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Best TBS Vendetta Review, Specifications & Buyer’s Guide

Latest 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity. Very easy to fly - novice to expert. Can charge through USB from your computer! Completely pre-assembled, no construction required! Fun straight out of the box! Includes 4-channel digital proportional RC system. Get off the...

TBS Vendetta Review. The Team BlackSheep Vendetta or TBS Vendetta has got started in the world of Drone Racing. One can experience the thrill of flying the 240-sized FPV Racer in as little as 5 minutes from box opening. The Vendetta is fully configurable via the OSD on the Tango Remote Control – No PC required.

The included TBS Tango R/C Radio Controller has a 40CH high-performance video receiver to deliver clear FPV video over long ranges. You can know more about the specifications, features, camera performance, battery life. price range and more in the TBS Vendetta Review And Specifications.

Here is our TBS Vendetta Review (By GeekyViews Experts)

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TBS is known for their high-specification components and they have crammed the best of them into this incredible shell, what you are left with is the envy of all at the airfield who know what’s under the hood. The TBS Vendetta is a quadcopter designed specifically for FPV (first-person view) racing and freestyle flying. Today, one can find quite a few mini FPV racing drones that come ready to fly, but the Vendetta was one of the first racing drones to come out with everything you need to fly.

It comes with almost everything you need to start learning to race. The only things that it won’t come with is a controller, battery, charger, and FPV video goggles, but in the world of drone racing, you’ll usually want to choose that stuff to fit your needs anyway.

TBS Vendetta Video Review


TBS Vendetta Specifications and Features

TBS Vendetta Controller

1. The TBS Vendetta comes pre-tuned, and the R/C Calibration Wizard which takes you through the setup steps. Just strap in an R/C receiver, tune your goggles to Boscam A CH1, and start setting up your controls. The arms arrive in a detached state to allow quick access to the R/C receiver bay the first time.

2. It’s one of the only drones that doesn’t require a soldering iron when you need to replace components after crashing. This is a big deal for racing drones because you’re always crashing and repairing it at racing events, or even just at the park. Because of its modular design, you can also upgrade to bigger motors, add a high-voltage battery, and instantly have a faster machine.

3. The TBS Power Cube has the fastest F3 board available, containing overpowered 20A/30A ESC’s which give you the option to step up to a 6S battery and bigger motors and gain outstanding power-to-weight ratios.

4. The design of the TBS Vendetta is modular, with independent parts working together as a whole. For example, the two 3.5mm carbon fiber arms are easily snapped into place and quickly replaced via MT30 connectors placed on the main body. They come detached to allow for quick access and configuration of the electronics.

5. What makes the TBS Vendetta stand out is the full carbon fiber body (the thing is a real work of art). The body isn’t just eye-candy because it also feels extremely strong. You can see from the exterior finish that a lot of thought has been put into the design process.

TBS Vendetta Specifications
Max Flight Distance1.77km
Battery2200 mAh 4S

TBS Vendetta Camera Quality & Specifications

In the TBS Vendetta FPV Drone, you can have a ZEROZERO Camera. It specially optimized for the high-speed FPV Flying along with a little light handling. This ZeroZero FPV Camera can fit in any of the four quads which support 5 Volts to 22 Volts. Another popular option would be to change it for HS1177 which is available in IR sensor and IR blocked. If you don’t know what this means, IR sensitive picks up light sources better than IR block. You can’t fly too far away from lights at night with IR block, but, with IR sensitive as long as there’s some light in the area you can see a whole lot more in the dark.

TBS Vendetta Battery Life

TBS Vendetta Battery

With the ESC’s capable of handling 30A. TBS Vendetta’s standard flying is about 3.5 -4 minutes with a 2200 mAh 4S battery. Though, it can work as fast as 6S LIPO battery. However, as a beginner, 4 cell batteries would be a perfect fit. You could also try practicing with 3S batteries until you get the gist of flying.

So a wide range of batteries can be used. TBS Vendetta Battery is placed in the rear position of the objects, on two pads to keep it safe. For freestyle flying, you can get about 5-6 minutes of flying time. With its high speed and weight, it is sufficient.

TBS Vendetta Price Range

The TBS Vendetta is priced at $500. At this price, it is considered one of the best racing drones with a very unique design, rocking some of the best firmware possible, four powerful 6S capable ESC’s, cobra motors, a high-quality camera, a video transmitter, an antenna with the clearest video signal and the best range, and the added feature of having it fully configurable through the OSD with no need of plugging it into a pc.

TBS Vendetta Body

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do drones fly at night?
This exception to the rule implies that Half 107-licensed drone pilots can fly in the evening without a waiver so long as they don’t partake in any industrial drone flight exercise. As an apart, the FAA requires that the intent of the drone flight be decided at take-off.
What shooting modes does it have?
It has your commonplace mode, it additionally has a tripod mode which permits for a gradual movement whereas taking movies. The Spark has a monitoring choice that means that you can choose a topic and it’ll transfer with that topic whereas recording. Comes with preset modes similar to circling, spiral upward, and selfie-zoom out mode.
Does Mavic Mini have lights?
It solely has a single mild within the rear and nothing else. Compared, greater drones have 4, one on every foot or propeller, however, the Mini doesn’t have them.
What DJI drone should I buy?
The DJI Mavic 2 Professional stays the perfect premium drone you should buy for a couple of causes – it has a big sensor, it is a pleasure to fly, and the foldable design makes it transportable and travel-friendly. When you want to zoom or critical portability, then the Mavic 2 Zoom and Mavic Mini are value investigating.
Can I shoot video indoors with this product?
Positive! You’ll have to flip off the collision sensors to fly indoors but it surely works for those who’re cautious. Prop guards are a good suggestion indoors. You’ll be able to shoot video strolling around holding the drone in your hand if you wish to.
Best TBS Vendetta Review, Specifications & Buyer’s Guide
Best TBS Vendetta Review, Specifications & Buyer’s Guide
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