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DJI Mavic Air Review: A Perfect Pocket Size Drone

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DJI Mavic Air Review in this article. When it comes to good drone with better quality camera thing comes in our mind big ugly heavy size drone. But that’s history, for now, DJI Mavic A perfect pocket size Drone for everyone.

DJI Mavic Air Review 

Mavic Air is the Chinese company’s latest mini 4K drone. Sitting in between the beginner-friendly DJI Spark.

What is DJI Mavic Air: Mavic Air is the hybrid offspring of the Mavic Pro and DJI’s Spark drone. It has the best features from each of its parents, resulting in an attractive, smart drone that will be highly sought after for years to come.

The Mavic Air acquires numerous parts of its physical make-up. Most outstandingly, it includes the Mavic line’s mark pivoted arm plan that enables it to overlay up for simple transport. Be that as it may, because of some Spark DNA, it’s additionally extensively littler and lighter than the first Mavic — making it seem the most versatile automaton in DJI’s lineup to date.

Whenever stuffed, it’s very little greater than a stick of antiperspirant, which is astonishing when you consider the highlights it has. The Air is without a doubt the most convenient automaton in this value run. In this DJI Mavic Air Review, we are explaining everything about it.

DJI Mavic Air Specification:

DJI Mavic Air – Design:

It is one of the coolest and tiny 4k drones you have in the pocket. It one of the best top pocket-size drone. The footprint of this drone pretty small to other drones in the market. For the reader’s better understanding  Mavic Air size is a phablet size mobile device. It can be easily fit into your jeans back pocket. Mavic Air is one most portable drone and its remote controller follows the same principle controller is designed to collapse down in size.

DJI Mavic Air – Features and Flight

Combine with 7 onboard cameras and IR sensor DJI Mavic Air can track object real-time for the better flight and do better in obstacle avoiding. As per DJI, it’s powerful capabilities and optimized algorithms will make for a better 3D map of the environment, as well as more precise hovering and flight performance.

Object detection can be done both forward and backward 20meters

Remote Controller Feature 

The remote control has a range of 2.5 miles/4km with a 1080p real-time transmission. The coolest feature of the remote is you can switch sports mode like a race car and OMG it’s one of the fastest drone in the market in sports mode it reaches up to speed 67.5924 kmph.

Gesture control

With gesture control which known as the Quick Shots in DJI. A user can use multiple gestures and various control. Like Peace sign for taking pictures of tracking objects. you find the option like Rocket Asteroid and Boomerang

DJI Mavic Air Camera Quality

The Mavic Air is packed with a three-axis mechanical gimbal that itself sits recessed and suspended from dampeners to reduce vibrations further so your shots and picture won’t shaky.

You can capture 32-megapixel spherical panoramic shots, with all the processing and stitching completed by the Mavic Air in about a minute. There is also HDR stills image capture thrown in.

Here are Some Sample Pic of Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air Battery life

In optimal condition, you can expect around 21 min of flight time and for the remote, it lasts up to 2hours.

The best part of the drone is maybe it looks pretty small and tiny but when its tiny beast inside. Though it is not bombproof and long hight drop on rock or pavement will break but it can survive tree branches easily.


Drone Comes USD $799 which is quite affordable and the thing it provides is value for money.

Our Take

As per our DJI Mavic Air Review, The DJI Mavic Air is still the consumer drone to beat, packing in incredible portability and fantastic image quality. It’s certainly not perfect, but it checks all the right boxes. It’s super compact and portable, has a dedicated controller, shoots video in 4K, has an advanced obstacle avoidance system the only thing we don’t like is the night photography its performance is low.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this drone has obstacle sensors?
Sure, it has sensors on the entrance and backside of the drone. It additionally has some sort of sensing to detect if it hits one thing whereas going up. Mine hit some branches of a tree as soon as and it stopped and lowered altitude a bit after which hovered.
Can police track your drone?
As a result of there isn’t a present methodology of reliably monitoring the gadgets, current laws sometimes require civilian hobbyists and industrial operators to maintain their drones inside 400 toes of the bottom and within reach.
Can the Spark be flown indoors?
It might probably. I might go very slowly and have the prop guards on. This can be a quick drone so for those who primarily wish to fly indoors there are less expensive choices.
How long does it take to charge a battery via included usb cable?
When utilizing a normal USB charger, it takes 80 minutes to completely cost a battery. When utilizing a Charging Hub, it takes 52 minutes to completely cost one battery, 55 minutes when charging two batteries and 85.2 minutes when charging three batteries on the identical time.
Do Military drones have weapons?
An unmanned fight aerial automobile (UCAV), also called a fight drone, is an unmanned aerial automobile (UAV) that often carries plane ordnance similar to missiles, ATGMs, and/or bombs and is used for drone strikes.
9 Total Score
Geeky Score Card

The score is given after real-world test by the expert. Pros and Cons are there if something is missing feels free add them on the comment section

  • Dedicated joystick controller
  • Gimbal stabilized 4K camera
  • Robust obstacle avoidance
  • Plentiful intelligent flight modes
  • Incredible portability
  • 4K video at up to 100Mbps
  • Near-perfect obstacle avoidance
  • HDR and panoramic still images
  • Need to opt for the Fly More
  • Switching between control methods can be fiddly
  • Touchy camera controls unless you’re in the Cinematic mode
  • No sideways obstacle
  • Intelligent flight modes can be buggy.
  • Occasional connection problems
  • Lots of recalibrating
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DJI Mavic Air Review: A Perfect Pocket Size Drone
DJI Mavic Air Review: A Perfect Pocket Size Drone
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