Types of Computer Ports and Their Functions. Latest And Common Computer Ports

When you work on a PC you can probably see that there are various types of computer ports behind your system but you might not know all of them, its a probability or human nature that most people know the most common ports that are being used on a daily basis. Firstly in any device, a port fills in as an interface between two different PCs or fringe gadgets like baby monitors or projectors.

In PC terms, a port, by and large, alludes to the piece of a registering gadget accessible for association with peripherals, for example, info and yield gadgets. PC ports have numerous utilizations, to associate a screen, webcam, speakers, or other fringe gadgets. Computer port symbols are used for identification.

A port during a network may be a communication endpoint whereas, in an OS, it’s a logical construct that recognizes precise method otherwise a network service type. These endpoints recognize the mixture of each protocol and its address through 16-bit unsigned numbers, called the port number. The protocols that use port numbers are the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol). The port number in every computer networking uses an IP address of the sort of protocol & the host. There are some specific ports used for identifying particular services to transmit an arriving packet to a working application. this text discusses an summary of computer ports & their applications.

Computer Ports List

Types Of Computer Ports

A computer port or a communication port may be a connection point used as an interface between the pc and the peripherals like keyboard, mouse, printer, display unit, monitor, flash drive, and speaker. The pc port transmits the info from any peripheral to the pc, generally, there are various types of computer ports, that are being heavily used, or are not used that much aggressively while there are also some ports that are barely used. But altogether they comprise the whole computer system and helps in simplifying your work.

Functions of Computer Ports

Computer Port Types And Their Functions

Each and every port has its own set of functions and jobs to perform, a serial port is an interface through which peripherals are often connected, whereas, a parallel port is an interface through which the communication between a computer and its peripheral is during processing in a parallel manner



Mouse & Keyboard Connector
PS/02 Port

The PS/02 is a DIN connector available with 6-pins. This type of port is used to connect the keyboard & mouse. It is developed and introduced by the personal systems of IBM. These ports are available in a color-coded form where purple is used for the keyboard, whereas, for the mouse, it is green. PS/02 port is now considered a legacy port as USB port has superseded it and very few of the modern motherboards include it as a legacy port.

Functions Of PS/02 Port

  • Used for old computer keyboard and mouse
  • Also called mouse port
  • Most of the old computers provide two PS/2 port, each for the mouse and keyboard
  • IEEE 1284-compliant Centronics port

Serial Port

Carry RS232 signals
Serial Port

The Serial port is an asynchronous port on the computer used to connect a serial device to the computer and capable of transmitting one bit at a time. They are typically identified on IBM compatible computers as COM (communications) ports. A serial port is used to connect external modems or an older computer mouse to the computer. It comes in two versions a 9-pin version or a 25-pin model. The 9-pin was found on newer computers before becoming obsolete. There are two types of serial ports that are commonly found on a computer, DB-25 and DB-9.

Functions Of Serial Port

  • Used for external modems and older computer mouse
  • Two versions: 9 pin, 25 pin model
  • Data travels at 115 kilobits per second

Parallel Port

Interface b/w Computer & Peripheral
Parallel Port

A parallel port is also used as an interface between a computer & its peripheral device with the help of a wire or above one communication line. The best example of this port is a printer port. Moreover, the parallel port sends several data signals simultaneously over several parallel channels (as opposed to the Serial Port). Once the most common interface for connecting a printer to a computer, these are also now non-existant in a modern PC

Functions Of Parallel Port

  • Used for scanners and printers
  • Also called printer port
  • 25 pin model
  • IEEE 1284-compliant Centronics port

Ethernet Port

Unite network CableTo PC
Ethernet Port

The ethernet port is another type of computer port that is used to unite the network cable to a PC. Once the cable is plugged into the Ethernet port, then it can lead either to a cable modem, network hub, an Internet gateway, or DSL modem. Most of the computers built with an Ethernet port. If the port is damaged, then it can be changed by integrating the adapter card. There are two types of ethernet ports in a computer RJ-45 and RJ-11, where RJ – 45 port, in particular, is used for Ethernet over cable, whereas, RJ-11 is used as an interface for telephone, modem, or ADSL connections

Functions Of Ethernet Ports

  • Connects to a network and high-speed Internet.
  • Connects the network cable to a computer.
  • This port resides on an Ethernet Card.
  • Data travels at 10 megabits to 1000 megabits per seconds depending upon the network bandwidth.

