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Best DJI Inspire 2 Review, Specifications & Buyer’s Guide

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DJI Inspire 2 Review. The DJI Inspire 1 made it very big when it was first launched, offering a raft of cutting-edge features and the ability to swap out the camera lens depending on your shooting goals. It’s still one of the best drones around, but the market is evolving – and that’s where the Inspire 2 comes in.

After having launched the Inspire 1, DJI came into the market again after 2 years in 2016 with yet another gem. It launched the second generation Inspire drone, the DJI Inspire 2. You can read about the specifications, features, camera performance, battery life. price range and more in the DJI Inspire 2 Review And Specifications.

Here is our DJI Inspire 2 Review (By GeekyViews Experts)

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Ease Of Use
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  • Its FPV camera is very useful.
  • It has robust and intelligent flight modes.
  • It has a number of accessories and upgradable options.
  • It has an amazing build quality.
  • It has a good battery life.
  • It is not compatible with earlier Zenmuse cameras.
  • It is quite expensive compared to more consumer-oriented drones.
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DJI Inspire 2 Images

  • dji inspire 2 review and specifications
  • dji inspire 2 review and specifications
  • dji inspire 2 review and specifications
  • dji inspire 2 review and specifications
  • dji inspire 2 review and specifications
  • dji inspire 2 review and specifications

If you’re familiar with the DJI Inspire 1 then the DJI Inspire 2 won’t come as too much of a surprise, at least in terms of looks. It retains the same quad-prop layout as its forerunner, and once again utilizes super-tough carbon fiber material for the arms, giving the drone impressive strength. The most notable and noticeable design change is undoubtedly the Inspire’s new forward-facing FPV camera and obstacle-avoidance system.

Both systems live in a nose-mounted sensor bar, which contains a small optical lens and two laser rangefinders. Aesthetically, it’s a fairly minor change. But, in terms of functionality, these systems provide a huge benefit.

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DJI Inspire 2 Specifications and Features

DJI Inspire 2 Price

1. It’s even better at avoiding obstacles than its last release, the Inspire 1. It ships alongside a new Zenmuse camera, the X5S. It also has a dual battery setup for increased stamina.

2. It has a dual battery setup, which gives it a number of key benefits. Not only does it give the bird more flight time, but it also protects it from battery malfunctions. More importantly, provides ample power for ancillary systems like cameras, stabilizers, sensors, and processors.

3. It’s also equipped with dual inertial motion sensors, dual barometers, and dedicated processors for various subsystems. This also includes the newly-added obstacle avoidance sensors.

4. DJI rates the Inspire 2 with a top speed of 58mph, but with a good tailwind you can easily get it up to 60 or higher. This is especially useful when you’re filming something that moves quickly, for example, a car.

5. It boasts a slew of smart piloting features. In addition to DJI’s standard suite of Intelligent Flight modes (TapFly, Waypoint, Point of Interest, Active Track, etc). The Inspire 2 is also equipped with DJI’s new Spotlight Pro mode, which is immensely useful for filming moving objects.

DJI Inspire 2 Specifications
Max Flight Distance7km
Battery6000mAh 2S LiPo
WI-FI2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz

DJI Inspire 2 Camera Quality & Specifications

DJI Inspire 2 Camera

The Inspire 2 doesn’t actually come with a camera attached. It’s designed to work with a handful of cameras in DJI’s Zenmuse line. In terms of capabilities, the X5S is a big step up from its predecessors, the Zenmuse X4S and X5R. Most notably, it boasts a bigger sensor.

With a pixel size of 3.4 microns, the 20.8-megapixel sensor can capture more detail than earlier generations, and also has better color sensitivity and a higher signal-to-noise ratio. As for resolution, it’s capable of shooting in 5.2K at 30 fps, 4K at 60 fps, and goes down as low as 720p.

DJI Inspire 2 Battery Life

DJI Inspire 2 Battery

The DJI Inspire 2 has a hugely improved battery life. Whereas the original and Pro versions averaged about 15 minutes per charge, The DJI Inspire 2 is rated for 27 minutes of flight time. Like any other drone, if you use features that require more processing power (obstacle avoidance, Active Track, etc.), then you can expect to see a corresponding drop in flight longevity.

As for recharge time, you can expect about an hour on the charger before your battery reaches capacity. If you do what most people do and land shortly after the first “low power warning” pops up, you’ll end up with roughly an hour on the power dock to recharge.

It is designed to accommodate up to four batteries at once, and charge them all simultaneously. If your batteries are not paired, the hub will intelligently charge the cells according to power levels from high to low. If your batteries are paired, the pair with more stored power will charge first. This means you’ll get back into the air faster and spend less time waiting for your batteries to juice up.

DJI Inspire 2 Price Range

The base unit costs around $3,000. But once you factor in the latest Zenmuse X5S camera you can expect that price to rise to around £6,000 depending on the retailer and what other items they choose to bundle with it. If you opt for the older X4S camera then you’ll still get quite a bit of change from £4,000. So, it depends on how serious you are about getting the best possible package.

DJI Inspire 2 Package

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a Drone a good investment?

Drones are an effective way to speculate, although, as a result of these gadgets are capable of enhancing the advertising and marketing technique of just about any firm. It’s attainable to shoot a video for promoting, broadcast occasions, conduct inspections, ship, and so forth.

Can I fly my drone in the New Forest?

Drone flying within the New Forest
The usage of drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial autos) isn’t permitted on or over New Forest Crown land as a part of our bylaws. … Drones shouldn’t be flown close to the property and the particular nature of the New Forest’s Crown lands makes the danger of harm extra critical.

Can I shoot video indoors with this product?

Positive! You’ll have to flip off the collision sensors to fly indoors but it surely works for those who’re cautious. Prop guards are a good suggestion indoors. You’ll be able to shoot video strolling around holding the drone in your hand if you wish to.

Are drones fun to fly?

For fun, duh!
Maybe the perfect cause to get a drone is, merely, as a result of they’re lots of enjoyable. Even with the FAA rolling out new consumer-oriented laws that restrict what you are able to do with a drone, drones are nonetheless lots of enjoyable to fly.

Can I fly a drone in my local park?

Can I fly a drone in a public park? The reply is that nicely, it relies upon. When you’re simply flying for enjoyable, you need to have the ability to simply do some airspace analysis and, for those who study that your native park is in Class G airspace, fly there without taking any additional steps.

Best DJI Inspire 2 Review, Specifications & Buyer’s Guide
Best DJI Inspire 2 Review, Specifications & Buyer’s Guide
$359.00 $399.00
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