAD software, directly execute .nc files and .dxf files, and execute them accurately.
It also supports professional GRBL control software and is able to execute all G code elements.
Professional file processing algorithm, the software can restore your design 1:1 lossless to each pixel. A variety of image algorithms can more present the image characteristics of your family or idol.
It does have 1 very good feature in that it gives you an outline of the burn area before you actually burn which allows you to position your object
You can check your work after a pause. and starts back up where it left off.

NEJE Master 20W CNC Laser Engraving Machine for Metal/Wood Router/Paper 8NEJE Master 20W CNC Laser Engraving Machine for Metal/Wood Router/Paper 9


Software: NEJE Controller / GRBL Controller

Material: Acrylic + PP + Aluminum

Laser Power: 20W ( Laser input:12v2A )

Laser Wave Length: 450nm

Focal length range:50-60mm,suitable for cutting

Focus point diameter:about 0.1mm

Image Format:.nc .dxf .bmp .jpg .png etc..

Image Size:2000 * 2000 pixels / 0.075mm point distance

Support System: Win7 / Win8 / XP / Win10 , android APP(neje scanner)

Machine Supply Voltage: 12V3A

Items can be carved including alumina oxide, mahogany, bamboo, paper cards, ivory, leather, flammable plastic, PCBA, etc. please take notice that the laser head is easily-consumed products, so we promise to supply again within three months if the laser head is Inhuman damage.so if your laser head is Inhuman damage.

Package List:

1 * Engraving Machine

1 * Protective Glasses

1 * USB Cable

1 * Power Adapter

1 * Wrench

NEJE Master 20W CNC Laser Engraving Machine for Metal/Wood Router/Paper 10


NEJE Controller for Windows: System Require: win xp SP3, win7 win8, win10 NEJE Controller for Mac: System Require: OS X 10.10 or higher, 64-bit

NEJE Master 20W CNC Laser Engraving Machine for Metal/Wood Router/Paper 11

Adjustable focusing lenses

The smaller the focus adjusted by rotating the focus cap, the better the effect of engraving, and the higher the accuracy.

NEJE Master 20W CNC Laser Engraving Machine for Metal/Wood Router/Paper 12

—Determine engraving area

Point positioning

Drag pictures

Frame positioning

NEJE Master 20W CNC Laser Engraving Machine for Metal/Wood Router/Paper 13

—Adjust picture size

NEJE Master 20W CNC Laser Engraving Machine for Metal/Wood Router/Paper 14

Different materials have different parameter settings, only for reference, specific setting depends on the actual situation

NEJE Master 20W CNC Laser Engraving Machine for Metal/Wood Router/Paper 15


1. The product is only suitable for personal DIY, because of the speed of carving, it is not recommended for industrial use

2. When the machine is working, it is recommended not to look directly at the laser head, and not to operate the laser head directly by hand

3.A laser diode is a sensitive component, pay attention to prevent electrostatic damage (product includes electrostatic protection design, but there is a certain probability of damage)

4. The Laser Module warranty time is 1 year

5. The controller board warranty time is 3 year

6. that the manual and CD-ROM are not included, software download and use help by neje wiki service

7. Since the machine involves a high level of technology, if you are not a professional player, it is recommended not to purchase!


NEJE Master 20W CNC Laser Engraving Machine for Metal/Wood Router/Paper 16NEJE Master 20W CNC Laser Engraving Machine for Metal/Wood Router/Paper 17NEJE Master 20W CNC Laser Engraving Machine for Metal/Wood Router/Paper 18NEJE Master 20W CNC Laser Engraving Machine for Metal/Wood Router/Paper 19NEJE Master 20W CNC Laser Engraving Machine for Metal/Wood Router/Paper 20NEJE Master 20W CNC Laser Engraving Machine for Metal/Wood Router/Paper 21

How to choose professional laser equipment for engraving, cutting and drawing

When you are looking for an engraving machine, we recommend that you consider your needs: cutting, drawing, engraving?

a cheap laser engraver & cutter?

Many users only pay attention to laser power and area, as well as price and video when purchasing products; however, they often purchase unsatisfactory products. At present, more than 90% of the engraving machines in the market are products developed based on the GRBL open source solution. The origin of grbl is CNC, which is used for CNC control of motors. Many businesses avoid the development process and directly use grbl for laser control. It can bring a very low cost because it is no need to develop a control system. Although GRBL is a well-known control system, it has many disadvantages in controlling lasers. For example, the laser power is constant during the acceleration and deceleration of the motor, but different speed may Causes different burning ”denseness“; slow speed when sculpting application, although the video can speed up so that you can not see the problem; cannot reset and sensor protection automatically, can not ensure the safety protection during laser work; Adopting acrylic structure, it is easy to be damaged during transportation and when using, and easy to deform over time, resulting in poor mechanical accuracy and short life. They use a second-hand cheap laser that is exposed and simple to assemble, without a reliable cooling system, process standards, expertise, and technology; What’s more important is after-sale accessory support and Warranty;

Is the larger area better? (T-shaped structure)

The T-shaped structure is supported by 4 bearings. At present, some companies can support a 20cm wide area. This is, of course, attractive, but for the T-shaped structure, the larger area will cause mechanical instability. When the laser moves at high speed, it will cause the mechanical structure to be very unstable. It is not a difficult technique to make a large area and does not require any cost, but it will greatly reduce the engraving effect. The system cannot make the laser move stably at high speed.