VGA Port

Connecting Monitor To Video Card
VGA Port

VGA stands for Video Graphics Array. It is a 3 row with a 15-pin DE-15 connector. It is used in many monitors, laptops, video cards, projectors, etc. Sometimes, this port was used on laptops otherwise other portable devices in place of the full-size VGA connector. The current LCD as well as LED monitors support VGA ports however the quality of the picture can be reduced. This port carries analog video signals up to 648X480.resolution. Some laptops are inbuilt with VGA ports to unite exterior monitors otherwise projectors.

Functions Of VGA Port

  • Connects monitor to a computer’s video card
  • It has 15 holes.
  • Similar to the serial port connector. However, the serial port connector has pins, VGA port has holes.

Universal Serial Bus Or USB Port

For All Kinds Of External USB Devices
USB Port

There are different types of ports are used in a computer network, in that a USB port is the most commonly used one. The universal serial bus port is very successful. The main function of this port is to connect all the peripherals to PCs like printers, keyboards, external hard drives, mice, scanners, cameras, and many more. This port is available on all kinds of computers like laptops, desktops, notebooks, tablets, etc.

Functions Of USB Ports

  • USB-A: This kind of plug is most frequently seen on cables that are permanently attached to a device, such as one on a cable that connects a keyboard or mouse to the computer.
  • USB-B: Typically plugs into an upstream receptacle on a device that uses a removable cable, e.g. a printer.
  • USB-C: The 24-pin double-sided connector is slightly larger than the micro-B connector, with a USB-C port measuring 8.4 millimeters (0.33 in) by 2.6 millimeters (0.10 in).
  • Micro-B: Micro plugs have a similar width as the Minis but approximately half the thickness. These enable integration into thinner portable devices.
  • Micro-AB: This receptacle is capable of accepting either a Micro-A plug or a Micro-B plug

DVI Port

Provides High Visual Quality On Display Devices
DVI Port

The DVI port or Digital Video Interface is a video interface standard designed to provide very high visual quality on digital display devices such as flat panel LCD computer displays and digital projectors. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to carry audio over a DVI connection provided both terminations support audio and they are connected via a 24+1 DVI (or DVI to HDMI) cable.

Functions Of DVI Port

  • Connects Flat panel LCD monitor to the computer’s high-end video graphic cards
  • Very popular among video card manufacturers.
  • Mini-DVI: This connector is used on Apple computers as a digital alternative to the Mini-VGA connector.
  • Micro-DVI: This port is a video connection port used by some Apple MacBook Air laptop computers produced between January-October 2008.


Connect PCs To TVs

HDMI ports can carry video and audio signals through a single connection, but your resolution will depend on the capability of your graphics card. Typically, HDMI ports will connect PCs and laptops to TVs, projectors and other types of external monitors.

Functions Of HDMI Ports

  • equipped for transmitting high-caliber and high-transfer speed surges of sound and video between gadgets
  • Used for connecting laptops and PCs to TV monitors.

Display Port

Introduced To Replace VGA,DVI Ports
Display Port

This type of port is one kind of digital display interface including multiple audio channels & other types of data. This port was developed by an association of computers as well as chipmakers. The main intention of this Port is to replace DVI & VGA ports. It carries audio, video, USB and other types of data.

Functions Of Display Port

  • Connects Flat panel LCD monitor to the computer’s high-end video graphic cards. Connects Flat panel LCD monitor to the computer’s high-end video graphic cards.
  • Very popular among video card manufacturers.

Optical Audio Port

For audio Output and Input
optical audio port

Audio ports are used to connect speakers or other audio output devices with the computer. The audio signals can be either analog or digital and depending on that the port and its corresponding connector differ. The most well-known port for sound/video is called RCA or Composite Audio/Video. RCA Cables have Red and White connectors for Audio and Yellow for Video. Generally, the red sound link is for the right speaker sound and white is for the left speaker sound. The yellow link ordinarily comprises an alternate arrangement of metal intended to convey a video signal.

Functions Of Optical Audio Port

  • A 6 connector system is included on the majority of computers for audio out as well as a microphone connection.
  • The audio signals can be either analogue or digital and depending on that the port and its corresponding connector differ.
  • It supports digital audio and can be transmitted using a coaxial RCA Audio cable or an optical fiber TOSLINK connector.

