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Best Horizon Hobby Chroma Drone Review, Specifications & Buyer’s Guide

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Headless security system enables players of any level to fly the drone easily; 2. 4GHz technology adopted for anti-interference; More stable and flexible with 6-axis gyro stabilization system; Good PERFORMANCE of wind-resistant control range:...

Horizon Hobby is an RC specialist that’s now trying to elbow its way into the unmanned aerial vehicle fold. They have recently launched their Chroma line of Drones in the market and after testing it we found that Chroma is a solid drone that wasn’t just a blast to fly but one that also provides an inexpensive entry point for anyone looking to get into aerial photography or videography. The Horizon Hobby Chroma Drone Review and Specification provides greater details about this camera drone.

Horizon Hobby Chroma Drone Images

  • horizon hobby chroma drone review and specifications
  • horizon hobby chroma drone review and specifications
  • horizon hobby chroma drone review and specifications

The white plastic body is a 33 x 33 cm square with a height of 9.5 cm if you unmount everything. The aircraft weighs 1.3kg. The blh8611 brushless motors used, have a voltage of 780kv, larger than those on the DJI Phantom 3, and more efficient on 3 cell batteries. It packs away easily, taking up little space; a real advantage when compared with the Phantom. It can be a very good travel drone. 

Horizon Hobby offers different versions of the Blade Chroma: there is the Chroma with the fixed GoPro camera mount which is cheaper, the 1080p model with the CGO2+ Camera, the 4K capable model with CGO3 Camera, or if you already own a GoPro and would like to use it with the Blade Chroma, a variant with a 3-axis Gimbal is available. So there is a nice collection to choose from.



Horizon Hobby Chroma Drone  Specifications and Features:

1. The Horizon Hobby’s Chroma Camera Drone uses Yuneec’s ST-10+ controller. Its body is reminiscent of DJI’s Phantom series of drones, you’d have a hard time distinguishing the two if it weren’t for the Chroma’s mast-mounted GPS antenna, which essentially gives the craft a tail.

2. It comes with built-in flight parameters such as a maximum altitude of 400 feet (in accordance with the FAA in the US) and has a range of 640 feet in any direction. This is a good feature for new users to gain some needed flight skills, but the experts can throw all that out the window by downloading the Chrome GUI application and extend the geofence border up to 8200 feet (2500 m).

3. Chroma also has a “Smart” mode for automated flying. This gives access to “Follow Me” and “Tracking”. With the first, the drone just follows the controller, while “Tracking” also rotates the camera to point to the user at all times.

4. Another useful feature is the Chroma’s SAFE Circle function, which essentially creates a safe zone around the controller, preventing the craft from flying too close to the operator.

Horizon Hobby Chroma Drone Specifications
Max Flight Distance0.6 km
Battery11.1V 3S 6300mAh Li-P
WI-FI2.4 GHz

Horizon Hobby Chroma Drone Camera Quality & Specifications:

The CGO3 4K capable camera puts the Chroma ahead of older drones, which use 1080p. The video quality, however, suffers from some over-sharpening. The colors are good, but you might want to play around with the white balance. The CGO2 1080p camera has a distorted lens, so they use intelligent software to correct the image. This leads to the resulting image being noticeably pixilated. It wasn’t terribly long ago that drones boasting a 4K camera were seen as the cream of the UAV crop.

Today, 4K cameras are more the norm than the exception and Horizon Hobby Chroma Drone is no different. Chroma models come with either a 1080p camera or GoPro mount. Additionally, video from the drone streams directly to the companion ST-10+ controller, which gives a bird’s-eye view to exactly what the drone’s camera sees. On paper, Chroma can allegedly stream live video from just under 2,000 feet away.

Horizon Hobby Chroma Drone Battery Life:

In the manufacturing process, the first batches of batteries for the Blade Chroma were mislabeled to be 5400 mAh when actually they were 6300 mAh capacity batteries. The included charger takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery. The low battery behavior is that around 10.6 V it will issue a warning, and after 1 minute and a half it will automatically land, regardless of the point it finds itself at, so, caution is needed when flying over water or other hazardous areas.

A completely dead Chroma battery requires more than two hours of charge time — roughly two hours and fifteen minutes. While not entirely awful, it is a bit of a drag to have to wait over two-plus hours to charge something that only lasts around 30 minutes. Because of this, it is extremely important to have a spare battery in the store.

Horizon Hobby Chroma Drone

Horizon Hobby Chroma Drone Price Range:

The average price of the Horizon Hobby Chroma Drone is roughly around $699. It battery costs an additional $110 and the propeller set costs somewhere around $15.

Horizon Hobby Chroma Drone Price Range

Here is our Horizon Hobby Chroma Drone Review (By GeekyViews Experts)

? If you have used or if you are using this drone, please leave your Horizon Hobby Chroma Drone review on the comments below and help our readers choose.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to register my drone with the faa?

Sure. As of 2018 all drone weighing greater than .5lbs once more must be registered (spark is .66 I feel). Exhausting to comply with on FAA web site however here is a hyperlink with normal information:

What’s the video format?

Mp4 is the video format.

The data cable for connecting the controller to the phone is included in this package?

You cannot join the drone to the cellphone by a cable (in any other case it ought to be 500 meters to fly away)
Possibly you imply the distant controller? This one connects additionally by WLAN, however, you should utilize an OTG cable for that.
The Spark comes with a distance solely within the fly extra combo or in that provide (free distant management…)

Does this drone shoot vertical video?

It doesn’t shoot vertical video.

Do you need a cell phone to fly this drone or is it only for video feeds?

You possibly can fly it with the cellphone however that sucks–get distant. You get no “suggestions” while you fly ANY drone with sliding your fingers on the glass. Attempt driving you’re automotive with fingers transferring a video steering wheel in your cellphone display screen. Sucks proper?

Can I take this drone on an international flight?

Sure. In addition to different drones you may take drones to different international locations, nevertheless, relying on the international locations customs and drone flying laws it’s important to do your analysis first. I’ve flown in Philippines and China.

8.5 Total Score
Geeky Score Card

The score is given after real-world test by the expert. Pros and Cons are also mentioned. If something is missing in Horizon Hobby Chroma Drone Review and Specifications then feel free to add them in the comment section.

Ease Of Use
Battery Life
Value For Money
  • It offers 30 solid minutes of flight.
  • Its ST-10+ controller makes piloting a breeze.
  • It has a Built-in 4K camera.
  • It is sturdy and durable.
  • It is Inexpensive.
  • Its battery charger is non-responsive at times.
  • It has a relatively limited range.
  • It lacks intelligent piloting modes like Cable Cam and Orbit.
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Best Horizon Hobby Chroma Drone Review, Specifications & Buyer’s Guide
Best Horizon Hobby Chroma Drone Review, Specifications & Buyer’s Guide
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