About NEJE Master Laser Engraving,Cutting, Drawing Machine!

NEJE Master machine is a full-featured engraving, drawing and cutting machine, with comprehensive craftsmanship and capabilities, and extremely portable desktop use.

In the key structure, we have eliminated the acrylic structure, using CNC composite materials to improve mechanical accuracy and durability;

The laser uses key diode capping technology, passes standard process and aging tests, ensuring that you receive long-term use without failure and a lifetime of 10000-20000 hours.

The control system NEJE uses a dual MCU architecture to support NEJE’s own development and continuously updated control system. The characteristics of the NEJE control system are simple operation and safe use, a lot of process optimizations have been made specifically for laser control; New ways of use are continuously created, such as NEJE scanner, cloud material library, supporting sensor protection IC, GRBL open-source software and Z-axis extension driver IC, also executing G-CODE for professional users.

Based on the NEJE control software, the NEJE laboratory team continuously develops algorithm technology for laser processes, bringing more value to users.

The laser module power is not the higher the better

The NEJE laser module is developed according to the actual process requirements. When you choose a laser, it is not necessary to use more power. For example, the NEJE 405nm 3500 module has a high power of 405nm and a very small focus. The short wavelength of 405nm is easier to Material absorption, all effects and precision are the highest. Its process features are high-precision engraving, gray-scale engraving, and high-precision drawing images. The disadvantage is the average speed; 7W modules are good at high speed because of their lightweight, small focal length, small focal point, and high power. Deep engraving, suitable for engraving logos and patterns; 20W module has a small focal point and high power but is relatively heavy. It is good at slow depth engraving and cutting wood and paper pieces less than 5mm thick; you need to consider this according to your actual needs Several modules.

About NEJE Master Mechanical

The actual mechanical area of the NEJE Master engraving machine is 170mm * 170mm. The software will be upgraded later to adapt.

NEJE machinery uses composite materials and CNC technology, the pads are designed with silicone, and the 4 feet have fixed hole design, which guarantees accuracy and stability. The technology of other manufacturers’ acrylic materials is laser cutting, the accuracy is poor, and over time, the acrylic will bend and deform, and the accuracy of the machine becomes worse and worse.

NEJE 12V LaserModule Tester.

NEJE 12V LaserModule Tester V1.0 will be released. It can display the laser working temperature, you can set the PWM signal manually, you can receive 2Pin 3.3-12v TTL signal and display the PWM.

Important Notice

Users who purchased (NEJE 20W module) before October 2019 may experience laser attenuation. If your laser power is attenuated, we will replace it for free. We apologize for the inconvenience!


The 20W lens has been updated. You don’t need to purchase a lens to replace it. The new lens can adapt to engraving and cutting at the same time. The cutting light diameter can be controlled within 0.1mm and 5mm length.

1) We accept Alipay, West Union, TT. All major credit cards are accepted through secure payment processor ESCROW.
2) Payment must be made within 3 days of order.
3) If you can’t checkout immediately after auction close, please wait for a few minutes and retry Payments must be completed within 3 days.

Specification: NEJE Master 20W CNC Laser Engraving Machine for Metal/Wood Router/Paper

Condition New
Model Number 20W
CNC or Not CNC

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  1. J***d

    very fast very nice machine good value

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  2. C***u

    Taxele pentru romania sunt 195 ron la 3.3.2020

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  3. A***v

    Good quality

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  4. J***n

    Great engraver!

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  5. S***i

    this is the best laser machine ever i advice u to buy it it worth more than that

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  6. G***r

    Received for 18 days in work I’ll try to write off

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  7. J***m

    Laser fan noise is a little loud. Other than that, I am satisfied.

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  8. Customer

    Nice and easy to use

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  9. W***k

    Nice product, great delivery time. Seller is recommended

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  10. A***y

    Delivery time is fast, the parcel is packed soundly. The product itself looks at the height. Laser pleased. Pretty good burning, the program is a cop in the office. The store is well done, sells excellent goods. It is clear that the manufacturer of these lasers monitors the quality, everything is neatly done and beautiful. I’m happy with the goods.

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  11. P***a

    Everything very good

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  12. S***n

    I really like it, noisy of course but it burns well. On metal did not try

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  13. A***w

    The goods received, the packaging is as always beautiful, everything works. Tell me, why does the rotation of the lens change nothing? Why do you see blue circular rays around the center point? 7 watts of laser did not have this… The fan is very noisy. Is that okay?

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  14. Customer

    Arrived in 16 days. Easy to use and very satisfied with the finish. Future life is going to be fun

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  15. A***v

    The cutter is absolutely cool. The truth is written that it is not engraved very much and it is true. I must say that rubber it cuts not in the best way. But the rest is quite good. And the software is good and the cutter itself is convenient.

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  16. A***k

    Good laser engraver, while working-like. Corresponds to the description. I recommend. Fast shipping.

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    NEJE Master 20W CNC Laser Engraving Machine for Metal/Wood Router/Paper
    NEJE Master 20W CNC Laser Engraving Machine for Metal/Wood Router/Paper

    $438.26 $302.40

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