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Global Ultrasonic Welders: Market 2020 Top Products With Best Size, Trends, Growth Factor, and Forecast

We all have heard of normal welding machines. The normal welding machines are used to join together two different types of materials with the help of high heat and then by cooling down considerably. But what if we need to join two dissimilar materials together? Or we need to join plastics or metals together? At that point in time, we use the ultrasonic welders.

The ultrasonic welders are specific welding machines that are used to join plastics or metals together. The ultrasonic welder machine for the mask is also used to join different dissimilar materials. With the help of an ultrasonic plastic welder, welding of plastic becomes very much easy. The handheld ultrasonic welder does not use any form of bolts or nails to bond materials together. The use of metal ultrasonic welder eases the task of the welders.

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What Are Ultrasonic Welders?

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Ultrasonic welders are specific machines that are heavily used for high-quality welding. The ultrasonic welder machine for the mask is mainly used in industries. With the help of this ultrasonic plastic welder, high frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations are produced. These vibrations from the handheld ultrasonic welder are mainly used to join different types of materials. The metal ultrasonic welder is also used to join different metals.
There are different ultrasonic welders that are suitable for different materials. Most notably, the ultrasonic welder machine for the mask is used to join two different types of dissimilar materials. With the help of this ultrasonic plastic welder or handheld ultrasonic welder, there is no use of any type of bolts, nails, or soldering materials. One important characteristic of this metal ultrasonic welder is that the temperature remains well below the melting point of the materials.

Working Of The Ultrasonic Welders

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The working of the ultrasonic welders is different than that of the normal welding machines. The ultrasonic welder machine for the mask is customized properly to suit the exact specifications of the material that needs to be soldered properly. The parts of the material to be soldered are sandwiched and 20 Hz low amplitude vibrations are created. Out of the two materials being soldered with the help of the ultrasonic plastic welder, one of the materials has a spiked part which helps it to get connected to the second part. The ultrasonic energy of the metal ultrasonic welder or the handheld ultrasonic welder helps the two materials to get connected.

Welding of thermoplastics can also be done properly with the help of ultrasonic welders. During this process, the plastic melts due to the absorption of the vibrational energy. The ultrasonic welding can also be done on both, hard and soft plastics.

Top Global Ultrasonic Welders

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Hand-Held Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine Suitable for Riveting/Welding/Dots/Folder Location

This type of ultrasonic welders uses the technology of ultrasonic mechanical energy and thermal energy conversion to transmit ultrasound to the cloth so that the cloth contact point itself quickly generates high-temperature materials that melt its contact surface. It is mainly a handheld ultrasonic welder.


  • Very much simple and easily portable.
  • Very much easy to operate.
  • Machine design is also compact.
  • It also delivers good and high welding quality.

Portable Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine Suitable for Riveting/Welding/Dots

This is one of the best metal ultrasonic welders. This type of ultrasonic welders has got great durability. This machine also has got a vacuum pump and produces very little noise while working. The case is also equipped with a perfect overload to overheat protection device.


  • High-quality ultrasonic welding machine.
  • The machine is extremely compact and takes up very less amount of space.
  • The machine is also very much easily portable.
  • It can easily be operated.
  • There is very little noise produced.

Digital Automatic Tracking Ultrasonic Welding Machine With Digital Display

This is also one of the best ultrasonic welders. It can be easily used asan ultrasonic welder machine for the mask. This machine has also got a digital display which helps to adjust the temperature and time. It is also very simple and is easy to operate.


  • This machine is also simple and portable.
  • It can be operated easily.
  • The machine is compact and takes up a small amount of space.
  • This machine has also got a high welding quality.

800W 35khz Manually Ultrasonic Welding Machine With Standard Tool Head

This is also a handheld ultrasonic welder. This type of ultrasonic welders use the principle when the sound waves reached the peak position of the gap between the plastic, in the case of pressure, so that the two fusible elements which could be part of the plastic parts in contact with each other to produce the high-speed friction melts, the contact surface of the plastic fusion, achieve the purpose of processing. It can also be used as an ultrasonic plastic welder.


