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Best Halo Drone Pro Review, Specifications & Buyer’s Guide

Halo isn’t exactly a big name in the drone space. The company started off its business in the Hoverboard industry. They moved into drones shortly after finding success in the rideable tech business. They shortly released a quadcopter called the Halo Drone Pro: a souped-up version of its full-sized, full-priced flying machine. You can read about its specifications, features, camera performance, battery life. price range and more in the Halo Drone Pro Review And Specifications.

Here is our Halo Drone Pro Review (By GeekyViews Experts)

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The Halo Drone Pro is very similar to the discontinued GoPro Karma. It has a folding design, but not one you can slide into a backpack or messenger bag like the tiny Mavic Pro or Mavic Air. The Halo Drone Pro is at least armed with a 4K camera capable of taking stills and video. The remote control has a nice, classic RC airplane look and feels with precision, responsive metal analog sticks, and a host of mysterious buttons. It includes a fitted backpack for storage and transport.

The pack measures 18 by 12 by 8 inches (HWD) and is quite sturdy. But anything that requires its own backpack for transport qualifies as bulky in my book. When folded the Halo is about the same size as the Karma (roughly 5.5 by 7.5 by 14 inches), and it weighs 3 pounds.

Halo Drone Pro Video Review:


Halo Drone Pro Specifications and Features:

1. It ships with remote control with a clip to hold your smartphone. It works with the Halo Drone app, a free download for Android or iOS. The remote and your smartphone communicate via Wi-Fi, and the app shows some important information, including a live view from the drone’s camera and a world map.

2. Its camera is detachable. It’s similar in build quality to any number of inexpensive action cameras.

3. The Pro model includes a wrist tracker, so you can have the Halo track your movements.

4. Its automated following is a plus for folks who want a drone to follow them and film them doing things, assuming that activities are taking place in a clear, open area.

Halo  Drone Pro Specifications
Max Flight Distance1km
Battery6000 mAh LiPo 2S
WiFi2.40GHz – 2.48 GHz

Halo Drone Pro Camera Quality & Specifications:

It included camera records video at up to 4K quality with a strong 50Mbps compression rate and H.265/HEVC compression. The footage looks clear, although the camera may be guilty of some oversharpening. But that’s the least of its problems. Its white balance can be all over the place. You also don’t get 24fps capture at any resolution.

You can shoot at faster frame rates at lower resolutions, a plus for slow-motion, but these settings can’t be changed on the fly. In order to adjust camera settings, you need to physically make changes to the camera itself. This is a tricky process. You need to remove the camera from its gimbal, remember which buttons to hold down on the side to enable its rear LCD, and navigate through menus using control buttons.

Once you’ve got it set, you need to remember to switch the camera back to its transmission mode (which disables the rear LCD display), mount it in the gimbal, and ensure that the video feed is properly working. It’s a pain. Other drones, even those that work with external removable cameras, let you change camera settings right from the remote control.

It records still images as well as videos. It can snap 8MP stills at the 16:9 aspect ratio and 12MP images at 4:3. Stills are saved in JPG format. Image quality is about what you get from any budget action camera—crisp, with a wide field of view—but not as good as what you’d snap with a smartphone.

Halo Drone Pro Camera

Halo Drone Pro Battery Life:

Halo Drone Pro Battery

The Halo Drone Pro is equipped with a 6000 mAh LiPo 2S Battery. Its charging is a bit of a fuss though, especially if you’re using all the add-ons. The camera is generally charged through the Halo Drone’s battery. Charging the main drone battery (it only comes with one) takes several hours.

Worse, there’s a single charger that has multiple charging heads for the remote control and the drone battery — and you can’t charge both things at once. You have to wait at least six hours before all your batteries are fully recharged once the battery dies. On the bright side, the remote will only need charging after several flights.

Halo Drone Pro Price Range:

The Halo Drone Pro unfortunately just can’t keep up with the $1,000+ drone market which is incredibly competitive and rapidly evolving. It’s $1100 is just as much as some of the best UAVs on the planet right now, but it lacks some of the bells and whistles that have become standard in drones that are half the price — especially object avoidance.

Halo Drone Pro Features

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a Drone a good investment?

Drones are an effective way to speculate, although, as a result of these gadgets are capable of enhancing the advertising and marketing technique of just about any firm. It’s attainable to shoot a video for promoting, broadcast occasions, conduct inspections, ship, and so forth.

Can I fly my drone in the New Forest?

Drone flying within the New Forest
The usage of drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial autos) isn’t permitted on or over New Forest Crown land as a part of our bylaws. … Drones shouldn’t be flown close to the property and the particular nature of the New Forest’s Crown lands makes the danger of harm extra critical.

Can I shoot video indoors with this product?

Positive! You’ll have to flip off the collision sensors to fly indoors but it surely works for those who’re cautious. Prop guards are a good suggestion indoors. You’ll be able to shoot video strolling around holding the drone in your hand if you wish to.

Are drones fun to fly?

For fun, duh!
Maybe the perfect cause to get a drone is, merely, as a result of they’re lots of enjoyable. Even with the FAA rolling out new consumer-oriented laws that restrict what you are able to do with a drone, drones are nonetheless lots of enjoyable to fly.

Can I fly a drone in my local park?

Can I fly a drone in a public park? The reply is that nicely, it relies upon. When you’re simply flying for enjoyable, you need to have the ability to simply do some airspace analysis and, for those who study that your native park is in Class G airspace, fly there without taking any additional steps.

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