Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer: How To Sterilize Baby Bottles? Safest Ways To Use It (2020 Updated)

After a long and tiring day at work, the least important thing that you will like to do is to go and wash bottles. And not just normal bottles. Baby Bottles. But it is important for your baby and you know it quite well.

Whether you feed milk or water in the baby bottle to your baby, washing and sterilizing it is very important. Your baby is too small and equally prone to a number of diseases. The immunity of your baby is also not that high. And, this is the reason, special care needs to be taken while feeding your baby with bottles. And this is why baby bottle sterilizer is required to keep the baby bottles sterilized and germ-free.

What Is A Baby Bottle Sterilizer?

Babies are the cutest of living beings ever to have come on the earth. And when you have a baby, you need to take special care of your baby. You need to protect him/her against all kinds of diseases and problems. An the best way to start this is by sterilizing the baby feeding bottles that you use.

When a baby starts feeding, the first thing is the mother’s milk. But after that, when he/she is shifted to bottles, special care needs to be taken that the bottles remain absolutely sterilized. Baby bottle sterilizer does the job for you. You just need to put the bottles in the sterilizer and your work will be done. Special care must also be taken to sterilize and take out the bottle in the best possible way.

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List Of Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer Online In 2020:

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Types Of Baby/Milk Bottle Sterilizer:


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Electric Steam Method
This is the most easy and the best baby bottle sterilizer. You just need to keep water inside the sterilizer, keep the bottles and turn on the switch. After about 10 minutes, the bottles will get sterilized and if the lid is not opened, the inside of the bottle remains sterilized for some more time. Then take out the bottle and keep it in drying racks for drying them out. Thus can act as a baby bottle sterilizer and dryer. This also acts as a milk bottle sterilizer.
Microwave Steam Sterilizer
This is the same as electric steam. The only difference is that the contents are now kept in a microwave. Sterilization will take usually 10 minutes. And the, the bottle needs to be dried out. Also acts as a milk bottle sterilizer.
UV Sterilizer
They are of different types. They include UV Sanitizer, UV C lights, UV Pod Sterilizer. They use UV rays to kill all the germs including harmful viruses, bacteria that may cause potential harm to the baby. Research studies have shown that UV Sterilization can easily kill 99% of viruses, bacteria, and fungi in a very short amount of time.

UV Sterilizer As Baby Milk Bottle Sterilizer:

UV Sterilizer is also used as a baby bottle sterilizer. These sterilizers are easily capable of killing almost 99% of the harmful germs present, which can cause a number of diseases in your babies. The sterilizing time takes about 30 minutes. Thus it can be rightly said that this is one of the best baby bottle sterilizer methods.
This process mainly involves UV light which has a short wavelength to kill the microorganisms present. Thus, the microorganisms cannot perform the vital functions which help them sustain.
Since most of the UV light which comes from the sun gets blocked by the ozone layer above the earth, there are certain devices like UV pod sterilizers, UV-C light sanitizer, UV sanitizer box which produces strong UV light of short wavelength. This, in turn, helps to sterilize the baby bottles within 30 minutes.

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Is UV Sterilizer Safe For Baby Bottles?

Most baby bottle UV Sterilizer is equipped with ultraviolet bulbs that radiate light and moderate heat. Sanitization is particularly important for your babies. And now, UV Sterilizer is becoming popular slowly. But there are a number of drawbacks that are associated with this technology.

Though UV light can easily kill bacteria, viruses, fungi or mold, but still the technique is quite new. As a result, it cannot sterilize the whole bottle in an instant but can do it part by part. But the best part about these sterilizers are:

  • They are easily portable.
  • They are quite small and are very much lightweight.
  • They come in an amazing design.
  • They are highly spacious.

All these pros and just one con about the UV sterilizers makes it quite suitable and the best baby bottle sterilizer.

Is Sterilizing Baby Bottles Necessary?

Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer: How To Sterilize Baby Bottles? Safest Ways To Use It (2020 Updated)

Advantages Of Baby Bottle Sterilizer:

  • Baby bottle sterilization prevents your babies from getting protected against germs. This, in turn, helps them to get protected against any type of diseases.
  • Milk bottle sterilizer not only protects your babies but also sterilizes the bottles, making them germ-free at lease for quite a good amount of time. Thus, this ensures the protection of your baby, in the best possible way.
  • Also, as your baby is very small, they need to develop a lot of immunity. And what else can provide immunity than germ-free baby bottles and healthy food? You are right! Sterilized baby bottles also help to increase the baby’s immunity to a certain extent.

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Buyers Guide Of Bottle Sterilizer:


Price should always be kept in mind while buying baby bottle sterilizers. There are a number of sterilizers that are available in a very affordable range. Always fix the budget first and then move on to buy a baby bottle sterilizer.


There are a number of sterilizers that are available in the market. There are electric steam sterilizers, cold water sterilizers, UV light sterilizers. Always fix which one is best for your baby and buy that one.


Time taken by a baby bottle sterilizer is one of the most important things that should be taken care of. You will obviously go for a sterilizer that sterilizes in the best way possible, and in a little amount of time. So always check for the milk bottle sterilizer which will sterilize in the best way, yet won’t take up much time.


Warranty should also be kept in mind while buying a baby bottle sterilizer. As this thing involves the protection of your baby, you cannot just afford to buy anything in the market. Go for the one which has a good warranty period and can easily be repaired if broken.

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Is microwave baby bottle sterilizer safe?
There are a number of sterilizers which are available, and microwave sterilizer is one of them. It mainly uses steam for sterilizing, and if the instructions are followed properly, it is quite safe to use.
Can baby bottles be sterilized in a dishwasher?
You need to first sterilize baby bottles in a proper sterilizer. After this, to wash the bottles, you can use soap water or use dishwasher. Though you cannot use the dishwasher for proper sterilization. Also wash the baby bottles part by part to prevent melting of the part.
Do baby bottles need to be sterilized after each use?
No. They don’t need to sterilized after each and every use. You will need to sterilize baby bottles in the beginning, and after that, continue sterilizing them periodically.
How often should you sterilize baby bottles?
If your baby’s age is less than 3 months, you need to sterilize feeding bottles at least once daily. This sterilization is particularly important for babies whose age is less than 3 months or for babies who are premature.
What happens if you don’t sterilize baby bottles?
Being a mother or father is not an easy job. You need to often keep sterilizing your baby’s bottles and feeding items. And if you don’t do that, that can lead to stomach problems, diarrhea and a number of diseases for the baby.
How do you store baby bottles after sterilizing?
Storing baby bottles after sterilization is an important task. You can store the bottles in a pot until you use them. Or you can easily store them in a sterilized container in a refrigerator.

Parenthood is one of the best moments of anyone’s life and babies are the best gifts. So we should always ensure that we provide the maximum protection that is possible for our babies. And it comes in the form of disease protection and keeping the germs away. Here some safety measures for your baby by fda approved you must follow.

Babies need to protected from diseases ever since they are born as that will help to build their immunity. An what is better than sterilized bottles and feeding items. And for that, there are a number of baby bottle sterilizers available in the market which anyone can easily afford as they come within a very much affordable range. So go ahead, read this blog and ensure maximum protection to your baby.

Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer: How To Sterilize Baby Bottles? Safest Ways To Use It (2020 Updated)
Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer: How To Sterilize Baby Bottles? Safest Ways To Use It (2020 Updated)
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