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Best Xiro Xplorer Mini Review, Specifications & Buyer’s Guide

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Main Features: 6-axis Gyro stabilization system makes the helicopter more stable and flexible when flying. Wind resistant and can be flown indoors or outdoors Modular design structure is applied, more simple for assembly and convenient for maintenance 360 degree Eversion and throwing flight...

Xiro Xplorer Mini Review. With the recent growth in popularity of the so-called selfie drones, Xiro went with a no-brainer and created the Xiro Xplorer Mini. A drone that could, in fact, be a worthy competitor for DJI Mavic Pro. After a successful life cycle of their Xplorer drone (both V and G versions), the folks at Xiro have introduced this new little fella to their lineup of drones. 

The evolution of the “selfie” has gradually progressed over the years. This popularity has pushed technology to make smaller and better cameras and to pack as many pixels as possible into imaging sensors.

Since there are no limits for taking selfies, drones let us take images and pictures which we wouldn’t be usually able to take from our normal phone cameras. The Xiro Xplorer Mini has a lot to say and gives its users in this aspect. You can read more about the specifications, features, camera performance, battery life, price range, and more in the Xiro Xplorer Mini Review And Specifications.

Here is our Xiro Xplorer Mini Review (By GeekyViews Experts)

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  • It Flight Mode has features like the Follow and Orbit Modes.
  • It has a pleasant design and has foldable props.
  • It has a high-quality camera.
  • It has GPS stabilization feature in it.
  • It has a weak battery.
  • It is a little expensive.
  • It is limited to low-altitude operation.
  • It can be controlled by a smartphone only.
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Xiro Xplorer Mini Images

  • xiro xplorer mini review and specifications
  • xiro xplorer mini review and specifications
  • xiro xplorer mini review and specifications
  • xiro xplorer mini review and specifications
  • xiro xplorer mini review and specifications

The Xiro Xplorer Mini can be considered as a spiritual successor to the Xplorer Drone which has already received quite a bit of praise due to its stellar all-around performance and great build quality. Other than its name the Xplorer Mini resembles little significance to its big brothers the Xplorer V and G.

It is a miniature foldable drone with an excellent design that will definitely capture the eyes of many. It feels sturdy in hands and seems as though it can take quite the beating, it also has a superb design. The beautiful black finish with yellow, red, and green finishing touches makes it look rather fancy and stand out among others.

As the name suggests the Xplorer Mini is small, measuring just 2.2 by 12.2 by 12.2 inches (HWD) and weighing 15.2 ounces. Despite its small size, it weighs more than 8.8 ounces, so you do need to register with the FAA before flying. Because of its meager height, you need to take off from a flat surface—it can’t handle takeoff from a grassy lawn.

Xiro Xplorer Mini Specifications and Features

Xiro Xplorer Mini Features

1. The Xiro Xplorer Mini is equipped with both GPS and GLONASS systems, making it extremely stable in midair. This also allows it to have those standard features such as hovering, auto return to home, low power protection, lost connection protection, and best of all – smart flight modes with support for FPV.

2. Speaking of Smart Flight Modes, this little fella has got quite a few of these. Namely, the Safe Control Mode in which the position of the Xplorer Mini is relative no matter which way the nose is pointing, it moves in the same direction as the right control stick, which eliminates any orientation confusion.

3. Another Smart Flight Mode is the Free Control Mode which turns the Xplorer Mini into a responsive little flier.

4. The Motion Control Mode is also a great feature in which the drone in the direction you tilt your phone or tablet.

5. Other than these Smart Flight Modes, the Xplorer Mini also has the Follow Me and Follow Snap Modes.

6. This little fella is fully foldable, meaning it is extremely mobile. You can fold all four of its sides. This allows it to fit in virtually the smallest compartments in your bags.

7. The Xplorer features an operating ceiling of 165 feet. It is rated to be able to communicate with your phone up to 330 feet. It has a top speed of around 18mph.

8. Under the drone, you will also find an ultrasonic sensor for vision positioning when you’re flying indoors (where it won’t be able to find satellite signals).

Xiro Xplorer Mini Specifications
Max Flight Distance0.1km
Battery3S 1650mAh LiPo
WI-FI2.4 GHz

Xiro Xplorer Mini Camera Quality & Specifications

Xiro Xplorer Mini Camera

Camera quality is of the utmost value for all selfie drones including this one. That’s why its creators made sure they place a great camera that will suit the needs of all selfie maniacs.

With a great 13mpx sensor and 190* fisheye FOV, this camera is bound to capture excellent aerial shots of you and your friends and family. Even though the drone itself doesn’t have a stabilization system for optimal photo and video smoothness, the final products are surprisingly clear.

The camera is able to capture shots in the standard high definition 4208*3120 resolution. On the other hand, the videos are captured in a bit lower resolution but are still great nonetheless.

They are captured in full HD (1080p) at 30FPS. Lower the resolution down to 720p and you’ll get the PC master race friendly 60fps. All in all, the Mini’s built-in camera is pretty good. It will certainly provide you with plenty of selfies no matter what’s the occasion.

Xiro Xplorer Mini Battery Life

Xiro Xplorer Mini Battery

Xiro Xplorer Mini is equipped with a smart 1650mAh LiPo battery that can last up to 15 minutes in the air. The battery is housed in the main body. You need to pop off the top plate to gain access. The plate is made of plastic. It features some splashes of yellow that are reminiscent of tire treads and paint spatter.

The 15 minutes of flight time is not at all bad for a backyard drone. The Parrot Bebop gets about 9 minutes. It takes about an hour and a half to charge the battery.

Xiro Xplorer Mini Price Range

The Xiro Xplorer Mini is available in the market at various prices. The base price of this little birdie is $299. There is also a bundle available for $499 that includes a spare battery and a travel case.

Xiro Xplorer Mini Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can it be charged in european AC as well?

Sure, it may be charged. But You should get a US to EU Plug Adapter to attach it in Europe.

Does it come with the battery charger?

The radio controller has an inbuilt rechargeable battery and comes with a micro USB cable to plug immediately into it for charging. the drone battery could be recharged whereas hooked up to spark. It wants an android micro USB cable to plug immediately into the drone for recharging.

Can you fly it out of the box without buying anything else?

This depends upon what package deal you buy. Some packages don’t include the hand-held distant and you could purchase it individually. The “Fly Extra” combo will include every little thing you want.

What is the video transmission range?

It’s presupposed to be 500 meters, nevertheless, it depends upon the fly situations.

Do you need a cell phone to fly this drone or is it only for video feeds?

You possibly can fly it with the cellphone however that sucks–get distant. You get no “suggestions” while you fly ANY drone with sliding your fingers on the glass. Attempt driving you’re automotive with fingers transferring a video steering wheel in your cellphone display screen. Sucks proper?

Does it come with propeller protectors?

No, it doesn’t include propeller protectors. The gadgets included are:
Spark Drone
CW Propeller
CCW Propeller
USB Charger

Best Xiro Xplorer Mini Review, Specifications & Buyer’s Guide
Best Xiro Xplorer Mini Review, Specifications & Buyer’s Guide
$49.95 $63.99
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