Firewire Port

Used For Transferring data
firewire Port

Firewire is another well-known connector for adding peripherals to your PC. Firewire is regularly used to associate advanced camcorders, outside hard drives, and different gadgets that can profit by the high exchange rates (up to 480 Mbps) upheld by the Firewire association. The iSight camera utilized for talking on the Mac associates utilizing a Firewire link. Notwithstanding interfacing peripherals, for example, camcorders or outside hard drives, Firewire can be utilized to associate two PCs to move documents.

Functions Of Firewire Port

  • Transfers large amount of data at a very high speed.
  • Connects camcorders and video equipment to the computer.
  • Data travels at 400 to 800 megabits per seconds.
  • It has three variants: 4-Pin FireWire 400 connector, 6-Pin FireWire 400 connector, and 9-Pin FireWire 800 connector.

Apple Desktop Bus

For connecting apple devices
Apple Desktop Bus

ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) was created by Steve Wozniak for the Apple, and it was later acquainted with the Macintosh II to supplant the first Mac’s console explicit connector. ADB permits up to 16 gadgets to be “daisy-tied”— associated in the arrangement—to the host PC. ADB on the Macintosh was a hot-trade interface: Mac OS would check the transport intermittently during vertical clear hinders for new gadgets. In any case, Apple neglected to give flood insurance on the transport, and hot-trading ADB gadgets conveyed the danger of harming the motherboard; in that capacity, hot-trading is generally prohibited.

Functions Of Apple Desktop Bus

  • ADB is a sequential interface created by Apple for associating peripherals.
  • ADB utilizes a smaller than normal DIN 4 connector, indistinguishable from that utilized by S-video.
  • It is basically used to connect various consoles, mice, and designed tablets to PCs.

MAC Serial Port

Used For Terminal Programming
MAC Serial Port

Macintosh’s are great apparatuses for getting to sequential gadget TTY ports (to reassure into PBX’s, switches, and switches). You simply need a sequential to the USB connector, the correct driver, and some Terminal programming. You can utilize a screen, despite the fact that Minicom (or a GUI program) offer more highlights and usefulness.

Functions Of MAC Serial Port

  • It is a specialized port made for MAC.
  • A screen can also be utilized, while Minicom offers moe usefulness.

AT Keyboard Port

A US standard console

The AT keyboard console is a US standard console presented in 1986 by IBM. The first form had 84-keys however was then supplanted by the 101-key improved console. In contrast to new consoles, the AT console does exclude the extra three Microsoft Windows keys currently found on numerous IBM perfect consoles.

Functions Of AT Keyboard Port

  • It was presented by IBM in 1986.
  • Improved from 84 keys design to 101 key design.


Transfering Info To Multiple Gadgets

A SCSI port can transmit information at rates of more than 320 Mbps and can bolster up to 15 gadgets. In the event that a solitary SCSI gadget is associated with a SCSI port, the link can be up to 80 feet (24.4 m) long. On the off chance that various SCSI gadgets are associated with a SCSI port, the link can be up to 40 (12.2 m) feet long. A SCSI port on a PC can be one of three distinct sorts.

Functions Of SCSI Port

  • Transfers information to multiple gadgets
  • Transfer info at rates of more than 320 Mbps.
  • It is one of the distinct ports that a PC can possess.

eSATAp Port

Latest Types Of Ports

eSATAp is also known as Power over e-SATA, Power e-SATA, eSATA/USB Combo, eSATA USB Hybrid Port/EUHP) is a combination connection for external storage devices. This is among the latest types of computer ports. An eSATA or USB device can be plugged into an eSATAp port. The socket has keyed cutouts for both types of devices to ensure that a connector can only be plugged in the right way.

Functions Of eSATAp

  • One of the latest types of ports.
  • Can be used for connecting eSATA or an external USB device.
  • Comes with keyed cutouts to support both types of devices.

Final Verdict

The Conclusion

Thus a computer port is an interface with which we are communicating with different peripheral devices. This article explains the types of computer ports in brief. Furthermore, you can also find the functions of computer parts, but remember some times these ports are often mentioned as slots like Pendrive slot, sd card slot, etc.

A physical computer port refers to the communication interface through which we will connect several peripheral devices which are considerably a part of digital communications. These ports differ in their physical size, shape, pins, several wires involved, etc. we’ve seen different ports available for a motherboard above during this article and therefore the purpose of every port. counting on the aim of the pc and therefore the number and sort of ports that its motherboard can handle, the utmost efficiency are often handled.

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