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Best ImmersionRC Vortex 180 Mini Review, Specifications & Buyer’s Guide

Frame Weight approx 123 grams(5inch) Motor to Motor :225mm (5inch) Frame Shape: Compressed X Main Plate Thickness: 4mm Arm Thickness: 4mm Stainless Steel Bolts Aluminum Cage Aluminum Standoffs Center Stack Mount: 30.5mm FPV Camera Mount: 28.5mm (Swift v2, Arrow v3, etc) Recommend Parts:(Does not...

ImmersionRC Vortex 180 Mini Review. Almost every piece of electronics has been modified, be it the Vortex 250 after the Vortex 285, and now the Vortex 180 after the Vortex 150. The first thing you’ll notice from the older Vortex quadcopters is the cleaner design. All of the electronics are sandwiched between the carbon fiber on the top and the printed circuit board on the bottom. The only thing that sticks out is the camera which is protected by a hard plastic case.

The Vortex 180 Mini is the newest race drone from ImmersionRC. It’s the big brother of the popular Vortex 150, tuned for the track. The same highly-customized race-drone electronics, but with 4″ props, and custom XNova 1407-3500kV motors. The 150 was a lot of fun in confined spaces. The 180 is more at home on the track, incredibly fast and nimble, turns on a dime, and can give most 250-sized quads a run for their money.

You can read more about the specifications, features, camera performance, battery life. price range and more of the ImmersionRC Vortex 180 Mini in the ImmersionRC Vortex 180 Mini Review And Specifications.

Here is our ImmersionRC Vortex 180 Mini Review (By GeekyViews Experts)

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Ease Of Use
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Value For Money
  • It can calculate your flight time and warn you when you have a minute left of flight time.
  • It has a bigger frame size making it more race-able then the Vortex 150.
  • The motor upgrade to the XNova 1407-3500kV motors makes this racer a real beast.
  • Its CMOS camera isn't the best camera for this racing quad.
  • Its very similar to the Vortex 150, the only difference between the two is the arm length, motor size, and prop size.
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ImmersionRC Vortex 180 Mini Images

  • immersionrc vortex 180 mini review and specifications
  • immersionrc vortex 180 mini review and specifications
  • immersionrc vortex 180 mini review and specifications
  • immersionrc vortex 180 mini review and specifications
  • immersionrc vortex 180 mini review and specifications

The ImmersionRC Vortex 180 mini is a ready-made racing drone. You only need to connect a receiver to the flight controller and you can go straight into the air. Because of its small size, the drone is very agile and therefore very fast on a track with lots of turns. The drone weighs only 202 grams excluding battery.

The ImmersionRC Vortex 180 mini is a drone that is ideal for the novice FPV pilot. Nothing needs to be soldered to the drone. Simply connect the receiver and you’re ready to fly. The 4-inch model is very fast and maneuverable and can easily handle the larger models on the course.

ImmersionRC Vortex 180 Mini Specifications and Features:

1. The integrated synergy flight controller. The Synergy flight controller combines the Fusion2 Twin F3 processors and the Tramp HV design. It is also integrated with 3 axis Gyro, 3 axis Accelerometer, and the barometer is pre-programmed with CleanFlight, and is future-proof, supporting future updates via a USB port on the back of the quad for programming and updates.

2. A set of 8 24-bit RGB LEDs sit on the tail of the Vortex, sandwiched safely between the upper, and lower frame plates. These LEDs are controlled by a dedicated 32-bit ARM processor.

3. It has a RotorSENSE feature because of which you never have to worry about soldering the motor wires on backward. With this feature, if one motor is spinning in the wrong direction, you just spin the motor by hand in the direction you want it to go and the ESC will then spin the motors in that direction.

4. In the ImmersionRC Vortex 180 Mini Review The On-screen-displays (OSD) and video transmitters have been integrated into the Synergy flight controller to simplify the design and reduce weight.

ImmersionRC Vortex 180 Mini Specifications
Max Flight Distance50m
Battery500mAh 4s
WI-FI5.8 GHz

ImmersionRC Vortex 180 Mini Camera Quality & Specifications:

The flexible Vortex camera mount supports both a flight cam and an HD camera such as a GoPro or Mobius. The flight cam is protected from impacts and is suspended from a vibration-dampened carbon-fiber plate. An adjustable bracket allows the camera to be tilted to ensure a good forward view during high-speed racing. A 3A switching regulator allows any HD camera to be powered from the flight pack, allowing unnecessary camera batteries to be left at home.

ImmersionRC Vortex 180 Mini Battery Life:

For flying with the ImmersionRC Vortex 180 Mini, it is best to use a 4S battery with a capacity of 500 to 750mAh. Batteries with a higher capacity are too heavy for the drone. The ImmersionRC Vortex 180 Mini is equipped with an XT-30 connector. It has the same big change being that the battery lead is not an XT60 connector but the XT30.

Keeping this in mind, while buying the Vortex 180, you will need to do the following: Change the lead on the Vortex 180 to an XT60, Change your batteries to XT30 connector, Buy new batteries with XT30 connector like the Tattu 850mAh 14.8V 75C 4S1P XT30 or the Dinogy 800mAh 14.8V 65C 4S LiPo XT30 Lipo.

ImmersionRC Vortex 180 Mini Price Range:

The ImmersionRC Vortex 180 Mini is priced at $319. At this price, the Vortex 180 Mini is a real bargain compared to the Vortex 150 for a racing quad.

ImmersionRC Vortex 180 Mini Price Range


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a Drone a good investment?
Drones are an effective way to speculate, although, as a result of these gadgets are capable of enhancing the advertising and marketing technique of just about any firm. It’s attainable to shoot a video for promoting, broadcast occasions, conduct inspections, ship, and so forth.
Can I fly my drone in the New Forest?
Drone flying within the New Forest
The usage of drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial autos) isn’t permitted on or over New Forest Crown land as a part of our bylaws. … Drones shouldn’t be flown close to the property and the particular nature of the New Forest’s Crown lands makes the danger of harm extra critical.
Can I shoot video indoors with this product?
Positive! You’ll have to flip off the collision sensors to fly indoors but it surely works for those who’re cautious. Prop guards are a good suggestion indoors. You’ll be able to shoot video strolling around holding the drone in your hand if you wish to.
Are drones fun to fly?
For fun, duh!
Maybe the perfect cause to get a drone is, merely, as a result of they’re lots of enjoyable. Even with the FAA rolling out new consumer-oriented laws that restrict what you are able to do with a drone, drones are nonetheless lots of enjoyable to fly.
Can I fly a drone in my local park?
Can I fly a drone in a public park? The reply is that nicely, it relies upon. When you’re simply flying for enjoyable, you need to have the ability to simply do some airspace analysis and, for those who study that your native park is in Class G airspace, fly there without taking any additional steps.
Best ImmersionRC Vortex 180 Mini Review, Specifications & Buyer’s Guide
Best ImmersionRC Vortex 180 Mini Review, Specifications & Buyer’s Guide
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