  • This machine is very compact and convenient.
  • The frequency of the machine is 20KHz
  • The machine can produce a little amount of noise.
  • Great welding results produced.

Ultrasonic Welding Machine With 28KHZ Frequency For for Riveting And Welding

This is one of the finest ultrasonic welders. It can also be used as an ultrasonic plastic welder. It has got good ultrasonic power and is smaller in size. This makes the machine very much compact. The operation of the machine is also very smooth and produces great results.


  • The machine is portable.
  • The machine can be easily operated by any individual and the working is also very much smooth.
  • It has got a compact machine design.
  • This machine produces great results.

Is It Safe To Use Ultrasonic Welders?

Welding machines are mainly used to join any two types of materials together. But the latest trend follows the fabric ultrasonic welder. With the help of this type of welder, the work can be done very fast as it mainly uses ultrasonic energy. But there are certain precautions that need to followed. High temperature and heat will be produced while working with these machines. As such, proper protection is very important.

Ultrasonic Welders Growth Factor And Forecast

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There are a number of manufacturers that make ultrasonic welders. With the current generation, the ultrasonic welder machine for the mask is becoming more and more popular. Technicians are looking forward to completing their tasks is a short amount of time and with very little effort. This is why more and more people are looking forward to using these ultrasonic welders.

Out of all the stores that sell the ultrasonic welding machines, is one such website that sells the best of products. The welders are selected properly and according to the needs of the customers and their preferences. You will get the best quality ultrasonic plastic welder or metal ultrasonic welder on


The ultrasonic welding machine saves a lot of time. No time is lost in drying or curing the machine.
The ultrasonic welding machine saves production costs.
It also produces a high-quality bond and a tight seal.

Buying Guide Of Metal Ultrasonic Welder

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Type of thermoplastic material
This is a very important factor and should be considered properly. The type of thermoplastic material is very important for choosing the ultrasonic welders.
The ultrasonic professional welders should be compatible with the material that is being welded. It should not happen that there is a compatibility issue with the machine and the material.
Weld strength
Weld strength should also be properly considered. The weld strength comprises of tack weld as well as a hermetic seal. This is also an important consideration.
Price is another important factor. A number of options are available in the market and they all fall within a great affordable range.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ultrasonic welder?

Ultrasonic welding is an industrial technique whereby high-frequency acoustic ultrasonic vibrations are applied locally to workpieces placed together under pressure to produce solid-state welding. It is widely used for plastics and metals, and particularly for joining materials that are not similar.

What is the maximum frequency used in ultrasonic welding?

Vibration frequency may be in the 15–70 kHz range; however, 20 or 40 kHz is the most specific frequencies used for the welding process.

How do you break an ultrasonic welder?

Try squeezing it from different sides, and break some enclosures along welds. It’s difficult though because it’s almost difficult to get apart any things without twisting it. The strong shock from impact.

What is the minimum thickness that can be welded in ultrasonic welding?

ISO 13588:2012 defines the use of phased array technology for semi- or fully automatic ultrasonic testing of fusion-welded joints in 6 mm minimum thick metallic materials.

What is the difference between ultrasonic welding and vibration welding?

The vibration welding process pulsates in a regular side-to-side motion with one part relative to the next. The vibration between both the two objects generates the heat which is used to weld. In comparison, the ultrasonic welding process pulsates perpendicularly from one part to another.


More and more technicians are now using the ultrasonic welders. The use of these ultrasonic welders helps to save a lot of time. It also reduces the costs to a great level and makes sure that the whole welding process is done fast. A number of offline as well as online stores are selling the ultrasonic welder machines.

Global Ultrasonic Welders: Market 2020 Top Products With Best Size, Trends, Growth Factor, and Forecast
Global Ultrasonic Welders: Market 2020 Top Products With Best Size, Trends, Growth Factor, and Forecast
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