NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Trainer : Best Review & Buyer’s Guide

Want to know how good is NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Trainer? You have just come to the right place my friend as this article is solely targeted in resolving your queries on this machine while providing a detailed NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Trainer review and Buyer’s guide from the GV Experts.

It happens very often when people fail to understand the importance of Physical Fitness. Physical Fitness or Physical Exercises are really important for the well being of one’s health. It improves your health and reduces the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Nowadays, you can even get yourselves an elliptical machine and NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Trainer.

These machines make for safe and efficient weight loss because they’re on low-impact and allow you to participate in other activities, such as watching TV, listening to music, or reading a book. These machines are also ideal because they can be incorporated into the home gym, allowing you to exercise regardless of the weather and without leaving home.

In this article, you will find the NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Trainer review. You will also find out about the NordicTrack C 7.5 Design, Features, Price Range, and more.

Here is our NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Trainer Review (By GeekyViews Experts)

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Design & Stability
Computer Features
Value For Money
  • Silent Magnetic Resistance
  • Moving Arm Bars
  • 26 Built-In Workouts
  • iFit-enabled
  • iPod-Compatible
  • Grip Pulse Readers
  • Unreliable Customer Support
  • Not For Advanced Trainees
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About NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Trainer

About NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Tainer

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  • NordicTrack C 7.5 elliptical trainer is a big name in the fitness industry and they’re known for providing quality products. Their equipment often is pricy, might be a bit high for those looking for an elliptical. However, the NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical trainer is a solid elliptical which is tough to beat in the price range, but in any case.
  • It is a solid elliptical machine with a heavy 20 lb flywheel that provides a consistent, smooth, and quiet, low-to-no impact, knee-saving elliptical motion. This model is part of the front-drive series of trainers by NordicTrack.
  • These are known for their quality trainers and solid designs, this entry-level trainer is both reliable and comfortable. If you’re seeking an affordable yet effective elliptical trainer, the C 7.5 might just be the match for you.

NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Trainer Design

NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Trainer Design

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The NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical trainer is equipped with a 20-pound flywheel and has a weight capacity of 325 pounds, which are both quite decent specs for an entry-level model. The stride is fixed at 20-inches. If you try to increase the incline then your stride will shorten.

There are much fewer adjustable features on this trainer than others, but you can still adjust your incline levels with the 0 to 20-degree power adjustable ramp. It also provides large, oversized pedals and soft-touch upper body grips to provide a comfortable elliptical motion.

The NordicTrack C 7.5 elliptical trainer features a 5-Inch backlit display screen with an extra-wide viewing angle. This machine also provides other convenience features like an automatically adjusting fan, an intermix acoustic sound system, an integrated tablet shelf, a water bottle holder, and transport wheels for easy transport and storage.

For better adjustability and comfort, this machine also provides SoftTouch grips on the handlebars. These handlebars are equipped with heart rate sensors for heart rate monitoring.

NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Trainer Features

NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Trainer Features

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  • The NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical trainer has 26 built-in workout apps that range from interval training programs to fat loss programs. You can also monitor your heart rate through two integrated EKG pulse grip sensors that send readouts directly to the console.
  • There are 20 degrees of power incline and 22 resistance levels to choose from. So you can see how no two workouts will be the same unless you want them to be. This machine is also compatible with your iPod or other MP3 players so you can listen to your music while you workout.
  • The speakers are pretty nice as well. The transport wheels in this machine make it easy for moving the machine from one place to the next.
  • The NordicTrack C 7.5 comes equipped with the new iFit Bluetooth Smart technology. Using your phone or your tablet, you can tap into iFit’s huge collection of additional workouts on top of the ones that are built into the machine.
  • You can also track and share your workout results, as well as choose a destination anywhere in the world via Google maps and watch the trial unfold right in front of you. It’s a very cool feature that’s appearing on more and more ICON Fitness ellipticals these days.

NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Trainer Price Range

NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Trainer Computer Features

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The NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical trainer is priced at just $799. It’s very difficult for other elliptical machines in this range to compete with this machine as it offers a very feature-rich machine at a very very low price. This machine is not one for pro use or gym use. But if you work out in your homes and want not so advanced elliptical trainer then this is a good option you can go for. The Schwinn 470 Elliptical and the Nautilus E614 Elliptical are a few alternatives to this machine.

GeekyViews NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Trainer Verdict

NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical Trainer Computer Features

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The NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical is a great buy if you want an elliptical with basic workout readouts and not much else, the C 7.5 might be a great fit for you. This model is an entry-level trainer, so the price is its best selling point along with the reputation of the brand. In terms of comfort features, this model has you covered but don’t expect too many customizable options.

It offers a competitive combination of performance, extras, and consumer protections. It also feels like a more expensive machine, as NordicTrack has been making strides in quality and build. It’s a very well built machine and comes with an excellent warranty. If you don’t want to spend money on features that you might not even use, the NordicTrack C 7.5 offers an affordable elliptical trainer that almost anyone can enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the weight limit?

In keeping with the product, I noticed that the burden restrict is meant to be 250. However, I am a bit over 200 and one of the many items that maintain the pedal
broke after I might be utilizing it for five months. However please word that the corporate does warrant this machine for 12 months.
I used to be in a position to get an alternative half for my machine. Customer support was very good.

Is it durable?

Yes, It is durable. You have to purchase this item. Using it 1 to 2 hours a day for and many more. Must read the reviews and buy this for easy weight lose, fitness and many more.

Does this have an incline option?

Yes, but in some of the products it does not have an incline option. So, it all depends on you that how much you pay for this product. Sometimes due to low cost some of the best features are not present in this products.

Can I use as spinning work up?

You should utilize the arm elements whether or not you’re driving the bike or utilizing it as an elliptical machines.

Is the resistance level adjustable?

Sure, there’s a knob for slight changes. The precise resistance is completed by a belt across the entrance wheel. So, though it’s adjustable there aren’t precise resistance ranges, you simply pull tighter to get extra. In case you are in search of intervals the place you’d change resistance, then this is not going to work. Intervals can solely be completed by growing or lowering velocity.

Can you incline for a better workout?

The machine has an incline vary from 0-15% which could be managed with the console up/down incline buttons or by means of the aspect handlebar-mounted incline toggle up/down buttons.

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